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Build Log

  1. [BOLT] Use trunk llvm-tblgen in msvc builder (details / githubweb)
  2. Update testerName field of clang-cmake-x86_64-avx2-linux-perf (details / githubweb)
  3. [libc] Add arm32 worker and a builder on it for libc. (details / githubweb)
  1. [BasicTTI] Return Invalid for scalable vectors reaching getScalarizationOverhead (details)
  2. [AMDGPU] Add support for GFX11 LDSDIR hazards (details)
  3. [AMDGPU] Tag GFX11 LDS loads as using strict_wqm (details)
  4. [AMDGPU] Mark GFX11 dual source blend export as strict-wqm (details)
  5. [lldb] Fix building with GCC 7 (details)
  6. [BOLT][TEST] Fix stack alignment in section-reloc-with-addend.s (details)
  7. [Clang][VE] Add missing intrinsics (details)
  8. [lld-macho] Show source information for undefined references (details)
  9. Revert "[lld-macho] Show source information for undefined references" (details)
  10. Support logpoints in lldb-vscode (details)
  11. [mlir][math] Lower cos,sin to libm (details)
  12. [LLD][COFF] Ignore /pdbcompress flag (details)
  13. [test][AlwaysInline]:Correct comment and file check for always-inline.ll (details)
  14. Fix build break introduced by (details)
  15. [Driver] Pass -X to ld for riscv64-fuchsia (details)
  16. [X86] Make sure SF is updated when optimizing for `jg/jge/jl/jle` (details)
  17. [mlir][ods] Remove StructAttr (details)
  18. [fastregalloc] Enhance the heuristics for liveout in self loop. (details)
  19. [SelectionDAG][DAGCombiner] Reuse exist node by reassociate (details)
  20. [RISCV] Add merge operand to RISCVISD::VRGATHER*_VL nodes. (details)
  21. [PowerPC] add a new pass to expand ctr loop pseudos (details)
  22. [gn build] Port a71fe49bb534 (details)
  23. Don't use Optional::hasValue (NFC) (details)
  24. Don't use Optional::hasValue (NFC) (details)
  25. Don't use Optional::hasValue (NFC) (details)
  26. [AARCH64 folding] Do not fold any copy with NZCV (details)
  27. Recommit "[RISCV] Enable subregister liveness tracking for RVV." (details)
  28. [RISCV] Add RISCVISD opcode for PseudoAddTPRel. (details)
  29. [Support/BLAKE3] Enable the SIMD implementations for macOS universal builds (details)
  30. [flang][OpenMP] Fix firstprivate with barrier (details)
  31. [mlir][OpenMP] Add omp.taskgroup operation (details)
  32. [Support/BLAKE3] Do a CMake check for the `-mavx512vl` flag before applying it (details)
  33. [PowerPC][ctrloop] handles calls in preheader before MTCTRloop (details)
  34. [llvm] Don't use Optional::getValue (NFC) (details)
  35. [clang] Don't use Optional::getValue (NFC) (details)
  36. [machinesink] fix debug invariance issue (details)
  37. [mlir] Don't use Optional::getValue (NFC) (details)
  38. [libc++] Implement P0174R2 (Deprecating Vestigial Library Parts in C++17) (details)
  39. Don't use Optional::getValue (NFC) (details)
  40. [clang][Analyzer] Add errno state to standard functions modeling. (details)
  41. [mlir][SCF] Add scf::ForeachThread canonicalization. (details)
  42. [mlir][memref] Fix layout map computation in inferRankReducedResultType (details)
  43. [mlir][SCF] Fold tensor.cast feeding into scf.foreach_thread.parallel_insert_slice (details)
  44. [AMDGPU] Set GFX11 null export target based on export attributes (details)
  45. [AArch64] Add Extract(DUP(C)) as a canonical constant. (details)
  46. [clang-tidy] cppcoreguidelines-virtual-class-destructor should ignore final classes (details)
  47. [clang-tidy][docs] Fix wrong sphinx link after d9afb8c3e8fd01a3c89ab2ddebcd44602a30a975 (details)
  48. [ConstraintElimination] Move logic to check condition to helper (NFC). (details)
  49. [mlir][OpenMP][NFC] Parameter refers to single args and hence changing description for taskgroup allocate clause. (details)
  50. [SROA] Regenerate test checks (NFC) (details)
  51. Revert "[LLD] [COFF] Use StringTableBuilder to optimize the string table" (details)
  52. [X86] computeKnownBitsForTargetNode - add X86ISD::VBROADCAST_LOAD handling (details)
  53. [SROA] Migrate tests to opaque pointers (NFC) (details)
  54. [AArch64] Remove unnecessary funnel shift sve costs. (details)
  55. [X86] combineAndnp - constant fold ANDNP(C,X) -> AND(~C,X) (details)
  56. [JITLink][Orc] Add MemoryMapper interface with InProcess implementation (details)
  57. [gn build] Port 6ede65205073 (details)
  58. [llvm] Disable LLVM_ENABLE_PER_TARGET_RUNTIME_DIR for Arm Linux (details)
  59. [mlir][Linalg] Split reduction transform op (details)
  60. [GlobalsModRef] Remove check for allocator calls (details)
  61. Support expressions in the context of a reference (details)
  62. Revert "[CMake] Enable LLVM_ENABLE_PER_TARGET_RUNTIME_DIR by default on Linux" (details)
  63. [mlir][sparse] Preserve NaNs when converting float to bfloat (details)
  64. [AMDGPU] Update SPI_SHADER_PGM_RSRC2_PS.EXTRA_LDS_SIZE for GFX11 (details)
  65. Revert "[JITLink][Orc] Add MemoryMapper interface with InProcess implementation" (details)
  66. [ConstraintElimination] Remove unneeded StackEntry::Condition (NFC). (details)
  67. [gn build] Port 6a4056ab2ada (details)
  68. [X86] fold (and (mul x, c1), c2) -> (mul x, (and c1, c2)) iff c2 is all/no bits mask (details)
  69. [SLP]Fix a crash when insert subvector is out of range. (details)
  70. [llvm][vfs] NFC: Rename `InMemoryFileSystem::addHardLink()` arguments (details)
  71. [llvm][vfs] NFC: Promote `lookupInMemoryNode()` to member function (details)
  72. [llvm][vfs] NFC: Promote `InMemoryDirIterator` to nested class (details)
  73. [llvm][vfs] Implement in-memory symlinks (details)
  74. [SLP] Add cost model for `llvm.powi.*` intrinsics (details)
  75. [SystemZ] Fix the cost function for vector zero extend. (details)
  76. [lldb] Skip Recognizer/assert.test on linux (details)
  77. Revert rGe6ccb57bb3f6b761f2310e97fd6ca99eff42f73e "[SLP] Add cost model for `llvm.powi.*` intrinsics" (details)
  78. [AArch64] Move add_and_or_is_add pattern. NFC (details)
  79. [FunctionPropertiesAnalysis] Generalize support for unreachable (details)
  80. [libc++][format] Improves the handle test. (details)
  81. [libc++] Improve charconv base10 algorithm. (details)
  82. [mlir][sparse][taco] Support f16. (details)
  83. [gdb-scripts] Add to_string methods to printer implementations (details)
  84. Reland [GlobalOpt] Preserve CFG analyses (details)
  85. [NFC] clang: Implement tests for PR56099 (details)
  86. [Scalarizer] No need to gather a scattered extracted element (details)
  87. [mlir][TilingInterface] Enable tile and fuse using TilingInterface. (details)
  88. in the absense of the -max-pass-iterations command line options, make (details)
  89. [Support/BLAKE3] CMake: Check for `IS_X64` or `CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES` before adding the assembly files (details)
