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  1. [lldb] Run the shell test for Xcode's standalone build (details / githubweb)
  1. Revert "[llvm-nm] Don't report "no symbols" error for files that contain (details)
  2. [test] Fix tests after D52810 (details)
  3. Reland "[llvm-nm] Don't report "no symbols" error for files that contain (details)
  4. [clang] Set function attributes on SEH filter functions correctly. (details)
  5. [test] Fix test/ELF/lto/thinlto-obj-path.ll after D52810 (details)
  6. [mlir] Replace AbstractOperation::classof with a ClassID instance. (details)
  7. [Hexagon] Refactor HexagonShuffle (details)
  8. [InterfaceStubs][test] Add -triple to (details)
  9. [GlobalsModRef] Add invalidate method (details)
  10. [Hexagon] Move testcase from c1873631d0a8f2acc to proper location (details)
  11. [mlir][spirv] Explicitly construct ArrayRef from array (details)
  12. [AMDGPU] allow multi-dword flat scratch access since GFX9 (details)
  13. [BrachProbablityInfo] Add invalidate method. (details)
  14. [CallGraph]  Add invalidate method. (details)
  15. [LazyCallGraph] Add invalidate method. (details)
  16. [UnitTests] Add invalidate methods. (details)
  17. [TestQuoting] Use the fully qualified path for remote platforms. (details)
  18. Update testcase for LLVM IR change (sysroot) (details)
  19. Update clang test. (details)
  20. [Hexagon] Use itinerary for assembler HVX resource checking (details)
  1. [LNT][NFC] Fix global import in function (details / githubweb)

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