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  1. [LV] Add additional tests for pointer select support. (details)
  2. Revert "[ValueTypes] Define MVTs for v128i2/v64i4 as well as i2 and i4." (details)
  3. Refactor PS4OSTargetInfo into a base class and PS4 subclass; prep for PS5 (details)
  4. [PS5] Add PS5OSTargetInfo class, update affected tests (details)
  5. [ObjectYAML][DX] Support yaml2dxcontainer (details)
  6. [gn build] Port 129c056d6269 (details)
  7. [BOLT][NFC] Remove unused variable (details)
  8. [flang][NFC] Document intentional non-support for an extension (details)
  9. Temporarily disabling this test on arm (details)
  10. [bazel] Add a missing dependency after f3bdb56d61e3 (details)
  11. update_mir_test_checks: Better handling of common prefixes (details)
  12. [BOLT][TEST] Replace cache+ option with ext-tsp (details)
  13. [LV] Update var name to Exiting, in line with terminology (NFC) (details)
  14. [mlir][sparse] Using non-empty function name suffix for OverheadType::kIndex (details)
  15. Temporarily disabling this test on arm (details)
  16. [mlir][sparse][NFC] Switch InitOp to bufferization::AllocTensorOp (details)
  17. [clang][AIX] add option mdefault-visibility-export-mapping (details)
  18. [RISCV] Use MachineRegisterInfo::use_instr_begin instead of use_begin+getParent. NFCI (details)
  19. [Binary] Promote OffloadBinary to inherit from Binary (details)
  20. Revert "[SLP]Improve shuffles cost estimation where possible." (details)
  21. [RISCV] Split fixed-vector-strided-load-store.ll so it can be autogened (details)

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