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Build Log

  1. [libc++] Remove several bots that now exist in Buildkite (details / githubweb)
  2. [libc++] Remove now unused libc++ workers (details / githubweb)
  3. fixed quotes in documentation (details / githubweb)
  4. Some code cleaning for SphinxDocsBuilder. NFC. (details / githubweb)
  1. Add MachineModuleInfo constructor with external MCContext (details)
  2. [RISCV] Rename to to prepare for more tables. NFC (details)
  3. Initial commit of mktime. (details)
  4. [DSE] Remove a redundant call to getLocForWriteEx() (details)
  5. [Remarks][1/2] Expand remarks hotness threshold option support in more tools (details)
  6. [Remarks][2/2] Expand remarks hotness threshold option support in more tools (details)
  7. [CodeView] Remove unused declaration collectInlineSiteChildren (NFC) (details)
  8. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Move unique warning handling logic to the `ObjDumper`. (details)
  9. [compiler-rt] [emutls] Handle unused parameters in a compiler agnostic way (details)
  10. [llvm-readelf] - Switch to using from `reportWarning` to `reportUniqueWarning` in `DynRegionInfo`. (details)
  11. adapt to monorepo (details)
  12. [clang][cli] Factor out call to EXTRACTOR in generateCC1CommandLine (NFC) (details)
  13. [clang][cli] Split DefaultAnyOf into a default value and ImpliedByAnyOf (details)
  14. [clang][cli] Port Frontend option flags to new option parsing system (details)
  15. [mlir] AsyncRuntime: disable threading until test flakiness is fixed (details)
  16. [clang][cli] Port DependencyOutput option flags to new option parsing system (details)
  17. [llvm-readobj] - Introduce `ObjDumper::reportUniqueWarning(const Twine &Msg)`. (details)
  18. [GNU ObjC] Fix a regression listing methods twice. (details)
  19. [llvm-readobj][test] - Merge 2 test cases together. (details)
  20. [clang][cli] Port HeaderSearch option flags to new option parsing system (details)
  21. [obj2yaml] - Teach tool to emit the "SectionHeaderTable" key and sort sections by file offset. (details)
  22. [gn build] Manually merge 40659cd (details)
  23. [AMDGPU] Simplify some generation checks. NFC. (details)
  24. [ARM] PREDICATE_CAST demanded bits (details)
  25. [AArch64] Update pass pipeline test. NFC (details)
  26. ExtractValue instruction costs (details)
  27. [InstCombine][X86] Add test coverage showing failure to simplify addsub intrinsics to fadd/fsub (details)
  28. [VE] Add vadd and vsub intrinsic instructions (details)
  29. [ConstraintElimination] Decompose GEP %ptr, SHL(). (details)
  30. [clang] Enable code completion of designated initializers in Compound Literal Expressions (details)
  31. [NFC][CostModel]Extend class IntrinsicCostAttributes to use ElementCount Type (details)
  32. [InstCombine][X86] Fold addsub intrinsic to fadd/fsub depending on demanded elts (PR46277) (details)
  33. [LV] Clamp VF hint when unsafe (details)
  34. [OpenCL] Allow pointer-to-pointer kernel args beyond CL 1.2 (details)
  35. [DAG] Move vselect(icmp_ult, -1, add(x,y)) -> uaddsat(x,y) to DAGCombine (PR40111) (details)
  36. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] fold-branch-to-common-dest: add tests with cond of br not being the last op (details)
  37. [SimplifyCFG] FoldBranchToCommonDest: don't require that cmp of br is last instruction (details)
  38. [NFC][InstCombine] Autogenerate sext.ll test checklines (details)
  39. [NFC][InstCombine] Add PR48343 miscompiled testcase (details)
  40. [InstCombine] Evaluate new shift amount for sext(ashr(shl(trunc()))) fold in wide type (PR48343) (details)
  41. [NFC][InstCombine] Improve vector undef test coverage for sext(ashr(shl(trunc()))) fold (details)
  42. [InstCombine] Improve vector undef handling for sext(ashr(shl(trunc()))) fold (details)
  43. [NFC][InstCombine] sext.ll: @test9: avoid only differently-cased names for values and block names (details)
  44. Revert "[InstCombine] Improve vector undef handling for sext(ashr(shl(trunc()))) fold" (details)
  45. Remove rm -f cortex-a57-misched-mla.s; hopefully the bots have all cycled past it now (details)
