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  1. [LoopDeletion] Forget loop before setting values to undef (details)
  2. [InstCombine] Add trunc(lshr(sext(x),c)) non-uniform vector tests (details)
  3. [OpenMPOpt][Fix] Only initialize ICV initial values once. (details)
  4. [msan] Add test for vector abs intrinsic (details)
  5. [msan] Fix llvm.abs.v intrinsic (details)
  6. [IndVarSimplify] Fix Modified status for removal of overflow intrinsics (details)
  7. [AArch64] Add BTI to CFI jumptables. (details)
  8. [SYCL] Assume SYCL device functions are convergent (details)
  9. [sanitizer] Don't build gmock for tests (follow-up to 82827244). (details)
  10. [LoopUtils] Only verify SE in builds with assertions. (details)

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