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Build Log

  1. Fix ClangASTContext::CreateParameterDeclaration to not call addDecl (details)
  2. Remove support for unsupported MSVC versions (details)
  3. Revert "Remove support for unsupported MSVC versions" (details)
  4. [clang-doc] Add flag to continue after mapping errors (details)
  5. [lit] Fix 42812: lit test suite can no longer be run stand-alone (details)
  6. Revert Fix and test inter-procedural register allocation for ARM (details)
  7. [PowerPC][NFC][MachinePipeliner] Add some regression testcases (details)
  8. The MinGW linker supports response files (details)
  9. Remove support for unsupported MSVC versions (details)
  10. [BPF] Handling type conversions correctly for CO-RE (details)
  11. [X86] Use the pointer VT for the Scale node when lowering x86 (details)
  12. [GlobalISel] Check LLT size matches memory size for non-truncating (details)
  13. [ScalarizeMaskedMemIntrin] Bitcast the mask to the scalar domain and use (details)
  14. Re-commit "[GlobalISel] Add legalization support for non-power-2 loads (details)
  15. Add brackets to remove warnings about ambiguous 'else's. (details)
  16. Temporarily Revert "[PowerPC][NFC][MachinePipeliner] Add some regression (details)
  17. [ORC] Remove some old debugging output from a unit test. (details)
  18. [clang-doc] Update documentation (details)
  19. MCRegister/Register: DenseMapInfo should take `const T &` (details)
  20. [ELF] Move R_*_IRELATIVE from .rel[a].plt to .rel[a].dyn unless (details)
  21. Add OMPT support for teams construct (details)
  22. [InstSimplify] Add test case to show bad sign bit handling for integer (details)
  23. [Attributor] Fix dereferenceable callsite argument initialization (details)
  24. Simplify <type_traits> implementations. (details)
  25. Emit diagnostic if an inline asm constraint requires an immediate (details)
  26. [lit] Actually run tests for internal env command (details)
  27. [lit] Print internal env commands (details)
  28. [Thumb] Fix invalid symbol redefinition due to duplicated jumptable (details)
  29. Finish moving TargetRegisterInfo::isVirtualRegister() and friends to (details)
  30. IR: print value numbers for unnamed function arguments (details)
  31. Speculative Compilation (details)
  32. [Attributor][NFC] run clang-format on Attributor.cpp (details)
  33. IR: Cleanup after test to silence ASAN builds (details)
  34. Use switch instead of series of comparisons (details)
  35. [yaml2obj][tests] Replace 8-byte `od` conversion with 1-byte conversion (details)
  36. Fixup r367321 "Ask confirmation when `git llvm push` will push multiple (details)
  37. Revert accidental change to __member_pointer_traits_imp. (details)
  38. [JITLink] Fix error message formatting. (details)
  39. [JITLink] Add support for MachO/x86-64 UNSIGNED relocs with length=2. (details)
  40. [WebAssembly] Fix allocsize attribute in sjlj lowering (details)
  41. [x86] change free truncate hook to handle only simple types (PR42880) (details)
  42. [JITLink] Fix an overly-wide read in the MachO/x86-64 test case. (details)
  43. [DAGCombiner] Prevent the combine added in r367710 from creating illegal (details)
  44. [Transforms] Do not drop !preserve.access.index metadata (details)
  45. Suppress -Wctad-maybe-unsupported on types w/o deduction guides. (details)
  46. [SelectionDAG] Add node creation debug message to getMemIntrinsicNode. (details)
  47. [OpenMP 5.0] libomptarget interface for declare mapper functions. (details)
  48. [OpenMP 5.0] Codegen support for user-defined mappers. (details)
  49. Revert "[OpenMP 5.0] Codegen support for user-defined mappers." (details)
  50. [X86] Consistently use MVT::i8 for the constant operand of BLENDI and (details)
  51. [llvm-objdump] Re-commit r367284. (details)
  52. Revert "Suppress -Wctad-maybe-unsupported on types w/o deduction (details)
  53. [ELF][test] Delete redundant version-script-*.s tests (details)
  54. [Parser] Emit descriptive diagnostic for misplaced pragma (details)
  55. [ARM] MVE big endian bitcasts (details)
  56. [ORC] Remove a layer of indirection when locking the mutex. NFCI. (details)
  57. [X86] SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits - Add target shuffle support (details)
  58. Fix signed/unsigned comparison warning. NFC. (details)
  59. [X86] lowerShuffleAsSpecificZeroOrAnyExtend - use undef PSHUFB mask (details)
  60. [clang-tidy] Add FixItHint for performance-noexcept-move-constructor (details)
  61. [UpdateTestChecks] Add end_function directive to regex matcher for (details)
  62. Regenerate test for an upcoming patch. (details)
  63. [TargetLowering][X86] Teach SimplifyDemandedVectorElts to replace the (details)
  64. [Attributor][NFC] Invalid DerefState is at fixpoint (details)
  65. [Attributor][NFC] Simplify common pattern wrt. fixpoints (details)
  66. [Attributor][Fix] Resolve various liveness issues (details)
  67. [Attributor][NFC] Improve debug output (details)
  68. [Attributor][NFC] Create some attributes earlier (details)
  69. [Driver] Support for disabling sanitizer runtime linking (details)
  70. gn build: Merge r367756 (details)
  71. [Driver] Always use -z separate-code with lld on Fuchsia (details)
  72. [Driver] Derive Fuchsia Linker directly from Tool (details)
  73. [X86] Fix a bad early out in combineExtInVec that prevented recursive (details)
  74. [Driver] Don't disable -fsanitizer-coverage for safe-stack or (details)
  75. Rename F_{None,Text,Append} to OF_{None,Text,Append}. NFC (details)
  76. [DWARF] Change DWARFDebugLoc::Entry::Loc from SmallVector<char, 4> to (details)
  77. [Analyzer] Iterator Checkers - Fix for Crash on Iterator Differences (details)
  78. compiler-rt: Rename .cc file in test/lsan to .cpp (details)
  79. Adds a warning when an inline Doxygen comment has no argument (details)
  80. [clangd] Fix error message with incorrect (details)
  81. [clangd] Expose -offset-encoding=utf-32, which has been implemented for (details)
  82. Remove usage of usleep in generic code (details)
  83. build_llvm_package.bat: Set PYTHON_EXECUTABLE (PR42724) (details)
  84. Revert "[llvm-objdump] Re-commit r367284." (details)
  85. [LLVM][Alignment] Introduce Alignment Type in DataLayout (details)
  86. Reland: Fix and test inter-procedural register allocation for ARM (details)
  87. Remove SymbolVendor::GetSymtab (details)
  88. AMDGPU: add missing llvm.amdgcn.{raw,struct}.buffer.atomic.{inc,dec} (details)
  89. [LLVM][Alignment] Introduce Alignment In CallingConv (details)
  90. [OpenCL] Fix vector literal test broken in rL367675. (details)
  91. ObjectFile[ELF]: Refactor gnu_debuglink interface (details)
  92. [InstCombine] Added mempcpy tests [NFC] (details)
  93. Sidestep false positive due to a matching git repository name (details)
  94. [TLI][NFC] Fixed typo (details)
  95. [LLVM][Alignment] Introduce Alignment Type (details)
  96. [CrossTU][NFCI] Refactor loadExternalAST function (details)
  97. [lldb][NFC] Remove unimplemented (details)
  98. [AArch64] Skip isZIPMask check for masks with an odd number of elements. (details)
  99. [MVT][SVE] Map between scalable vector IR Type and VTs (details)
  100. [llvm/Object] - Remove ELFFile<ELFT>::getSection(const StringRef (details)
  101. [DAGCombiner][x86] prevent infinite loop from truncate/extend transforms (details)
  102. Fix PDB tests after r367820 (details)
