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  1. [analyzer] Implement assumeInclusiveRange in terms of assumeInclusiveRangeDual (details)
  2. [analyzer][NFC] Factor out the copy-paste code repetition of assumeDual and assumeInclusiveRangeDual (details)
  3. [Support] Add missing <cstdint> header to Signals.h (details)
  4. [Support] Add missing <cstdint> header to Base64.h (details)
  5. [C++20] [Coroutines] Conform the updates for CWG issue 2585 (details)
  6. [AArch64] Fix assumptions on input type of tryCombineFixedPointConvert (details)
  7. [LV] Improve register pressure estimate at high VFs (details)
  8. Revert "[C++20] [Coroutines] Conform the updates for CWG issue 2585" (details)
  9. [AArch64] implement isReassocProfitable, disable for (u|s)mlal. (details)
  10. [AArch64] Order STP Q's by ascending address (details)
  11. [CGP] Freeze condition when despeculating ctlz/cttz (details)
  12. [RISCV][NFC] Test cases for fmuladd intrinsic (details)
  13. [clang][driver] Dynamically select gcc-toolset/devtoolset version (details)
  14. [AArch64] Regenerate andandshift.ll test checks (details)
  15. Test stackmap support for i128 (details)
  16. [AMDGPU] Remove unneeded regex escaping in FileCheck patterns (details)
  17. Add support of the next Debian (Debian 13 - Trixie) (details)
  18. Add support of the next Ubuntu (Ubuntu 22.10 - Kinetic Kudu) (details)
  19. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX940] Disable v_mac_f32_dpp (details)
  20. Revert "[clang][driver] Dynamically select gcc-toolset/devtoolset version" (details)
  21. [SPIR-V] Allow setting SPIR-V version via target triple. (details)
  22. [InstCombine] Reuse icmp of and/or folds for logical and/or (details)
  23. [SLP][NFC]Add a test for extracting scalar from undef result vector, (details)
  24. [InstCombine] add tests for icmp of zext i1; NFC (details)
  25. [InstCombine] fold icmp of zext bool based on limited range (details)
  26. [MSVC, ARM64] Add __writex18 intrinsics (details)
  27. [SLP]Do not emit extract elements for insertelements users, replace with shuffles directly. (details)
  28. [mlir] Add RSqrt tp (details)
  29. [TableGen] Remove an untrue statement from the docs (details)
  30. [mlir] Add Expm1 tp (details)
  31. [NFC][flang] Change the OpenMP atomic read/write test cases (details)
  32. [mlir][bufferization][NFC] Improve assembly format of AllocTensorOp (details)
  33. Revert "Revert "[AArch64] Set maximum VF with shouldMaximizeVectorBandwidth"" (details)
  34. [InstCombine] Add tests for recursive and/or of icmp folds (NFC) (details)
  35. [InstCombine] Change operand order in recursive and/or of icmps fold (details)
  36. [clang-tidy] Improve to recognize more checks (details)
  37. NFC: Silence two warnings for unused bufferization symbols in release mode. (details)
  38. [clang] Module global init mangling (details)
  39. [mlir][bufferization] Fix Python bindings (details)

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