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  1. [ORC] Add operations to create and lookup JITDylibs to OrcV2 C bindings. (details)
  2. Revert "Do not apply calling conventions to MSVC entry points" (details)
  3. [AMDGPU] gfx1030 test update. NFC. (details)
  4. [NFC][LSAN] Change SuspendedThreadsList interface (details)
  5. [ELF] Bump the limit of thunk creation passes from 10 to 15 (details)
  6. [NFC][regalloc] type LiveInterval::reg() as Register (details)
  7. [obj2yaml] - Match ".stack_size" with the original section name, and not the uniquified name. (details)
  8. [lldb/test] Enable faulthandler in dotest (details)
  9. [NFC] Refactor DiagnosticBuilder and PartialDiagnostic (details)
  10. [libunwind] Support for leaf function unwinding. (details)
  11. [flang] Substrings with lower bound greater than upper bound (details)
  12. Disable a large test for EXPENSIVE_CHECKS and debug build (details)

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