  103. [COFF] Omit automatically imported symbols from the symbol table (details)
  104. [MinGW] Add an lld specific option for requesting to delay load (details)
  105. [AST] Fix RecursiveASTVisitor visiting implicit constructor (details)
  106. [clang][NFC] Remove unused private variable 'CI' in (details)
  107. [lldb] Move redundant persistent variable counter to (details)
  108. [lldb][NFC] Clang format GetNextPersistentVariableName signature (details)
  109. gn build: Merge r367839 (details)
  110. [clangd] Add a callback mechanism for handling responses from client. (details)
  111. Write the RequiredLibraries for 'all' in in a (details)
  112. Perform the sed substitution on both files (PR42739) (details)
  113. compiler-rt: Rename .cc file in test/hwasan to .cpp (details)
  114. Changing representation of .cv_def_range directives in Codeview debug (details)
  115. compiler-rt: Rename cc files in test/hwasan/TestCases subdirectories as (details)
  116. [obj2yaml] - Teach tool to dump SHT_NULL sections. (details)
  117. [MCA][doc] Add a section for the 'Bottleneck Analysis'. (details)
  118. compiler-rt: Rename .cc file in test/dfsan to cpp (details)
  119. compiler-rt: Rename last few cc files below test/ubsan to cpp (details)
  120. More follow-up to r367851 (details)
  121. [lldb][NFC] Fix documentation for (details)
  122. compiler-rt: Rename remaining cc files in test/profile to cpp (details)
  123. [AArch64] Implement initial SVE calling convention support (details)
  124. [yaml2obj] - Allow overriding sh_entsize for SHT_GNU_versym sections. (details)
  125. Revert "Changing representation of .cv_def_range directives in Codeview (details)
  126. [yaml2obj][tests] Fix overly restrictive od output check (details)
  127. compiler-rt: Rename cc files below test/sanitizer_common to cpp (details)
  128. Move LangStandard*, InputKind::Language to Basic (details)
  129. [lldb][clang] Reflect LangStandard.h move to clang/Basic (details)
  130. [Driver] Properly use values-X[ca].o, values-xpg[46].o on Solaris (details)
  131. Changing representation of .cv_def_range directives in Codeview debug (details)
  132. gn build: Merge r367864 (details)
  133. [ELF] Consistently prioritize non-* wildcards overs "*" in version (details)
  134. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Don't reject shader types (details)
  135. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Alternative mappings for constants (details)
  136. AMDGPU: Correct behavior of f16/i16 non-format store intrinsics (details)
  137. Try to fix OOB tests on at least Windows after r367642 (details)
  138. Try to fix OOB tests more on Windows after r367642 (details)
  139. Undo what looks like an unintentional change in r367829 (details)
  140. [InstCombine] add test for shl-zext with extra use; NFC (details)
  141. [ELF][test] Reorganize some tls-*.s tests (details)
  142. [llvm-readelf] Fix core note descriptions (details)
  143. AMDGPU: Correct behavior of f16 buffer loads (details)
  144. [InstCombine] add extra use constraint for shl-zext fold (details)
  145. AMDGPU/LoadStoreOptimizer: Set the correct offset whem merging MMOs (details)
  146. [AMDGPU] Use S_DENORM_MODE for gfx10 (details)
  147. [InstCombine] add tests for shl+mul; NFC (details)
  148. [llvm-readobj][test] Add llvm-readobj style test cases for r367878 (details)
  149. [AST] Fix RecursiveASTVisitorTest multiline string literal. NFC (details)
  150. compiler-rt: Rename cc files below test/asan to cpp (details)
  151. Follow-up for r367863 and r367656 (details)
  152. [docs] document -Weveything more betterer (details)
  153. gn build: run "gn format" (details)
  154. [InstCombine] combine mul+shl separated by zext (details)
  155. [AST] Fix buildbot failure because of raw string inside macro from (details)
  156. Revert "Rename F_{None,Text,Append} to OF_{None,Text,Append}. NFC" (details)
  157. [AArch64] Set preferred function alignment to 16 bytes on Neoverse N1 (details)
  158. NATIVE tablegen needs to depend on target tablegen (details)
  159. NFC. Documenting Native tablegen dependency (details)
  160. [InstCombine][NFC] Tests for non-canonical clamp-like pattern (details)
  161. [AArch64] Expand bcmp() for small block lengths (details)
  162. Fix build when both gtest death tests and LLVM_NODISCARD are available. (details)
  163. Robustify to non-autogened tests, and add a mode (details)
  164. [X86] Enable -x86-experimental-vector-widening-legalization by default. (details)
  165. [libc++] Take 2: Integrate the PSTL into libc++ (details)
  166. Revert "[AMDGPU] Use S_DENORM_MODE for gfx10" (details)
  167. [OpenMP 5.0] Codegen support for user-defined mappers. (details)
  168. [DirectoryWatcher][linux] Fix build for older kernels (details)
  169. Try to fix failing AMDGPU disasm test, both Lin/Win agree this is 0 not (details)
  170. [llvm-lipo] Implement -segalign (details)
  171. Revert "Try to fix failing AMDGPU disasm test, both Lin/Win agree this (details)
  172. [libomptarget] Harmonize emitting CUDA errors and general debug (details)
  173. compiler-rt: Remove .cc from all lit config files (details)
  174. Fix another uninit read found by msan after r367829 (details)
  175. [docs] don't use :option: for C++ compat (details)
  176. Register/MCRegister: Add conversion operators to avoid use of implicit (details)
  177. [compiler-rt] Move FDP to include/fuzzer/FuzzedDataProvider.h for easier (details)
  178. [docs] don't use :option: for Wall Wextra (details)
  179. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Inline tiny memcpy et al at -O0. (details)
  180. Fix MSVC error after r367916 (details)
  181. [ORC] Work around broken GCC/libstdc++ by adding an explicit conversion. (details)
  182. [lldb][NFC] Refactor ClangUserExpression::UpdateLanguageForExpr (details)
  183. [Sanitizer] Linux refactor shadow huge page mode handling (details)
  184. llvm-symbolizer: Untag addresses in object files by default. (details)
  185. [NFC][pstl] Remove stray semi-colon (details)
  186. BMI2 support is indicated in bit eight of EBX, not nine. See Intel SDM, (details)
  187. [libc++] Accept any non-zero return for .fail.cpp tests (details)
  188. [Attributor][Fix] Keep invokes if handlers catch asynchronous exceptions (details)
  189. Revert Register/MCRegister: Add conversion operators to avoid use of (details)
  190. [Attributor][Fix] Do not remove instructions during manifestation (details)
  191. [WebAssembly] Fix conflict between ret legalization and sjlj (details)
  192. [lldb][NFC] Document and refactor (details)
  193. Add "REQUIRES: x86-registered-target" to test. (details)
  194. hwasan: Untag global variable addresses in tests. (details)
  195. [OpenMP] Fix broken build due to new OMPT tests (details)
  196. [Sema] Add -Wpointer-compare (details)
  197. Add a note to the release not about a potentially breaking optimization (details)
  198. [llvm-readelf] Support dumping of stack sizes sections with readelf (details)
  199. Build libfuzzer libcxx-static with PIC (details)
  200. [ORC] Add CPU name and sub-target features to detectHost (details)
  201. [GlobalISel][CallLowering] Rename isArgumentHandler() -> (details)
  202. [CompilerType] Remove an unused function. (details)
  203. [Sema] attempt to appease buildbots after r367940 (details)
  204. [Attributor] Deduce the "no-return" attribute for functions (details)
