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Build Log

  1. Step-by-step instructions for a new worker (details / githubweb)
  2. List of required Python packages for buildbot 2.8.x. (details / githubweb)
  3. Added collapse build requests handling. (details / githubweb)
  4. We use github authentication to let LLVM users do some extra with the build bot. (details / githubweb)
  5. More logs in larger files. (details / githubweb)
  6. Ported InterpolateToNativePath and InterpolateToPosixPath. (details / githubweb)
  7. Ported LLVMBuildFactory. (details / githubweb)
  8. Ported automatic schedulers; added support for force builds from Web UI. (details / githubweb)
  9. Ported LLVMPoller. (details / githubweb)
  10. Ported FileExists and FileDoesNotExist. (details / githubweb)
  11. Ported NinjaCommand. (details / githubweb)
  12. Ported CmakeCommand. (details / githubweb)
  13. Ported LitTestCommand. (details / githubweb)
  14. Ported builders.Util. (details / githubweb)
  15. Ported XToolchainBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  16. Ported AOSPBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  17. Ported ClangLTOBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  18. Ported FuchsiaBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  19. Ported LLDPerformanceTestsuite. (details / githubweb)
  20. Ported OpenMPBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  21. Ported PollyBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  22. Ported SanitizerBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  23. Ported ClangBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  24. Ported LLDBBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  25. Ported UnifiedTreeBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  26. Ported FlangBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  27. Ported ABITestsuitBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  28. Ported config (details / githubweb)
  29. Ported (details / githubweb)
  30. Workers do the work. (details / githubweb)
  31. First draft of LLVMInformativeMailNotifier. (details / githubweb)
  32. Ported (details / githubweb)
  33. Added to the master/config. (details / githubweb)
  34. Ported master.cfg. (details / githubweb)
  35. NFC. They are workers. (details / githubweb)
  36. The first draft of ported AnnotatedCommand. (details / githubweb)
  37. Dial with bogus commits and commits to the llvm-project root directory. (details / githubweb)
  38. Dial with potentially empty test description in LitTestCommand. (details / githubweb)
  39. Disabled debug logs for github authenticator. (details / githubweb)
  40. Posix paths in CMAKE_C_COMPILER and CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER. (details / githubweb)
  41. NFC. Cosmetic changes. (details / githubweb)
  42. Applied last minute changes from zord 0.8.5. (details / githubweb)
  43. AnnotatedCommand rewritten for buildbot 2.8.x (details / githubweb)
  44. [sanitizer][zorg] Use ccache on Android bot (details / githubweb)
  45. one (details / githubweb)
  46. [NFC][Sanitizer] Try to increase file limits on bot (details / githubweb)
  47. [NFC][Santizer] Continue build if ulimit fails (details / githubweb)
  48. Use ccache on tsan bot (details / githubweb)
  49. [Sanitizer] Always clean build on tsan bot (details / githubweb)
  50. [Sanitizer] Switch tsan bot to ninja (details / githubweb)
  51. [NFC] Remove unused ENV vars (details / githubweb)
  52. Revert "one" commited by mistake (details / githubweb)
  53. [sanitizer] Clean build_stage1 and use ccache (details / githubweb)
  54. Add new worker debian-stadler-sparc64 for Linux 64-bit SPARC (details / githubweb)
  55. [sanitizer] Clear clang_build and use ccache (details / githubweb)
  56. Fix tsan buildbot (details / githubweb)
  57. [flang] Switch from check-all to check-flang (details / githubweb)
  58. [zorg][PowerPC] Add tags for builders (details / githubweb)
  59. [sanitizer] Clean build with CCACHE on Android bot (details / githubweb)
  60. [sanitizer] Remove unused cmake flags (details / githubweb)
  61. [sanitizer] Delete unused script (details / githubweb)
  62. Updated requirements. (details / githubweb)
  63. [sanitizer] Remove unused ENV variables (details / githubweb)
  64. [ubsan] Use libc++ on ubsan bots (details / githubweb)
  65. Cleanup linker setup on sanitizer bots (details / githubweb)
  66. Use check-all on sanitizer bots (details / githubweb)
  67. [NFC] Format script (details / githubweb)
  68. Test clang-tools-extra with sanitizers (details / githubweb)
  69. Dump some diagnostics as a step (details / githubweb)
  70. Fix format of Info/Prepare steps (details / githubweb)
  71. Extra mail notifiers should not report to blamelist. We have a designated notifier for that. (details / githubweb)
  72. NFC. Some comments and code formatting. (details / githubweb)
  73. Configure reporters for production and staging buildbot differently. (details / githubweb)
  74. [llvm-zorg] Use ndk21 for buildbot (details / githubweb)
  75. Added compiler-rt tests to run on ARM target. (details / githubweb)
  76. [sanitizers] check more on stage3 (details / githubweb)
  77. [zorg][PowerPC] Switch RHEL buildbot to use runtime build (details / githubweb)
  78. [libc++] Run the GCC 5 build bot without warnings (details / githubweb)
  79. [zorg][PowerPC] Don't checkout compiler-rt for runtime build (details / githubweb)
  80. Remove LLVM_BINUTILS_INCDIR from Android bot (details / githubweb)
  81. Limit parallel link jobs to 4 for clang-sparc64-linux-multistage. (details / githubweb)
  82. Limit clang-sparc64-linux-multistage to Sparc target. (details / githubweb)
  1. [X86] lowerShuffleWithPERMV - use MVT::changeTypeToInteger helper. NFCI. (details)
  2. [InstCombine] Rename InstCombinerImpl::matchBSwap to matchBSwapOrBitReverse. NFCI. (details)
  3. [InstCombine] matchBSwapOrBitReverse - expose bswap/bitreverse matching flags. (details)
  4. [mlir] Expose affine expression to C API (details)
  5. [ValueTracking] add range limits for ctpop (details)
  6. [clang-tidy] Fix redefinition of module in the same module.modulemap file (details)
  7. [clangd] Migrate to proto2 syntax (details)
  8. [CMake] generate_grpc_protos -> generate_protos(... GRPC). NFC (details)
  9. [CMake] Fix hardcoding of protobuf output basename. NFC (details)
  10. [clangd] NFC: Add using directives to avoid spelling out llvm::sys::path (details)
  11. [InstSimplify] add tests for ctlz constant range; NFC (details)
  12. [InstSimplify] add tests for cttz constant range; NFC (details)
  13. [ValueTracking] add range limits for ctlz (details)
  14. [ValueTracking] add range limits for cttz (details)
  15. [clang] Split remote index service definition into a separate file. (details)
  16. [MLIR] Extract buffer alias analysis for reuse (details)
  17. [PowerPC][LLD] Support for PC Relative TLS for Local Dynamic (details)
  18. [clangd] Drop version from remote index proto names, fix clangd-index-server (details)
  19. [LSR] ignore profitable chain when reg num is not major cost. (details)
  20. [runtimes] Revert the libc++ __config_site change (details)
  21. [gn build] port 48e4b0f (__config_site revert) (details)
  22. [DebugInstrRef] Convert DBG_INSTR_REFs into variable locations (details)
  23. [llvm-mca] Extend cortex-a57 memory instructions test (details)
  24. [MLIR] Fix bad merge with buffer alias analysis. (details)
  25. Export TemplateArgumentMatcher so clients defining custom matchers don't need to use the internal namespace (details)
  26. [flang][openacc] Fix semantic check for wait and atomic directives (details)
  27. AMDGPU: Increase branch size estimate with offset bug (details)
  28. AMDGPU: Don't query for TII in TII (details)
  29. [TableGen] Change !getop and !setop to !getdagop and !setdagop. (details)
  30. [InstCombine] Add initial bitreverse test coverage (details)
  31. [InstCombine] Add 8/16/32/64 bitreverse test coverage (details)
  32. [InstCombine] Add i8 bitreverse by multiplication test patterns (details)
  33. [flang][OpenMP] Upstream lowering of `ParallelOp` clauses (details)
  34. CfgInterface: rename interface() to getInterface() (details)
  35. Revert "[Statepoints] Allow deopt GC pointer on VReg if gc-live bundle is empty." (details)
  36. [AMDGPU] Add simplification/combines for llvm.amdgcn.fma.legacy (details)
  37. [DebugInstrRef] Handle DBG_INSTR_REFs use-before-defs in LiveDebugValues (details)
  38. [flang][OpenMP] Upstream lowering of OpenMP `Flush` construct (details)
  39. [WebAssembly] Implementation of (most) table instructions (details)
  40. [clangd] Fix remote-server build and add it to check-clangd (details)
  41. [AMDGPU] Fix access beyond the end of the basic block in execMayBeModifiedBeforeAnyUse. (details)
  42. [gn build] Port 00255f41929 (details)
  43. [PowerPC] Fix the Predicates for enabling pcrelative-memops and PLXVP/PSTXVP definitions (details)
  44. SourceManager: Clarify that FileInfo always has a ContentCache, NFC (details)
  45. [AArch64][SVE] Fix umin/umax lowering to handle out of range imm. (details)
  46. Re-apply "[JITLink][ELF] Add support for ELF::R_X86_64_REX_GOTPCRELX relocation" (details)
  47. Added utility to launch tests on a target remotely. (details)
  48. Revert "[CGSCC] Detect devirtualization in more cases" (details)
  49. SourceManager: Encapsulate line number mapping into SrcMgr::LineOffsetMapping (details)
  50. These compiler-rt tests should be UNSUPPORTED instead of XFAIL. (details)
  51. [lldb] Redesign Target::GetUtilityFunctionForLanguage API (details)
  52. [CUDA] Improve clang's ability to detect recent CUDA versions. (details)
  53. [CUDA] Extract CUDA version from cuda.h if version.txt is not found (details)
  54. [gn build] Port dbbc4f4e226 (details)
  55. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Introduce a new post-isel optimization pass. (details)
  56. SourceManager: Make LastLineNoContentCache and ContentCache::SourceLineCache mutable, NFC (details)
  57. [MLInliner] Disable always inliner in bounds tests (details)
  58. [ELF] Don't error on R_PPC64_REL24/R_PPC64_REL24_NOTOC referencing __tls_get_addr for missing R_PPC64_TLSGD/R_PPC64_TLSLD (details)
  59. [mlir] Add FuncOp::eraseResults (details)
  60. [PhiValues] Use SetVector to avoid non-determinism (details)
