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  1. Revert "Remove aarch64-sve-vector-bits-min compile flag from SVE 2 stage bot" (details / githubweb)
  2. Update config for aosp-O3-polly-before-vectorizer-unprofitable (details / githubweb)
  3. [sanitizer] Run two builds at the time (details / githubweb)
  4. [NFC][sanitizer] Remove misleading comment (details / githubweb)
  5. [sanitizer] Move cpplint to the end of the build (details / githubweb)
  6. [sanitizers] Don't run cpplint (details / githubweb)
  1. [clang][tooling] Link clangDriver to ToolingTests (details)
  2. [NFC] Reflow some debug messages. (details)
  3. [RISCV] Add support for vector saturating add/sub operations (details)
  4. [clang-cl] Expose -fmodules and related flags in the driver (PR43391) (details)
  5. Revert "sanitizer_common: split LibIgnore into fast/slow paths" (details)
  6. [clang][tooling] Link LLVMOption to ToolingTests (details)
  7. [SelectionDAG] Support scalable splats in U(ADD|SUB)SAT combines (details)
  8. [mlir] Fix typo s/applyPermuationMap/applyPermutationMap/ (details)
  9. [GlobalISel] Constant fold G_SITOFP and G_UITOFP in CSEMIRBuilder (details)
  10. [flang] Fix thinko in CPU_TIME test (details)
  11. [flang] Fix minor style issues. NFC (details)
  12. [LV] Disable Scalable VFs when tail folding is enabled b/c of low tripcount. (details)
  13. [lldb][AArch64] Add memory tag writing to lldb-server (details)
  14. [X86] Add PR37025 test coverage (details)
  15. [LangRef][NFC] Fix variable name in llvm.maxnum docs (details)
  16. [PowerPC] add more testcases for ld_splat; nfc (details)
  17. [clang/darwin] Pass libclang_rt.profile last on linker command (details)
  18. Convert the error to warning for enabling OMPD in non-Linux platform (details)
  19. [lldb] Wait in TestGuiBasicDebug for the interface to open before quitting the welcome screen (details)
  20. [DebugInfo][LoopStrengthReduction] SCEV-based salvaging for LSR (details)
  21. [clangd] Use function pointer instead of function_ref to avoid GCC 5 bug (details)
  22. [flang][driver] Make `flang` ignore `-Mfree/-Mfixed` (details)
  23. [clangd] Add platform triple (host & target) to version info (details)
  24. [DebugInfo][LoopStrengthReduction] SCEV-based salvaging for LSR (details)
  25. [DebugInfo][InstrRef] Handle llvm.frameaddress intrinsics gracefully (details)
  26. [clang][Driver] Expose driver mode detection logic (details)
  27. Revert "Revert "[clangd] Canonicalize compile flags before applying edits"" (details)
  28. Revert "Revert "[clangd] Adjust compile flags to contain only the requested file as input"" (details)
  29. [DebugInfo][LoopStrengthReduction] SCEV-based salvaging for LSR (details)
  30. [IVDescriptors] Fix bug in checkOrderedReduction (details)
  31. Handle unused variable when assertions are disabled (details)
  32. [libc++] NFC: Try to trigger Docker image rebuild on CI nodes (details)
  33. [clang-repl] Build and install clang-repl by default. (details)
  34. [DebugInfo][InstrRef] Correctly update DBG_PHIs during instr scheduling (details)
  35. [lldb][AArch64] Add memory tag writing to lldb (details)
  36. [libc++] [c++2b] [P2166] Prohibit string and string_view construction from nullptr. (details)
  37. Revert "[X86][AVX] Add getBROADCAST_LOAD helper function. NFCI." (details)
  38. Revert "Revert "[X86][AVX] Add getBROADCAST_LOAD helper function. NFCI."" (details)
  39. Revert "[X86][AVX] Add getBROADCAST_LOAD helper function. NFCI." (details)
  40. Strip undef implying attributes when moving calls (details)
  41. [SystemZ][z/OS] Initial code to generate assembly files on z/OS (details)
