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  1. [llvm-readobj/elf] - Simplify and refine the implementation which dumps .stack_sizes (details)
  2. [X86] detectAVGPattern - accept non-pow2 vectors by padding. (details)
  3. [MVE] fix typo in llvm debug message. NFC. (details)
  4. [Transforms][Coroutines] Add missing header path to CMakeLists.txt (details)
  5. [SelectionDAG] Remove unused FP constant in getNegatedExpression (details)
  6. [ARM] Corrected condition in isSaturatingConditional (details)
  7. [X86] Update SSE/AVX integer MINMAX intrinsics to emit llvm.smax.* etc. (PR46851) (details)
  8. Revert "[InstCombine] Simplify select operand based on equality condition" (details)
  9. [mlir][integration_test] Linalg Conv folder renamed to CPU (details)
  10. [mlir] check for failures when packing function sigunatures in std->llvm conversion (details)
  11. Recommit "[ConstraintSystem] Add helpers to deal with linear constraints." (details)
  12. SelectionDAGBuilder.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFCI. (details)
  13. StatepointLowering.cpp - remove unnecessary includes. NFCI. (details)
  14. SpillPlacement.cpp - remove unnecessary includes. NFCI. (details)
  15. Revert "RegAllocFast: Record internal state based on register units" (details)
  16. [lldb/cmake] Fix testing support library dependencies (details)
  17. [lldb] Improve qemu interop for aarch64 (details)

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