  61. [PowerPC] Add intrinsics for MMA (details)
  62. [NFC] Use [MC]Register in RegAllocGreedy (details)
  63. [BasicAA] Add additional phi cycle test (NFC) (details)
  64. [MemProf] XFAIL test on avr until issue can be debugged (details)
  65. [AIX][cmake] Adjust management of `-G` for linking (details)
  66. [AMDGPU] Fixed isLegalRegOperand() with physregs (details)
  67. [AIX] Let alloca return 16 bytes alignment (details)
  68. [lldb] Fix use of undefined type 'lldb_private::UtilityFunction' (details)
  69. [IR] add fn attr for no_stack_protector; prevent inlining on mismatch (details)
  70. SourceManager: Simplify by inlining what remains of ComputeLineNumbers, NFC (details)
  71. [gn build] Add missing comma (details)
  72. [mlir][vector] Add folding for ExtractOp with ShapeCastOp source (details)
  73. [libc++] Refactor the run-buildbot script to make it more modular, and run the benchmarks (details)
  74. Unconditionally #include <future> (details)
  75. [mlir][vector] Add folder for ExtractStridedSliceOp (details)
  76. [libc++] Clean up unused CI files (details)
  77. [lldb] Move copying of files into reproducer out of process (details)
  78. [AArch64] Add vector compare/select cost-model tests. (details)
  79. [libc++] NFC: Remove unused includes from the test suite (details)
  80. [mlir] Link with pthreads in AsyncRuntime (details)
  81. Fix shared build. NFC. (details)
  82. [Asan][Windows] Fix asan stack traces on Windows. (details)
  83. Fix typo in diagnostic name. (details)
  84. Remove global dialect registration (details)
  85. [mlir][Vector] Introduce UnrollVectorOptions to control vector unrolling. (details)
  86. [flang] An erroneous type bound procedure was causing a call to CHECK() (details)
  87. GC-parseable element atomic memcpy/memmove (details)
  88. Add a mlir natvis file for debugging with Visual Studio (details)
  89. [SVE] Lower fixed length VECREDUCE_SEQ_FADD operation (details)
  90. Revert "Remove global dialect registration" (details)
  91. PR47954 / DR2126: permit temporary objects that are lifetime-extended by (details)
  92. [RISCV] Use the commercial name for scheduling model (NFC) (details)
  93. [CodeGen] Emit destructor calls to destruct non-trivial C struct (details)
  94. [llvm-install-name-tool] Add -prepend_rpath option (details)
  95. [test] Simplify pr33641_remove_arg_dbgvalue.ll (details)
  96. [Inliner][NPM] Properly pass callee AAResults (details)
  97. [StructurizeCFG][NewPM] Port -structurizecfg to NPM (details)
  98. [MemProf] Attempt to debug avr bot failure (details)
  99. [libFuzzer] Added -print_full_coverage flag. (details)
  100. [Hexagon] Handle selection between HVX vector predicates (details)
  101. Don't allow structured binding declarations to decompose a (details)
  102. [intel-pt] Disable/Enable tracing to guarantee the trace is correct (details)
  103. Fix a few warnings from GCC (NFC) (details)
  104. Topologically sort the library to link to mlir-cpu-runner which is required with some linkers like BFD (NFC) (details)
  105. Remove global dialect registration (details)
  106. Remove unused verifyRegStateMapping() function in RegAllocFast (NFC) (details)
  107. [AutoFDO] Remove a broken assert in merging inlinee samples (details)
  108. FileManager: Reorder declarations of FileEntry and FileEntryRef, NFC (details)
  109. Add CMake dependency from MLIRJitRunner on all dialects (details)
  110. clangd: Stop calling FileEntryRef::FileEntryRef (details)
  111. llvm-dwarfdump: Support verbose printing DW_OP_convert to print the CU local offset before the resolved absolute offset (details)
  112. HeaderSearch: Simplify use of FileEntryRef in HeaderSearch::LookupFile, NFC (details)
  113. [NFC][UBSAN] Avoid "not FileCheck" in tests (details)
  114. fix lldb for recent libDebugInfoDWARF API change (details)
  115. [llvm-cov] don't include all source files when provided source files are filtered out (details)
  116. [flang][windows] Support platform-specific path separator. (details)
  117. [flang][msvc] Fix lambda capture ambiguity. NFC. (details)
  118. hwasan: Disable operator {new,delete} interceptors when interceptors are disabled. (details)
  119. [NFC][UBSAN] Refine CHECK pattern in test (details)
  120. [llvm/DebugInfo] Emit DW_OP_implicit_value when tuning for LLDB (details)
  121. [flang] Fix pimpl idiom for IntrinsicProcTable. (details)
  122. [AMDGPU] Cleanup AMDGPUUsage.rst (details)
  123. [lldb] Fix building with GCC 7. NFC. (details)
  124. [lldb] [Process/NetBSD] Use XStateRegSet for all FPU registers (details)
  125. [SystemZ] Define MaxInstLength to have the value of 6. (details)
  126. [BasicAA] Fix caching in the presence of phi cycles (details)
  127. [BasicAA] Avoid duplicate cache lookup (NFCI) (details)
  128. [LegalizeTypes] Legalize vector rotate operations (details)
  129. [DAG] Add BuildVectorSDNode::getRepeatedSequence helper to recognise multi-element splat patterns (details)
  130. [InstCombine] narrowFunnelShift - fold trunc/zext or(shl(a,x),lshr(b,sub(bw,x))) -> fshl(a,b,x) (PR35155) (details)
  131. Fix some signed/unsigned comparison gcc warnings from D87930 (details)
  132. [JITLink][ELF] PCRel32GOTLoad relocations are resolved like regular PCRel32 ones (details)
  133. [jitlink][ELF] Add zero-fill blocks for symbols in section SHN_COMMON (details)
  134. [LoopVersioning] Form dedicated exits for versioned loop to preserve simplify form (details)
  135. Revert "[jitlink][ELF] Add zero-fill blocks for symbols in section SHN_COMMON" (details)
  136. [NPM] Port -loop-versioning-licm to NPM (details)
  137. [Flang][Driver] Add infrastructure for basic frontend actions and file I/O (details)
  138. [JITLink][ELF] PCRel32GOTLoad edge offset can be smaller three (details)
  139. Reapply "[jitlink][ELF] Add zero-fill blocks for symbols in section SHN_COMMON" (details)
  140. [flang][tests] Fix Python bug in the lit config (details)
  141. [ARM] Remove some dead code. NFC (details)
  142. [AMDGPU][CostModel] Refine cost model for half- and quarter-rate instructions. (details)
  143. Unbreak the clang-interpreter example after 0aec49c8531bc5282b095730d34681455826bc2c (details)
  144. [X86] Add a stub for znver3 based on the little public information there is in AMD's manuals (details)
  145. [X86] Add a stub for Intel's alderlake. (details)
  146. [CostModel] remove cost-kind predicate for vector reduction costs (details)
  147. Revert "hwasan: Disable operator {new,delete} interceptors when interceptors are disabled." (details)
  148. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Fix -Wunused-variable. NFC (details)
  149. [asan][fuchsia] set current thread before reading thread state (details)
  150. [asan] Fix stack-use-after-free checks on non-main thread on Fuchsia (details)
  151. [X86] Produce R_X86_64_GOTPCRELX for test/binop instructions (MOV32rm/TEST32rm/...) when -Wa,-mrelax-relocations=yes is enabled (details)
  152. [ELF] Don't crash on R_X86_64_GOTPCRELX for test/binop instructions (details)
  153. Fix typo SSC -> SCC (details)
  154. [clangd] Add a TestWorkspace utility (details)
  155. For P0732R2, P1907R1: ensure that template parameter objects don't refer (details)
  156. [MemProf] Temporarily disable part of test (details)
  157. Revert "[CostModel] remove cost-kind predicate for vector reduction costs" (details)
  158. [X86] Use TargetConstant for FPDiff with X86::TC_RETURN. (details)
  159. [c++20] For P0732R2: Support string literal operator templates. (details)
  160. [InstCombine] Add test for or(fshl(),fshl()) bswap pattern. (details)
  161. [InstCombine] matchBSwapOrBitReversem - recognise or(fshl(),fshl()) bswap patterns. (details)
  162. [clang] Enable support for #pragma STDC FENV_ACCESS (details)
  163. Remove superfluous whitespace around if(). NFC. (details)
  164. [SLP] Add AArch64 tests with vectorizable compare/select patterns. (details)
  165. Correct LIT test failure detected on buildbot after mibintc committed rG2e204e23911b: [clang] Enable support for #pragma STDC FENV_ACCESS D87528 (details)
  166. [InstSimplify] add tests for logic-of-cmps with not op; NFC (details)
  167. [InstSimplify] peek through 'not' operand in logic-of-icmps fold (details)
  168. [IndVars] Regenerate test checks (NFC) (details)
  169. [SCEV] Strength nowrap flags after constant folding (details)
  170. [SCEV] Separate out constant folding in mul expr creation (details)
  171. [SCEV] Always constant fold mul expression operands (details)
  172. Thread safety analysis: Consider global variables in scope (details)
  173. Thread safety analysis: Nullability improvements in TIL, NFCI (details)
  174. [SCEV] Strenthen nowrap flags after constant folding for mul exprs (details)
  175. [CostModel] fix operand/type accounting for fadd/fmul reductions (details)
  176. [CostModel] remove cost-kind predicate for some vector reduction costs (details)
  177. [X86] Use TargetConstant instead of Constant for operands to X86vaarg64. (details)
  178. [X86] Use TargetConstant for immediates for VASTART_SAVE_XMM_REGS. (details)
  179. [X86] VEX/EVEX prefix doesn't work for inline assembly. (details)
  180. [X86] Don't disassemble wbinvd with 0xf2 or 0x66 prefix. (details)
  181. [AMDGPU] Avoid offset register in MUBUF for direct stack object accesses (details)
  182. [clangd] Add dependency on remote index service proto (details)
  183. [IndVars] Use contextual knowledge when proving trivial conds (details)
  184. [NFC] Factor out common code into lambda for further improvement (details)
  185. [NFC] Remove unused funciton param (details)
  186. Fix broken build after previous commit (details)
  187. [VE] Support atomic fence (details)
  188. [Schedule] Add a MultiHazardRecognizer (details)
  189. [gn build] Port 61bc18de0b2 (details)
  190. [ARM][SchedModels] Convert IsLdrAm3NegRegOffPred to MCSchedPredicate (details)
  191. [ARM][SchedModels] Convert IsLdstsoMinusRegPred to MCSchedPredicate (details)
  192. [ARM][SchedModels] Get rid of IsLdrAm2ScaledPred (details)
  193. [VE] Support atomic load (details)
  194. [PowerPC] Add test case for pr47830. NFC. (details)
  195. [ARM][SchedModels] Rename and generalize predicate. NFC (details)
  196. [AMDGPU] Emit new pal metadata by default (details)
  197. [AsmPrinter] Add per BB instruction mix remark. (details)
  198. [VE] Add integer arithmetic vector instructions (details)