  42. Revert "[clang][pp] adds '#pragma include_instead'" (details)
  43. [OpenCL] NULL redefined as nullptr in C++ mode. (details)
  44. Update isl to isl-0.24-69-g54aac5ac (details)
  45. [WebAssembly] Codegen for extmul SIMD instructions (details)
  46. AMDGPU: Treat IMPLICIT_DEF like a constant lanemask source (details)
  47. [mlir][sparse] fixed bug in verification (details)
  48. Re-engineer MLIR python build support. (details)
  49. AMDGPU: Update tests for lower i1 change (details)
  50. [mlir] Math: add algebraic simplification patterns to math transforms (details)
  51. Update reduction test. Remove standalone test file (details)
  52. [LoopVectorize] Don't interleave scalar ordered reductions for inner loops (details)
  53. Enabling the copy-constant-to-alloca optimization in more instances (details)
  54. [AArch64] Update and expand min-max cost model test. NFC (details)
  55. [clang][fpenv][patch] Change clang option -ffp-model=precise to select ffp-contract=on (details)
  56. [RISCV] Select vector shl by 1 to a vector add. (details)
  57. [libc++] CI: Run -std=c++03 on Clang ToT (details)
  58. [runtimes] Always build libc++, libc++abi and libunwind with -fPIC (details)
  59. [lld/mac] When loading reexports, look for basename in -F / -L first (details)
  60. Add jump-threading optimization for deterministic finite automata (details)
  61. [Matrix] RAUW should only replace an instruction in ShapeMap if supportsShapeInfo (details)
  62. [Matrix] Fix shape for factored transpose (details)
  63. [lld/mac] Fix application-extension.s failure after 8e8701abca3d4 (details)
  64. [gn build] Port 02077da7e7a8 (details)
  65. [dfsan][NFC] Update API interfaces (details)
  66. [ASAN] NFC: Remove redundant variable (details)
  67. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Fix constraining LDXPX intrinsic selection. (details)
  68. Add test update for a11d9a1f480f which disables fallbacks. (details)
  69. Remove unused include that's also a layering violation. NFC. (details)
  70. [SystemZ][z/OS][libcxx]: Disable align_val_t test cases on z/OS (details)
  71. [lld/mac] Fix sub-library.s on Windows after 8e8701abca3d4f0 (details)
  72. [z/OS] Make MinGlobalAlign consistent with SystemZ (details)
  73. [hwasan] Fix stack safety test for old PM. (details)
  74. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add a few tests for unaligned truncating stores (details)
  75. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix wrong addrspace in test MMOs (details)
  76. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix selecting G_SEXTLOAD/G_ZEXTLOAD pre-gfx9 (details)
  77. [flang] Disallow BOZ literal constants as output list items (details)
  78. [libclang] Check LLVM_HAVE_LINK_VERSION_SCRIPT (details)
  79. [mlir][bzl] Fix typo (details)
  80. [libc++] Disable incomplete library features. (details)
  81. Fix "break delete --disabled" with no arguments. (details)
  82. When calculating the "currently selected thread" in (details)
  83. Add a test for top-level expressions using "expr --top-level". (details)
  84. [libc] Enable MPFR library for math functions test (details)
  85. [PDL] Remove RewriteEndOp and mark RewriteOp as NoTerminator (details)
  86. [mlir] Add a FailureOr copy constructor from a FailureOr of a convertible type. (details)
  87. [x86] add more tests for cmov and lea; NFC (details)
  88. [x86] update stale code comment; NFC (details)
  89. [PowerPC] Turn deprecated altivec prefetch instrs to nops on AIX (details)
  90. [libc] Fix x86_64 fenv implementation for windows (details)
  91. [dfsan][NFC] Describe how origin trace tracking works (details)