  90. Revert "[mlir][TilingInterface] Enable tile and fuse using TilingInterface." (details)
  91. [libc++][CI] Updates GCC to version 12. (details)
  92. [lldb] [llgs] Implement non-stop style stop notification packets (details)
  93. [SLP][NFC]Fix a warning in a comparison, NFC. (details)
  94. [mlir][TilingInterface] Enable tile and fuse using TilingInterface. (details)
  95. [HLSL] Support HLSL vector initializers (details)
  96. [lldb] [MainLoop] Support "pending callbacks", to be called once (details)
  97. [lldb] [llgs] Fix signo sent with fork/vfork/vforkdone events (details)
  98. [lldb] [llgs] Refactor fork/vfork tests, verify state (details)
  99. [lldb] [llgs] Add a test for detach-all packet (details)
  100. [InstCombine] handle subobjects of constant aggregates (details)
  101. [lld/mac] Extract a sha256() function (details)
  102. [lldb] [llgs] Attempt to fix LLGS tests on Windows (details)
  103. [libc++][clang-tidy] Enable bugprone-use-after-move and explicitly list all used checks (details)
  104. [libc++] Pass -fno-modules to clang-tidy instead of disabling it for the modules build (details)
  105. [flang] Add more diagnostics to fir.coordinate_of (details)
  106. Fix an unused-variable warning in release build, NFC. (details)
  107. [DSE] Don't remove nounwind invokes (details)
  108. [lld/mac] On Apple systems, call CC_SHA256 from libSystem (details)
  109. [RISCV] Remove true_mask patterns for VRGATHER. (details)
  110. [RISCV] Remove true_mask patterns for VRGATHERE16.. (details)
  111. [AMDGPU] gfx11 Remove SDWA from shuffle_vector ISel (details)
  112. AMDGPU: Don't use branches to entry block in test (details)
  113. AMDGPU: Regenerate test checks (details)
  114. [lld/mac] Replace while loop with for loop (details)
  115. [ADT] [lld-macho] Check for end iterator deref in filter_iterator_base (details)
  116. [LV] Add new block to place recurrence splice, if needed. (details)
  117. Roll back MichaƂ's changes to debugserver, not meant for there (details)
  118. Revert "Revert "[CMake] Enable LLVM_ENABLE_PER_TARGET_RUNTIME_DIR by default on Linux"" (details)
  119. [libc++abi][AIX] Use _LIBCXXABI_FUNC_VIS for exported routines (details)
  120. [DAG] Remove SelectionDAG::GetDemandedBits DemandedElts variant. NFC. (details)
  121. [polly] #include <algorithm> (details)
  122. [LoopVect, tests] Add some basic coverage for scalable costing on RISCV (details)
  123. LoopVect, tests] Add some basic coverage for scalable costing of scatter/gather patterns on RISCV (details)
  124. [RISCV] Move the passthru operand for RISCVISD::VRGATHER*_VL nodes. NFC (details)
  125. [DAG] visitTRUNCATE - move TRUNCATE(ADDE/ADDCARRY) folds to switch statement handling the other binops. NFC. (details)
  126. [Clang] Fix compile time regression caused by D126061. (details)
  127. [ConstraintElimination] Add tests for transferring info between systems. (details)
  128. [SLP][NFC] Precommit test for a followup patch that improves reordering for addsubs (details)
  129. [RISCV] Add cost model test coverage for loads and stores (both fixed and scalable) (details)
  130. Re-apply "[JITLink][Orc] Add MemoryMapper interface with InProcess implementation" (details)
  131. [gn build] Port 79fbee3cc562 (details)
  132. [mlir][sparse] refine bufferization allocation lowering (details)
  133. Reland "[lld-macho] Show source information for undefined references" (details)
  134. [SVE] Lower "unpredicated" sabd/uabd intrinsics to ISD::ABDS/U. (details)
  135. [NFC][SVE] Simplify SUBR_ZI isel patterns. (details)
  136. [SVE] Add isel patterns that match "FpImm - A" to the immediate form of FSUBR. (details)
  137. [SLP][X86] Improve reordering to consider alternate instruction bundles (details)
  138. Revert "[SLP][X86] Improve reordering to consider alternate instruction bundles" (details)
  139. [lld/mac] Parallelize code signature computation (details)
  140. [mlir][math] Support vector type by erf and round libm lowering (details)
  141. Recommit "[SLP][X86] Improve reordering to consider alternate instruction bundles" (details)
  142. [lldb] Instantiate lazily named classes on macOS Ventura. (details)
  143. [lldb] Add a setting to specify the preferred dynamic class info extractor o (details)
  144. [lld-macho] Work around odr-use of const non-inline static data member to fix -O0 build after D128298 (details)
  145. [Attributor] Ensure to use the proper liveness AA (details)
  146. [Attributor][FIX] Avoid empty bin in AAPointerInfo (details)
  147. [Libomptarget] Remove duplicate data environment exit (details)
  148. [lldb] [test] Mark TestNonStop as LLGS-specific (details)
  149. [LoopVectorize] Uninitialized phi node leads to a crash in SSAUpdater. (details)
  150. [NewGVN] add context instruction for SimplifyQuery (details)
  151. AMDGPU: Skip unexpected CFG in SIOptimizeVGPRLiveRange (details)
  152. HowToReleaseLLVM: Add description of the bug triage process (details)
  153. [libc++][format] Improve string formatters (details)
  154. [libc] Fix bug in UInt comparison operators. (details)
  155. [gn build] Port 77ad77c0710f (details)
  156. [DeadArgElim] Reformat the pass in accordance with the code style (details)
  157. [CMake] Don't pass CMAKE_C(XX)_COMPILER to the nested NATIVE build when cross compiling (details)
  158. [ConstraintElimination] Update addFact to take Predicate and ops (NFC). (details)
  159. [flang] Cleanup code and add test from fir-dev (details)
  160. [libc++] Remove std::function in C++03 (details)
  161. [libc++] Complete the implementation of N4190 (details)
  162. Fix interaction of pragma FENV_ACCESS with other pragmas (details)
  163. [mlir][Transform] NFC - Pass TransformState as an argument to applyToOne methods (details)
  164. [SCCP] Don't mark edges feasible when resolving undefs (details)
  165. [libc++] fix views::all hard error on lvalue move only views instead of SFINAE (details)
  166. [AArch64][SME] Add some SME PSTATE setting/query intrinsics (details)
  167. [X86] Don't run O2 pipeline in codegen test (NFC) (details)
  168. [ARM] Fix MVE gather/scatter merged gep offsets (details)
  169. [XCOFF] write the real source file name in C_FILE symbol. (details)
  170. [ADCE] Update tests to use opaque pointers (NFC) (details)
  171. [AggressiveInstCombine] Update tests to use opaque pointers (NFC) (details)
  172. [AddDiscriminators] Migrate tests to opaque pointers (NFC) (details)
  173. [libc][mem*] Introduce Sized/Backends for new mem framework (details)
  174. [AlignmentFromAssumptions] Migrate tests to opaque pointers (NFC) (details)
  175. [Tests] Remove unnecessary bitcasts from opaque pointer tests (NFC) (details)