  199. [VE] Add vector comparison and min/max (details)
  200. [Annotation] Allows annotation to carry some additional constant arguments. (details)
  201. [flang] Tighten rules to resolve procedure as intrinsic procedure (details)
  202. Try to fix buildbots after d3205bbca3e0002d76282878986993e7e7994779 (details)
  203. [lldb] [Process/FreeBSDRemote] Fix #include for i386 compat (details)
  204. [lldb] [test/Register] Use initial state for write tests (details)
  205. [lldb] [Process/NetBSD] Set xs_xstate_bv correctly when setting regs (details)
  206. [lldb] [Process/Linux] Reuse NativeRegisterContextWatchpoint_x86 (details)
  207. [lldb] Fix bitfield "frame var" for pointers (pr47743) (details)
  208. [lldb] Modernize PseudoTerminal::Fork (details)
  209. [NFC][InstrRefLDV] Fix a typo (details)
  210. [llvm-mca] Add few memory instructions to cortex-a57 test (details)
  211. tsan: add mips64 support in lib/tsan/go/ (details)
  212. [InstCombine] Add rotate tests where the shift amount is zero extended after masking (details)
  213. [InstCombine] Add support for zext(and(neg(amt),width-1)) rotate shift amount patterns (details)
  214. [clang] Suppress "follow-up" diagnostics on recovery call expressions. (details)
  215. [MLIR][mlir-spirv-cpu-runner] A pass to emulate a call to kernel in LLVM (details)
  216. [clang-fuzzer] CreateAndRunJITFunc - fix use after move static analyzer warning. (details)
  217. [llvm-ar][Object] Fix detection of need for 64-bit archive symbol tables (details)
  218. [DAGCombine] Add test case showing incorrect DAGCombine optimization (details)
  219. [MLIR][mlir-spirv-cpu-runner] A SPIR-V cpu runner prototype (details)
  220. [clangd] Fix remote index build failures due to lack of proto dependency (details)
  221. [LV] Add cost-model test for AArch64 select costs. (details)
  222. [AMDGPU] Make more use of printNamedBit in AMDGPUInstPrinter. NFC. (details)
  223. [InstCombine] Add bswap test pattern using bitreverse intrinsic (details)
  224. [lldb][NFC] Make GetShellSafeArgument simpler and faster (details)
  225. [clangd] NFC: Update FIXME comment regarding lack of c/dtor support (details)
  226. [InstCombine] collectBitParts - add bitreverse intrinsic support. (details)
  227. Fix SBError::SetErrorToGenericError (details)
  228. [TableGen] [tests] Change integer ranges to use new '...' punctuation (details)
  229. [analyzer] [NFC] Simplify SVal::getAsLocSymbol function using existing functions (details)
  230. [VE] Support atomic store (details)
  231. [VE] Add vector logical instructions (details)
  232. [VE] Add vector shift instructions (details)
  233. [X86] Use mtriple instead of march in MIR tests (details)
  234. [AArch64] Add 2 cases where insertelement lowering could be improved. (details)
  235. [OpenMP] changing OMP rtl to use shared memory instead of env variable (details)
  236. [InstCombine] Add bswap test pattern using truncates (details)
  237. [libc++] Add a CI jobs to test the Standalone builds (details)
  238. [SVE][CodeGen][DAGCombiner] Fix TypeSize warning in redundant store elimination (details)
  239. Revert "[SVE][CodeGen][DAGCombiner] Fix TypeSize warning in redundant store elimination" (details)
  240. [SVE][CodeGen][DAGCombiner] Fix TypeSize warning in redundant store elimination (details)
  241. Unconfuse gcc5.3 after 2e204e23911b1f / D87528 (details)
  242. [libc++] Fix indentation of buildkite-pipeline.yml (details)
  243. [lld][ELF] Don't write output to the test directory. NFC. (details)
  244. [clang][unittest] Don't hardcode the string "Assertion" (details)
  245. [AMDGPU] Avoid unused variable warning in Release builds. NFC. (details)
  246. Fix issue in cortex-a57 sched model (details)
  247. [mlir][Linalg] Add basic support for TileAndFuse on Linalg on tensors. (details)
  248. [ARM][SchedModels] Convert IsLdstsoScaledNotOptimalPred to MCSchedPredicate (details)
  249. [lldb][PDB] Add ObjectFile PDB plugin (details)
  250. [DebugInfo][dexter] Add dexter tests for escaped locals (details)
  251. [SVE][AArch64] Fix TypeSize warning in loop vectorization legality (details)
  252. [SVE][AArch64] Fix TypeSize warning in GEP cost analysis (details)
  253. [SVE][InstCombine] Fix TypeSize warning in canReplaceGEPIdxWithZero (details)
  254. [SVE] Fix TypeSize warning in llvm::getGEPInductionOperand (details)
  255. [mlir][vector] Update doc strings for insert_map/extract_map and fix insert_map semantic (details)
  256. [AArch64] Extend tests for insertelement improvements. (details)
  257. SourceManager: Return non-const references in getOrCreateContentCache and related, NFC (details)
  258. [libc++abi] Make sure we can run the tests in Standalone mode (details)
  259. [Clang][CodeGen] fix failed assertion (details)
  260. [lldb][NativePDB] fix test load-pdb.cpp (details)
  261. [libc++] NFC: Consistent indentation for buildkite-pipeline.yml (details)
  262. [AMDGPU] Fix VC warning about singed/unsigned comparison. NFC. (details)
  263. Revert "Ensure that checkInitIsICE is called exactly once for every variable" (details)
  264. Revert "Revert "Ensure that checkInitIsICE is called exactly once for every variable"" (details)
  265. [mlir] Convert MemRefReinterpretCastOp to LLVM. (details)
  266. [clang-tidy] Silence unused variable warning in Release builds. NFCI. (details)
  267. Make sure Objective-C category support in IncludeSorter handles top-level imports (details)
  268. [ARM][SchedModels] Move IsLDMBaseRegInListPred to NFC (details)
  269. Add release tarballs for libclc (details)
  270. SourceManager: Fix an SLocEntry memory regression introduced with FileEntryRef (details)
  271. [clangd] Add back dependency on proto generated targets (details)
  272. Fix SROA with a PHI mergig values from a same block (details)
  273. [BitCode] decode nossp fn attr (details)
  274. llvm-reduce: Test reduction for D88684 ( ee6e25e4391a6d3ac0a3c89615474e512f44cda6 ) (details)
  275. [GWP-ASan] Refactor memory mapping functions (details)
  276. [libc++] NFC: Minor refactoring in filesystem_test_helper.h to ease readability (details)
  277. [InstCombine] reduce code duplication in icmp intrinsic folds; NFC (details)
  278. [InstCombine] add tests for ctpop at bitwidth limit; NFC (details)
  279. [InstCombine] add folds for icmp+ctpop (details)
  280. [AIX] Also error on -G for link-only step (details)
  281. [MemProf] Decouple memprof build from COMPILER_RT_BUILD_SANITIZERS (details)
  282. [libc++] Get rid of <iostream> in a filesystem test (details)
  283. Avoid unnecessary uses of `MDNode::getTemporary`, NFC (details)
  284. Test to check backtraces with machine function splitting. (details)
  285. [NFC] Remove max_align.c LIT testcase (details)
  286. [libunwind] Add -Wno-dll-attribute-on-redeclaration when building for windows (details)
  287. Prepend "__uniq" to symbol names hash with -funique-internal-linkage-names. (details)
  288. Run test only if X86 target is available (details)
  289. [AMDGPU] Use flat scratch instructions where available (details)
  290. [mlir] NFC: properly align IR in comments (details)
  291. [libc++] Remove the reliance of several <random> tests on <iostream> (details)
  292. [NFC] Fixing comment heading for MachineStableHash.h. (details)
  293. [nfc] [lldb] Refactor DWARFUnit::GetDIE (details)
  294. [mlir] Do not print back 0 alignment in LLVM dialect 'alloca' op (details)
  295. [TargetRegisterInfo] Fix a couple of typos in the comments (details)
  296. [CodeView] Emit static data members as S_CONSTANTs. (details)
  297. [MLIR] Fix AttributeInterface declaration. (details)
  298. IR: Clarify ownership of ConstantDataSequentials, NFC (details)
  299. [cmake] Add LLVM_UBSAN_FLAGS, to allow overriding UBSan flags (details)
  300. [mlir] Document 'ParentOneOf' with the HasParent trait (details)
  301. Fixed release build after D89170 (details)
  302. Explicitly check for entry basic block, rather than relying on MachineBasicBlock::pred_empty. (details)
  303. [mlir][Linalg] Miscalleneous enhancements to cover more fusion cases. (details)
  304. [DebugInfo] Expose Fortran array debug info attributes through DIBuilder. (details)
  305. [profile] Suppress spurious 'expected profile to require unlock' warning (details)
  306. [PowerPC] Implement Set Boolean Condition Instructions (details)
  307. Fix checking for C++98 ICEs in C++11-and-later mode to not consider use (details)
  308. [clang][NFC] Rearrange Comment Token and Lexer fields to reduce padding (details)
  309. [lldb][NativePDB] fix test load-pdb.cpp (details)
  310. [NFC] Use [MC]Register in RegAllocPBQP & RegisterCoalescer (details)
  311. SourceManager: Use the same fake SLocEntry whenever it fails to load (details)
  312. [mlir] Add a conversion pass between PDL and the  PDL Interpreter Dialect (details)
  313. [mlir][Pattern] Refactor the Pattern class into a "metadata only" class (details)
  314. [mlir][NFC] Move around the code related to PatternRewriting to improve layering (details)
  315. [mlir][Pattern] Add a new FrozenRewritePatternList class (details)
  316. IR: Add a comment at missing std::make_unique calls from b2b7cf39d596b1528cd64015575b3f5d1461c011, NFC (details)
  317. [NPM] Port -slsr to NPM (details)
  318. [AMDGPU] Move WQM Pass after MI Scheduler (details)
  319. Teach `-fsanitize=fuzzer` to respect `-static` and `-static-libstdc++` when adding C++ standard libraries. (details)
  320. Update email addresses in CODE_OWNERS. (details)
  321. IR: Simplify two loops walking ConstantDataSequential, NFC (details)
  322. SourceManager: clang-format the SrcMgr namespace, NFC (details)
  323. [LSR] fix typo in comments and rename for a new added hook. (details)
  324. [Clang][OpenMP] Fixed an issue of segment fault when using target nowait (details)
  325. [mlir][StorageUniquer] Refactor parametric storage to use sharded dense sets (details)
  326. [mlir][SymbolTable] Use Identifier instead of StringRef when looking up symbol name attributes (details)
  327. Port -objc-arc-apelim to NPM (details)
  328. Port -objc-arc-expand to NPM (details)
  329. [PlaceSafepoints] Pin tests to legacy PM (details)
  330. [AlwaysInliner] Pass callee AAResults to InlineFunction() (details)
  331. [CostModel][X86] teach TTI calculate cost of chain of vector inserts/extracts more precisely and correctly:In each 128-lane, if there is at least one index is demanded and not all indices are demanded... (details)