  92. [OpenMP] Creating the `omp_target_num_teams` and `omp_target_thread_limit` attributes to outlined functions (details)
  93. [lldb][NFC] Fix incorrect log and comment (details)
  94. [libc] Fix strtok_r crash when src and *saveptr are both nullptr (details)
  95. [OpenMP] Fix deadlock for detachable task with child tasks (details)
  96. [NFC][MLGO] Debug messages for what inline advisor is selected (details)
  97. [OpenMP][Tests] Fix test compatibility (details)
  98. [MLGO] fix silly LLVM_DEBUG misuse (details)
  99. [AIX] Update fetch_and_add type (details)
  100. [Libomptarget] Revert new variable sharing to use the old method (details)
  101. [gn build] manually port 71909de37495 (details)
  102. [lld][ELF] remove empty SyntheticSections from inputSections (details)
  103. Fix test/Transforms/LoopVectorize/AArch64/strict-fadd-vf1.ll. (details)
  104. [compiler-rt][hwasan][Fuchsia] Do not emit FindDynamicShadowStart for Fuchsia (details)
  105. [libcxx][nfc] Delete `cpp20_input_iterator`'s default constructor. (details)
  106. [libcxx][ranges] Add `counted_iterator`. (details)
  107. [Attributor] Disable simplification AAs if a callback is present (details)
  108. [OpenMP] Improve alignment handling in the new device runtime (details)
  109. [Attributor] Verify `checkForAllUses` return value properly (details)
  110. Revert "[Attributor] Disable simplification AAs if a callback is present" (details)
  111. [gn build] Port 8a48e6dda9f7 (details)
  112. Revert "[ELF] --gc-sections: allow GC on reserved sections in a group" (details)
  113. [Hexagon] Fix resetting dead registers in DBG_VALUE_LISTs (details)
  114. Create synthetic symbol names on demand to improve memory consumption and startup times. (details)
  115. [PDL] Fix the builders for OperationOp and PatternOp (details)
  116. [PDL] Mark PatternOp as SingleBlock (details)
  117. [X86] Fix lowering to illegal type in LowerINSERT_VECTOR_ELT (details)
  118. [libc++] Fix a few warnings in system headers with GCC (details)
  119. Add llvm::equal convenient wrapper for ranges around std::equal (details)
  120. Revert "[X86] Fix lowering to illegal type in LowerINSERT_VECTOR_ELT" (details)
  121. Reapply "[Attributor] Disable simplification AAs if a callback is present"" (details)
  122. [X86] Fix lowering to illegal type in LowerINSERT_VECTOR_ELT (details)
  123. Precommit test files for D105344 (NFC) (details)
  124. [DAGCombiner] Fold SETCC(FREEZE(x),const) to FREEZE(SETCC(x,const)) if SETCC is used by BRCOND (details)
  125. llvm/utils: guarantee revert_checker's revert ordering (details)
  126. [clang] NFC: change uses of `Expr->getValueKind` into `is?Value` (details)
  127. [OpenMP] Folding threadLimit and numThreads when single value in kernels (details)
  128. [OpenMP][Libomptarget] Adding `print_device_info` to RTL and `omptarget` (details)
  129. [lld] Replace LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN with [[noreturn]] (details)
  130. [mlir] Replace LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN with C++11 [[noreturn]] (details)
  131. Fix a thinko in the parsing of substitutions in CommandObjectRegexCommand. (details)
  132. [mlir][openacc] Initial translation for DataOp to LLVM IR (details)
  133. [OpenMP][Tool] Introducing the `llvm-omp-device-info` tool (details)
  134. [OpenMP] Fixing missing variables when CUDA SDK not in system (details)
  135. Bump the trunk major version to 14 (details)
  136. Emit strong definition for TypeID storage in Op/Type/Attributes definition (details)
  137. [AMDGPU] We would need FP if there is call and caller save VGPR spills (details)
  138. Revert "Emit strong definition for TypeID storage in Op/Type/Attributes definition" (details)