  176. Re-land [libc] Apply no-builtin everywhere, remove unnecessary flags (details)
  177. [X86] Migrate tests to use opaque pointers (NFC) (details)
  178. [DAG] SelectionDAG::GetDemandedBits - don't recurse back into GetDemandedBits (details)
  179. [NVPTX] Keep metadata attached to module-scope variables (details)
  180. Don't treat invalid parameters as being unused (details)
  181. [lldb] Remove an outdated comment. NFC. (details)
  182. [NFC] Remove dead code (details)
  183. [X86] Name instructions in test (NFC) (details)
  184. [LinkerWrapper] Rework the linker wrapper and use owning binaries (details)
  185. [Clang] Allow multiple comma separated arguments to `--offload-arch=` (details)
  186. [ConstraintElimination] Transfer info from SGE to unsigned system. (details)
  187. [NFC] Remove dead code (details)
  188. [flang] Add FIR tests missing from fir-dev (details)
  189. [X86] Migrate more tests to opaque pointers (NFC) (details)
  190. [LinkerWrapper] Fix calls to deleted Error constructor on older compilers (details)
  191. [Alignment] Use Align for MaxKernArgAlign (details)
  192. Clang AttributeReference: emit entries for "Undocumented" attributes. (details)
  193. [lldb] Fix reading i686-windows executables with GNU environment (details)
  194. [lldb] Resolve exe location for `target create` (details)
  195. [lldb][windows] Fix crash on getting nested exception (details)
  196. [lldb] Add setting to override PE/COFF ABI by module name (details)
  197. [clang-tidy] Confusable identifiers detection (details)
  198. Reland "[gn build] (manually) port b94db7ed7eaf (" (details)
  199. [gn build] Port c3574ef739fb slightly better (details)
  200. [X86] Name instructions in test (NFC) (details)
  201. Revert "[NFC] Remove dead code" (details)
  202. [X86PreAMXConfig] Use MapVector to fix non-determinism (details)
  203. [X86] Regenerate test checks (NFC) (details)
  204. [libc++] Fixes GCC-12 build. (details)
  205. [X86PreAMXConfig] Use IRBuilder to insert instructions (NFC) (details)
  206. [OpenMP][libomp] Hold old __kmp_threads arrays until library shutdown (details)
  207. [lldb] Tentative attempt to fix command-target-create-resolve-exe.test on buildbot (details)
  208. [NFC][flang] Add the test case for D125371 (details)
  209. [flang][Driver] Refine _when_ driver diagnostics are formatted (details)
  210. [flang] Add semantic check for C1520 (details)
  211. [DirectX] Support opaque ptr for ValueAsMetadata in DXILBitcodeWriter (details)
  212. [libc++][CI] Use GCC 12 labels. (details)
  213. [RISCV] Add RISCVISD opcodes for the rest of get*Addr. (details)
  214. [LSR] Don't allow zero quotient as scale ref. PR56160 (details)
  215. [MLIR][Presburger] introduce SlowMPInt, an auto-resizing APInt for fully correct signed integer computations (details)
  216. [mlir][sparse] accept sparse reshape (expand/collapse) (details)
  217. [mlir][sparse] fix typo in CHECK test (details)
  218. [libc++] Reduces std::to_chars instantiations. (details)
  219. [clang-tidy] Fix documentation (NFC) (details)
  220. [iwyu] Handle regressions in libLLVM header include (details)
  221. Add a "-b" option to "process continue" to run to a set of breakpoints, (details)
  222. [Symbolize] Parse multi-line markup elements. (details)
  223. [MLIR] Fix top-level comment (NFC) (details)
  224. [Support] Change TrackingStatistic and NoopStatistic to use uint64_t instead of unsigned. (details)
  225. [LinkerWrapper][NFC] Change interface to use a StringRef to TempFiles (details)
  226. [libc++][NFC] Merges unused functions in callers. (details)
  227. [lldb] Second attempt at fixing command-target-create-resolve-exe.test on the buildbot (details)
  228. [Support/BLAKE3] Fix error in prior commit, apply `-mavx512vl` for `blake3_avx512_x86-64_unix.S` when including it (details)
  229. [NFC] [HWASan] Remove indirection for getting analyses. (details)
  230. [LLDB] Handle DIE with DW_AT_low_pc and empty ranges (details)
  231. [clang-tidy] Organize test files into subdirectories by module (NFC) (details)
  232. [trace] Add an option to dump instructions in json and to a file (details)
  233. [MTE] [HWASan] Support diamond lifetimes. (details)
  234. [libc++] Clarify std::function release note (details)
  235. [flang] Handle BINC(C) variables and add TODO for corner cases (details)
  236. [flang] Remove some auto (details)
  237. Rename GCCBuiltin into ClangBuiltin (details)
  238. [mlir][Linalg] SplitReduction implementation without tensor::ExpandShapeOp (details)
  239. Fix a bug with "process continue -b" when no breakpoints are (details)
  240. [clang-tidy][docs] Reorganise release notes (details)
  241. [flang] Capture result interface of functions called in internal procedures (details)
  242. [clang-tidy][docs] Fix a couple of missed cases from 6e566bc5523 (details)
  243. Revert "[Attributor] Ensure to use the proper liveness AA" (details)
  244. [UnifyLoopExits] Reduce number of guard blocks (details)
  245. [lldb] Return the correct utility function in AppleObjCRuntimeV2 (details)
  246. [lldb] Fix off-by-one error in the AppleObjCRuntimeV2 utility function (details)
  247. [StructurizeCFG] Improve basic block ordering (details)
  248. Fix a misspell. NFC (details)
  249. [lldb/Fuzzer] Add command interpreter fuzzer for LLDB (details)
  250. [MTE] [HWASan] Use LoopInfo for reachability queries. (details)
  251. [ELF][test] Clean up thinlto* (details)
  252. [libc++] Simplify the visibility attributes (details)
  253. [libc++] Implement P0154R1 (Hardware inference size) (details)
  254. [mlir][vulkan-runner] fix VK_ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_DRIVER error (details)
  255. [SVE] Make ISD::SPLAT_VECTOR a legal operation. (details)
  256. [SampleProfile][Inline] Annotate sample profile inline remarks with link phase (prelink/postlink) information. (details)
  257. [OpenMP] Add handling cases when filter(tid) appears with default(none) (details)
  258. InlineSpiller: Don't fold spills into undef reads (details)
  259. AMDGPU: Fix invalid liveness after si-optimize-exec-masking-pre-ra (details)
  260. AMDGPU: Add missing implicit uses in tests (details)
  261. [ASan][Darwin] XFAIL test; atos does not show line numbers for globals (details)
  262. [mlir][linalg] move isElementwise() to Linalg/Utils (NFC) (details)
  263. stop llvm-reduce from introducing undefs (details)
  264. [gn build] Port 2962f9df7ca3 (details)
  265. [TableGen] Add new operator !exists (details)
  266. [GlobalISel][TableGen] Qualify calls to llvm::format that have ::std:: types as parameters (details)
  267. [flang] Fixes several bugs relating to initialization expressions. An (#1493) (details)
  268. [RS4GC] Handle freeze case for vector (details)