  205. [OpenMP] Add support for GOMP_*_nonmonotonic_* functions (details)
  206. [Attributor][NFCI] Avoid duplication of the InformationCache reference (details)
  207. [Attributor] Use proper ID for attribute lookup (details)
  208. [Attributor] Make abstract attributes stateless (details)
  209. [Attributor] Introduce the IRAttribute helper struct (details)
  210. Reverting D65760/r367944 due to buildbot failure. (details)
  211. [NFC] Remove useless static (details)
  212. [CMake] Remove check for the readline target. (details)
  213. [CompilerType] Simplify the interface a bit more.. (details)
  214. [clang-doc] Fix link generation (details)
  215. Silence ubsan after r367926. (details)
  216. [RISCV] Custom legalize i32 operations for RV64 to reduce signed (details)
  217. [Attributor] Provide a generic interface to check live instructions (details)
  218. [compiler-rt] Appending COMPILER_RT_LIBCXX_PATH -isystem include for (details)
  219. Revert "[CompilerType] Simplify the interface a bit more.." (details)
  220. [Attributor][Fix] Add const qualifier (details)
  221. Re-commit Register/MCRegister: Add conversion operators to avoid use of (details)
  222. [Attributor][NFC] Outline common pattern into helper method (details)
  223. Fix another MSVC issue after 367965 (details)
  224. [NFC][DirectoryWatchedTests] Unlocks mutexes before signaling condition (details)
  225. Re-commit: [AMDGPU] Use S_DENORM_MODE for gfx10 (details)
  226. gn build: Merge r367917 (details)
  227. gn build: Leave a comment why "-gen-searchable-table" tablegen()s are (details)
  228. gn build: Add AMDGPU target (details)
  229. Builtins: Start adding half versions of math builtins (details)
  230. CodeGen: Migration to using Register (details)
  231. Remove unused function 'SetMangledCounterparts' (NFC) (details)
  232. [Gardening] Remove dead code from IOHandler (NFC) (details)
  233. [Gardening] Remove dead code from ScriptInterpreterPython (NFC) (details)
  234. [Gardening] Remove dead code from ASTDumper (NFC) (details)
  235. [clang][DirectoryWatcher] Adding llvm::Expected error handling to (details)
  236. [LV][NFC] Share the LV illegality reporting with LoopVectorize. (details)
  237. [Driver] Prioritize SYSROOT/usr/include over RESOURCE_DIR/include on (details)
  238. [Driver] Introduce -stdlib++-isystem (details)
  239. Fix line table resolution near the end of a section (details)
  240. [DirectoryWatcher] Fix asserts Mac builds (details)
  241. Use "isa" since the variable isn't used. (details)
  242. [llvm/test/Object] - Cleanup and move out the yaml2obj tests. (details)
  243. [lldb][NFC] Remove unnecessary cast in ClangUserExpression (details)
  244. [compiler-rt] Reverting r367962 due to Fuchsia bot build-breakage. (details)
  245. SymbolVendorELF: Perform build-id lookup even without a debug link (details)
  246. Revert r367941 "Add a note to the release not about a potentially (details)
  247. [compiler-rt] Implement getrandom interception (details)
  248. [LLVM][Alignment] Introduce Alignment In GlobalObject (details)
  249. SymbolVendor: Remove passthrough methods (details)
  250. [LLVM][Alignment] Introduce Alignment In Attributes (details)
  251. AArch64: use xzr/wzr for constant 0 in GlobalISel. (details)
  252. Reorder sed commands for the binary comparison (details)
  253. [UpdateTestChecks] Apply some string concatenation cleanup (details)
  254. [UpdateTestChecks] Fix an incorrect %s added in r368006 (details)
  255. [SelectionDAG] Extend base addressing modes supported by (details)
  256. Add User docs for ASTImporter (details)
  257. ObjectFileELF: permit thread-local sections with overlapping file (details)
  258. Change two unnecessary uses of llvm::size(C) to C.size() (details)
  259. [Strict FP] Allow custom operation actions (details)
  260. Support 64-bit offsets in utility classes (1/5) (details)
  261. Switch LLVM to use 64-bit offsets (2/5) (details)
  262. [X86][SSE] Add tests for min/max partial reduction (details)
  263. [X86][SSE] Enable min/max partial reduction (details)
  264. Try to unbreak buildbots after r368014 (details)
  265. [clangd] Compute scopes eagerly in IncludeFixer (details)
  266. [CrossTU] Handle case when no USR could be generated during Decl search. (details)
  267. [yaml2obj] Move core yaml2obj code into lib and include for use in unit (details)
  268. [X86] SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits - target shuffles might not be (details)
  269. [llvm/test/Object] Remove redundant test case. NFC (details)
  270. [AArch64] NFC: Add generic StackOffset to describe scalable offsets. (details)
  271. gn build: Merge r368021 (details)
  272. [X86][SSE] Call SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits on PACKSS/PACKUS (details)
  273. gn build: Merge r368024 (details)
  274. [InstCombine] add tests for binop with FMF with select operands; NFC (details)
  275. Improve MSVC visualizations so the parser shows where we are in the code (details)
  276. Fixed failing test cases (details)
  277. AArch64: bail instead of asserting on unexpected type in G_CONSTANT 0. (details)
  278. [MachO] Update LLD to use 64-bit offsets with DataExtractor (3/5) (details)
  279. Update LLDB to follow changes in llvm::DWARFDebugNames::NameIndex (4/5) (details)
  280. Revert "gn build: Merge r368021" (details)
  281. Revert "[yaml2obj] Move core yaml2obj code into lib and include for use (details)
  282. Revert "Fixed failing test cases" (details)
  283. [ELF] Make binding (weak or non-weak) logic consistent for Undefined and (details)
  284. [ELF][ARM] Fix /DISCARD/ of section with .ARM.exidx section (details)
  285. [StructurizeCFG] Enable -structurizecfg-relaxed-uniform-regions by (details)
  286. [TargetLowering] SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits - return UNDEF for (details)
  287. [test/Object] - Cleanup the Object\obj2yaml.test a bit. (details)
  288. [XCOFF][MC] report_fatal_error before dereferencing NULL (details)
  289. [AArch64] NFC: Generalize emitFrameOffset to support more than byte (details)
  290. [CMake] Add mapping for IBM XL -qnoeh and -qnortti (details)
  291. [libc++] Use the monorepo in the macos-trunk CI script (details)
  292. [AST] Traverse attributes inside DEF_TRAVERSE_DECL macro (details)
  293. [Path] Fix bug in make_absolute logic (details)
  294. [compiler-rt] Rename FuzzedDataProvider.h to .hpp and other minor (details)
  295. Re-land D65760/r367944 (details)
  296. [NFC][EarlyCSE] Pre-commit unary FNeg tests. (details)
  297. [ELF][PPC] Don't relax ifunc toc-indirect accesses to toc-relative (details)
  298. Fixed toHalfOpenFileRange assertion fail (details)
  299. [InstCombine] Shift amount reassociation: shl-trunc-shl pattern (details)
  300. [TableGen] FieldInit: improve assertion message (details)
  301. [X86] Move CPU features for Barcelona/K10 out of line (details)
  302. [Syntax] Do not add a node for 'eof' into the tree (details)
  303. [globalisel] Allow SrcOp to convert an APInt and render it as an (details)
  304. [modulemap] exclude a non-module friendly header (details)
  305. [GISel]: Add GISelKnownBits analysis (details)
  306. [lldb][CMake] Generating Xcode projects (details)
  307. [GISel]: Fix trivial build breakage (details)
  308. [OPENMP][OFFLOADING]Fix the test, NFC. (details)
  309. Various build fixes for lldb on MinGW (details)
