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  1. [COFF] Check table ptr more thoroughly and ignore empty sections (details)
  2. [COFF] Fix -Wredundant-move (details)
  3. [RISCV] Reduce scalar load/store isel patterns to a single ComplexPattern. NFCI (details)
  4. [BOLT] Cache-Aware Tail Duplication (details)
  5. [Attributes] Remove AttrSyntax and migrate uses to AttributeCommonInfo::Syntax (NFC) (details)
  6. llvm: cmake: set CMP0114 to OLD to avoid warning (details)
  7. [MSAN] add dn_expand intercept. (details)
  8. [LLVM] [NFC] remove unnecessary, confusing scope (details)
  9. Re-land "[mlir] Add integer range inference analysis"" (details)
  10. [config] Remove LLVM_DEFAULT_TARGET_TRILE from config.h (details)
  11. [RISCV] Use SelectionDAG::isBaseWithConstantOffset in scalar load/store address matching. (details)
  12. [NFC] Fix issue on CMake Xcode build configuration. (details)
  13. [MSAN] Exclude dn_expand test from Android. (details)
  14. [libc++] Forward more often to memmove in copy (details)
  15. CommandObjectRegexCommand shouldn't put two commands on the history stack. (details)
  16. [pseudo] Eliminate dependencies from clang-pseudo-gen. NFC (details)
  17. [bazel] Port 95aff23e2921 (details)
  18. [lld][WebAssembly] Remove unnecessary accessor methods. NFC (details)
  19. [pseudo] rename pseudo-gen -> clang-pseudo-gen. NFC (details)
  20. [pseudo] Add CLANG_PSEUDO_GEN cmake cache variable to avoid nested CMake invocation (details)
  21. [clang][dataflow] Modify `optional` model to handle type aliases. (details)
  22. [Matrix] Add dot product tests (details)
  23. [OpenMP] allow loc to be NULL in __kmp_determine_reduction_method for MSVC (details)
  24. Revert "[X86] combineConcatVectorOps - add support for concatenation VSELECT/BLENDV nodes" (details)
  25. [ARM] Make narrow push/pop in SEH prologues/epilogues where applicable (details)
  26. [ARM] Make a narrow tMOVi8 where possible in SEH prologues (details)
  27. [lld-macho] Addressed additional post-commit comments from  D126046 (details)
  28. [libc++][test] Skip string_view tests for other vendors on older modes (details)
  29. [libc] Make expm1f correctly rounded when the targets have no FMA instructions. (details)
  30. [bazel] Update build for config.h.cmake change (details)
  31. [RISCV] Pre-commit test cases for D126986. NFC (details)
  32. AMDGPU: allow reordering of functions in AMDGPUResourceUsageAnalysis (details)
  33. [BOLT][NFC] Warning for deprecated option '-reorder-blocks=cache+' (details)
  34. [mlir] Add peeling xform to Codegen Strategy (details)
  35. [Clang] Change the offload packager build to be a clang tool (details)
  36. [clang] Allow const variables with weak attribute to be overridden (details)
  37. [Hexagon] Enable IAS in the Hexagon backend (details)
  38. [DWARF] Show which augmentation character was unrecognized. (details)
  39. [mlir][linalg] fix crash in vectorization of elementwise operations (details)
  40. [tools] Forward declare classes & remove includes (details)
  41. [NFC] [libunwind] turn assert into static_assert (details)
  42. [flang] Fix crash in IsSaved() (details)
  43. [flang][runtime] Fix bug with extra leading zero in octal output (details)
  44. [mlir][sparse] Adding IsSparseTensorPred and updating ops to use it (details)
  45. [flang][runtime] Allow extra character for E0.0 output editing (details)
  46. [test] Modify test to verify D126396 (Clean "./" from __FILE__ expansion) (details)
  47. [clang][test] Mark test arm-float-abi-lto.c unsupported on AIX (details)
  48. [flang][runtime] INQUIRE(FILE="...",SIZE=nbytes) (details)
  49. [RISCV] Support LUI+ADDIW in doPeepholeLoadStoreADDI. (details)
  50. [flang][runtime] OPEN write-only files (details)
  51. [flang][runtime] Signal format error when input field width is zero (details)
  52. [pseudo] Fix leaks after D126731 (details)

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