  269. Revert "[SelectionDAG][DAGCombiner] Reuse exist node by reassociate" (details)
  270. [RISCV] Refactor code to remove some small wrapper methods and merge two functions together. NFC (details)
  271. Revert "[SLP]Fix a crash when insert subvector is out of range." (details)
  272. Revert D115462 "[SLP]Improve shuffles cost estimation where possible." (details)
  273. [fastalloc] Support allocating specific register class in fastalloc (details)
  274. [mlir] Add an additional check to vectorizeStaticLinalgOpPrecondition. (details)
  275. [ConstraintElimination] Transfer info from SGT to unsigned system. (details)
  276. [LoongArch] Combine ((x & shifted_mask) >> shamt) to bstrpick.{w/d} (details)
  277. [clang][analyzer] Fix StdLibraryFunctionsChecker 'mkdir' return value. (details)
  278. [IR] Export ConstantFold.h header (NFC) (details)
  279. [analyzer] Structured binding to arrays (details)
  280. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX11] Correct disassembly of VOP3.DPP8 opcodes (details)
  281. [X86] Update some AMX tests to use opaque pointers (NFC) (details)
  282. Revert "[LLDB] Handle DIE with DW_AT_low_pc and empty ranges" (details)
  283. [Clang] Don't test register allocation (details)
  284. [Flang] Call the CSE pass in the pass pipeline (details)
  285. Fix sphinx build for clang-tools-extra (details)
  286. [docs] Document and publish LLVM community calendar (details)
  287. [VPlan] Remove dead recipes across whole plan. (details)
  288. [tbaa] Handle base classes in struct tbaa (details)
  289. [VPlan] Update unit test after 569d84fe99e63. (details)
  290. [flang] Lowering passing variables to OPTIONAL VALUE (details)
  291. [libc++] Implement ranges::move{, _backward} (details)
  292. [gn build] Port 2c3bbac0c715 (details)
  293. [NFC] remove trailing whitespace (details)
  294. [compiler-rt] Fix false positive detection of a target in compile-only mode (details)
  295. [WebAssembly] Update test to run it in opaque pointers mode (details)
  296. Revert "[tbaa] Handle base classes in struct tbaa" (details)
  297. [mlir][Transform] Fix implementation of the generic apply that is based on applyToOne. (details)
  298. [mlir][pdll] Add new tablegen helper NFC (details)
  299. [X86][AMX] Update tests to use opaque pointers (NFC) (details)
  300. [llvm-c] Add LLVMGetAggregateElement() function (details)
  301. [flang] Add lowering TODO for separate module procedures (details)
  302. AMDGPU: Don't crash on global_ctor/dtor declaration (details)
  303. [AMDGPU] Precommit test for D128196 (details)
  304. [AMDGPU] GFX11: remove ShaderType from ds_ordered_count offset field (details)
  305. [pseudo] Add xfail tests for a simple-declaration/function-definition ambiguity (details)
  306. [InstCombine] Optimise shift+and+boolean conversion pattern to simple comparison (details)
  307. [ConstraintElimination] Transfer info from SLT to unsigned system. (details)
  308. [AMDGPU] Use -check-prefixes in a test. NFC. (details)
  309. [LSR] Move transform test from test/Analysis to test/Transforms. (details)
  310. [Sema] Fix assertion failure when instantiating requires expression (details)
  311. [ValueTracking] Teach isKnownNonZero that a vscale is never 0. (details)
  312. [BasicAA] Add test for call incorrectly treated as escape source (NFC) (details)
  313. [Binary] Reserve the correct size for the OffloadBinary (details)
  314. [Binary] Fix leftoever line (details)
  315. Revert "[fastalloc] Support allocating specific register class in fastalloc" (details)
  316. [AMDGPU] Flush the vmcnt counter in loop preheaders when necessary (details)
  317. [AArch64][SVE] Match (add x (lsr/asr y c)) -> usra/ssra x y c (details)
  318. [lld-macho] Use source information in duplicate symbol errors (details)
  319. [clang][driver] NFC, test: Make test output order-independent (details)
  320. [ConstraintElimination] Transfer info from ULT to signed system. (details)
  321. [libc++][format] Copy code to new location. (details)
  322. [pseudo] Track heads as GSS nodes, rather than as "pending actions". (details)
  323. Revert "[ConstraintElimination] Transfer info from ULT to signed system." (details)
  324. [AMDGPU] gfx11 Select on Buffer Atomic FAdd Rtn type (details)
  325. [RISCV] Add macrofusion infrastructure and one example usage. (details)
  326. [lld/mac] Add a few TimeTraceScopes (details)
  327. [RISCV] Disable <vscale x 1 x *> types with Zve32x or Zve32f. (details)
  328. [gn build] Port 4045b62d4cc9 (details)
  329. [flang] Increase support for intrinsic module procedures (details)
  330. [flang] Handle boxed characters that are values when doing a conversion (details)
  331. [lldb] Support a buffered logging mode (details)
  332. [lldb] Make thread safety the responsibility of the log handlers (details)
  333. [BasicTTI] Avoid crash when costing scalable select expansion (details)
  334. Revert "[pseudo] Track heads as GSS nodes, rather than as "pending actions"." (details)
  335. [flang] Fix READ/WRITE with POS= on stream units, with refactoring (details)
  336. Reland "[pseudo] Track heads as GSS nodes, rather than as "pending actions"." (details)
  337. [pseudo] Add a fast-path to GLR reduce when both pop and push are trivial (details)
  338. Adding a named op for grouped convolutions (details)
  339. [flang][runtime] Respect PAD='NO' on READ/WRITE (details)
  340. [test][GlobalOpt] Update precommitted test (details)
  341. [flang][runtime] Handle READ of non-UTF-8 data into multi-byte CHARACTER (details)
  342. [docs][NewPM] Add more info on why accessing mutable outer analyses is disallowed (details)
  343. [Offloading] Embed the target features in the OffloadBinary (details)
  344. [ConstraintElimination] Use stable_sort to sort worklist. (details)
  345. [RISCV] Fix a crash in InsertVSETVLI where we hadn't properly guarded for a SEWLMULRatioOnly abstract state (details)
  346. [pseudo] Turn glrReduce into a class, reuse storage across calls. (details)
  347. [flang] Fix bogus errors from SIZE/SHAPE/UBOUND on assumed-shape (details)
  348. [mlir][bufferization][NFC] Make `escape` a dialect attribute (details)
  349. [pseudo] Store reduction sequences by pointer in heaps, instead of by value. (details)
  350. [mlir][math] Lower atan to libm (details)
  351. [Inline] Introduce a backend option to suppress inlining of functions with large stack sizes. (details)
  352. [flang][runtime] FLUSH(bad or unconnected unit number) is an error (details)
  353. [pseudo] Store last node popped in the queue, not its parent(s). NFC (details)
  354. [flang] Fix wording of warning message (details)
  355. [flang] Make SQRT folding exact (details)
  356. [clang-tidy] Add `-verify-config` command line argument (details)