  139. Revert "sanitizers: increase .clang-format columns to 100" (details)
  140. [SLP][X86] Fix naming consistency of dot product tests. NFC. (details)
  141. [ORC] Fix missing include. (details)
  142. [LLDB] Skip HW breakpoints test_step_until on Arm/Linux (details)
  143. Revert "[LLDB] Skip HW breakpoints test_step_until on Arm/Linux" (details)
  144. [clang-format] Correctly attach enum braces with ShortEnums disabled (details)
  145. Revert "[DebugInfo][LoopStrengthReduction] SCEV-based salvaging for LSR" (details)
  146. [lldb] Add "memory tag write" command (details)
  147. [lldb] Temporarily bump the max length of the pexpect error message to diagnose an lldb-aarch64 test failure (details)
  148. [ARM] Extra MVE reduction vectorizer tests. NFC (details)
  149. [mlir][memref] Fix collapsed shape ops memref.cast folding with changed type (details)
  150. [LLDB] Skip HW breakpoints test_step_until on Arm/Linux (details)
  151. [LLDB] Skip on Arm/AArch64 Linux (details)
  152. [libcxx] Bump __libcpp_version to 14 after branch (details)
  153. [mlir][linalg] Introduce a separate EraseIdentityCopyOp Pattern. (details)
  154. Allow #pragma float_control(push|pop) within a language linkage specification (details)
  155. [mlir][linalg] Specialize LinalgOp canonicalization patterns (NFC). (details)
  156. [LV][ARM] Tighten up MLA reduction costing (details)
  157. [LV] Move recurrence backedge fixup code to VPlan::execute (NFC). (details)
  158. [LTO][Legacy] Add new API to check presence of ctor/dtor functions. (details)
  159. [clang-tidy] Fix crash on "reference-to-array" parameters in 'bugprone-easily-swappable-parameters' (details)
  160. [SLP]Improve graph reordering. (details)
  161. [X86][AVX] Move VPERM2F128 defs above VINSERTF128 defs. NFC. (details)
  162. [lldb] Add "memory tag write" --end-addr option (details)
  163. sanitizers: switch BlockingMutex(LINKER_INITIALIZED) to Mutex (details)
  164. sanitizer_common: prohibit Mutex(LINKER_INITIALIZED) (details)
  165. sanitizer_common: replace RWMutex/BlockingMutex with Mutex (details)
  166. [x86] improve CMOV codegen by pushing add into operands, part 3 (details)
  167. [SLP]Fix build on MacOS, NFC. (details)
  168. [InstSimplify] Simplify llvm.vscale when vscale_range attribute exists (details)
  169. [AsmParser] Remove unused declaration parseOptionalCommaInAlloca (NFC) (details)
  170. [mlir][spirv] Fix a few issues in ModuleCombiner (details)
  171. [CLANG][PATCH][FPEnv] Add support for option -ffp-eval-method and extend #pragma float_control similarly (details)
  172. [DebugInfo][InstrRef] Don't break up ret-sequences on debug-info instrs (details)
  173. [Utils] Support class template specializations in update_cc_test_checks (details)
  174. [Clang interpreter] Avoid storing pointers at unaligned locations (details)
  175. [libc] Simplify implementation of benchmarks (details)
  176. [DivRemPairs] make sure we have a valid CFG for hoisting division (details)
  177. [DebugInfo][LoopStrengthReduction] SCEV-based salvaging for LSR (details)
  178. tsan: fix warnings in tests (details)
  179. tsan: extend signal_malloc test (details)
  180. tsan: increase max number of threads supported by test-only barrier (details)
  181. tsan: improve lots_of_threads test (details)
  182. Revert "[DebugInfo][LoopStrengthReduction] SCEV-based salvaging for LSR" (details)
  183. [libc++][nfc] Improve error diagnostics. (details)
  184. [RISCV] Restrict performANY_EXTENDCombine to prevent an infinite loop. (details)
  185. [RISCV] Fix grammar in a comment. NFC (details)
