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Build Log

  1. [mlir] Fix shared libs build (details)
  2. Revert "[AMDGPU] Reorganize GCN subtarget features for unaligned access" (details)
  3. [AArch64] Add v8.5 Branch Target Identification support. (details)
  4. [mlir][Linalg] Refactor Linalg creation of loops to allow passing iterArgs - NFC (details)
  5. [GlobalISel] fix widenScalarUnmerge if widen type is not a multiple of destination type (details)
  6. [mlir][Linalg] Refactor Linalg op initTensors support - NFC (details)
  7. [mlir][openacc] Add update operation (details)
  8. [InstCombine] visitTrunc - trunc (lshr (sext A), C) --> (ashr A, C) non-uniform support (details)
  9. [SDAG] Do not convert undef to 0 when folding CONCAT/BUILD_VECTOR (details)
  10. [Sema] Address-space sensitive check for unbounded arrays (v2) (details)
  11. [InstCombine] Add exact shift tests missed in D88475 (details)
  12. [mlir] Expose Dialect class and registration/loading to C API (details)
  13. [InstCombine] Inherit exact flags on extended shifts in trunc (lshr (sext A), C) --> (ashr A, C) (details)
  14. [clangd] Improve PopulateSwitch tweak to work on non-empty switches (details)
  15. [mlir][openacc] Add wait operation (details)
  16. [InstCombine] Add some basic trunc(lshr(zext(x),c)) tests (details)
  17. [mlir][openacc] Add init operation (details)
  18. [InstCombine] use redirect of input file in regression tests; NFC (details)
  19. [SVE] Fix typo in CHECK lines for sve-fixed-length-int-reduce.ll (details)
  20. [scudo][standalone] Fix Primary's ReleaseToOS test (details)
  21. [OpenMP][VE plugin] Fixing failure to build VE plugin with consolidated error handling in libomptarget (details)
  22. SparcSubtarget.h - cleanup include dependencies. NFCI. (details)
  23. NVPTXTargetMachine.h - remove unused includes. NFCI. (details)
  24. MSP430TargetMachine.h - remove unused includes. NFCI. (details)
  25. [clangd] Disable msan instrumentation for generated Evaluate(). (details)
  26. NFC, add a missing stdlib include for the use of abort (details)

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