  357. [flang][runtime] Improve G0 output editing (details)
  358. [SLP]Fix a crash when reorder masked gather nodes with reused scalars. (details)
  359. [pseudo] Handle no-reductions-available on the fastpath. NFC (details)
  360. [llvm] Update module map to include the `IR/ConstantFold` header (details)
  361. [clang-tidy] Extend spelling for CheckOptions (details)
  362. [mlir][Transform] Fix applyToOne corner case when no op is matched. (details)
  363. [ThinLTO][ELF] Add --thinlto-emit-index-files option (details)
  364. [CUDA] Do not embed a fatbinary when using the new driver (details)
  365. [LV] Avoid a crash when costing a uniform store which doesn't correspond to a legal scatter (details)
  366. [lld, ELF and mac] Add --time-trace=<file>, remove --time-trace-file=<file> (details)
  367. [HLSL] Enable half type for hlsl. (details)
  368. DebugInfo: Fully integrate ctor type homing into 'limited' debug info (details)
  369. [libc++] Add a test to pin down the set of transitive public includes (details)
  370. [libc++] P2321R2 section [tuple.tuple]. Adding C++23 constructors, assignment operators and swaps to `tuple` (details)
  371. [libc][NFC] Convert threads unittests in to integration tests. (details)
  372. [LoopInterchange] New cost model for loop interchange (details)
  373. [libc][NFC] Convert pthread tests which create threads to integration tests. (details)
  374. [libc][NFC] Eliminate the internal header library target. (details)
  375. [libc] Revert "Eliminate the internal header library target." (details)
  376. The help string for stop-on-shared-library-load was copied to stop-on-exec. (details)
  377. [lldb/Fuzzer] Have fuzzers write artifacts to specific directory (details)
  378. [WebAssembly][Object] Remove requirement that objects must have code sections (details)
  379. Revert "[libc++] P2321R2 section [tuple.tuple]. Adding C++23 constructors, assignment operators and swaps to `tuple`" (details)
  380. [lldb] Fix up Objective-C ISA pointers (details)
  381. [NFC][lld] Fix typos to test commit access (details)
  382. [RISCV] Replace two calls to getMinRVVVectorSizeInBits with useRVVForFixedLengthVectors [nfc] (details)
  383. [MLIR] Add `decomposeMixedStridesOrOffsets` and `decomposeMixedSizes` (details)
  384. Revert "[LoopInterchange] New cost model for loop interchange" (details)
  385. Add support for decoding base64. (details)
  386. clang: Tweak behaviour of warn_empty_while_body and warn_empty_if_body (details)
  387. [libcxx][test] Suppress complex<int> warnings when testing MSVC (details)
  388. [mlir][spirv] Fix bitcast input order for UnifyAliasedResourcePass (details)
  389. [SelectionDAG] Enable WidenVecOp_VECREDUCE for scalable vector (details)
  390. [PowerPC] Allow llvm.ppc.cfence to accept pointer types (details)
  391. [LegalizeTypes][NFC] Add an assert to WidenVecRes_EXTRACT_SUBVECTOR and adjust some code (details)
  392. [PowerPC][AIX] Fix assertion message on AIX. NFC. (details)
  393. Revert "Add support for decoding base64." (details)
  394. [MachineSink] Clear kill flags on operands outside loop (details)
  395. [GuardWidening] Update all tests with (details)
  396. [BOLT][NFC] Use range-based STL wrappers (details)
  397. [AMDGPU][NFC] Correct typo in DWARF Extensions For Heterogeneous Debugging (details)
  398. [libc++] P2321R2 section [tuple.tuple]. Adding C++23 constructors, assignment operators and swaps to `tuple` (details)
  399. [CodeGen] Simplify isVirtualRegister. NFC (details)
  400. [CMake][compiler-rt] Use COMPILE_OPTIONS and LINK_OPTIONS (details)
  401. [RISCV] Move vfma_vl+fneg_vl matching to DAG combine. (details)
  402. [llvm-readobj] Simplify startswith+drop_front pattern with consume_front. NFC (details)
  403. [flang] Fix forall issue with substring operation (details)
  404. [flang] Keep PURE in IEEE functions (details)
  405. Recommit "[ConstraintElimination] Transfer info from ULT to signed system." (details)
  406. [flang][OpenMP] Initial support the lowering of copyin clause (details)
  407. [gdb-scripts] Fix PointerIntPairPrinter.to_string after D127969 (details)
  408. [AArch64][SVE] Add sve.dupq.lane(insert(constant vector, 0), 0) ld1rq tests (details)
  409. [CMake][compiler-rt] Clean up the use of libcxx and libcxxabi (details)
  410. [VPlan] Set VFs included in plan before last set of VPTransforms (NFC). (details)
  411. [AArch64] NFC: Fix PRFS -> PRFW inst def name (details)
  412. [libc][NFC] Remove the templatization from the linux implementation of thread. (details)
  413. Revert "[CMake][compiler-rt] Clean up the use of libcxx and libcxxabi" (details)
  414. Reland "[clang-repl] Recover the lookup tables of the primary context." (details)
  415. [AArch64] Add addition extend of add/sub neon tests. NFC (details)
  416. [Flang] enable fir.is_present and fir.absent with function types (details)
  417. [BasicAA] Handle passthru calls in isEscapeSource() (details)
  418. [AArch64] Convert vector add(ext, ext) into ext(add(ext, ext)) (details)
  419. [clang] Update Clang version from 14 to 15 in scan-build.1. (details)
  420. [AA] Export isEscapeSource() API (NFC) (details)
  421. [LLDB] Mark TestExprsChar Xfail for Windows/AArch64 (details)
  422. [SLP] Add cost model for `llvm.powi.*` intrinsics (REAPPLIED) (details)
  423. [InlineFunction] Slightly clarify noalias scope calculation (NFC) (details)
  424. [clang] Emit SARIF Diagnostics: Create `clang::SarifDocumentWriter` interface (details)
  425. [gn build] Port 6546fdbe36fd (details)
  426. Revert "[clang] Emit SARIF Diagnostics: Create `clang::SarifDocumentWriter` interface" (details)
  427. [gn build] Port 7a3918b540c3 (details)
  428. [mlir][sparse][bufferize] Implement BufferizableOpInterface (details)
  429. [clang-tidy] Make the cert/uppercase-literal-suffix-integer fully hermetic. (details)
  430. [clang][dataflow] Allow MatchSwitch to return a value (details)
  431. Revert "[clang][dataflow] Allow MatchSwitch to return a value" (details)
  432. [AIX][libatomic] Fix link flags after 30dfe016d4 for libatomic on AIX (details)
  433. [Binary] Further improve malformed input handling for the OffloadBinary (details)
  434. [GlobalOpt] Add tests for PR55859 (NFC) (details)
  435. [MemoryBuiltins] Accept any value in getInitialValueOfAllocation() (NFC) (details)
  436. [clang] Introduce -fstrict-flex-arrays=<n> for stricter handling of flexible arrays (details)
  437. [InlineCost] Improve debugging experience by adding print about initial inlining cost (details)
  438. [mlir][Vector]Fix bug where vector::WarpExecuteOnLane0Op are created with 2 blocks in the region (details)
  439. [clang][dataflow] Allow MatchSwitch to return a value (details)
  440. Implement soft reset of the diagnostics engine. (details)