  46. [InstCombine] add tests for sign-bit-shift-of-sub; NFC (details)
  47. [OpenMP] libomp: add UNLIKELY hints to rarely executed branches (details)
  48. [InstCombine] Improve vector undef handling for sext(ashr(shl(trunc()))) fold, 2 (details)
  49. [InstCombine] Optimize away the unnecessary multi-use sign-extend (details)
  50. [X86] Add PR48223 usubsat test case (details)
  51. [VE] Add vmul and vdiv intrinsic instructions (details)
  52. [RISCV][crt] support building without init_array (details)
  53. lld/ELF: Make three rarely-used flags work with --reproduce (details)
  54. [ConstraintElimination] Decompose GEP %ptr, ZEXT(SHL()). (details)
  55. [DAG] Move vselect(icmp_ult, 0, sub(x,y)) -> usubsat(x,y) to DAGCombine (PR40111) (details)
  56. [lldb][NFC] Modernize and cleanup TestClassTemplateParameterPack (details)
  57. [InstCombine] canonicalize sign-bit-shift of difference to ext(icmp) (details)
  58. [ARM] Mark select and selectcc of MVE vector operations as expand. (details)
  59. [DAG] Remove unused variable. NFC. (details)
  60. [x86] adjust cost model values for minnum/maxnum with fast-math-flags (details)
  61. [HIP] Fix static-lib test CHECK bug (details)
  62. [MergeICmps] Fix missing split. (details)
  63. [InstSimplify] Add tests that fold instructions with poison operands (NFC) (details)
  64. [X86] Support modifier @PLTOFF for R_X86_64_PLTOFF64 (details)
  65. [ELF][test] Add some tests for versioned symbols in object files (details)
  66. [ELF] Make foo@@v1 resolve undefined foo@v1 (details)
  67. [MemCpyOpt] Port to MemorySSA (details)
  68. [ELF] Error for undefined foo@v1 (details)
  69. [LV] Epilogue Vectorization with Optimal Control Flow (details)
  70. clang/darwin: Use response files with ld64.lld.darwinnew (details)
  71. [NFC][clang-tidy] Port to Python3 (details)
  72. [BasicAA] Add test for suboptimal result with unknown sizes (NFC) (details)
  73. Let .llvm_bb_addr_map section use the same unique id as its associated .text section. (details)
  74. [libc++] Optimize the number of assignments in std::exclusive_scan (details)
  75. Revert "[LV] Epilogue Vectorization with Optimal Control Flow" (details)
  76. [LTO][NewPM] Run verifier when doing LTO (details)
  77. [ELF][test] Fix lto/version-script2.ll (details)
  78. static const char *const foo => const char foo[] (details)
  79. Argument dependent lookup with class argument is recursing into base (details)
  80. APINotes: constify `dump` methods (NFC) (details)
  81. [DAGCombiner][NFC] Replace duplicate implementation flipBoolean with DAG.getLogicalNOT (details)
  82. [gn build] sync script: try to make sync script even clearer (details)
  83. [CMake][NewPM] Move ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_NEW_PASS_MANAGER into llvm/ (details)
  84. [clang-scan-deps] Improve argument parsing to find target object file path. (details)
  85. [MLIR][LLVM] Fix a tiny typo in the dialect docs. (details)
  86. [OpenMP] Add support for Intel's umonitor/umwait (details)
  87. [LTO][wasm][NewPM] Allow using new pass manager for wasm LTO (details)
  88. Fix erroneous edit in (details)
  89. Revert "[CMake][NewPM] Move ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_NEW_PASS_MANAGER into llvm/" (details)
  90. [MLIR] Fix genTypeInterfaceMethods() to work correctly with InferTypeOpInterface (details)
  91. [LLD][ELF][NewPM] Add option to force legacy PM (details)
  92. [libc++] NFC: Remove unused macros in <__config> (details)
  93. Reland [CMake][NewPM] Move ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_NEW_PASS_MANAGER into llvm/ (details)
  94. [OpenMP51][DOCS] Claim "add present modifier in defaultmap clause", NFC. (details)
  95. RegisterInfoPOSIX_arm64 remove unused bytes from g/G packet (details)
  96. Make offset field optional in RegisterInfo packet for Arm64 (details)
  97. [lldb] [test] Reenable two passing tests on FreeBSD (details)
  98. Revert "[FastISel] Flush local value map on ever instruction" and dependent patches (details)
  99. [lld-macho] Extend PIE option handling (details)
  100. Avoid redundant inline with LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_ALWAYS_INLINE (details)