  332. Revert "[AlwaysInliner] Pass callee AAResults to InlineFunction()" (details)
  333. Use uint64_t for branch weights instead of uint32_t (details)
  334. Reland [AlwaysInliner] Pass callee AAResults to InlineFunction() (details)
  335. Fix calls to (p)read on macOS when size > INT32_MAX (details)
  336. [Clang][OpenMP] Avoid unnecessary privatization of mapper array when there is no user defined mapper (details)
  337. [IndVars] Remove monotonic checks with unknown exit count (details)
  338. [GVN LoadPRE] Add an option to disable splitting backedge (details)
  339. [libTooling] Recognize sccache as a compiler wrapper in compilation database commands (details)
  340. [clangd] Increase the TooMany limit for index-based textual navigation to 5 (details)
  341. [NFC] Factor away lambda's redundant parameter (details)
  342. [mlir] Fix TypeID lookup in GDB pretty printers. (details)
  343. [X86] Encode global address in small code model (details)
  344. [X86] Alternate implementation of D88194. (details)
  345. [Syntax] Disallow invalid Node operations (details)
  346. [Test] One more range check test (details)
  347. [clangd] Fix proto deps, for real this time. (details)
  348. Updating llvm.mlir test to match recent IR change (details)
  349. [clang][RecoveryExpr] Add tests for ObjectiveC. (details)
  350. Correct examples after d3205bbca3e0002d76282878986993e7e7994779 (details)
  351. [mlir] use OpBuilderDAG instead of OpBuilder (details)
  352. [ARM][AArch64] Add VLDN shuffled interleaving tests. NFC (details)
  353. [LoopRotation] Allow loop header duplication if vectorization is forced. (details)
  354. [yaml2obj] - Add a way to override the sh_addralign field of a section. (details)
  355. [lldb][NFC] Rewrite TestQuoting (details)
  356. [AMDGPU] Use DPP instead of Ext in a couple of class names. NFC. (details)
  357. [llvm/DebugInfo] Simplify DW_OP_implicit_value condition (NFC) (details)
  358. [llvm-readelf] - Implement --section-details option. (details)
  359. [clang][Basic] Integrate SourceLocation with FoldingSet, NFCI (details)
  360. [clangd] Separate final_result into a different message (details)
  361. [VE] Add missing regression test (details)
  362. [VE] Add vector float instructions (details)
  363. [NFC][InstCombine] Add more exhaustive test coverage for `(x >>? X1) << C2` pattern (PR37872) (details)
  364. [NFC][InstCombine] Autogenerate cast.ll test (details)
  365. [NFC][PhaseOrdering] Autogenerate basic.ll test (details)
  366. [InstCombine] Fold `(X >>? C1) << C2` patterns to shift+bitmask (PR37872) (details)
  367. [lldb] Correct vFile:pread/pwrite packet docs (details)
  368. msgpack: Improve error for empty node (details)
  369. [ValueTracking] Add tracking of the alignment assume bundle (details)
  370. [ValueTracking] Add more tests for alignment assume bundles (details)
  371. [ValueTracking][NFC] Use Log2(Align) instead of countTrailingZeroes (details)
  372. [clang-format] Fix misformatted macro definitions after D86959 (details)
  373. Fix when objdump is llvm-objdump (details)
  374. [gn build] Port 850325348ae (details)
  375. [TargetLowering] Add i1 condition for bit comparison fold (details)
  376. [NFC][IntrRefLDV] Some code clean up (details)
  377. Fix for PR47544. Clang is crashing after generating the right (details)
  378. [InstCombine] collectBitParts - add trunc support. (details)
  379. [X86] Regenerate vector shift tests. NFCI. (details)
  380. [MallocChecker] Remove duplicate QCoreApplication::postEvent check. NFCI. (details)
  381. [clang] RewriteObjCClassMetaData - remove superfluous null pointer check. NFCI. (details)
  382. Revert "Use uint64_t for branch weights instead of uint32_t" (details)
  383. [X86] Regenerate all-ones vector tests with common prefixes. (details)
  384. [X86] Don't crash on CVTPS2PH with wide vector inputs. (details)
  385. Revert rG0905bd5c2fa42bd4c "[InstCombine] collectBitParts - add trunc support." (details)
  386. [amdgpu] Enable use of AA during codegen. (details)
  387. Fix use-after-scope introduced in 850325348ae82cd5e26ea9edfd04219d0fbe7828 (details)
  388. Revert "[NFC] Factor away lambda's redundant parameter" (details)
  389. Revert "[IndVars] Remove monotonic checks with unknown exit count" (details)
  390. [lldb] [Process/FreeBSDRemote] Enable watchpoint support (details)
  391. [lldb] [Process/FreeBSD] Fix missing namespace qualifier (details)
  392. [lldb] Add llvm-pdbutil to lldb test dependencies (details)
  393. [AArch64] Add additional tests for vector inserts with common element. (details)
  394. [libc++] Fix filesystem test in C++11/14 (details)
  395. [lldb][NFC] Make GetResumeCountForLaunchInfo return an unsigned. (details)
  396. Revert "Updating llvm.mlir test to match recent IR change" (details)
  397. [AMDGPU] Add missing support for targets (details)
  398. [clangd] Start using SyntaxTrees for folding ranges feature (details)
  399. [AMDGPU] Add llvm.amdgcn.div.scale with fneg tests (details)
  400. [lldb] Support Python imports relative the to the current file being sourced (details)
  401. [libc++] Remove references to CONDUIT_TOKEN (details)
  402. [Flang][OpenMP 4.5] Add semantic check for OpenMP default clause (details)
  403. [X86] Regenerate xop tests with common prefixes. (details)
  404. [X86] Regenerate popcnt tests. NFCI. (details)
  405. [X86] Regenerate tbm intrinsics tests. NFCI. (details)
  406. [X86] Regenerate xor tests. NFCI. (details)
  407. [ADT] Fix accidental pointer comparison in test (details)
  408. [Utils] Skip RemoveRedundantDbgInstrs in MergeBlockIntoPredecessor (PR47746) (details)
  409. [VE] Add vector reduction instructions (details)
  410. [libc++] Get rid of iostreams in the to_string tests (details)
  411. [X86] Regenerate scalar fptosi/fptoui tests. NFCI. (details)
  412. [amdgpu] Add the late codegen preparation pass. (details)
  413. [gn build] Port 46c3d5cb05d (details)
  414. Revert "[CodeView] Emit static data members as S_CONSTANTs." (details)
  415. [llvm-readobj] Remove duplicate inner if() condition. NFCI. (details)
  416. [libcxx] Fix typo in spelling of 'sentinel'. NFC. (details)
  417. [mlir] Catch async.yield operands not matching the number of async.execute results. (details)
  418. [AMDGPU] Fix check prefix for VOP3 VI disassembler tests (details)
  419. [mlir] Add bufferization for op. (details)
  420. FileManager: Shrink FileEntryRef to the size of a pointer (details)
  421. [libc++] Add a libc++ configuration that does not support localization (details)
  422. [PowerPC][PCRelative] Turn on TLS support for PCRel by default (details)
  423. [AMDGPU] Change predicate for fma/fmac legacy (details)
  424. [mlir][Python] Custom python op view wrappers for building and traversing. (details)
  425. [llvm-reduce] Add test with some aliases. (details)
  426. Revert "DomTree: Extract (mostly) read-only logic into type-erased base classes" (details)
  427. Revert multiple patches based on "Introduce CfgTraits abstraction" (details)
  428. [HIP][NFC] Use correct max in cuda_complex_builtins (details)
  429. [test] Make ThinLTO/X86/crash_debuginfo.ll work with -enable-new-pm=1 (details)
  430. [gn build] Port ce6900c6cb5 (details)
  431. [gn build] Port e025d09b216 (details)
  432. [test] Delete Feature/load_module.ll which is covered by load_extension.ll (details)
  433. [libc++] Make sure we include a header when checking compiler macros (details)
  434. [OpenMP] Add Passing in Original Declaration Names To Mapper API (details)
  435. [AMDGPU] Order AMDGPU ELF machine numbers in ascending order (details)
  436. [libc++] Try to fix cross-loading of lit.local.cfg on Windows (details)
  437. [OpenMP] Add Support for Mapping Names in Libomptarget RTL (details)
  438. [PowerPC] Fix single-use check and update chain users for ld-splat (details)
  439. [libcxx] Don't truncate intermediates to wchar_t when widening (details)
  440. [CostModel] add tests for FP reductions; NFC (details)
  441. [CostModel] remove cost-kind predicate for FP add/mul vector reduction costs (details)
  442. [mlir] JitRunner: add a config option to register symbols with ExecutionEngine at runtime (details)
  443. [lld][WebAssembly] Fix memory size in dylink section for -pie exectuables (details)
  444. [JumpThreading] Set edge probabilities when creating basic blocks (details)
  445. [BranchProbabilityInfo] Fix eraseBlock (details)
  446. [mlir][Linalg] Add fusion of IndexedGenericOp with TensorReshapeOp by expansion. (details)
  447. [mlir][SIdeEffectInterface][NFC] Move several InterfaceMethods to the extraClassDeclarations instead (details)
  448. [mlir][Interfaces] Generate a struct containing function pointers instead of a class with vtables (details)
  449. [mlir][Interfaces] Optimize the implementation of InterfaceMap to reduce generated code size. (details)
  450. [mlir][NFC] Remove unnecessary PatternRewriter::create methods (details)
  451. [mlir][NFC] Fix incorrect header comments. (details)
  452. [BranchProbabilityInfo] Make MaxSuccIdx[Src] efficient and add a comment about the subtle eraseBlock. NFC (details)
  453. [libc][NFC] Use a convenience macro to declare special floating point constants. (details)
  454. Unbreak build with gcc5.3 after 917acac (details)
  455. [OpenMP][CUDA] Add missing overload for `remquo(float,float,int*)` (details)
  456. [LangRef] Clarify `dereferenceable` -> `nonnull` implication (details)
  457. [WebAssembly] Add support for DWARF type units (details)
  458. [clang] Pass-through remarks options to linker (details)
  459. [mlir] Fix stack-use-after-scope in cuda/vulkan cpu runners (details)
  460. Remove unused variable name. NFC. (details)
  461. Revert "[WebAssembly] Add support for DWARF type units" (details)
  462. [flang][openacc] Fix ambiguity in the self clause parsing (details)
  463. [MLIR] [ODS] Allowing attr-dict in custom directive (details)
  464. [Attributor][NFC] Improve time trace output (details)
  465. [Attributor][FIX] Properly check uses in the call not uses of the call (details)
  466. [Attributor][NFC] Hoist call out of a lambda (details)
  467. [Attributor][NFC] Clang-format (details)
  468. [Attributor][FIX] Do not attach range metadata to the wrong Instruction (details)
  469. [Attributor][FIX] Delete all unreachable static functions (details)