  441. [MSVC] Add initial support for MSVC pragma optimize (details)
  442. [SelectionDAG][DAGCombiner] Reuse exist node by reassociate (details)
  443. [HIP] add -fhip-kernel-arg-name (details)
  444. [lldb] [llgs] Make `k` kill all processes, and fix multiple exits (details)
  445. [lldb] [llgs] Implement the vKill packet (details)
  446. [lldb] [llgs] Add test for resuming via c in multiprocess scenarios (details)
  447. [lldb] [llgs] Support resuming one process with PID!=current via vCont (details)
  448. [lldb] [llgs] Add a test for multiprocess memory read/write (details)
  449. [lldb] [llgs] Support multiprocess in qfThreadInfo (details)
  450. [lldb] [llgs] Add a test for multiprocess register read/write (details)
  451. [lldb] [llgs] Include PID in QC response in multiprocess mode (details)
  452. [lldb] [llgs] Implement the 'T' packet (details)
  453. [lldb] [llgs] Introduce an AppendThreadIDToResponse() helper (details)
  454. [lldb] [test] Move part of fork tests to common helper (details)
  455. AMDGPU: Clear kill flags when optimizing vcmp save exec sequence (details)
  456. [RISCV] Change how we isel (add X, [-4096, -2049]) or (add X, [2048,4095]). (details)
  457. [AMDGPU] gfx11 VOPD instructions MC support (details)
  458. [NFC][lldb][trace] Rename trace session to trace bundle (details)
  459. [LV] Create RT checks once VF/IC are selected, track scalar cost. (details)
  460. ELF: Do not relax ADRP/LDR -> ADRP/ADD for absolute symbols in PIC. (details)
  461. [RISCV] Modify a test line so it exercises the intended configuration once we turn on scalable vectorization (details)
  462. [RISCV] Split a vectorizer test runline so that upcoming changes in defaults are visible (details)
  463. [libc] Add Uint128 type as a fallback when __uint128_t is not available. (details)
  464. [libcxx][test] barrier completion functions must be non-throwing (details)
  465. [GlobalOpt] Perform store->dominated load forwarding for stored once globals (details)
  466. [ObjCopy] Fix type mismatch in writeCodeSignatureData() (details)
  467. [SLP]Improve shuffles cost estimation where possible. (details)
  468. [lldb] Replace Host::SystemLog with Debugger::Report{Error,Warning} (details)
  469. [clang-tidy] Update release notes (NFC) (details)
  470. [Sema] Check whether `__auto_type` has been deduced before merging (details)
  471. [clang codegen] Add dso_local/hidden/etc. markings to VTT declarations (details)
  472. [OpenMP] Initial parsing and sema support for 'masked taskloop' construct (details)
  473. [OpenMP][libomp] avoid spin wait and yield on arm64 macOS (details)
  474. [Inline] Annotate inline pass name with link phase information for analysis. (details)
  475. Revert "DebugInfo: Fully integrate ctor type homing into 'limited' debug info" (details)
  476. [lldb] Add SystemLogHandler for emitting log messages to the system log (details)
  477. [lldb] Fix flakiness in shell tests that mixed stderr and stdout (details)
  478. [mlir][bufferization][sparse] put restriction on sparse tensor allocation (details)
  479. [lldb] Move Host::SystemLog out of !defined(_WIN32) (details)
  480. [Driver][test] Replace ^//$ with empty string (details)
  481. [lldb] Fix thread step until to not set breakpoint(s) on incorrect line numbers (details)
  482. [LV][RISCV] Add coverage showing scalable codegen when etype != ELEN (details)
  483. [flang] Fix LBOUND with assumed size array and non constant DIM (details)
  484. [mlir][vector] Relax transfer_write vector distribution pattern (details)
  485. [flang] Explicitly map host associated symbols (details)
  486. [HWASan] Use new IR attribute for communicating unsanitized globals. (details)
  487. Add no_sanitize('hwaddress') (and 'memtag', but that's a no-op). (details)
  488. [flang][lowering] handle MERGE with different FSOURCE and TSOURCE types (details)
  489. [flang][OpenACC] Lower parallel loop (details)
  490. [RISCV] Replace two calls to getMinRVVVectorSizeInBits with getRealMinVLen [nfc] (details)
  491. [mlir][vector] Fix bug when swapping scf.for and vector warp op (details)
  492. [BOLT][DWARF] Add support for DW_AT_call_pc/DW_AT_call_return_pc (details)
  493. [clang][dataflow] Store flow condition constraints in a single `FlowConditionConstraints` map. (details)
  494. [RISCV] Replace two calls to getMinRVVVectorSizeInBits in fixed length lowering [nfc] (details)
  495. [RISCV] Simplify 16 bit index handling in lowerVECTOR_REVERSE [nfc] (details)
  496. Revert "[Driver][test] Replace ^//$ with empty string" (details)
  497. [libc][math] fmod/fmodf implementation. (details)
  498. [clang][dataflow] Move logic for creating implication and iff expressions into `DataflowAnalysisContext` from `DataflowEnvironment`. (details)
  499. [libc++][AIX] Make basic_string layout compatible with earlier version (details)
  500. Don't run hwasan-globals.cpp test on non-x86/aarch64 (details)
  501. fix-forward hwasan-globals.cpp (round 2) (details)
  502. [libc][math] Fix broken aarch64 due to clz refactoring. (details)
  503. [clang][dataflow] Refactor function that queries the solver for satisfiability checking. (details)
  504. [clang][dataflow] Implement functionality to compare if two boolean values are equivalent. (details)
  505. [CMake][compiler-rt] Treat target cflags as list rather than string (details)
  506. [MCA] Introducing incremental SourceMgr and resumable pipeline (details)
  507. [MCA] Allow mca::Instruction-s to be recycled and reused (details)
  508. [MCA] Hot fix for -Wmismatched-tags errors on mca::SourceMgr (details)
  509. [libc][math] Fix broken compilation due to __builtin_inf/nan functions. (details)
  510. [RISCV] Implement RISCVTTIImpl::getMaxVScale correctly (details)
  511. [mlir][quant] output spec verification check for quant.region (details)
  512. [BOLT] Mark option values of --split-functions deprecated (details)
  513. [mlir][affine] Rigorous check for loop unrolling store operation (details)
  514. [gn build] (manually) port 97579dcc6d3 (LLVMMCATests) (details)
  515. [gn build] Port b847692ed8e1 (details)
  516. [MLInliner] No need to invalidate everything post-inlining. (details)
  517. [lldb] Add support for specifying a log handler (details)
  518. [MCA][unittest] Hot fix for -Wpessimizing-move on test harness (details)
  519. [CMake] Use set rather than list PREPEND (details)
  520. [clang-format] Further improve requires clause detection (details)
  521. [RISCV][MC] Fold UIMM related code (details)
  522. [CMake][compiler-rt] Clean up the use of libcxx and libcxxabi (details)
  523. Revert "[CMake][compiler-rt] Clean up the use of libcxx and libcxxabi" (details)
  524. [libc] Add a cacheline size of arm target. (details)