  101. [ms] [llvm-ml] Introduce command-line compatibility for ml.exe and ml64.exe (details)
  102. [libc++abi] Don't try calling __libcpp_aligned_free when aligned allocation is disabled (details)
  103. [lld][WebAssembly] Feedback from D92038. NFC (details)
  104. [clang-format] Add new option PenaltyIndentedWhitespace (details)
  105. [gn build] (manually) port 8fee2ee9a68 (details)
  106. [lld-macho] Emit STABS symbols for debugging, and drop debug sections (details)
  107. [lld-macho] Emit local symbols in symtab; record metadata in LC_DYSYMTAB (details)
  108. [lld-macho] Emit empty string as first entry of string table (details)
  109. [lld-macho] Add archive name and file modtime to STABS output (details)
  110. [lld-macho] Flesh out STABS implementation (details)
  111. [lld-macho] Add isCodeSection() (details)
  112. [mlir][PDL] Add support for PDL bytecode and expose PDL support to OwningRewritePatternList (details)
  113. [ms] [llvm-ml] Support command-line defines (details)
  114. [gn build] Manually port 8fee2ee9 (details)
  115. [gn build] Format all gn files (details)
  116. [gn build] Port 3fcb0eeb152 (details)
  117. [NFC][AMDGPU] AMDGPU code object V4 ABI documentation (details)
  118. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Select Bcc when it's better than TB(N)Z (details)
  119. [llvm] Fix for failing test from fdbd84c6c819d4462546961f6086c1524d5d5ae8 (details)
  120. [lld/mac] Fix issues around thin archives (details)
  121. [RISCVAsmParser] Allow a SymbolRef operand to be a complex expression (details)
  122. [NFC] Extract ForEachDVT (details)
  123. [sanitizer] Make DTLS_on_tls_get_addr signal safer (details)
  124. github actions: Update branch_sync to push to main (details)
  125. Remove CXXBasePaths::found_decls and simplify and modernize its only (details)
  126. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Don't write to WZR in non-flag-setting G_BRCOND case (details)
  127. [WebAssembly] Rename --lto-no-new-pass-manager to --no-lto-new-pass-manager (details)
  128. [NFC] Disable new test from D92428 on PPC TSAN (details)
  129. Fix typo in testcase runline that got there because I have very bad hands (details)
  130. Recommit "[clang][Fuchsia] Add relative-vtables multilib" (details)
  131. [lld] Use -1 as tombstone value for discarded code ranges (details)
  132. [msan] Replace 8 by kShadowTLSAlignment (details)
  133. [mlir][PDL] Add append specialization for ByteCode OpCode to fix GCC5 build (details)
  134. fix typos to cycle bots (details)
  135. [mlir][Python] Check numpy in Python bindings configuration. (details)
  136. [mac/lld] fix typo in 07ab597bb0356c that broke test on Windows (details)
  137. [NFC][sanitizer] Fix ppc -> powerpc64 in XFAIL (details)
  138. [mlir][PDL] Use .getOperation() when construction SuccessorRange to avoid ambiguous constructor in GCC5 (details)
  139. [VE] Add vcmp, vmax, and vmin intrinsic instructions (details)
  140. [NFC][PowerPC] code refactor: split IsReassociable to fma and add. (details)
  141. [LLDB] Rename duplicate (details)
  142. [NFC] Add CLangOffloadBundler documentation to Clang index (details)
  143. [NFC][AMDGPU] Fix broken link to ClangOffloadBundler in AMDGPUUsage (details)
  144. [lld-macho] Add dependency to DebugInfoDWARF (details)
  145. [libc++] Support simply `std::iterator_traits` in the iterator_traits test. (details)
  146. [libc++] ADL-proof <thread>, and eliminate `using namespace chrono`. (details)
  147. [libc++] Consistently replace `std::` qualification with `_VSTD::` or nothing. NFCI. (details)
  148. s/instantate/instantiate/ throughout. NFCI. (details)
  149. [lldb] Fix build after found_decls was removed by 1f40d60a3b7f310ff3f77bb8643a27d979a703cb (details)
  150. [WebAssembly] Support select and block for reference types (details)
  151. [LSR][NFC] don't collect chains when isNumRegsMajorCostOfLSR is false. (details)
  152. [Transforms] Remove unused declaration fillImplicitControlFlowInfo (NFC) (details)
  153. [mac/lld] Include archive name in diagnostics (details)
  154. [mlir][PDL] Forward captured single entity constraint functions instead of copy-capture (details)
  155. [PowerPC] Promote the i1 to i64 for SINT_TO_FP/FP_TO_SINT (details)