  470. [Attributor][NFC] Print the right value in debug output (details)
  471. [Attributor][NFC] Introduce a debug counter for `AA::manifest` (details)
  472. [Attributor] Finalize the CGUpdater after each SCC (details)
  473. [AMDGPU] Fix insert of SIPreAllocateWWMRegs in FastRegAlloc (details)
  474. [NFC] [LLParser] Renaming LLParser routines to comply LLVM coding style (details)
  475. Revert "[ADT] Fix for ImmutableMapRef" (details)
  476. Revert "[DebugInfo] Expose Fortran array debug info attributes through DIBuilder." (details)
  477. [JumpThreading] Remove extraneous calls to setEdgeProbability (details)
  478. [JumpThreading] Rename thread-prob-3.ll to thread-prob-1.ll (NFC) (details)
  479. [OpenMP][CUDA][FIX] Use the new `remquo` overload only for OpenMP (details)
  480. [SCEV] Re-enable "Use nw flag and symbolic iteration count to sharpen ranges of AddRecs", attempt 3 (details)
  481. Rename EHPersonality::MSVC_Win64SEH to EHPersonality::MSVC_TableSEH. NFC. (details)
  482. [NFC][UBSAN] Remove XFAIL from fixed tests (details)
  483. [NFC][UBSAN] Try to re-enable tests on IOS (details)
  484. [NFC][Asan] Fix cpplint warnings in tests (details)
  485. [NFC][Asan] Fix cpplint warning in test (details)
  486. [NFC][Sanitizer] format sanitizer_platform_interceptors.h (details)
  487. [llvm-exegesis] Update doc. (details)
  488. [AArch64] Additional Interleaving Access test. NFC (details)
  489. [AArch64] Remove AArch64ISD::NOT, use vnot instead (details)
  490. Re-enable "[SCEV] Prove implications of different type via truncation" (details)
  491. [llvm-exegesis] Do not silently fail on unknown instruction encoding formats. (details)
  492. [VE] Specify to expand BRIND and BR_JT (details)
  493. [VE][NFC] Fix typo in comment (details)
  494. [llvm-exegesis][doc] Remove old FIXME. (details)
  495. [VE] Add vector iterative operation instructions (details)
  496. [testing] Add missing REQUIRES: asserts (details)
  497. [VE] Add vector merger operation instructions (details)
  498. [DSE] Use walker to skip noalias stores between current & clobber def. (details)
  499. [yaml2obj] - Support the "Offset" key for the .dynsym section. (details)
  500. [Syntax] Add iterators over children of syntax trees. (details)
  501. Return "[IndVars] Remove monotonic checks with unknown exit count" (details)
  502. [x86 testing] NFC: remove a few needless vector popcnt tests (details)
  503. [llvm-reduce] Extend test to also use special globals. (details)
  504. [X86] Regenerate bool-vector tests. NFCI. (details)
  505. [DAG] Move canFoldInAddressingMode before foldBinOpIntoSelect. NFC. (details)
  506. [yaml2obj][obj2yaml] - Teach tools to work with regular archives. (details)
  507. [mlir] NFC: small fixes to LinalgTilingOptions API (details)
  508. [gn build] Port 47369e194a4 (details)
  509. [llvm-objdump] - Rewrite malformed-archives.test to use YAML descriptions. (details)
  510. [AMDGPU] Omit needless string concatenations. NFC. (details)
  511. [llvm-objdump] - Restore Inputs/libbogus11.a input to fix BB. (details)
  512. Revert "[OpenMP] Add Passing in Original Declaration Names To Mapper API" (details)
  513. [openmp] Use front() instead of *begin() to not hide bugs when CurTypes is empty. (details)
  514. [TableGen] Update xxx-tblgen command document. (details)
  515. [llvm-reduce] Add reduction for aliases. (details)
  516. MLIR: add SinOp Lowering to __nv_sinf and __nv_sin (details)
  517. [gn build] Port 23c8da25ef7 (details)
  518. [yaml2obj][test] - Try to fix Archives/regular.yaml to fix BB. (details)
  519. [TableGen] Command description file requires a hyphen in document title. (details)
  520. [obj2yaml][test] - Replace llvm-ar with yaml2obj in Archives/regular.yaml to fix BB. (details)
  521. [libc++] Remove <clocale> from some system_error tests (details)
  522. [libc++] Move the #error message for no localization to <locale.h> (details)
  523. [yamls2obj][test] - Make the Archives/regular.yaml test stricter. (details)
  524. [debuginfo-tests][dexter] Add two new debug experience tests (details)
  525. [libomptarget][nvptx] Undef, weak shared variables (details)
  526. [NFC][IntrRefLDV] Improve the Value printing (details)
  527. [AMDGPU] Use -strict-whitespace for GFX10 disassembler tests (details)
  528. [AArch64] Extend vector insertion test cases. (details)
  529. [Syntax] Add missing default constructor for ConstChildIterator (details)
  530. [compiler-rt][SystemZ] Skip fuzzer/full-coverage.test (details)
  531. Fix Wdocumentation unknown parameter warnings. NFCI. (details)
  532. [clang-tidy][NFC] IdentifierNaming: Remove unnecessary string allocations (details)
  533. [X86] Fix cpu name typos (details)
  534. [ELF] -r: don't crash when a non-SHF_LINK_ORDER orphan is added before a SHF_LINK_ORDER orphan (details)
  535. [AMDGPU] Precommit tests for D89388 and D89399, NFC (details)
  536. RegAlloc: Clear isSSA (details)
  537. [TableGen] [AMDGPU] Add !sub operator for subtraction (details)
  538. [WebAssembly] Prototype extending multiplication SIMD instructions (details)
  539. [WebAssembly] Clang-format builtins generation (NFC) (details)
  540. [AMDGPU] Use -strict-whitespace for GFX8 and GFX9 disassembler tests (details)
  541. [WebAssembly] Fix incorrectly named target builtin (details)
  542. [clangd] Fix a null dereference in tests. (details)
  543. [debuginfo-tests][dexter] add requires lldb to two tests (details)
  544. [AVR][clang] Pass the address of the data section to the linker for ATmega328 (details)
  545. [llvm-mc] Drop unneeded dependency on CodeGen (details)
  546. Add a `mlirModuleGetBody()` accessor to the C API and bind it in Python (details)
  547. [clangd] Don't offer to expand auto in structured binding declarations. (details)
  548. [CostModel] remove cost-kind predicate for funnel shift costs (details)
  549. [Clang][PowerPC] Add __vector_pair and __vector_quad types (details)
  550. [clang][ToolChains] explicitly return LangOptions::StackProtectorMode (details)
  551. [CostModel][x86] remove cost-kind predicate for intrinsic costs (details)
  552. [NFC][TSAN] Logs to debug test script on bot (details)
  553. [mlir] NFC: fix trivial typos (details)
  554. [DebugInfo] Fix legacy ZExt emission when FromBits >= 64 (PR47927) (details)
  555. [DebugInfo] Shorten legacy [s|z]ext dwarf expressions (details)
  556. [lldb] Delete lldb/utils/test (details)
  557. [SLP][Test] Precommit test case for PR47629. NFC. (details)
  558. [openmp][openacc] Check for duplicate clauses for directive (details)
  559. [NFC] Use Register in RegisterPressure APIs (details)
  560. [clangd] Go-to-definition from non-renaming alias is unambiguous. (details)
  561. [libc++] Refactor tests to remove uses of std::rand() (details)
  562. [GISel]: Few InsertVecElt combines (details)
  563. [NFC][ThinLTO] Change command line passing to EmbedBitcodeInModule (details)
  564. [libc++] Fix a few warnings (details)
  565. [AArch64] Use DUP for BUILD_VECTOR with few different elements. (details)
  566. [Clang][OpenMP] Added the support for target data nowait (details)
  567. [test] Make bt_order_by_weight in switch.ll more robust (details)
  568. [DebugInfo] Support for DW_TAG_generic_subrange (details)
  569. [DebugInfo] Expose Fortran array debug info attributes through DIBuilder. (details)
  570. [mlir] Convert memref_reshape to memref_reinterpret_cast. (details)
  571. [MemLoc]  Adjust memccpy support in MemoryLocation::getForArgument (details)
  572. Split out llvm/Support/FileSystem/UniqueID.h and clang/Basic/FileEntry.h, NFC (details)
  573. [mlir] Use OpBuilderDAG for MemRefReinterpretCastOp. (details)
  574. [gn build] Port 23ed570af1c (details)
  575. [llvm-lit] Improve the error message when make_paths_relative() fails (details)
  576. [libc++] Re-apply the switch-based std::variant implementation (details)
  577. [mlir] Properly handle recursive bufferization for scf.for/scf.if (details)
  578. PR48002: Fix injection of elaborated-type-specifiers within local (details)
  579. [Deref] Use maximum trip count instead of exact trip count (details)
  580. [AMDGPU] Fix inserting combined s_nop in bundles (details)
  581. [AArch64] Improve lowering of insert_vector_elt with 0.0 consts. (details)
  582. [TableGen] Treat reg as isolated in reg$foo (but not in ${foo}reg) (details)
  583. [AMDGPU] Fix double space in disassembly of SDWA instructions with vcc (details)
  584. [InstCombine] Do not introduce bitcasts for swifterror arguments. (details)
  585. [AMDGPU] Allow some modifiers on VOP3B instructions (details)
  586. [GWP-ASan] Abstract the thread local variables access (details)
  587. C API: support scalable vectors (details)
  588. [llvm-install-name-tool] Quote passed rpath args in error messages (details)
  589. Better source location for -Wignored-qualifiers on trailing return types (details)
  590. [Sema] Let getters assert that trailing return type exists, NFCI (details)
  591. Fix includes in llvm/Support/FileSystem/UniqueID.h after 23ed570af1cc165afea1b70a533a4a39d6656501 (details)
  592. gn build: Define HWASAN_WITH_INTERCEPTORS=1 for hwasan_new_delete.cpp as well. (details)
  593. Reland "hwasan: Disable operator {new,delete} interceptors when interceptors are disabled." (details)
  594. [NFC] Use [MC]Register in CSE & LICM (details)
  595. ModuleManager: Simplify lookupModuleFile by only setting the out parameter once, NFC (details)
  596. [Sema] adds basic -Wfree-nonheap-object functionality (details)
  597. Make the post-commit review expectations more explicit with respect to revert (details)
  598. [AMDGPU] Add Reset function to GCNHazardRecognizer (details)
  599. Recommit "[CodeView] Emit static data members as S_CONSTANTs." (details)
  600. [VE] Add vector mask operation instructions (details)
  601. Revert "[AppleObjCRuntimeV2] Force lazily allocated class names to be resolved." (details)
  602. [llvm][StringExtras] Add a fail-able version of `fromHex` (details)
  603. [llvm][StringExtras] Use a lookup table for `hexDigitValue` (details)
  604. [mlir] Optimize the parsing of ElementsAttr hex strings (details)
  605. [mlir] Convert raw data in dense element attributes for big-endian machines. (details)
  606. [WebAssembly] Add support for DWARF type units (details)
  607. [ThinLTO] Fix .llvmcmd emission (details)