  525. [libc][Obvious] Fix incorrect nested namespace name. (details)
  526. [libc][Obvious] Compare values of the same type in memory_utils/backend_test. (details)
  527. [clang] Add back -fsanitize=array-bounds workaround for size-1 array after -fstrict-flex-arrays change (details)
  528. [Driver] Fix -fstrict-flex-arrays= help message after D126864 (details)
  529. [libc] Add compound assignment and pre-increment operators to UInt. (details)
  530. [flang] Use descriptors for real/complex input other than kinds 4 and 8 (details)
  531. [DeadArgElim] Replace insert with emplace (NFC) (details)
  532. Revert "[lldb] [llgs] Support multiprocess in qfThreadInfo" (details)
  533. [asan][test] XFAIL global-location-nodebug.cpp on Solaris (details)
  534. [clang-format] NFC Sort names of format token types (details)
  535. Reland "[lldb] [llgs] Support multiprocess in qfThreadInfo" (details)
  536. [MLIR][Presburger] Support computing a representation of a set that only has locals that are divs (details)
  537. CodeGen: Use else if between Value and PseudoSourceValue cases (details)
  538. X86: Regenerate test checks (details)
  539. GlobalISel: Make LoadStoreOpt preserve all (details)
  540. [mlir][shape] Switch types to ODS generated (NFC) (details)
  541. [mlir] Fix a warning (details)
  542. [Clang][C++23] P2071 Named universal character escapes (details)
  543. [gn build] Port c92056d03881 (details)
  544. [NFC] Remove dead code (details)
  545. [libcxx][test] MaybePOCCAAllocator should meet the Cpp17Allocator requirements (details)
  546. [RISCV] Make getMinRVVVectorSizeInBits and getMaxRVVVectorSizeInBits protected [nfc] (details)
  547. [BasicTTI] Account for vector of pointers in getMemoryOpCost (details)
  548. [llvm] Don't use Optional::{hasValue,getValue} (NFC) (details)
  549. [RISCV] Implement getVScaleForTuning and thus prefer scalable vectorization when enabled (details)
  550. [ORC][LLJIT] Define atexit symbol in GenericLLVMIRPlatformSupport. (details)
  551. [clang, clang-tools-extra] Don't use Optional::{hasValue,getValue} (NFC) (details)
  552. Don't use Optional::hasValue (NFC) (details)
  553. Revert "Don't use Optional::hasValue (NFC)" (details)
  554. [LiveInterval] Simplify. NFC (details)
  555. Fix build after ab736a27 (details)
  556. [ELF][test] Improve linkerscript/entry.s (details)
  557. [ELF] Support quoted symbol in the ENTRY command (details)
  558. [ELF] Support quoted name in the TARGET command (details)
  559. Revert "[libc++] Simplify type_traits and use more builtins" (details)
  560. [Driver][Minix] -r: imply -nostdlib like GCC (details)
  561. [flang] Restore Optional::value() (NFC) (details)
  562. [RISCV] Merge more rv32/rv64 vector intrinsic tests that contain the same content. (details)
  563. [ELF] Fix precedence of == and != in expressions (details)
  564. [ELF] Fix precedence of ? when there are 2 or more operators on the left hand side (details)
  565. [clang-tidy] cppcoreguidelines-virtual-class-destructor: Fix crash when "virtual" keyword is expanded from a macro (details)
  566. [clang-format] Fix whitespace counting stuff (details)
  567. [clang-format] Parse Verilog if statements (details)
  568. [clang-format] Handle Verilog preprocessor directives (details)
  569. [gn build] Port 9ed2e68c9ae5 (details)
  570. [ELF] Allow an expression to follow = in a symbol assignment (details)
  571. [ELF] Fix assertion failure when PROVIDE/HIDDEN/PROVIDE_HIDDEN does not have = (details)
  572. [ELF][test] Improve expression test (details)
  573. [ELF] Allow ? without adjacent space (details)
  574. [llvm] Don't use Optional::hasValue (NFC) (details)
  575. [ELF] Support -= *= /= <<= >>= &= |= in symbol assignments (details)
  576. [clang] Don't use Optional::hasValue (NFC) (details)
  577. [ELF] Improve compound assignment tests (details)
  578. [AVR] Fix expanding MOVW for overlapping registers (details)
  579. Revert "[LiveInterval] Simplify. NFC" (details)
  580. [clang-repl] Support destructors of global objects. (details)
  581. [clang-repl] Implement code undo. (details)
  582. [Support] Work around an issue when building with old versions of libstdc++ (details)
  583. [ArgumentPromotion] use poison when replacing dead instructions instead of undef [NFC] (details)
  584. [libc++] Simplify type_traits and use more builtins (details)
  585. Revert "[clang-repl] Support destructors of global objects." (details)
  586. [LoopSimplifyCFG] use poison when replacing dead instructions instead of undef [NFC] (details)
  587. Allow interfaces to operate on in-memory buffers with no source location info. (details)
  588. [clang] Add missing Interpreter -> ClangDriverOptions dependency (details)
  589. Update LibASTImporter.rst (details)
  590. [LICM] Use poison to replace unreachable values instead of undef [NFC] (details)
  591. [CodeGenPrepare] Avoid double map lookup. NFCI (details)
  592. PHINode::removeIncomingValue: use poison as a placeholder instead of undef when the PHI is dead [NFC] (details)
  593. [mlir] Generalize SCF passes to not have to run on FuncOp. (details)
  594. [RISCV] Refactor SelectAddrRegImm to not depend on SelectBaseAddr. (details)
  595. [Driver] Use Component in OpenBSD::getCompilerRT to find libraries (details)
  596. [clang-format] Quit analyzing solution space for large state count (details)
  597. [Driver][test] Add libclang_rt.profile{{.*}}.a tests for OpenBSD (details)
  598. [RISCV] Evaluate ICE operands to builtins using getIntegerConstantExpr. (details)
  599. [clang-format] Fix uninitialized memory problem (details)
  600. [MLIR] NFC. Fix doc comment for AliasResult::isNo (details)
  601. [NFC][SVE] Auto-generate CHECK lines for intrinsic codegen tests. (details)
  602. [llvm] Use Optional::has_value instead of Optional::hasValue (NFC) (details)
  603. [ELF] Remove deprecated -dc (details)
  604. [RISCV] Remove extra semicolon. NFC (details)
  605. [llvm] Don't use Optional::hasValue (NFC) (details)
  606. [clang] Don't use Optional::hasValue (NFC) (details)
  607. [mlir] Flip more uses to prefixed accessor form (NFC). (details)
  608. [lld] Don't use Optional::hasValue (NFC) (details)
  609. [lld] Don't use Optional::hasValue (NFC) (details)
  610. Don't use Optional::hasValue (NFC) (details)
  611. Revert "[Coroutines] Only do symmetric transfer if optimization is on" (details)
  612. [mlir] Flip MemRef dialect to _Both (NFC) (details)
  613. [NFC] Add parentheses around && within || to avoid warning (details)
  614. [mlir] Fix ClangTidyPerformance finding (NFC) (details)
  615. [ArgPromotion] Remove legacy PM support (details)
  616. [FunctionAttrs] Add missing pass dependency (details)
  617. Revert "[lldb] Fix thread step until to not set breakpoint(s) on incorrect line numbers" (details)