  156. [Test] One more IndVars test (details)
  157. [Test] One CodeGen test showing missing opportunity on move elimination (details)
  158. [lldb][NFC] Fix test file name in lang/cpp/non-type-template-param (details)
  159. [libc++] [docs] Update and move NOTES.txt to docs/Contributing.rst. (details)
  160. [libcxx] Apply msvcrt specific exception for lgamma() to mingw configurations, too (details)
  161. [libc++] [P0482] [C++20] Implement missing bits for codecvt and codecvt_byname. (details)
  162. [mlir][doc] Correct method names in to match the code. (details)
  163. [LLD][ELF] - Don't keep empty output sections which have explicit program headers. (details)
  164. [Clang] Don't adjust align for IBM extended double (details)
  165. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Refine the error message about the broken string table. (details)
  166. [PowerPC] Fix FLT_ROUNDS_ on little endian (details)
  167. [Intrinsics] Re-remove experimental_vector_reduce intrinsics (details)
  168. [lldb] Don't reject empty or unnamed template parameter packs (details)
  169. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Report unique warnings in `parseDynamicTable`. (details)
  170. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Lowercase the warning message reported. (details)
  171. [AMDGPU] Stop adding an implicit def of vcc_hi for wave32 (details)
  172. [libc++] [docs] Mark P1424 as superseded by P1902. (details)
  173. [libc++] [docs] Mark LWG2296 as complete not only on clang. (details)
  174. [InstructionsTest] NFC: Replace VectorType::get(.., .., true) with ScalableVectorType::get (details)
  175. [llvm-readobj, libSupport] - Refine the implementation of the code that dumps build attributes. (details)
  176. [LLDB/Python] Fix segfault on Python scripted entrypoints (details)
  177. [libc] Add strncpy implementation. (details)
  178. [SystemZ][NFC]Move all SystemZ tests to init-s390x.c (details)
  179. [SVE] Add support for scalable vectors with vectorize.scalable.enable loop attribute (details)
  180. [SystemZ] Adding extra extended mnemonics for SystemZ target (details)
  181. [VE] Add vand, vor, and vxor intrinsic instructions (details)
  182. Simplify append to module inline asm string in IRLinker::run() (details)
  183. [ThinLTO] Import symver directives for imported symbols (PR48214) (details)
  184. [OpenMPIRBuilder] forward arguments as pointers to outlined function (details)
  185. [SLP] use 'match' for binop/select; NFC (details)
  186. Add `Operation* OpState::operator->()` to provide more convenient access to members of Operation. (details)
  187. [mac/lld] Make --reproduce work with thin archives (details)
  188. [PowerPC] Mark sanitizer test case unsupported for powerpc64 (details)
  189. [LV] Epilogue Vectorization with Optimal Control Flow (Recommit) (details)
  190. [CUDA][HIP] Fix capturing reference to host variable (details)
  191. [CUDA][HIP] Diagnose reference of host variable (details)
  192. [NFC][sanitizer] Fix test on 32bit platform (details)
  193. [hip] Fix host object creation from fatbin (details)
  194. Remove `-Wunused-result` and `-Wpedantic` warnings from GCC. NFC. (details)
  195. [X86] EltsFromConsecutiveLoads - pull out repeated NumLoadedElts. NFCI. (details)
  196. [X86] Regenerate 32-bit merge-consecutive-loads tests (details)
  197. [X86] combineX86ShufflesRecursively - remove old FIXME comment. NFC. (details)
  198. [analyzer][StdLibraryFunctionsChecker] Add return value constraint to functions with BufferSize (details)
  199. [GWP-ASan] Fix flaky test on Fuchsia (details)
  200. [LSR][X86] Replace -march with -mtriples (details)
  201. [X86] EltsFromConsecutiveLoads - remove old FIXME comment. NFC. (details)
  202. [test] Make verify-invalid.ll work with legacy and new PMs (details)
  203. Use std::is_trivially_copyable (details)
  204. Delete llvm::is_trivially_copyable and CMake variable HAVE_STD_IS_TRIVIALLY_COPYABLE (details)
  205. [PowerPC] Regenerate cmpb tests (details)
  206. [Thumb2] Regenerate predicated-liveout-unknown-lanes.ll test (details)
  207. [LoopVectorize] Fix optimal-epilog-vectorization-limitations.ll test on non-debug build bots (details)
