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  1. X86Vector: relax checks in rsqrt's integration test (details)
  2. [libc++] Implement P1394r4 for span: range constructor (details)
  3. [NFC][sanitizer] Parametrize PersistentAllocator with type (details)
  4. [LoopFlatten] Mark inner loop as deleted (details)
  5. [AArch64] Emit CFI instruction for updating x18 when using ShadowCallStack with exception unwinding (details)
  6. Fix unintended fall-through. (details)
  7. [NFC][sanitizer] Remove includes from header (details)
  8. [NFC][sanitizer] Add const to ChainedOriginDepotNode methods (details)
  9. [Driver][test] Fix undefined-libs.cpp when CLANG_DEFAULT_UNWINDLIB is libunwind (details)
  10. Move TargetRegistry.(h|cpp) from Support to MC (details)
  11. Fix shared library build after TargetRegistry move (details)
  12. Fix shlib builds for all lib/Target/*/TargetInfo libs (details)
  13. [ADT] Mark IntervalMap::overlaps const (details)
  14. [InlineCost] model calls to* more carefully (details)
  15. Fix TargetRegistry shlib build, clang edition (details)
  16. [libc++][spaceship] Implement std::tuple::operator<=> (details)
  17. Make more places that use alignment use uint64_t (details)
  18. [LangRef] Fix a typo in DISubrange section (details)
  19. Revert "Reland "[clang-repl] Re-implement clang-interpreter as a test case."" (details)
  20. Add no_instrument_function attribute to Objective C methods as well (details)
  21. Remove unnecessary StringRef convesion in llvm-config (details)
  22. [LICM] Use Align instead of int (details)
  23. [Polly] Add greedy fusion algorithm. (details)
  24. PR51079: Treat thread_local variables with an incomplete class type as (details)
  25. [OpenMP] Avoid calling `isSPMDMode` during RT initialization (details)
  26. Fix typo of colon to semicolon in lit tests (details)
  27. [APFloat] Set size of PPCDoubleDouble to 128 (details)

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