  310. [clang-doc] Add index in each info html file (details)
  311. Added Delta IR Reduction Tool (details)
  312. Teach some warnings to respect gsl::Pointer and gsl::Owner attributes (details)
  313. Revert "Added Delta IR Reduction Tool" (details)
  314. Add order-dependencies to object libraries (details)
  315. [SymbolFile] Remove commented out method (details)
  316. [Attributor][modulemap] Revert r368064 but fix the build (details)
  317. [libc++] Use the monorepo for the back-deployment testing scripts (details)
  318. [WebAssembly] Fix null pointer in createInitTLSFunction (details)
  319. [X86] Remove uses of the -x86-experimental-vector-widening-legalization (details)
  320. [X86] Remove tests for -x86-experimental-vector-widening-legalization (details)
  321. [X86] Add more extract subvector cost model tests for smaller element (details)
  322. [lldb][NFC] Minor refactorings to (Clang)ExpressionSourceCode (details)
  323. [clangd] Unfold SourceLocation flattening from findNameLoc in (details)
  324. Revert [InstCombine] Shift amount reassociation: shl-trunc-shl pattern (details)
  325. [clang-scan-deps] Implementation of dependency scanner over minimized (details)
  326. [clang-doc] Fix paths of js in import tags (details)
  327. [pstl][libc++] Provide uglified header names for interface headers (details)
  328. [NFC][ScopBuilder] Move addUserAssumptions to ScopBuilder (details)
  329. [Sanitizer] Linux explicitally migrate shadow mapping to Transparent (details)
  330. [X86] Don't allow combineSIntToFP to create v2i32 vectors after type (details)
  331. fix clang-scan-deps test to match filepaths on Windows (details)
  332. [Sanitizer] little typo (details)
  333. IR: Disable verifier check for GlobalValues with private linkage named (details)
  334. gn build: Merge r368070. (details)
  335. gn build: Merge r368086. (details)
  336. gn build: Merge r368054. (details)
  337. gn build: Merge r368052. (details)
  338. gn build: Merge r368065. (details)
  339. [NFC][ScopBuilder] Move buildDomains and its callees to ScopBuilder. (details)
  340. [WebAssembly] Lower ASan constructor priority on Emscripten (details)
  341. hwasan: Instrument globals. (details)
  342. [TSAN] Fix tsan on FreeBSD after D54889 (details)
  343. Delay diagnosing asm constraints that require immediates until after (details)
  344. Use parenthses to silence warning. (details)
  345. Revert "[X86] Remove uses of the (details)
  346. Revert "[X86] Enable -x86-experimental-vector-widening-legalization by (details)
  347. [clang][DirectoryWatcher][NFC] Swapping asserts for llvm fatal_error in (details)
  348. Revert "[X86] Add more extract subvector cost model tests for smaller (details)
  349. Regenerate mmx-arith.ll. (details)
  350. Require lld for hwasan tests. (details)
  351. Added Delta IR Reduction Tool (details)
  352. TLI: darwin does not support _bcmp (details)
  353. [Bugpoint redesign] Added Pass to Remove Global Variables (details)
  354. [Gardening] Remove more dead code from IOHandler (details)
  355. Added Tool as Dependency to tests & fixed warnings (details)
  356. Upstream a few small Apple changes to debugserver - arm64_32, Catalyst (details)
  357. [yaml2obj] Move core yaml2obj code into lib and include for use in unit (details)
  358. Fixes failing test cases on Windows for rL368119 (details)
  359. Append an executable suffix to the toolchain tool paths on Windows (details)
  360. Reverts commit r368117, r368115 and r368112 (details)
  361. [X86] Limit vpermil2pd/vpermil2ps immediates to 4 bits in the assembly (details)
  362. [MachineCSE][NFC] Use 'profitable' rather than 'beneficial' to name (details)
  363. Detect HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H in lldb (details)
  364. [X86] Use isInt<8> to simplify some code. NFC (details)
  365. [X86] Allow any 8-bit immediate to be used with bt/btc/btr/bts memory (details)
  366. [RISCV] Remove duplicated logic when determining the target ABI (details)
  367. Force check prof branch_weights consistency in (details)
  368. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Revert after read/write (details)
  369. Re-submit r367649: Improve raw_ostream so that you can "write" colors (details)
  370. Remove inclusion of a private gmock header from a test (details)
  371. [unittests] Mark private gmock headers with IWYU pragmas. NFC (details)
  372. [clangd] Added a TextMate theme parser to the vscode extension. (details)
  373. [llvm-readelf] --notes: move 'Data size' column left by 1 (details)
  374. [ELF.h] - Check the case when e_shstrndx=SHN_XINDEX, but the (details)
  375. [obj2yaml] - MIPS: move and improve testing of the e_flags (details)
  376. [InstCombine] Recommit: Shift amount reassociation: shl-trunc-shl (details)
  377. [ELF][X86] Add --no-show-raw-insn and -soname to some i386 tests (details)
  378. [lldb][NFC] Fix typo in 368066 (details)
  379. Simplify error message output. NFC. (details)
  380. Handle /align option. (details)
  381. [ARM] Generate MVE VHADDs/VHSUBs (details)
  382. gsl::Owner/gsl::Pointer: Add implicit annotations for some std types (details)
  383. [lldb][CMake] Fix one more detail in r368066 (details)
  384. Replace llvm::MutexGuard/UniqueLock with their standard equivalents (details)
  385. [lldb][NFC] Remove commented out code in (details)
  386. [lldb][CMake] Workaround debugserver code-signing issue in generated (details)
  387. [clang] Fix mismatched args constructing AddressSpaceAttr. (details)
  388. [ELF] Fix splitting messages for duplicate symbols. (details)
  389. A more robust way of testing debug_line parser near the end of module (details)
  390. [TargetLowering] SimplifyDemandedBits - call (details)
  391. Remove support for 32-bit offsets in utility classes (5/5) (details)
  392. Replace non-recursive sys::Mutex users with std::mutex (details)
  393. [Support] Base SmartMutex on std::recursive_mutex (details)
  394. ObjectFileELF: Remove NT_*** constants (details)
  395. [Mips] Instruction `sc` now accepts symbol as an argument (details)
  396. [mips] Use isMicroMips() function to check enabled feature flag. NFC (details)
  397. [mips] Make a couple of class methods plain static functions. NFC (details)
  398. [ASTImporter] Do not import FunctionTemplateDecl in record twice. (details)
  399. [AArch64][WinCFI] Do not pair callee-save instructions in (details)
  400. [X86] EltsFromConsecutiveLoads - early out for non-byte sized memory (details)
  401. GlobalISel: factor common code from translateCall and translateInvoke. (details)
  402. [RISCV][NFC] Document RISC-V-specific assembly constraints (details)
  403. ProcessElfCore: Remove linux and freebsd NT_*** constants (details)
  404. Try to fix windows build bots after r368153. (details)
  405. [OPENMP]Add standard macro value _OPENMP for OpenMP 5.0. (details)
  406. [EarlyCSE] Add support for unary FNeg to EarlyCSE (details)
  407. [OPENMP]Set default version to OpenMP 4.5. (details)
  408. Remove LLVM mutexes from clang in favor of std::mutex (details)
  409. [UpdateTestChecks] Update tests option (details)
  410. [InstCombine] Propagate fast math flags through selects (details)
  411. [InstCombine] Add a TODO comment (details)
  412. Use forceinline. Necessary for nvcc to inline small functions within the (details)
  413. gn build: Merge r368119 (details)
  414. gn build: Merge r368158 (details)