  208. [lldb][NFC] Give class template pack test files unique class names (details)
  209. [flang][NFC] Add GetTopLevelUnitContaining functions (details)
  210. [JumpThreading][VectorUtils] avoid infinite loop on unreachable IR (details)
  211. [XCOFF][AIX] Generate LSDA data and compact unwind section on AIX (details)
  212. [mlir][PDL] Use explicit loop over llvm::find to fix MSVC breakage (details)
  213. [libc++] Add slice_array operator= valarray overload. (details)
  214. [gn build] Port a65d8c5d720 (details)
  215. [Inline] prevent inlining on stack protector mismatch (details)
  216. [libc] Fix couple of corner cases in remquo. (details)
  217. [lsan] Use final on Fuchsia ThreadContext declaration (details)
  218. [CMake][Fuchsia] Install llvm-elfabi (details)
  219. [XCOFF][AIX] Alternative path in EHStreamer for platforms do not have uleb128 support (details)
  220. [AArch64] Compiler-rt interface for out-of-line atomics. (details)
  221. Update MS ABI mangling for union constants based on new information from (details)
  222. [MLIR][NFC] Fix mix up between dialect attribute values and names (details)
  223. [ThinLTO][test] Fix X86/nossp.ll after D91816 (details)
  224. [dfsan] Add test cases for struct/pair (details)
  225. Add a less ambiguous macro for Android version. (details)
  226. [dfsan] Add a test case for phi (details)
  227. [CUDA][HIP] Fix overloading resolution (details)
  228. [dfsan] Test loading global ptrs (details)
  229. [dfsan] Rename CachedCombinedShadow to be CachedShadow (details)
  230. [CSSPGO] Pseudo probes for function calls. (details)
  231. [libc++] Install missing packages to cross-compile to 32 bits during CI (details)
  232. [gn build] Port 24d4291ca70 (details)
  233. Module: Use FileEntryRef and DirectoryEntryRef in Umbrella, Header, and DirectoryName, NFC (details)
  234. Use PC-relative address for x32 TLS address (details)
  235. [X86] Add TLS_(base_)addrX32 for X32 mode (details)
  236. [ConstraintElimination] Make sure arguments of std:pow match. (details)
  237. Revert "Use std::is_trivially_copyable", breaks MSVC build (details)
  238. ADT: Remove redundant `alignas` from IntervalMap, NFC (details)
  239. [lldb][NFC] Make DeclOrigin::Valid() const (details)
  240. [flang] Fix bugs related to merging generics during USE (details)
  241. [mac/lld] Implement -why_load (details)
  242. [lldb] X-FAIL class template parameter pack tests on Windows (details)
  243. [NFC][MC] TargetRegisterInfo::getSubReg is a MCRegister. (details)
  244. ADT: Rely on std::aligned_union_t for math in AlignedCharArrayUnion, NFC (details)
  245. Revert "[mac/lld] Implement -why_load" (details)
  246. [lldb] Return the original path when tilde expansion fails. (details)
  247. Fix assertion in tryEmitAsConstant (details)
  248. [scudo][standalone] Add missing va_end() in ScopedString::append (details)
  249. ARCMigrate: Stop abusing PreprocessorOptions for passing back file remappings, NFC (details)
  250. [llvm-link] use file magic when deciding if input should be loaded as archive (details)
  251. Small improvements to Intrinsic::getName (details)
  252. Revert "[llvm-link] use file magic when deciding if input should be loaded as archive" (details)
  253. [lldb] Treat remote macOS debugging like any other remote darwin platform (details)
  254. Frontend: Sink named pipe logic from CompilerInstance down to FileManager (details)
  255. [RISCV] Support Zfh half-precision floating-point extension. (details)
  256. [RISCV] Handle zfh in the arch string. (details)
  257. [llvm-link] use file magic when deciding if input should be loaded as archive (details)
  258. Revert "Frontend: Sink named pipe logic from CompilerInstance down to FileManager" (details)
  259. [MemorySSA] Remove unused declaration findDominatingDef (NFC) (details)
  260. PR48339: Improve diagnostics for invalid dependent unqualified function calls. (details)
  261. [RISCV] Initialize MergeBaseOffsetOptPass so it will work with print-before/after-all. (details)
  262. [NFC][sanitizer] Another attempt to fix test on arm (details)
  263. [NFC] [Clang] Move ppc64le f128 vaargs OpenMP test (details)