  608. Revert "[DebugInfo] Shorten legacy [s|z]ext dwarf expressions" (details)
  609. Revert "[DebugInfo] Fix legacy ZExt emission when FromBits >= 64 (PR47927)" (details)
  610. [Debugify] Move global namespace functions into llvm:: (details)
  611. [NFC][AVR] Improve device list (details)
  612. [NFC][clang][AVR] Add more devices (details)
  613. [mlir][Inliner] Add a new hook for checking if it is legal to inline a callable into a call (details)
  614. [mlir][Inliner] Add a `wouldBeCloned` flag to each of the `isLegalToInline` hooks. (details)
  615. [mlir][SymbolTable] Small optimization to walking symbol references (details)
  616. [Attributor][FIX] Properly promote arguments pointers to arrays (details)
  617. [Attributor][NFC] Rerun update test script (details)
  618. [opt] Pin -stats-json & -opt-bisect-limit tests to -enable-new-pm=0 (details)
  619. [FPEnv] Tests for rounding properties of constant evalution (details)
  620. [Reassociate][test] Delete improper -NOT patterns to work with -enable-new-pm=1 (details)
  621. [libFuzzer] Remove InterruptHandler from Fuchsia implementation (details)
  622. [llvm-objdump][test] - Stop using precompiled binary in MachO/disassemble-g-dsym.test (details)
  623. [mlir][gpu] Fix leaked stream and module when lowering gpu.launch_func to runtime calls. (details)
  624. Revert "[NFC][TSAN] Logs to debug test script on bot" (details)
  625. [clangd] Support CodeActionParams.only (details)
  626. [NFC][SCEV] Refactor monotonic predicate checks to return enums instead of bools (details)
  627. [CMake] Support inter-proto dependencies in generate_protos. (details)
  628. [InterleaveAccess] Recognise Interleave loads through binary operations (details)
  629. [yaml2obj] - Improve handling of SectionHeaderTable::NoHeaders flag. (details)
  630. [SCEV][NFC] Use general predicate checkers in monotonicity check (details)
  631. [lldb] Unbreak the build after a recent PowerPC change (details)
  632. [lldb] Correct --help output for qemu rootfs script (details)
  633. [VE] Add vector control instructions (details)
  634. [VE] Add missing vector regression test (details)
  635. clang-format: Add a consumer to diagnostics engine (details)
  636. [yaml2obj][test] - Merge dynsymtab-shlink.yaml to dynsym-section.yaml (details)
  637. [mlir] Reorder shape assuming bufferization. (details)
  638. [NFC] Add some new util functions to ICmpInst (details)
  639. [SCEV] Match 'zext (trunc A to iB) to iY' as URem. (details)
  640. [DebugInfo] [NFCI] Adding a missed out line in support for DW_TAG_generic_subrange. (details)
  641. [AMDGPU] Simplify insertNoops functions. NFC. (details)
  642. [NFC][SCEV] Use generic predicate checkers to simplify code (details)
  643. [MIR] Fix out of bounds access in MIRPrinter. (details)
  644. [InstCombine] Add select+funnel-shift test patterns (details)
  645. [yaml2obj][test] - Merge strtab-implicit-sections-*.yaml into strtab-implicit-sections.yaml and improve testing of .shstrtab (details)
  646. [ADT] Fix for ImmutableMapRef (details)
  647. [llvm-exegesis] Do not try to assign random registers twice. (details)
  648. [DebugInfo] [NFCI] Additional test for support of DW_TAG_generic_subrange (details)
  649. [llvm-readobj/elf] - Fix a crash when dumping a dynamic relocation that refer to a symbol past the EOF. (details)
  650. [lldb] Use reverse connection method for lldb-server tests (details)
  651. [libunwind] Fix linker flag handling in the tests. (details)
  652. [libcxx] Add targets to available features. (details)
  653. [libcxx] [docs] [NFC] Fix typo. (details)
  654. [flang][openacc] Enforce no modifier on enter data and exit data clauses (details)
  655. [mlir][openacc] Add if and device_type to update op (details)
  656. [VE] Support register aliases in llvm-mc (details)
  657. [VE] Add missing symbolic branch patterns (details)
  658. Revert "clang-format: Add a consumer to diagnostics engine" (details)
  659. [VE] Add missing BCR format (details)
  660. [SVE] Remove TypeSize comparison operators (details)
  661. [MLIR] Support walks over regions and blocks (details)
  662. [AMDGPU] Fix double space in disassembly of some DPP instructions (details)
  663. [AMDGPU] Fix double space in disassembly of s_set_gpr_idx_mode (details)
  664. [AMDGPU] Remove gds operand from ds_gws_* MachineInstrs (details)
  665. [libc++] Remove additional uses of std::rand() missed by 63aeadb4849d (details)
  666. [VE] Change to use integrated assembly by defualt (details)
  667. [ARM] Add IT block generation test (details)
  668. [ARM] Fix IT block generation after Thumb2SizeReduce with -Oz (details)
  669. [mlir][Linalg] Make Linalg fusion a test pass (details)
  670. [InstCombine] visitShl - ensure inner shifts have inrange amounts (details)
  671. [NFC] Add more tests for DISubprogram verifier (details)
  672. [sanitizer] Print errno for report file open failure (details)
  673. [AMDGPU] Use pseudo instructions for readlane/writelane (details)
  674. [MC] Error for .globl/.local which change the symbol binding and warn for .weak (details)
  675. [x86] add test for umul intrinsic costs; NFC (details)
  676. [AMDGPU] Add __builtin_amdgcn_grid_size (details)
  677. [X86] Add PR46393 test case (details)
  678. [mlir][gpu] Allow gpu.launch_func to be async. (details)
  679. [ThinLTO] Fix empty .llvmcmd sections (details)
  680. [nfc] [lldb] Remove excessive parentheses in SymbolFileDWARF::GetUID (details)
  681. [MemProf] Augment test to debug avr bot failure (details)
  682. Revert "[mlir][gpu] Allow gpu.launch_func to be async." (details)
  683. [AMDGPU] Fix double space in disassembly of ds_gws_sema_* with gds (details)
  684. [Support] Make Support/SwapByteOrder.h compile on Fuchsia (details)
  685. [sanitizer][fuchsia] Avoid deprecated syscall. (details)
  686. [libc++] Minor cleanup in the test suite (details)
  687. [WebAssembly] Implement SIMD signselect instructions (details)
  688. Add support of the next Ubuntu (Ubuntu 21.04 - Hirsute Hippo) (details)
  689. [MemProf] Temporarily disable test failing on a couple bots (details)
  690. [RISCV] Remove include of RISCVRegisterInfo.h from RISCVBaseInfo.h (details)
  691. [clangd] Add support for multiple DecisionForest model experiments. (details)
  692. [llvm-libtool-darwin] Add support for LLVM bitcode files (details)
  693. [InferAttrs] Add nocapture/writeonly to string/mem libcalls (details)
  694. [OpenMP] Add NULL check in dispatcher debug output (details)
  695. [sanitizer] Disable ASLR for release_shadow_space (details)
  696. [SDAG] Extract helper to get vecreduce base opcode (NFC) (details)
  697. Remove HAVE_VCS_VERSION_INC, not needed (details)
  698. Added remotely ran compiler-rt tests. (details)
  699. [AMDGPU] Update AMD GPU documentation (details)
  700. [mlir][gpu] NFC: Change gpu.launch_func ops to custom format. (details)
  701. [CodeGen] Fix neutral value of vecreduce fadd in tests (NFC) (details)
  702. [SDAG] Fix neutral value for vecreduce_fadd (details)
  703. [WebAssembly] Remove unused FileCheck test prefixes (details)
  704. [SLP] Consider alternatives for cost of select instructions. (details)
  705. GetModule, GetExeModule methods added (details)
  706. [LoopUtils] Fix neutral value for vector.reduce.fadd (details)
  707. [mlir][gpu] Allow gpu.launch_func to be async. (details)
  708. [LCSSA] Doc for special treatment of PHIs (details)
  709. [SDAG] Extract helper to determine neutral element (NFC) (details)
  710. [mlir][gpu] Handle async in gpu.launch_func lowering. (details)
  711. [mlir][gpu] Add pass to make GPU ops within a region execute asynchronously. (details)
  712. Mark the execution of stop-hooks as non-interactive. (details)
  713. Use !hasLocalLinkage instead of listing the symbol types (details)
  714. [RISCV] Add test case for D90339 (details)
  715. [RISCV] Improve worklist management in the DAG combine for SLLW/SRLW/SRAW (details)
  716. [mlir][vector] Improve vector distribute integration test and fix block distribution (details)
  717. Provide a reasonable value for PATH_MAX if the lldb headers don't provide it. (details)
  718. [OpenMP] Use __OPENMP_NVPTX__ instead of _OPENMP in complex wrapper headers. (details)
  719. [GWP-ASan] Add mutexes for Fuchsia (details)
  720. [AMDGPU] Update Memory Model in AMDGPUUsage.rst (details)
  721. [NFC][AMDGPU] Resize Memory Model columns in AMDGPUUsage.rst (details)
  722. [NFC] Fix typo function -> module (details)
  723. Thread safety analysis: Consider static class members as inaccessible (details)
  724. This is a preliminary version of the test for (details)
  725. [Hexagon] Handle additional shuffles that can be made perfect (details)
  726. clang-tidy: Make tests more hermetic (details)
  727. [WebAssembly] Improved LLD error messages in case of mixed wasm32/wasm64 object files (details)
  728. Add InsertionPoint and context managers to the Python API. (details)
  729. [llvm-readobj][NFC] Remove unused prefix from FileCheck tests (details)
  730. [dwarfdump] Recognize __apple sections as debug info sections (details)
  731. [AA] Pass query info. (details)
  732. [PruneEH] Pin tests to legacy PM (details)
  733. [lldb] Update (details)
  734. [lldb] XFAIL (temporarily) (details)
  735. Support complex target features combinations (details)
  736. [gn build] Port 00090a2b826 (details)
  737. [MC] Add SMLoc to MCStreamer::emitSymbolAttribute and report changed binding warnings/errors for ELF (details)
  738. [llvm] Export LLVM_LIT_ARGS in LLVMConfig.cmake (details)
  739. [RISCV] Fix unused check prefixes in test/MC/RISCV/ (details)
  740. Fix shared build. (details)
  741. [test] Fix unused check prefixes in test/Linker/ and test/Other/ (details)
  742. Fix "incorrect" assertions in Linalg/EDSC/Builders.cpp (NFC) (details)
  743. [NFC] Don't run clang/bindings/python/tests with msan (details)
  744. [Flang][OpenMP][OpenACC] Fix exit out of a region in OpenMP parallel construct. (details)
  745. [MC] Fix an assert in MCAssembler::writeSectionData to be aware of errors (details)
  746. [OpenMP][NFC] Clang format ParseOpenMP (details)
  747. [OpenMP][Docs] Structure and content for the OpenMP documentation (details)
  748. [NFC] Don't run python binding tests with sanitizers (details)
  749. [llvm-readobj][test][NFC] - Use "--check-prefix" instead of "--check-prefixes". (details)
  750. [Coroutine] Properly determine whether an alloca should live on the frame (details)