  415. [ARM] Expand CTPOP intrinsic for MVE (details)
  416. [ExecutionContext] Return the target/process byte order. (details)
  417. [Driver] Expand the executable path in the target create output (details)
  418. Recommit r367901 "[X86] Enable (details)
  419. Recommit r368079 "[X86] Remove uses of the (details)
  420. Recommit r368081 "[X86] Add more extract subvector cost model tests for (details)
  421. Code completion should not ignore default parameters in functions. (details)
  422. Support: Remove needless allocation when getMainExecutable() calls (details)
  423. [clang][NFC] Fix typo in matcher comment (details)
  424. DebugInfo/DWARF: Normalize DWARFObject members on the DWARF spec section (details)
  425. API update for change to LLVM's lib/DebugInfo/DWARF (details)
  426. [DataLayout] Check StackNatural and FunctionPtr alignments. (details)
  427. [OpenMP][libomptarget] Add support for unified memory for regular maps (details)
  428. [SCEV] Return zero from computeConstantDifference(X, X) (details)
  429. [Attributor] Introduce checkForAllReadWriteInstructions(...). (details)
  430. [ValueTracking] When calculating known bits for integer abs, make sure (details)
  431. [Tooling] Expose ExecutorConcurrency option. (details)
  432. [LoopVectorize][X86] Add test case for missed vectorization from (details)
  433. Fix indentation (details)
  434. Add support for deterministically linked binaries on macOS to lldb. (details)
  435. [NFC] Added tests for x/fabs(X) fold (details)
  436. [NFC] Fixed newly added tests (details)
  437. Add target requirements for those bots which don't handle x86. (details)
  438. [pstl] Make sure we install all of PSTL's include/ directory (details)
  439. Revert r367501 "Create unique, but identically-named ELF sections..." (details)
  440. [Symbol] Remove commented out code from CompileUnit (details)
  441. [clang-doc] Parallelize reducing phase (details)
  442. [X86] Add test cases for missed opportunities to use pack instructions (details)
  443. [CommandObject] Remove unused function (details)
  444. [clang-doc] Add second index for sections within info's content (details)
  445. [X86] Allow pack instructions to be used for 512->256 truncates when (details)
  446. [NFC][LICM] Pre-commit test for unary FNeg support in LICM. (details)
  447. DebugInfo/DWARF: Remove unused return type from (details)
  448. [libc++] Take 3: Do not cleverly link against libc++abi just because it (details)
  449. Added Delta IR Reduction Tool (details)
  450. [LoopVectorize][X86] Clamp interleave factor if we have a known constant (details)
  451. [libc++] Remove temporary hack for D63883 (details)
  452. Revert Added Delta IR Reduction Tool (details)
  453. [HWASan] Use LLD for check-hwasan. (details)
  454. Restrict the NetBSD ASan TSD fallback to !ASAN_DYNAMIC (details)
  455. Add a test demonstrating DWARF parse failures are not causing lld to (details)
  456. [llvm-readobj][test] Add baseline tests for FreeBSD/AMD/AMDGPU note (details)
  457. [Attributor] Provide easier checkForallReturnedValues functionality (details)
  458. [Attributor][NFC] Avoid unnecessary liveness queries (details)
  459. [Attributor] Introduce a state wrapper class (details)
  460. [Attributor][NFC] Code simplification and style normalization (details)
  461. Adjust a ValueObjectChild's offset when the child is a bitfield (details)
  462. [Attributor][Stats] Locate statistics tracking with the attributes (details)
  463. [Attributor][NFC] remove leftover and format code (details)
  464. gdb-index: Wire up str_offsets section to avoid incorrect error message (details)
  465. Recommit "[MS] Emit S_HEAPALLOCSITE debug info in Selection DAG" with a (details)
  466. [Docs] Fix (incorrect) code highlighting (details)
  467. [ScalarizeMaskedMemIntrin] Add test case for expanding scatter. (details)
  468. [llvm-lipo] Update llvm-lipo docs for -info -thin -create -replace (details)
  469. Update fix-it hints for std::move warnings. (details)
  470. Revert "[libc++] Take 3: Do not cleverly link against libc++abi just (details)
  471. [llvm-strip] Support --strip-sections (details)
  472. Add LLD as a requirement for hwasan tests because of change in r368111. (details)
  473. [Utility] Remove unused function 'GetMatchSpanningIndices' (details)
  474. Inline diagnostic text into .td file.  NFC. (details)
  475. [Driver] Move LIBRARY_PATH before user inputs (details)
  476. Update generate_netbsd_ioctls.awk for NetBSD 9.99.3 (details)
  477. Sync ioctl(2) list with NetBSD 9.99.3 (details)
  478. [GISel][NFC]: Make members of CombinerHelper accessible in derived (details)
  479. [Materializer] Remove wrong SetSizeAndAlignmentFromType(). (details)
  480. [X86] Add CMOV_FR32X and CMOV_FR64X to the isCMOVPseudo function. (details)
  481. [Driver] Delete XFAIL: windows-msvc after D65880/r368245 (details)
  482. Temporarily bump minimum compiler version (details)
  483. Revert "Temporarily bump minimum compiler version" (details)
  484. [ARM] Rejig MVE load store tests. NFC (details)
  485. [ARM] Tighten up VLDRH.32 with low alignments (details)
  486. [X86] Remove -x86-experimental-vector-widening-legalization command line (details)
  487. [diagtool] Use `operator<<(Colors)` to print out colored output. (details)
  488. [llvm-readobj/libObject] - Introduce a custom warning handler for (details)
  489. [clangd] Fix implicit template instatiations appearing as topLevelDecls. (details)
  490. [ELF] - An attemp to fix builld bit after r368260 (details)
  491. Remove Module::GetSymbolVendor (details)
  492. [ARM] Select VFMA (details)
  493. Fix PDB unit tests for the GetSymbolVendor deletion (details)
  494. Remove xcode-specific Config.h (details)
  495. [Extract] Fixed SemicolonExtractionPolicy for SwitchStmt and SwitchCase (details)
  496. Add a missing include to SymbolFilePDBTests.cpp (details)
  497. [yaml2obj/obj2yaml] - Add a basic support for extended section indexes. (details)
  498. [llcm-readobj] - Fix BB after t368272. (details)
  499. [MIPS GlobalISel] Select jump_table and brjt (details)
  500. [MCA] Remove dependency from InstrBuilder in mca::Context. NFC (details)
  501. [TargetLowering] SimplifyDemandedBits - call (details)
  502. [clangd] Correct the documentation, NFC. (details)
  503. [X86][SSE] Add x64 load use test case (details)
  504. Fix LLDB_CONFIGURATION_DEBUG builds for the GetSymbolVendor removal (details)
  505. [clang-format] fix crash involving invalid preprocessor line (details)
  506. Fix check in tools/gold/X86/strip_names.ll regarding unnamed args (details)
  507. [clangd] Remove a function accidently being added in rL368261. (details)
  508. [clangd] Don't include internal gtest header. (details)
  509. [pstl] Add a __pstl_config_site header to record the CMake configuration (details)
  510. [pstl] Error out when the backend is left unspecified (details)
  511. [libc++abi] Fix tests when pstl is enabled (details)
  512. [clangd] Added an early return from VisitMemberExpr in (details)
  513. [ARM] Set default alignment to 64bits (details)
  514. ObjectFileELF: Convert a unit test to a lit test (details)
  515. [Reassociate] add more tests with negative FP constants; NFC (details)
  516. [clangd] Added semantic highlighting support for primitives. (details)
  517. [X86][SSE] matchBinaryPermuteShuffle - split INSERTPS combines (details)
