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  1. [TargetMachine] Move X86 specific shouldAssumeDSOLocal logic to X86Subtarget::classifyGlobalFunctionReference (details)
  2. [llvmbuildectomy] removed vestigial LLVMBuild.txt files (details)
  3. [X86] Emit @PLT for x86-64 and keep unadorned symbols for x86-32 (details)
  4. [debugserver] Use dlsym for posix_spawnattr_setarchpref_np (details)
  5. [BasicAA] Fix a bug with relational reasoning across iterations (details)
  6. [test] Add explicit dso_local to function declarations in static relocation model tests (details)
  7. [TargetMachine] Don't imply dso_local on function declarations in Reloc::Static model for ELF/wasm (details)
  8. [TargetMachine] Clean up TargetMachine::shouldAssumeDSOLocal after x86-32 specific hack is moved to X86Subtarget (details)
  9. Remove memory allocation with string (details)

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