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  1. Revert "Fix Windows llvm-objdump tests" (details)
  2. [Format/ObjC] Correctly handle base class with lightweight generics and protocol (details)
  3. Revert "make the AsmPrinterHandler array public" (details)
  4. [lldb] Implement ObjCExceptionThrowFrameRecognizer::GetName() (details)
  5. [objdump][macho] Check arch before formating reloc name as arm64 addend (details)
  6. PR44406: Follow behavior of array bound constant folding in more recent versions of GCC. (details)
  7. Fixed a failure when const matcher fails, added a test to catch (details)
  8. [PowerPC] Implementation of 128-bit Binary Vector Rotate builtins (details)
  9. Fix accidental use of VLAs that causes these tests to fail after Clang (details)
  10. [libomptarget] Fix copy-to motion for PTR_AND_OBJ entries where PTR is a struct member. (details)

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