  518. [ELF][AArch64] Support for movz, movk tprel relocations (details)
  519. [lldb][CMake] Disable modules in Xcode projects (details)
  520. [OPENMP]Add support for analysis of linear variables and step. (details)
  521. Add llvm.licm.disable metadata (details)
  522. [FileCheck] Add missing includes in header (details)
  523. [ELF][AArch64] Delete two unused RUN lines from aarch64-movw-tprel.s (details)
  524. Implement hh_mm_ss from P1466R3. Reviewed as (details)
  525. [RISCV] Minimal stack realignment support (details)
  526. [FIX][NFC] Update clang sema test (details)
  527. [pstl] Remove stray semicolon (details)
  528. [RISCV] Allow ABI Names in Inline Assembly Constraints (details)
  529. [ARM] MVE big endian loads/stores (details)
  530. [ARM] Add support for MVE pre and post inc loads and stores (details)
  531. Enable assembly output of local commons for AIX (details)
  532. [X86] SimplifyDemandedVectorElts - attempt to recombine target shuffle (details)
  533. [X86] XFormVExtractWithShuffleIntoLoad - handle shuffle mask scaling (details)
  534. [lldb][NFC] Simplify return in MaybeHandleVariable (details)
  535. [lld][WebAssembly] Add optional symbols after input file handling (details)
  536. [ObjC][ARC] Upgrade calls to ARC runtime functions to intrinsic calls if (details)
  537. [NFC][pstl] Run clang-format (details)
  538. [clang-doc] Protect Index with mutex during reducing and generation (details)
  539. lit: Use a License classifier that pypi will accept (details)
  540. [libc++] Fix environment variable passing in libc++'s `SSHExecutor` (details)
  541. Re-commit "[PowerPC][NFC][MachinePipeliner] Add some regression (details)
  542. [clang] Update `ignoringElidableConstructorCall` matcher to ignore (details)
  543. [AArch64] Do not emit '#' before immediates in inline asm (details)
  544. [globalisel][legalizer] Attempt to write down the minimal legalization (details)
  545. clang: Diag running out of file handles while looking for files (details)
  546. Recommit Devirtualize destructor of final class. (details)
  547. [X86] Make CMPXCHG16B feature imply CMPXCHG8B feature. (details)
  548. [lld][WebAssembly] Use createGlobalVariable helper function. NFC. (details)
  549. [clang][NFC] Move matcher ignoringElidableConstructorCall's tests to (details)
  550. [llvm-mc] Add reportWarning() to MCContext (details)
  551. [clang] Add no-warn support for Wa (details)
  552. lit: Bump version to 0.10.0 (details)
  553. Remove unused and undocumented data_offset parameter (NFC) (details)
  554. [compiler-rt] Add ConsumeProbability and ConsumeFloatingPoint methods to (details)
  555. [clang] add REQUIRES to driver test case (details)
  556. gn build: Merge r368331. (details)
  557. [clang] add REQUIRES: linux to driver test case (details)
  558. [analyzer] Fix scan-build's plist output in plist-html mode. (details)
  559. [MBP] Disable aggressive loop rotate in plain mode (details)
  560. Fix a comment which was incorrect. (details)
  561. [Attributor][NFC] Include only what is needed (details)
  562. [LegalizeTypes] Remove SplitVSETCC helper and just call (details)
  563. [SelectionDAG][X86] Move setcc mask splitting for (details)
  564. SymbolFileDWARF: Unconditionally scan through clang modules. NFCish (details)
  565. [lldb][NFC] Directly use StringRef instead of temporary std::string (details)
  566. Fix up fd limit diagnosis code (details)
  567. [X86] Improve codegen of v8i64->v8i16 and v16i32->v16i8 truncate with (details)
  568. [LICM] Support unary FNeg in LICM (details)
  569. hwasan: Add a code model check for tagged globals. (details)
  570. [lldb] Fix HAVE_LIBCOMPRESSION (details)
  571. [lldb][NFC] Move to StringRef in some places in IRForTarget (details)
  572. Mark clang-scan-deps test as requiring thread support (details)
  573. Linker: Add support for GlobalIFunc. (details)
  574. Added Delta IR Reduction Tool (details)
  575. [lldb][NFC] Modernize IRForTarget::CreateResultVariable (details)
  576. [InstCombine][NFC] Added comments about constants in tests for pow->exp2 (details)
  577. [WebAssembly][lld] control __data_end export with config->shared (details)
  578. Fix llvm.aarch64.irg properties. (details)
  579. Fix -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON build after rL368358 (details)
  580. Remove else-after-return (details)
  581. Change the return type of UpgradeARCRuntimeCalls to void (details)
  582. [lld][WebAssembly] Don't create optional symbols when outputing an (details)
  583. [asan_symbolize] Fix bug where the frame counter was not incremented. (details)
  584. ELF: Move sections referred to by __start_/__stop_ symbols into the main (details)
  585. DebugInfo/DWARF: Provide some (pretty half-hearted) error handling (details)
  586. DebugInfo: Explicitly handle errors when parsing unit DIEs (details)
  587. [ELF] Expand regions for gaps due to explicit address (details)
  588. [clang-scan-deps] Add minimizer support for C++20 modules. (details)
  589. [analyzer] ConditionBRVisitor: Fix HTML PathDiagnosticPopUpPieces (details)
  590. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Model castAs(), getAs() (details)
  591. [X86] Remove vector promotion handling from the ReplaceNodeResults (details)
  592. [X86] Simplify ReplaceNodeResults handling for UDIV/UREM/SDIV/SREM for (details)
  593. [X86] Simplify ReplaceNodeResults handling for (details)
  594. [X86] Simplify ReplaceNodeResults handling for FP_TO_SINT/UINT for (details)
  595. [X86] Now unreachable handling for f64->v2i32/v4i16/v8i8 bitcasts from (details)
  596. [X86] Merge v2f32 and v2i32 gather/scatter handling in (details)
  597. [X86] Simplify ISD::LOAD handling in ReplaceNodeResults and ISD::STORE (details)
  598. [PowerPC] [Clang] Port SSE3, SSSE3 and SSE4 intrinsics to PowerPC (details)
  599. [clang][NFC] Consolidating usage of "FinalPhase" in (details)
  600. [X86] Remove ISD::SETCC handling from ReplaceNodeResults. (details)
  601. [X86] Remove handler for (U/S)(ADD/SUB)SAT from ReplaceNodeResults. (details)
  602. [X86] Remove DAG combine expansion of extending masked load and (details)
  603. [X86] Remove stale FIXME from combineMaskedStore. NFC (details)
  604. Fix rpath for MacOS/iOS (details)
  605. Use ASSERT_THAT_ERROR instead of logAllUnhandledErrors/exit (details)
  606. [X86] Remove code that expands truncating stores from combineStore. (details)
  607. [InstSimplify] Report "Changed" also when only deleting dead (details)
  608. [AST] No longer visiting CXXMethodDecl bodies created by compiler when (details)
  609. [clangd] Fixed printTemplateSpecializationArgs not printing partial (details)
  610. [ARM][ParallelDSP] Replace SExt uses (details)
  611. [lldb][NFC] Use range-based for-loops in IRForTarget (details)
  612. [lldb][NFC] Remove last C string uses from IRForTarget (details)
  613. GlobalISel: pack various parameters for lowerCall into a struct. (details)
  614. [ELF] For VS-style diagnostics, prefer printing full paths in the (details)
  615. [llvm-readobj] - Remove unwrapOrError(ErrorOr<T> EO) helper. (details)
  616. Add SVE opaque built-in types (details)
  617. [lldb][NFC] Clean up logging in IRForTarget (details)
  618. Minidump/Windows: Fix module lookup (details)
  619. [lldb] Refactor guard variable checks in IRForTarget (details)
  620. AArch64: support TLS on Darwin platforms in GlobalISel. (details)
