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Build Log

  1. Put a temporary workaround in place for codesigning on the green-dragon-04 replacement machine. (details / githubweb)
  1. [AIX] Disable tests failing due to missing DWARF sections (details)
  2. [lldb] Fix windows build failure due to undefined macro (details)
  3. [Dexter] Add option to pass a Visual Studio solution instead of a binary (details)
  4. Add iterator range variants of isGuaranteedToTransferExecutionToSuccessor [mostly-nfc] (details)
  5. [Support] Define sys::getHostCPUName for RISC-V (details)
  6. Reland [sanitizer] Support Intel CET (details)
  7. [clang-format-diff] Fix missing formatting for zero length git diff lines (details)
  8. [sanitizer] Use one #if instead of 3 nested #if after D111185 (details)
  9. [IPT] Narrow scope of removeInstruction invalidation [NFC] (details)
  10. [clang] Fix absolute file paths with -fdebug-prefix-map (details)
  11. [libcxx] Fix a missed case needing "system header" markings for init_priority(100) (details)
  12. Revert "[clang] Fix absolute file paths with -fdebug-prefix-map" (details)
  13. Add `TypeLoc`-related matchers. (details)
  14. [AST Matchers] Update to query only class index page. (details)
  15. Update polly for removal of CallInst::arg_operands/getNumArgOperands (details)
  16. [test] Use host platform specific error message substitution (details)
  17. Revert "Recommit "[LoopPeel] Peel loops with deoptimizing exits"" (details)
  18. Add a statistic to track number of times we rebuild instruction ordering (details)
  19. [IPT] Add a statistic to track instructions scanned to answer queries (details)
  20. Revert "[IR] Remove arg_operands and getNumArgOperands (NFC)" (details)
  21. [RegisterScavenging] Use a Twine in a call to report_fatal_error instead of going from std::string to c_str. NFC (details)
  22. [DFSan] Remove -dfsan-args-abi support in favor of TLS. (details)
  23. [libc++][doc] Update paper status. (details)
  24. [GlobalISel] Improve G_UMHULH -> LSHR combine to accept non-uniform constant vectors. (details)
  25. [clang] Option control afn flag (details)
  26. [ORC] Move SimpleRemoteEPCServer::Dispatcher into OrcShared. (details)
  27. [NFC] Make some includes explicit (details)
  28. Add missing include after dfd74db9 (details)
  29. [clang] Set max allowed alignment to 2^32 (details)
  30. [lldb/Plugins] Replace platform-specific macro with LLVM_PRETTY_FUNCTION (NFC) (details)
  31. More followup type changes after 05392466 (details)
  32. [DFSan] Fix warning: getArgsFunctionType defined but not used (details)
  33. [Libomptarget] Add an external interface to dynamic shared memory (details)
  34. [DenseMapInfo] Move hash_code implementation to Hashing.h (NFC) (details)
  35. [test] Fixup builtin-assume-aligned.c (details)
  36. [NFC] Update vec_extract builtin signatures to take signed int. (details)
  37. [NFC][sanitizer] Remove sanitizer_persistent_allocator.cpp (details)
  38. [NFC][sanitizer] Move ChainedOriginDepotNode into cpp file (details)
  39. [ORC] Remove a stale comment. (details)
  40. Revert "[ORC] Move SimpleRemoteEPCServer::Dispatcher into OrcShared." (details)
  41. [flang] Fix capitalization of "ishft" (details)
  42. PR52073: Fix equivalence computation for lambda-expressions. (details)

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