  618. [SCEV] Use SCEVUnknown(poison) instead of SCEVUnknown(undef). (details)
  619. [libunwind,EHABI,ARM] Fix get/set of RA_AUTH_CODE. (details)
  620. [mlir][bufferization][NFC] Change signature of getMemRefType (details)
  621. [libc][NFC] Make the support thread library an object library. (details)
  622. [AMDGPU] Fix assertion failure on mad with negative immediate addend (details)
  623. [SCEV] Assert that GEP source element type is sized (NFC) (details)
  624. [OpenCL] Reduce emitting candidate notes for builtins (details)
  625. [libc] Add a simple arm32 config. (details)
  626. [clang][dataflow] Move logic for `createStorageLocation` from `DataflowEnvironment` to `DataflowAnalysisContext`. (details)
  627. [flang] Update the release notes (details)
  628. [clang][dataflow] Implement functionality for flow condition variable substitution. (details)
  629. [flang][driver] Add support for `-O{0|1|2|3}` (details)
  630. [llvm-ar] Improve MRI script CREATE command handling (details)
  631. [mlir][bufferization] Add `memory_space` op attribute (details)
  632. [AArch64] Define __FP_FAST_FMA[F] (details)
  633. [mlir][bufferization][NFC] Bufferize with PostOrder traversal (details)
  634. [X86] combineConcatVectorOps - IsConcatFree must check extraction index (details)
  635. [IR] Move vector.insert/vector.extract out of experimental namespace (details)
  636. [STACKMAPS] Document+test UINT64_MAX stack size. (details)
  637. [AMDGPU][GFX9][DOC][NFC] Update assembler syntax description (details)
  638. [mlir][shape][bufferize][NFC] Bufferize block terminators separately (details)
  639. Fix clang docs build; NFC (details)
  640. [AMDGPU] Regenerate MIR checks. NFC. (details)
  641. [mlir][SCF][bufferize][NFC] Bufferize parallel_insert_slice separately (details)
  642. [mlir][SCF][bufferize] Bufferize scf.if/execute_region terminators separately (details)
  643. [mlir][SCF][bufferize][NFC] Bufferize scf.for terminator separately (details)
  644. [mlir][bufferization][NFC] Fix typo in AllocTensorOp builders (details)
  645. [mlir][bufferization][NFC] Add error handling to getBuffer (details)
  646. [SCF] Add thread_dim_mapping attribute to scf.foreach_thread (details)
  647. [clang][dataflow] Singleton pointer values for null pointers. (details)
  648. [flang][NFC] Add array lowering tests (details)
  649. [libc++] Improve Lit's buildhost=XXXX feature on a few platforms (details)
  650. [libc++] Use bounded iterators in std::span when the debug mode is enabled (details)
  651. [gn build] Port 633d1d0df766 (details)
  652. MIR: Fix parse error on empty CustomRegMask (details)
  653. [IndVars] Add test for PR56242 (NFC) (details)
  654. ARM: don't try to load function pointer before long call. (details)
  655. [flang][NFC] Add IO lowering tests (details)
  656. [ARM][Thumb] Command-line option to ensure AAPCS compliant Frame Records (details)
  657. [SPARC] Don't do leaf optimization on procedures with inline assembly (details)
  658. [mlir][llvm] Add vector insert/extract intrinsics (details)
  659. [libc++] Remove dummy command in Dockerfile (details)
  660. [Clang] Remove unused function declaration after 77475ffd22418ca72. (details)
  661. [libc++][NFC] Remove trailing whitespace (details)
  662. [X86] Support `_Float16` on SSE2 and up (details)
  663. [mlir][bufferize][NFC] Change signature of allocateTensorForShapedValue (details)
  664. tsan: add missing guard for DumpProcessMap call (details)
  665. [mlir][bufferize] Infer memory space in all bufferization patterns (details)
  666. [GlobalOpt] Add tests for memset with non-zero value (NFC) (details)
  667. [mlir][complex] complex.arg op to calculate the angle of complex number (details)
  668. [GlobalOpt] Fix memset handling in global ctor evaluation (PR55859) (details)
  669. [mlir][SCF][bufferize] Small simplification and more comments (details)
  670. [flang][driver] Use `-O{0|1|2|3}` to define LLVM backend pass pipeline (details)
  671. [lldb] [llgs] Support "t" vCont action (details)
  672. Adding support for target in_reduction (details)
  673. [Driver][test] Add libclang_rt.profile{{.*}}.a tests for NetBSD (details)
  674. [AMDGPU] Cluster stores as well as loads for GFX11 (details)
  675. [libc++][doc] Fixes a broken table entry. (details)
  676. Silence some format specifier warnings (details)
  677. [Clang][OpenMP] Claim nowait clause on taskwait (details)
  678. Silence an "illegal conversion" diagnostic (details)
  679. [llvm-ar] Fix MRI ADDLIB command when used with thin archives (details)
  680. [lldb] [llgs] Skip new vCont test on Windows (details)
  681. [memprof] Return an error for unsupported symbolization. (details)
  682. [mlir][LLVMIR] Add support for va_start/copy/end intrinsics (details)
  683. [mlir][LLVMIR] Memorize compatible LLVM types (details)
  684. [libc++] Add a few missing min/max macro push/pop (details)
  685. Round up zero-sized symbols to 1 byte in `.debug_aranges` (without breaking other logic). (details)
  686. [lldb] Add a log dump command (details)
  687. llvm-reduce: Check shouldKeep before trying to reduce operands (details)
  688. [NFC][SVE] Add more tests of vector compares and selects taking an immediate operand. (details)
  689. [BOLT][NFC] Use llvm::less_first (details)
  690. [BOLT][NFC] Add aliases for ICP flags (details)
  691. [libc][docs] Added fmod performance results. (details)
  692. [OpenMP] Only strip runtime attributes if needed (details)
  693. [Docs] Update clang & llvm release notes for HLSL (details)
  694. [Symbolize] Add log markup --filter to llvm-symbolizer. (details)
  695. [gn build] Port eb5af0acf054 (details)
  696. [mlir][sparse]Add more integration tests for sparse_tensor.unary (details)
  697. [BOLT] Restrict icp-inline to callsites (details)
  698. [Symbolize] Fix llvm-symbolizer --filter-markup test on Windows. (details)
  699. [Symbolize] Fix MarkupFilter tests for Windows. (details)
  700. [mlir][sparse]more integration test cases for sparse_tensor.BinaryOp (details)
  701. [MLIR][Parser] Fix AffineParser colliding bare identifiers with primitive types (details)
  702. [mlir][sparse] remove redundant whitespace (details)
  1. Make uses of getValue consistent. (details / githubweb)
  2. Handle server errors better (details / githubweb)
  3. Remove unneeded log statement (details / githubweb)
  4. Multi-table support for Tableau (details / githubweb)
  5. Retrieve sample data types from fields API (details / githubweb)
  6. Support other test-suites (details / githubweb)
  7. Support for custom run_infos (details / githubweb)
  1. [test-suite] Fix unaligned uint32_t accesses in ClamAV. (details / githubweb)

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