1. [CMake] Update CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 10.12. (details)
  2. [cmake] Move blocks out of redundant else( MSVC ); NFC (details)
Commit 45e598d1357c4436f5a13afa5e57c3600e13f2c1 by Jonas Devlieghere
After LLVM moved to C++14, the RWMutex implementation was removed in
favor of std::shared_timed_mutex, which is only available on macOS 10.12
and later. As a workaround for older deployment targets, I added
  the original RWMutexImpl again, guarded by the deployment target.
When doing a standalone build of LLDB using the Xcode generator, the
CMake cache specifies a minimum deployment target. However, LLVM and
Clang might have been built with a different minimum deployment target.
This is exactly what happened for the Xcode build. LLVM was built with a
minimum deployment target newer than 10.12, using
std::shared_timed_mutex. LLDB on the other hand was built with a minimum
deployment target of 10.11, using the old RWMutexImpl, resulting in
undefined symbols at link-time.
This patch changes the minimum deployment target for the Xcode build to
10.12 to work around this problem. A better solution would involve
synchronizing the minimum deployment or even not setting one at all.
llvm-svn: 369220
The file was modifiedlldb/cmake/caches/Apple-lldb-Xcode.cmake
Commit c313944da629acf66669b6bb76d33304d2dda483 by hubert.reinterpretcast
[cmake] Move blocks out of redundant else( MSVC ); NFC
Address post-commit comment on D66256 regarding the `else( MSVC )` block
containing only blocks guarded with `LLVM_COMPILER_IS_GCC_COMPATIBLE`,
which would imply `NOT MSVC`.
llvm-svn: 369221
The file was modifiedllvm/cmake/modules/HandleLLVMOptions.cmake