  751. [NFC] Fix "ambiguous overload for ‘operator=’" (details)
  752. [mlir][ASM] Refactor how attribute/type aliases are specified. (details)
  753. [NFC] Fix "ambiguous overload for ‘operator=’" (details)
  754. [mips] Implement, and (details)
  755. [SCEV] Introduce SCEVPtrToIntExpr (PR46786) (details)
  756. [SCEV] SCEVPtrToIntExpr simplifications (details)
  757. [sanitizer] Use __atomic_load/store() built-ins for generic 32-bit targets (details)
  758. [mlir] Add shape.is_broadcastable. (details)
  759. [compiler-rt] Don't include libc++ headers from the source tree in MSAN (details)
  760. [DSE] Remove noop stores after killing stores for a MemoryDef. (details)
  761. [mlir] Add lowering for IsBroadcastable to Std dialect. (details)
  762. [ADT] Add methods to SmallString for efficient concatenation (details)
  763. [ARM] Additional MVE VQDMULH tests. NFC (details)
  764. [NFC] Simplify code in IndVars (details)
  765. [ADT][NFC] Silence some misc-unconventional-assign-operator warnings (details)
  766. [SROA] Pass Twine by const reference. NFCI. (details)
  767. [clangd] Fix MSVC implicit capture build failure. (details)
  768. [AMDGPU] SILowerControlFlow::removeMBBifRedundant. Refactoring plus fix for the null MBB pointer in MF->splice (details)
  769. [Flang] Fix build failures (NFC) (details)
  770. Revert rG22c383763456 "[RISCV] Remove include of RISCVRegisterInfo.h from RISCVBaseInfo.h" (details)
  771. [Aarch64] Fix assumption that Windows implies x86 (details)
  772. [AST] Fix traversal over CXXConstructExpr in Syntactic mode (details)
  773. [mlir] Implement lowering to LLVM of async.execute ops with token dependencies (details)
  774. [clang][FPEnv] Diagnose Strict FP pragmas if target does not support StrictFP (details)
  775. [yaml2obj] - Make `Section::Link` field to be `Optional<>`. (details)
  776. [libc++] Add a new concept of ConfigAction, and use it in the DSL (details)
  777. [lldb/test] Simplify/generalize YAMLModuleTester (details)
  778. [lldb/test] Remove a double debugserver launch in TestGdbRemoteGPacket (details)
  779. [ARM] Match MVE vqdmulh (details)
  780. [SVE] Add fatal error for unnamed SVE variadic arguments (details)
  781. [MLIR][SPIRV] Start module combiner (details)
  782. PR47372: Fix Lambda invoker calling conventions (details)
  783. [TTI] Add VecPred argument to getCmpSelInstrCost. (details)
  784. [NFCI][SCEV] getPtrToIntExpr(): use SCEVRewriteVisitor<> for ptrtoint cast sinking (details)
  785. Address ABI issues introduced with CXCursor_CXXAddrspaceCastExpr (details)
  786. [lldb/DWARF] Fix dwo flavour of TestTypeGetModule (details)
  787. [clang] add fexperimental-strict-floating-point to test cases that fail on arm and aarch not sure this will work due to commit rG13bfd89c4962 (details)
  788. BitcodeReader::popValue - pass SmallVectorImpl<> as const reference. NFCI. (details)
  789. Use cast<> instead of dyn_cast<> as we dereference the pointer immediately. NFCI. (details)
  790. [stack-clash] Fix probing of dynamic alloca (details)
  791. [lit] Ship and bundle license for lit package (details)
  792. [MLIR] Use `llvm::is_one_of` in walk templates (details)
  793. [SCEV] SCEVExpander::InsertNoopCastOfTo - reduce scope of pointer type. NFCI. (details)
  794. [VPlan] Use isa<> instead getVPRecipeID in getFirstNonPhi (NFC). (details)
  795. [ARM] Update target triple in tests. NFC (details)
  796. Revert "[MLIR][SPIRV] Start module combiner" (details)
  797. [clang][aarch64] Address various fixed-length SVE vector operations (details)
  798. AMDGPU: Fix missing writelane cases to skip with exec=0 (details)
  799. [VE][NFC] Split up lowering init (details)
  800. Use cast<> instead of dyn_cast<> as we dereference the pointers immediately. NFCI. (details)
  801. [SLP][X86] Extend target coverage for PR47629 (details)
  802. [DSE] Improve partial overlap detection (details)
  803. [gvn] PRE needs to skip convergent intrinsics/calls. (details)
  804. [llvm-cov][NFC] Remove unused prefixes from FileCheck usage (details)
  805. [VE][NFC] move scalar tests to Scalar/ (details)
  806. [nfc] [lldb] Align `user_id_t` format to the current `DIERef` format (details)
  807. Fix an embarrasing use-after-free from a895a446bcde (details)
  808. [CodeGen][X86] Remove unused check-prefix in amx inline asm tests (details)
  809. [CodeGen][X86] Cleanup + remove unused check-prefixes in avx union tests (details)
  810. [CodeGen][X86] Remove unused check-prefix in bswap tests (details)
  811. [CodeGen][X86] Remove unused check-prefix in bitscan tests (details)
  812. [CodeGen][X86] Tidyup CHECKs on bitscan tests (details)
  813. [CodeGen][X86] Cleanup + fix unused check-prefixes in bmi tests (details)
  814. [lldb] Ignore binary data in crashlog (details)
  815. [CodeGen][X86] Remove unused check-prefix in movdir tests (details)
  816. [CodeGen][X86] Remove unused check-prefix in constrained fma tests (details)
  817. [CodeView] Encode signed int values correctly when emitting S_CONSTANTs (details)
  818. [x86] add cost overrides for mul with overflow (details)
  819. [libunwind] Support DW_CFA_remember/restore_state without heap allocation. (details)
  820. [libc++] NFC: Fix several GCC warnings in the test suite (details)
  821. [NFC][LoopSimplify] modernize for loops over LoopInfo (details)
  822. [NFC][Reg2Mem] modernize loops iterators (details)
  823. [libc++] Add -Wno-sized-deallocation to avoid spurious GCC warnings (details)
  824. [clang][driver] Rename DriverOption as NoXarchOption (NFC) (details)
  825. Use uint64_t for branch weights instead of uint32_t (details)
  826. [NFC] Clean up PassBuilder (details)
  827. [lld][WebAssembly] Give better warnings on bad relocation sites (details)
  828. PR47861: Expand dangling reference warning to look through copy (details)
  829. FileManager: Improve the FileEntryRef API and customize its OptionalStorage (details)
  830. [Support] PR42623: Avoid setting the delete-on-close bit if a TempFile doesn't reside on a local drive (details)
  831. [lldb][NFC] Refactor getUUID functionality (details)
  832. [RISCV] Don't use DCI.CombineTo to replace a single result. NFCI (details)
  833. [gn build] port e58660750e76 (details)
  834. [gn build] Port 84e8257937e (details)
  835. Speculative fix for bots after 84e8257937ec6a332aa0b688f4dce57016516ffd (details)
  836. Speculative fix for bots after 84e8257937ec6a332aa0b688f4dce57016516ffd, v2 (details)
  837. Revert "FileManager: Improve the FileEntryRef API and customize its OptionalStorage" and follow-ups (details)
  838. [gn build] Port 940d0a310dc (details)
  839. tsan: add Go race detector support for macOS/ARM64 (details)
  840. [libc++] Fix tests failing with Clang after removing GCC warnings (details)
  841. [AMDGPU] Refactor and extend elf-header-flags-mach tests (details)
  842. [MLIR][SPIRV] Start module combiner. (details)
  843. Reapply "FileManager: Improve the FileEntryRef API and customize its OptionalStorage" (details)
  844. [CFG] Replace hardcoded max BBs explored as CL option. NFC. (details)
  845. [lldb] GetSharedModule: Collect old modules in SmallVector (details)
  846. [lldb] Report old modules from ModuleList::ReplaceEquivalent (details)
  847. [gn build] Port ac49500cd04 (details)
  848. [FileCheck] Report missing prefixes when more than one is provided. (details)
  849. [PhaseOrdering] Add test for PR39282 (NFC) (details)
  850. AArch64: Switch to x20 as the shadow base register for outlined HWASan checks. (details)
  851. AArch64: Use SBFX instead of UBFX to extract address granule in outlined HWASan checks. (details)
  852. [TableGen] Remove spurious GISEL prefix from test. (details)
  853. hwasan: Move fixed shadow behind opaque no-op cast as well. (details)
  854. Remove `noexcept` from ac49500cd0484e1b2dcf37fa4c0dade6f113c2c9 to fix bots (details)
  855. [clang][NFC] Remove unused FileCheck prefix (details)
  856. Revert "[MLIR][SPIRV] Start module combiner." (details)
  857. [mlir] Move some linalg patterns around. (details)
  858. [MLIR][SPIRV] Start module combiner. (details)
  859. [Legalize] Add legalizations for VECREDUCE_SEQ_FADD (details)
  860. [mlir] Add BufferResultsToOutParams pass. (details)
  861. [FileCheck] Address unused prefixes in tests (details)
  862. hwasan: Support for outlined checks in the Linux kernel. (details)
  863. Revert "[TTI] Add VecPred argument to getCmpSelInstrCost." (details)
  864. Revert "[SLP] Consider alternatives for cost of select instructions." (details)
  865. Use `--allow-unused-prefixes=false` by default for FileCheck in MLIR testsuite (details)
  866. [WebAssembly] Prototype i64x2.widen_{low,high}_i32x4_{s,u} (details)
  867. [flang] Detect and rewrite ambiguous READ(CVAR)[,item-list] (details)
  868. [NFC][AMDGPU] Minor cleanup to AMDGPU memory model table (details)
  869. [clang-tidy][test] Fix test failure when LLVM_ENABLE_WERROR is set. (details)
  870. [WebAssembly] Prototype i64x2.eq (details)
  871. [flang] Add warning for FINAL pitfall (details)
  872. [WebAssembly] Fixed DWARF DW_AT_low_pc encoded as 64-bit in wasm64 (details)
  873. [flang] Better error messages & more cases caught for bad forward refs (details)
  874. [WebAssembly] Prototype i64x2.bitmask (details)
  875. [flang] Plug error recovery hole for erroneous subscripts (details)
  876. [WebAssembly] fix paths in dwarfdump64.ll test (details)
  877. [lld][WebAssembly] Do not specify temporary file name in tests. (details)
  878. PR42513: Fix handling of function definitions lazily instantiated from (details)
  879. [CMake] Replace ctime with time.h in memprof (details)
  880. [CMake] Remove cxx-headers from runtime deps (details)
  881. [CMake] Add -fno-rtti into tsan unittests (details)
  882. [NFC][CMake] Move some COMPILER_RT variables setup (details)
  883. [X86] Support Intel avxvnni (details)
  884. [gn build] Port 756f5978410 (details)
  885. [lldb] Fix XcodeSDKModuleTests (details)
  886. [test] Fix unused check prefixes in test/DebugInfo (details)
  887. [test] Fix unused check prefixes in test/Driver (details)
  888. Revert "Use uint64_t for branch weights instead of uint32_t" (details)
  889. [CMake] Avoid accidental C++ standard library dependency in sanitizers (details)
  890. [Inliner] Add extra test for callsite noalias metadata (NFC) (details)