  186. Revert "[lldb] Temporarily bump the max length of the pexpect error message to diagnose an lldb-aarch64 test failure" (details)
  187. [NFC][PowerPC] Fix spe.ll to work with again (details)
  188. [mlir] harden result type verification in (details)
  189. [mlir] run the verifier before translating a module (details)
  190. [llvm] Replace LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN with C++11 [[noreturn]] (details)
  191. [mlir][sparse] use proper type alias for filename ptr (details)
  192. Simplify allowing pragma float_control in a linkage specification (details)
  193. Revert "Revert of D49126 [PredicateInfo] Use custom mangling to support ssa_copy with unnamed types." (details)
  194. [PredicateInfo] Use Intrinsic::getDeclaration now that it handles unnamed types. (details)
  195. [LoopFlatten] Fix bug where SCEVCouldNotCompute object is used (details)
  196. [trace] Introduce Hierarchical Trace Representation (HTR) and add  command for Intel PT trace visualization (details)
  197. tsan: remove unused pc arguments (details)
  198. tsan: remove mblock types (details)
  199. tsan: add more micro benchmarks (details)
  200. [MCA] Moving the target specific CustomBehaviour impl. from /tools/llvm-mca/ to /lib/Target/. (details)
  201. tsan: print alloc stack for Java objects (details)
  202. tsan: don't use caller/current PC in Java interfaces (details)
  203. tsan: strip __libc_start_main frame (details)
  204. sanitizer_common: avoid compiler-interted memset in deadlock detector (details)
  205. tsan: don't print __tsan_atomic* functions in report stacks (details)
  206. Add some missing CMake dependencies between MLIR dialects (NFC) (details)
  207. Emit strong definition for TypeID storage in Op/Type/Attributes definition (details)
  208. [ARM] Fix llvm-objdump disassembly of armv7m object files. (details)
  209. COFF/ELF: Place llvm.global_ctors elements in llvm.used if comdat is used (details)
  210. [DebugInfo][docs] Fix DISubprogram fields (details)
  211. [libcxx][ranges] Add ranges::take_view. (details)
  212. Optionally eliminate blocking runtime.await calls by converting functions to coroutines. (details)
  213. [ELF][test] Delete unneeded --triple=thumb* from llvm-objdump RUN lines (details)
  214. [ELF][test] Convert --start-address= and --stop-address= values to hexadecimal (details)
  215. [Bazel] Update for dbed061bf1 (details)
  216. [Bazel] Added missing targets to LLVM bazel rules. (details)
  217. Revert "[trace] Introduce Hierarchical Trace Representation (HTR) and add  command for Intel PT trace visualization" (details)
  218. [libc++] Add UNSUPPORTED for clang-14 since the underlying bug hasn't been fixed yet (details)
  219. [clang] Evaluate strlen of strcpy argument for -Wfortify-source. (details)
  220. [trace] Introduce Hierarchical Trace Representation (HTR) and add  command for Intel PT trace visualization (details)
  221. [mlir] Set the namespace of the BuiltinDialect to 'builtin' (details)
  222. Revert "Emit strong definition for TypeID storage in Op/Type/Attributes definition" (details)
  223. [clang] NFC: refactor multiple implementations of getDecltypeForParenthesizedExpr (details)
  224. [clang] fix concepts crash on substitution failure during normalization (details)
  225. [libc] add strncmp to strings (details)
  226. [profile] Add underscore to /alternatename for Win/x86 (details)
  227. [gn build] Add support for Win/x86 compiler-rt (details)
  228. [DebugInfo][LoopStrengthReduction] SCEV-based salvaging for LSR (details)
  229. [NFC][Codegen][X86] Autogenerate check lines in avx.ll test (details)
  230. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Improve legalization for odd-sized G_ICMP/G_CONSTANT (details)