  264. [SelectionDAG] Use is_contained (NFC) (details)
  265. [PowerPC] Add the hw sqrt test for vector type v4f32/v2f64 (details)
  266. [RISCV] Add f16 to isFMAFasterThanFMulAndFAdd now that the Zfh extension is supported (details)
  267. [RISCV] Add additional half precision fnmadd/fnmsub tests with an fneg on the second operand instead of the first. (details)
  268. [libomptarget][AMDGPU] Remove MaxParallelLevel (details)
  269. [dfsan] Rename ShadowTy/ZeroShadow with prefix Primitive (details)
  270. Switch from llvm::is_trivially_copyable to std::is_trivially_copyable (details)
  271. [NFC] Fix typo (details)
  272. BPF: add a test for selectiondag alias analysis w.r.t. lifetime (details)
  273. [NFC] Add proper triple for arc.ll test (details)
  274. [mlir][gpu] Move gpu.wait ops from async.execute regions to its dependencies. (details)
  275. [libc++] [docs] Add C++2b (to be C++23) status page. (details)
  276. [VE] Add veqv and vseq intrinsic instructions (details)
  277. Fix forward for rGd9adde5ae216: adding missing dependency. (details)
  278. [c++2b] Add option -std=c++2b to enable support for potential C++2b features. (details)
  279. [clang-format] De-duplicate includes with leading or trailing whitespace. (details)
  280. [OpenCL] Add some more kernel argument tests (details)
  281. [Clang][Sema] Attempt to fix CTAD faulty copy of non-local typedefs (details)
  282. [MLIR] Added support for dynamic shaped allocas to promote-buffers-to-stack pass. (details)
  283. Revert "[IndVars] ICmpInst should not prevent IV widening" (details)
  284. [llvm-readelf] - Report unique warnings when dumping hash symbols/histogram. (details)
  285. [libomptarget][amdgpu] Address compiler warnings, drive by fixes (details)
  286. arm64: count Triple::aarch64_32 as an aarch64 target and enable leaf frame pointers (details)
  287. [llvm-readelf/obj] - Report unique warnings in getSymbolForReloc() helper. (details)
  288. [NFC][Tests] Auto generate checks for llvm/test/Transforms/NaryReassociate/pr24301.ll using (details)
  289. [clangd] Fix a nullptr-access crash in canonicalRenameDecl. (details)
  290. [NFC][Tests] Added one additional test case for NaryRessociation pass. (details)
  291. [DAGCombine] Fix TypeSize warning in DAGCombine::visitLIFETIME_END (details)
  292. [VE] Add standard include path and library path for C++ (details)
  293. [compiler-rt] Fix building the aarch64 out-of-line atomics assembly for non-ELF platforms (details)
  294. Reland "[mac/lld] Implement -why_load". (details)
  295. [TableGen] Remove unused class RecordValResolver. NFC. (details)
  296. [clangd] Relation slabs should not be accounted when computing backing storage size (details)
  297. clang/darwin: Don't use response files with ld64 (details)
  298. [MLIR] Normalize the results of normalizable operations (details)
  299. [mac/arm] Fix rtti codegen tests when running on an arm mac (details)
  300. [VE] Add vsll, vsrl, vsla, vsra, and vsfa intrinsic instructions (details)
  301. [TableGen] Eliminate the 'code' type (details)
  302. [NFC] Reduce include files dependency. (details)
  303. [clangd] Bundle code completion items when the include paths differ, but resolve to the same file. (details)
  304. [BPF] support atomic instructions (details)
  305. [ASTMatchers][NFC] Made variadic operator funcs static (details)
  306. [PowerPC] Fix for excessive ACC copies due to PHI nodes (details)
  307. [Triple][MachO] Define "arm64e", an AArch64 subarch for Pointer Auth. (details)
  308. Try to fix tests on Windows after 0cbf61be8be (details)
  309. [libc] Add implementation of hypot. (details)
  310. [LLVMFrontend][openacc] Add basic unit tests for functions in LLVMFrontendOpenACC (details)
  311. [ScalarizeMaskedMemIntrin] NFC: Convert member functions to static (details)
  312. repair cygwin build (details)
  313. [X86] Remove DecodeVPERMVMask and DecodeVPERMV3Mask (details)
  314. Switch to std::is_trivially_move_constructible and std::is_trivially_copy_constructible (details)
  315. [MemCpyOpt] Correctly merge alias scopes during call slot optimization (details)