  621. [lldb][NFC] Fix warning about missing switch cases (details)
  622. [lldb][NFC] Unify InstrList typedef in IRForTarget (details)
  623. [llvm-readobj] - Remove deprecated unwrapOrError(Expected<T> EO). (details)
  624. [clangd] Use raw rename functions to implement the rename. (details)
  625. [llvm-readobj] - Remove `error(llvm::Expected<T> &&E)` (details)
  626. [AArch64] Set pref. func. align to 8 bytes on Neoverse E1 & Cortex-A65 (details)
  627. [MCA] Add flag -show-encoding to llvm-mca. (details)
  628. [Mips][Codegen] Fix fast-isel mixing of FGR64 and AFGR64 registers (details)
  629. [clangd] Added highlighting for constructor initializers. (details)
  630. [llvm-readelf]Print filename for multiple inputs and fix formatting (details)
  631. [MCA] Fix MSVC 19.16 build with libc++ (details)
  632. [GlobalOpt] prevent crashing on large integer types (PR42932) (details)
  633. [X86][SSE] Swap X86ISD::BLENDV inputs with an inverted selection mask (details)
  634. Title: Loop Cache Analysis Summary: Implement a new analysis to estimate (details)
  635. [sanitizer] Update symbolizer/scripts/global_symbols.txt (details)
  636. [MachinePipeliner] Avoid indeterminate order in FuncUnitSorter (details)
  637. [lldb][NFC] Remove unused IRForTarget::BuildRelocation (details)
  638. [DAGCombiner] remove redundant fold for X*1.0; NFC (details)
  639. [lldb][NFC] Assert on invalid cursors positions when creating (details)
  640. [AArch64][x86] add tests for pessimization of expression with X*2.0 (details)
  641. More warnings regarding gsl::Pointer and gsl::Owner attributes (details)
  642. [NFC] Added tests for D65898 (details)
  643. [compiler-rt] FuzzedDataProvider: use C++ headers only instead of a (details)
  644. [Transforms] Rename hasUnaryFloatFn() and getUnaryFloatFn() (NFC) (details)
  645. Title: Improve Loop Cache Analysis LIT tests. Summary: Make LIT tests (details)
  646. Print reasonable representations of type names in llvm-nm, readelf and (details)
  647. [Transforms] Fix comments for hasFloatFn() and getFloatFnName() (NFC) (details)
  648. [Transforms] Add a emitBinaryFloatFnCall() version that fetches the (details)
  649. Even more warnings utilizing gsl::Owner/gsl::Pointer annotations (details)
  650. Rename PCH/leakfiles test so it runs on bots. (details)
  651. [InstCombine] Refactor optimizeExp2() (NFC) (details)
  652. [TableGen] Add "InitValue": Handle operands with set bit values in (details)
  653. Fix a build bot failure and multiple warnings instances for range base (details)
  654. [clang-format] Add link to source code in file definitions (details)
  655. [libFuzzer] Merge: print stats after reading the output corpus dir. (details)
  656. Revert Fix a build bot failure and multiple warnings instances for range (details)
  657. Revert Even more warnings utilizing gsl::Owner/gsl::Pointer annotations (details)
  658. [Docs][llvm-strip] Add help text to llvm-strip rst doc (details)
  659. [libomptarget] Remove duplicate RTLRequiresFlags per device (details)
  660. gn build: Merge r368358. (details)
  661. gn build: Merge r368392. (details)
  662. gn build: Merge r368402. (details)
  663. gn build: Merge r368439. (details)
  664. gn build: Merge r368432. (details)
  665. CodeGen: ensure 8-byte aligned String Swift CF ABI (details)
  666. Revert "[asan_symbolize] Fix bug where the frame counter was not (details)
  667. [Docs][llvm-strip] Fix an indentation issue. (details)
  668. Update test to explicity test with -fintegrated-as and (details)
  669. Don't diagnose errors when a file matches an include component (details)
  670. [sanitizers] MSVC warning disable for clean build     - (details)
  671. [MC] Don't recreate a label if it's already used (details)
  672. [CodeGen] Require a name for a block addr target (details)
  673. [X86] Remove custom handling for extloads from LowerLoad. (details)
  674. Fix compilation after SVN r368476 (details)
  675. Revert "[sanitizers] MSVC warning disable for clean build" and follow-up (details)
  676. [clangd] Give absolute path to clang-tidy and include-fixer. HintPath (details)
  677. Test commit. (details)
  678. [clang-doc] Generate an HTML index file (details)
  679. Revert the test commit (details)
  680. Remove variable only used in an assert. (details)
  681. [globalisel] Add G_SEXT_INREG (details)
  682. [OpenMP][libomptarget] Add support for close map modifier (details)
  683. Remove leftover MF->dump()'s from r368487 that break release builds (details)
  684. [DAGCombiner] exclude x*2.0 from normal negation profitability rules (details)
  685. [OpenMP] Add support for close map modifier in Clang (details)
  686. [Sanitizer][Darwin] Add interceptor for malloc_zone_from_ptr (details)
  687. [Bugpoint redesign] Fix nonlocal URI link in doc (details)
  688. Add missing REQUIRES to r368487 (details)
  689. cfi-icall: Allow the jump table to be optionally made non-canonical. (details)
  690. Detects whether RESOURCE_TYPE_IO is defined. (details)
  691. Small format fix (details)
  692. clangd: use -j for background index pool (details)
  693. Attempt to reapply "Even more warnings utilizing gsl::Owner/gsl::Pointer (details)
  694. [clangd] Disallow extraction of expression-statements. (details)
  695. Fix a false positive warning when initializing members with gsl::Owners. (details)
  696. [MemDep] allow to select block-scan-limit when constructing (details)
  697. [X86] Fix stack probe issue on windows32. (details)
  698. [Sanitizer] Reenable getusershell interception (details)
  699. [X86] Improve the diagnostic for larger than 4-bit immediate for (details)
  700. [X86] Match the IR pattern form movmsk on SSE1 only targets where v4i32 (details)
  701. [clang-format] Add SpaceInEmptyBlock option for WebKit (details)
  702. [modulemap] Add AArch64SVEACLETypes.def (details)
  703. [CodeGen] Do the Simple Early Return in block-placement pass to optimize (details)
  704. [clang] Fixed x86 cpuid NSC signature (details)
  705. [lldb] Fix dynamic_cast by no longer failing on variable without (details)
  706. [Reassociate] try harder to convert negative FP constants to positive (details)
  707. [TableGen] Correct the shift to the proper bit width. (details)
  708. [NFC][CodeGen] Modify the PI++ to ++PI in (details)
  709. [X86][SSE] Lower shuffle as ANY_EXTEND_VECTOR_INREG (details)
  710. Add support for FreeBSD's LD_32_LIBRARY_PATH (details)
  711. [NFC][InstCombine] Tests for shift amount reassociation in bittest with (details)
  712. [InstCombine] Shift amount reassociation in bittest: drop pointless (details)
  713. [InstCombine] Shift amount reassociation in bittest: relax one-use check (details)
  714. [NFC][InstCombine] Tests for shift amount reassociation in bittest with (details)
  715. [InstCombine][NFC] Use SimplifyAddInst() instead of (details)
  716. [X86] Remove some code from combineShuffle that seems largely (details)
  717. [X86] Remove some more code from combineShuffle that is no longer needed (details)
  718. test commit (details)
  719. Revert "test commit" (details)
  720. [LICM] Make Loop ICM profile aware (details)
  721. Fix __clang_call_termiante's argument for foreign exceptions (details)
  722. Properly handle reference initialization when detecting gsl::Pointer (details)
  723. [ARM] Permit auto-vectorization using MVE (details)
  724. [MVE] Don't try to unroll vectorised MVE loops (details)