  891. [Inliner] Consistently apply callsite noalias metadata (details)
  892. Add option 'exceptions' to pragma clang fp (details)
  893. [sanitizer] Disabled 2 tests on Android (details)
  894. Fix gendered documentation (details)
  895. [X86] No need to determine pointer when the type is already a MachineInstr*. NFCI. (details)
  896. [X86] X86AsmPrinter - ensure the declaration/definition variable names match. NFCI. (details)
  897. [X86] printAsmVRegister - remove unused argument. NFC. (details)
  898. [X86] assignValueToReg - fix Wshadow warning. NFCI. (details)
  899. [X86] printAsmMRegister - make the X86AsmPrinter arg a const reference. NFC. (details)
  900. [X86] Reduce scope of DestReg and use specific Register type not unsigned. NFCI. (details)
  901. [X86] X86MCTargetDesc - ensure the declaration/definition variable names match. NFCI. (details)
  902. [MCA][LSUnit] Correctly update the internal group flags on store barrier execution. Fixes PR48024. (details)
  903. [Bitcode] Make some basic PlaceholderQueue/MetadataLoaderImpl helper methods const. NFCI. (details)
  904. [CSE] Make some basic EarlyCSE::StackNode helper methods const. NFCI. (details)
  905. [X86] Make the X86FrameSortingComparator operator const. NFCI. (details)
  906. [X86] Make some basic VarArgsLoweringHelper helper methods const. NFCI. (details)
  907. [InstCombine] foldSelectRotate - generalize to foldSelectFunnelShift (details)
  908. Temporarily remove test CodeGen/pragma-fp-exc (details)
  909. [ARM] Fix crash for gather of pointer costs. (details)
  910. Use ANSI escape codes for --use-color on Windows (details)
  911. [TableGen] Eliminate uses of true and false in .td files. (details)
  912. [CodeGen] Implement [[likely]] and [[unlikely]] for while and for loop. (details)
  913. [Sema] Diagnose annotating `if constexpr` with a likelihood attribute (details)
  914. Reland "[SLP] Consider alternatives for cost of select instructions." (details)
  915. [GWP-ASan] Fuchsia specific mapping & utilities functions (details)
  916. Add missing EOL. NFCI. (details)
  917. [COFF] Move ghash timers under the "add objects" timer (details)
  918. Fix lld/wasm test portability issue, and XFAIL the test (details)
  919. [DSE] Add additional tests with free, regenerate check lines. (details)
  920. [DSE] Use same logic as legacy impl to check if free kills a location. (details)
  921. [mlir][AsmPrinter] Fix crash in windows build after D89354 (details)
  922. [AVR] Improve inline rotate/shift expansions (details)
  923. [lld][WebAssembly] Remove bad-reloc test (details)
  924. [test] Clean up test/Frontend/gnu-mcount.c and fix unused check prefixes (details)
  925. [test] Fix unused check prefixes in test/AST (details)
  926. [test] Fix some unused check prefixes in test/Analysis/CostModel/X86 (details)
  927. [AMDGPU] Add alignment check for v3 to v4 load type promotion (details)
  928. [AMDGPU] Some refactoring after D90404. NFC. (details)
  929. [lldb] review improvements (details)
  930. [NFC][lldb] Silence unused variable warning (details)
  931. [PowerPC] Avoid unnecessary fadd for unsigned to ppcf128 (details)
  932. [ARM] Add extra MVE tests for various patches. NFC (details)
  933. [VPlan] Assert no users remaining when deleting a VPValue. (details)
  934. [SCEV] Construct GEP expression more efficiently (NFCI) (details)
  935. [RISCV] Use 'unsigned' instead of Register in getRegForInlineAsmConstraint. NFC (details)
  936. Recommit "[RISCV] Remove include of RISCVRegisterInfo.h from RISCVBaseInfo.h. NFCI" (details)
  937. [RISCV] Add tests to show missed opportunities to use rori for fshr intrinsic with same inputs. NFC (details)
  938. [SCEV] Delay strengthening of nowrap flags (details)
  939. [MemProf] Pass down memory profile name with optional path from clang (details)
  940. [Scheduling] Fall back to the fast cluster algorithm if the DAG is too complex (details)
  941. [MachineSink] sink more profitable loads (details)
  942. [libcxx] Fix regression where `ninja all` doesn't copy libcxx headers (details)
  943. [mlir][Python] Context managers for Context, InsertionPoint, Location. (details)
  944. [MemProf] Fix test failure on windows (details)
  945. NFC: Wrap lines in (details)
  946. [CodeGen][X86] Remove unused check-prefix in adx tests. (details)
  947. [RISCV] Add more rev32 and rev16 test cases using fshl/fshr intrinsics. NFC (details)
  948. [RISCV] Add a test case to show a bug in SelectRORIW. NFC (details)
  949. [compiler-rt][NFC] Fix typo in comment (details)
  950. [PowerPC] Fix a crash in POWER 9 setb peephole (details)
  951. [RISCV] Add a test case for another issue in SelectRORIW. NFC (details)
  952. [CodeGen][X86] Remove unused check-prefix in strict FP tests. (details)
  953. [clangd] Fix ParsedASTTest.TopLevelDecls test. (details)
  954. [clangd] Add lit tests for remote index (details)
  955. [AArch64][AsmParser] Remove 'x31' alias for 'sp/xzr' register. (details)
  956. Revert "[AArch64][AsmParser] Remove 'x31' alias for 'sp/xzr' register." (details)
  957. [yaml2obj] - Add support of Offset for .strtab/.shstrtab/.dynstr sections. (details)
  958. [llvm-exegesis] Print signal name when the snippet crashed. (details)
  959. [clangd] Improve remote-index test (details)
  960. [flang][driver] Use --match-full-lines in tests for `-test-io` (details)
  961. [clangd] Value initialize SymbolIDs (details)
  962. [flang][driver] Rename the accessors/mutators (NFC) (details)
  963. [RISCV] Avoid std::pair<> in FPReg StringSwitch to avoid MSVC compile failures. NFCI. (details)
  964. [SLP][X86] Add AVX512VL test target coverage for PR47629 (details)
  965. [LV][X86] Regenerate gather_scatter tests. NFCI. (details)
  966. [libc++] NFC: Remove warning about non-void function returning void (details)
  967. Use --use-color in (details)
  968. [AMDGPU] Remove a comment. NFC. (details)
  969. [AMDGPU] Generate test checks. NFC. (details)
  970. [AMDGPU] Precommit ds_read2/write2 with unaligned offset tests. NFC. (details)
  971. Fix ds_read2/write2 unaligned offsets (details)
  972. Revert "Fix ds_read2/write2 unaligned offsets" (details)
  973. [llvm-exegesis] Save target state before running the benchmark. (details)
  974. [Flang][Driver] Add PrintPreprocessedInput FrontendAction (`flang-new -E`) (details)
  975. Revert "[llvm-exegesis] Save target state before running the benchmark." (details)
  976. [gn build] (manually) port 76a168bce01 (details)
  977. [PS4] Support dllimport/export attributes (details)
  978. [TableGen][SchedModels] Fix read/write variant substitution (details)
  979. [lldb/test] Fix a fragile assumption in TestTypeGetModule (details)
  980. [SLP] Added testcase for PR47623 (details)
  981. Add a new altera kernel name restriction check to clang-tidy. (details)
  982. RegisterCoalescer: Use Register (details)
  983. [gn build] (manually) port 76a168bce01 better (details)
  984. Fix link to a new check within the release notes. (details)
  985. [libc++abi] Get rid of warnings when running the tests with GCC (details)
  986. AMDGPU: Reorder checks (details)
  987. Revert "Add a new altera kernel name restriction check to clang-tidy." (details)
  988. [lldb] Generalize an deflake gdb-remote *client* tests (details)
  989. [libc++] Split off iostreams explicit instantiations into its own source file (details)
  990. Reland "[TTI] Add VecPred argument to getCmpSelInstrCost." (details)
  991. [analyzer][ReturnPtrRangeChecker] Fix a false positive on end() iterator (details)
  992. [gn build] (manually) port c6eaa14e11 (details)
  993. [gn build] Run `git ls-files '*.gn' '*.gni' | xargs llvm/utils/gn/ format` (details)
  994. [libc++/libc++abi] Use Python3_EXECUTABLE consistently to run utilities (details)
  995. [Debugify] Port -debugify-each to NewPM (details)
  996. Revert "[MLIR] Use `llvm::is_one_of` in walk templates" (details)
  997. Revert "[MLIR] Support walks over regions and blocks" (details)
  998. [libc++] Make it easier to re-generate the ABI lists (details)
  999. [libc++] NFC: Re-generate the ABI lists with the new script (details)
  1000. [ELF] --emit-relocs: fix st_value of STT_SECTION in the presence of a gap before the first input section (details)
  1001. [ARM][MachineOutliner] Do not overestimate LR liveness in return block (details)
  1002. [FileCheck] Fix comments and eof in allow-unused-prefixes.txt (details)
  1003. [LLDB/Lua] call lua_close() on Lua dtor (details)
  1004. [libc++][CI] Allow retries in case an agent is lost (details)
  1005. [MemProf] Reenable test with fix for bot failures (details)
  1006. [clang] Limit scope of CLANG_VENDOR definition (details)
  1007. [clangd] Account for vendor in version string (details)
  1008. [test] Fix unused FileCheck prefix in ThinLTO test (details)
  1009. [Clang] Add the ability to map DLL storage class to visibility (details)
  1010. [AggressiveInstCombine] foldGuardedRotateToFunnelShift - generalize rotation to funnel shift matcher. (details)
  1011. [RISCV] When matching RORIW, make sure the same input is given to both shifts. (details)
  1012. [InstCombine] add multi-use tests for negator; NFC (details)
  1013. [x86] add AVX2 cost model entries for maxnum of 256-bit vectors (details)
  1014. [TableGen] Fix a couple of minor issues regarding the paste operator. (details)
  1015. [flang] Design document for runtime derived type descriptions (NFC) (details)
  1016. [libc++] Migrate warning flags to the DSL (details)
  1017. [AggressiveInstCombine] Regenerate rotate tests (details)
  1018. [AggressiveInstCombine] Add funnel shift tests (details)
  1019. [RISCV] Make SelectRORIW handle the commutability of OR. (details)
  1020. Revert "[Clang] Add the ability to map DLL storage class to visibility" (details)
  1021. [ARM] Cost model test for target intrinsics. NFC (details)
  1022. Correct the nomerge attribute documentation (details)
  1023. [AtomicExpand] Avoid creating an unnamed libcall (details)
  1024. [clang-format] Improve BAS_DontAlign+AllowAllArgumentsOnNextLine=false (details)
  1. Fix build of MiBench on FreeBSD RISC-V (details / githubweb)
  2. [CMake] Don't add -lstdc++ to LDFLAGS (details / githubweb)
  3. Git ignore top level build* directories (details / githubweb)
  4. tools/ remove thousand separator in  perf-stat task-clock line (details / githubweb)

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