  316. [MLIR] Fix vector::TransferWriteOp builder losing permutation map (details)
  317. [RISCV] Remove RISCVMergeBaseOffsetOpt from the -O0 pass pipeline. (details)
  318. Bump MSVC required version to 19.14 (details)
  319. [compiler-rt] Fix a bug in the cmakelists file when CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS are empty (details)
  320. [gn build] (manually) port 65049d16100af (details)
  321. [gn build] (semi-manually) port cc8df90b037 (details)
  322. Use the generic form when printing from the python bindings and the verifier fails (details)
  323. [gn build] Port (details)
  324. Include Region.h in OperationSupport.h instead of forward declaring it (NFC) (details)
  325. [Metadata] Fix layer violation in D91576 (details)
  326. [ScalarizeMaskedMemIntrin] NFC: Pass args by reference (details)
  327. [lld][WebAssembly] Fix malformed output with -pie + --shared-memory (details)
  328. [compiler-rt] [builtins] Use _Float16 on extendhfsf2, truncdfhf2 __truncsfhf2 if available (details)
  329. Speedup some unicode rendering (details)
  330. [RISCV] Merge FMV_H_X_RV32/FMV_H_X_RV64 into a single opcode. Same with FMV_X_ANYEXTH_RV32/RV64 (details)
  331. [clangd] AddUsing: Fix a crash on ElaboratedTypes without NestedNameSpecfiiers. (details)
  332. [AMDGPU] Extend and reorganize memory legalizer tests (details)
  333. Revert "Switch to std::is_trivially_move_constructible and std::is_trivially_copy_constructible" (details)
  334. Revert "Include Region.h in OperationSupport.h instead of forward declaring it (NFC)" (details)
  335. [libc++] Update and normalize the "all the headers" tests. (details)
  336. [flang] Fix bogus message on interface procedure argument names (details)
  337. [BasicAA] Add print routines to DecomposedGEP for ease of debugging (details)
  338. [libc] Add simple x86_64 floating point exception and rounding mode support. (details)
  339. [mac/lld] Implement -t (details)
  340. [BasicAA] Minor formatting improvements for printers (details)
  341. [mlir] Make conversion functions inline instead of static to avoid -Wunused-function (details)
  342. [mlir] Use long rather than int to address pointer-to-int narrowing warning (details)
  343. [lldb] Recognize MachO cpu sub-type 2 as arm64 (details)
  344. try to fix t.s on Windows after 7cb0a373d1 (details)
  345. [libc][NFC] Remove dependence on xmmintrin.h to read/write MXCSR. (details)
  346. [test] Add a triple to an x86 test (details)
  347. Revert "[test] Add a triple to an x86 test" (details)
  348. Revert D90844 "[TableGen][SchedModels] Fix read/write variant substitution" (details)
  349. [lldb] Refactor the Symbolicator initializer (details)
  350. [BasicAA] Move newline to dump from printer (details)
  351. [LoopVec] Support non-instructions as argument to uniform mem ops (details)
  352. [HIP] cmath demote long double args to double (details)
  353. Use deref facts derived from minimum object size of allocations (details)
  354. try more to fix t.s on Windows after 7cb0a373d1 (details)
  355. [lldb] Use the cpu subtype enum values from llvm::MachO in ArchSpec (NFC) (details)
  356. PR45699: Fix crash if an unexpanded parameter pack appears in a (details)
  357. [mlir][linalg] Add vectorization for element-wise linalg ops (details)
  358. [mlir][IR] Remove references to BuiltinOps from IR/ (details)
  359. [mlir][Pass] Remove the restriction that PassManager can only run on ModuleOp (details)
  360. [mlir][Parser] Don't hardcode the use of ModuleOp in the parser (details)
  361. P0857R0: Parse a requires-clause after an explicit (details)
  362. [RISCV] Rename FPCCToExtend->FPOpToExpand and FPOpToExtend->FPOpToExpand. NFC (details)
  363. Frontend: Remove redundant call to CompilerInstance::setFileManager, NFC (details)
  364. Use MlirStringRef in StandardAttributes.h (details)
  365. [WebAssembly] Fixed Writer::createInitMemoryFunction to work for wasm64 (details)
  366. [mlir][IR] Add explicit default constructor to OwningModuleRef to appease MSVC (details)
  367. [NewPM] Support --print-before/after in NPM (details)
  368. [SmallVector] Allow SmallVector<T> (details)
  369. [mlir][vector][avx512] move avx512 lowering pass into general vector lowering (details)
