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  1. [AIX] Include symbol alias in (details)
  2. tsan: Fix the improper argument type in tsan_ilist_test.cpp (details)
  3. [OpenCL] Add support of __opencl_c_3d_image_writes feature macro (details)
  4. [nfc][trace] use formatv instead of the old Printf (details)
  5. [yaml2obj] Enable support for parsing 64-bit XCOFF. (details)
  6. [PowerPC] Fix issue where hint was providing the incorrect regsiter class. (details)
  7. [OpenCL] Add support of __opencl_c_pipes feature macro. (details)
  8. Revert "[OpenCL] Add support of __opencl_c_pipes feature macro." (details)
  9. Fix scalar unit tests for all, any, maxloc, etc. that caused the ARM build (details)

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