  725. [ARM] MVE spill vector test. NFC (details)
  726. [NFC][CodeGen] Use while loop instead for loop in (details)
  727. [ELF] Remove unnecessary assignment to `used` in replaceWithDefined (details)
  728. Properly detect temporary gsl::Owners through reference initialization (details)
  729. [ELF] Remove redundant !isPreemptible in Symbol::computeBinding() (details)
  730. [ELF] Remove redundant isDefined() in Symbol::computeBinding() and (details)
  731. [X86] Don't use SplitOpsAndApply for ISD::USUBSAT. (details)
  732. [X86] Simplify some of the type checks in combineSubToSubus. (details)
  733. [clang-format] Expand AllowShortBlocksOnASingleLine for WebKit (details)
  734. [SelectionDAG] Widen vector results of SMULFIX/UMULFIX/SMULFIXSAT (details)
  735. [X86] Remove redundant ';' chars ending IR lines in lit tests. NFC (details)
  736. Fix pass dependency for LICM (details)
  737. [X86] Support -march=tigerlake (details)
  738. [X86] Add some reduction add test cases that show sub-optimal code on (details)
  739. [CrossTU] Fix problem with CrossTU AST load limit and progress messages. (details)
  740. [clangd] Highlighting auto variables as the deduced type. (details)
  741. Improve codegen for deque. (details)
  742. [CostModel][X86][AArch64] Add some tests for extractvalue (details)
  743. [clangd] Drop diags from non-written #include. (details)
  744. [ELF] Remove unnecessary assignment to `isPreemptible` in (details)
  745. [ASTImporter] Fix for import of friend class template with definition. (details)
  746. [OpenCL] Fix lang mode predefined macros for C++ mode. (details)
  747. [TargetLowering] SimplifyDemandedBits - call (details)
  748. [InstCombine] foldShiftIntoShiftInAnotherHandOfAndInICmp(): avoid (details)
  749. [llvm-strings] Improve testing of llvm-strings (details)
  750. NFC. Remove trailing whitespace in test (details)
  751. [X86][SSE] Add test showing missing compute known bits PSADBW handling (details)
  752. [X86][SSE] ComputeKnownBits - add basic PSADBW handling (details)
  753. Cleanup unused variable. (details)
  754. Revert r368509 "[CodeGen] Do the Simple Early Return in block-placement (details)
  755. [OpenCL] Ignore parentheses for sampler initialization (details)
  756. [CrossTU] User docs: remove temporary limiation with macro expansion (details)
  757. [clangd] Remove highlightings coming from non topLevelDecls from (details)
  758. [llvm-ar][test] Correct tests marked as expected fails (details)
  759. [CodeGen] Do the Simple Early Return in block-placement pass to optimize (details)
  760. [DebugInfo] Remove call sites when eliminating unreachable blocks (details)
  761. [lldb][NFC] Add unit test for lldb_private::DiagnosticManager (details)
  762. [clangd] Added the vscode SemanticHighlighting feature code but did not (details)
  763. [InstCombine] x /c fabs(x) -> copysign(1.0, x) (details)
  764. [RISCV] Fix ICE in isDesirableToCommuteWithShift (details)
  765. [llvm-ar] Accept file paths with windows format slashes (details)
  766. Revert r368565: [CodeGen] Do the Simple Early Return in block-placement (details)
  767. [X86][SSE] Add test showing missing demanded elts PSADBW handling (details)
  768. [llvm-readobj] Downgrade 'PT_DYNAMIC segment offset + size exceeds the (details)
  769. [lldb] Remove undocumented return value from (details)
  770. [llvm-ar][NFC] Fix buildbot (details)
  771. Revert r368339 "[MBP] Disable aggressive loop rotate in plain mode" (details)
  772. Remove outdated comment about clang not populating src2dst_offset (details)
  773. [clangd] Separate chunks with a space when rendering markdown (details)
  774. [lldb][NFC] Minor fixes for lldb_private::DiagnosticManager (details)
  775. [InstCombine] add tests for scalar-select-of-vectors; NFC (details)
  776. [XCOFF] Use a single symbolic constant for the size of an embeded name. (details)
  777. [scudo][standalone] Minor corrections (details)
  778. [ARM] Add or update a number of costmodel tests. NFC (details)
  779. [ARM] Put some of the TTI costmodel behind hasNeon calls. (details)
  780. Fix multiple lifetime warning messages for range based for loop (details)
  781. [ARM] MVE shuffle broadcast costs (details)
  782. [clangd] Refactor computation of extracted expr in ExtractVariable (details)
  783. [ASTDump] Add is_anonymous to VisitCXXRecordDecl (details)
  784. [AMDGPU] Printf runtime binding pass (details)
  785. [ARM] sext of a load is free (details)
  786. [X86] Disable use of zmm registers for varargs musttail calls under (details)
  787. [CostModel][X86][AArch64] Check all 3 cost kinds in aggregates.ll (details)
  788. [ThinLTO][AutoFDO] Fix memory corruption due to race condition from thin (details)
  789. [NFC][PowerPC] Add the test case shrink-wrap.mir and shrink-wrap.ll for (details)
  790. [builtins] MSVC warning disable for clean build     - (details)
  791. [libc++] Implement CTAD for std::tuple (details)
  792. [Sema] Require a complete type for __builtin_bit_cast operands (details)
  793. gn build: Merge r368592 (details)
  794. [clang-doc] Generate HTML links for children namespaces/records (details)
  795. [asan_symbolize] Fix bug where the frame counter was not incremented. (details)
  796. libcxxabi: Rename .hpp files to .h (details)
  797. small follow-up to r368604 (details)
  798. [X86] Replace call to isTruncStoreLegalOrCustom with isTruncStoreLegal. (details)
  799. [X86] Simplify creation of saturating truncating stores. (details)
  800. [X86] Add a paranoia type check to the code that detects AVG patterns (details)
  801. [X86] Remove unreachable code from LowerTRUNCATE. NFC (details)
  802. [Sema] Check __builtin_bit_cast operand for completeness before (details)
  803. Revert "Disable MachO TBD write tests for Windows." (details)
  804. Fix Wnewline-eof after r368598 (details)
  805. [Symbol] GetTypeBitAlign() should return None in case of failure. (details)
  806. Revert "[lldb] Fix dynamic_cast by no longer failing on variable without (details)
  807. Revert "[lldb] Refactor guard variable checks in IRForTarget" (details)
  808. [libFuzzer] Merge: print feature coverage number as well. (details)
  809. [GISel]: Fix a bug in KnownBits where we should have been using (details)
  810. [GWP-ASan] Update backtrace function signature. (details)
  811. [CompilerType] Pass an ExecutionContextScope to GetTypeBitAlign. (details)
  812. [Attributor] Make the InformationCache an Attributor member (details)
  813. [Attributor][NFC] Add IntegerState raw_ostream << operator (details)
  814. [X86] Allow combineTruncateWithSat to use pack instructions for i16->i8 (details)
  815. Title: Fix build warning for operator<< when using GCC 7. Authored By: (details)
  816. [Attributor] Use the cached data layout directly (details)
  817. [AMDGPU] Use PredicateControl in MIMGBaseOpcode. NFC. (details)
  818. [webassembly] Apply llvm-prefer-register-over-unsigned from clang-tidy (details)
  819. [aarch64] Apply llvm-prefer-register-over-unsigned from clang-tidy to (details)
  820. [risc-v] Apply llvm-prefer-register-over-unsigned from clang-tidy to (details)
  821. [TextAPI] Fix & Add tests for tbd files version 3. (details)
  822. [WinEH] Fix catch block parent frame pointer offset (details)
  823. [clang] Update isDerivedFrom to support Objective-C classes 🔍 (details)

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