  370. ADT: Support copying of IntrusiveRefCntPtr objects (details)
  371. [X86] Unbind the ebx with GOT address in regcall calling convention (details)
  372. [mlir][NFC] Remove Function.h and Module.h in favor of BuiltinOps.h (details)
  373. [mlir][Types][NFC] Move all of the builtin Type classes to BuiltinTypes.h (details)
  374. [mlir][Attributes][NFC] Move all builtin Attribute classes to BuiltinAttributes.h (details)
  375. Support: Change InMemoryFileSystem::addFileNoOwn to take a MemoryBufferRef, NFC (details)
  376. [lld][WebAssembly] Set memory limits correctly for PIC + shared memory (details)
  377. [mac/lld] Run tests with -fatal_warnings by default (details)
  378. Use isIgnored instead of checking pass name (details)
  379. IntrusiveRefCntPtr: Ensure RefCount is initialized during ThreadSafeRefCountedBase copy construction (details)
  380. [dfsan] Support passing non-i16 shadow values in TLS mode (details)
  381. [NFC] [Clang] Fix ppc64le vaarg OpenMP test in CodeGen (details)
  382. [tools] Update to handle %s after prefixes (details)
  383. PR48383: Disallow decltype(auto) in pseudodestructor calls (details)
  384. Fix -allow-deprecated-dag-overlap in test/CodeGen/dso-local-executable.c (details)
  385. [IndVars] Quick fix LHS/RHS bug (details)
  386. Return "[IndVars] ICmpInst should not prevent IV widening" (details)
  387. [PowerPC] Pre-commit neg abs test for vector. NFC. (details)
  388. [mlir][Linalg] Handle fusion on tensors for projected permutation. (details)
  389. [JumpThreading] Call eraseBlock when folding a conditional branch (details)
  390. [clang] Add a C++17 deduction guide testcase. (details)
  391. [lldb][NFC] Rename TypeSystemClangForExpressions to ScratchTypeSystemClang (details)
  392. [NARY-REASSOCIATE] Simplify traversal logic by post deleting dead instructions (details)
  393. [NFC][NARY-REASSOCIATE] Restructure code to aviod isPotentiallyReassociatable (details)
  394. [clang] [Headers] Use the corresponding _aligned_free or __mingw_aligned_free in _mm_free (details)
  395. [libcxx] Implement c++2a char8_t input/output of std::filesystem::path (details)
  396. [libcxx] [test] Add a test for conversions between wchar_t, utf8, char16_t, char32_t and windows native narrow code pages (details)
  397. [X86] Regenerate midpoint-int.ll tests (details)
  398. [X86] Remove unnecessary bitcast. NFC. (details)
  399. [DAGCombiner] Use const APInt& for getConstantOperandAPInt results. NFCI. (details)
  400. [PowerPC] Fix the regression caused by commit 9c588f53fc42 (details)
  401. [lldb][NFC] Rename TypeSystemClang::GetScratch to ScratchTypeSystemClang::GetForTarget (details)
  402. [llvm-readobj] - Report unique warnings in printProgramHeaders. (details)
  403. [lldb] Remove LLDB session dir and just store test traces in the respective test build directory (details)
  404. [yaml2obj,obj2yaml] - Make Symbol::Section field optional. (details)
  405. [X86] Let VBMI2 non-VLX targets still use funnel shifts instructions (details)
  406. [clangd] Fix an assertion violation in rename. (details)
  407. [X86] LowerRotate - VBMI2 targets can lower vXi16 rotates using funnel shifts. (details)
  408. [IR] Disallow scalable vectors in ShuffleVectorInst::isExtractSubvectorMask (details)
  409. [X86] LowerRotate - enable custom lowering of ROTL/ROTR vXi16 on VBMI2 targets. (details)
  410. [VE] Add vfadd, vfsub, vfmul, and vfdiv intrinsic instructions (details)
  411. [lib/Object, tools] - Make ELFObjectFile::getELFFile return reference. (details)
  412. [llvm-profgen] - Fix compilation issue after ELFFile<ELFT> interface update. (details)
  413. Remove typeConverter from ConvertToLLVMPattern and use the existing one in ConversionPattern. (details)
  414. [HIP] Fix bug in driver about wavefront size (details)
  415. [mac/lld] Add support for the LC_LINKER_OPTION load command in o files (details)
  416. [mlir][Linalg] Properly use distribution options. (details)
  417. [OpenMP] Add __kmpc_omp_target_task_alloc to dllexport (details)
  418. [AST][NFC] Silence GCC warning about broken strict aliasing rules (details)

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