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  1. Compress formatting of array type names (int [4] -> int[4]) (details)
  2. [SLP]Fix PR52090: clang crashes: Assertion `Index < Length && "Invalid index!"' failed. (details)
  3. [OpenMP][host runtime] Add support for teams affinity (details)
  4. Disable add_mlir_aggregate() debug file generation. (details)
  5. [flang] Expunge bogus semantic check for ELEMENTAL without dummies (details)
  6. Revert "Compress formatting of array type names (int [4] -> int[4])" (details)
  7. [OpenMP][host runtime] small fixup of RTM CPUID bit check (details)
  8. [OpenMP][host runtime] Add initial hybrid CPU support (details)
  9. [hwasan] Add default "/" prefix. (details)
  10. [hwasan] Fix TestCases/thread-uaf.c. (details)
  11. [scudo] Fix running tests under hwasan. (details)
  12. [NFC][Interpreter] Remove unused CompilerInvocation (details)
  13. [flang] Fold LGE/LGT/LLE/LLT intrinsic functions (details)
  14. [mlir][ods] Enable emitting getter/setter prefix (details)
  15. [flang] Admit NULL() in generic procedure resolution cases (details)
  16. [libc] add memccpy and mempcpy (details)
  17. [NFC][asan] Use more common socket type in test (details)
  18. [NFC][sanitizer] Remove %stdcxx11 (details)

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