  231. [Bazel] Fix digest for bazel-skylib 1.0.3 (details)
  232. [gn build] Manually port dbed061b (details)
  233. [lld-macho] Downgrade "cannot export hidden symbol" to warning (details)
  234. [Attributor] Change function internalization to not replace uses in internalized callers (details)
  235. [gn build] Port 0f4b41e03853 (details)
  236. [Attributor] Don't test internalization in the CGSCC pass. (details)
  237. [tsan] Fix Darwin build after D106973 (details)
  238. Revert "[tsan] Fix Darwin build after D106973" (details)
  239. [tsan] Fix Darwin build after D106973 (details)
  240. NFC: Adapt to builtin operation print format changes. (details)
  241. Emit strong definition for TypeID storage in Op/Type/Attributes definition (details)
  242. Break apart the MLIR ExecutionEngine from core python module. (details)
  243. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Improve legalization for odd-type G_LOAD (details)
  244. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Ignore all LC_SUB_* commands. (details)
  245. [libFuzzer] Fix CFI Directives for fuchsia (details)
  246. [asan][fuchsia] Implement PlatformUnpoisonStacks (details)
  247. [ThinLTO] Disallow importing for functions with indir branch to block address (details)
  248. [libc++] Implement the resolutions of LWG3506 and LWG3522. (details)
  249. [RISCV][test] Add new tests for mul optimization in the zba extension with SH*ADD (details)
  250. [RISCV] Optimize mul in the zba extension with SH*ADD (details)
  251. [MBP] findBestLoopTopHelper should exit if OldTop is not a chain header (details)
  252. [libc++] money_get::do_get() set failbit and eofbit if iterator begin equals end (details)
  253. [libc++] Remove unused variables in NFCI. (details)
  254. [libc++][modularisation] Split <compare> into internal headers. (details)
  255. [gn build] Port 61c35fb0c2c9 (details)
  256. NFC: Add missing import to integration test. (details)
  257. Update file names and extensions for MLIR Python execution engine changes. (details)
  258. [Preprocessor] -E -P: Ensure newline after 8 skipped lines. (details)
  259. libcang: Add missing function to (details)
  260. [libc][NFC] Add noreturn and constexpr qualifiers where appropriate (details)
  261. [test] Fix tools/gold/X86/comdat-nodeduplicate.ll on non-X86 hosts (details)
  262. Add `all_of_zip` to STLExtras (details)
  263. Implement recursive support into OperationEquivalence::isEquivalentTo() (details)
  264. [NFC][X86] add missing tests in clang/test/CodeGen/attr-target-mv.c (details)
  265. [libc++] Remove excess whitespace in synopsis comment. NFCI. (details)
  266. tsan: fix java_symbolization test (details)
  267. tsan: remove /**/ at the of multi-line macros (details)
  268. tsan: switch from SSE3 to SSE4.2 (details)
  269. [NFC][InstSimplify] Use more intuitive variable names. (details)
  270. [libcxx][doc] Update the build documentation. (details)
  271. [clang-format] Fix aligning with linebreaks #2 (details)
  272. Kill python2 (details)
  273. [RISCV] Add test case showing suboptimal BUILD_VECTOR lowering (details)
  274. [RISCV] Optimize floating-point "dominant value" BUILD_VECTORs (details)
  275. [LoopFlatten] Fix missed LoopFlatten opportunity (details)
  276. Fix FindZ3.cmake to support static libraries and Windows (details)
  277. [mlir] Remove the default isDynamicallyLegal hook (details)
  278. [mlir] Put back virtual ~ConversionTarget(), some users started relying on it (details)
  279. [AMDGPU][GlobalISel] Insert an and with exec before s_cbranch_vccnz if necessary (details)
  280. [lldb][AArch64] Annotate synchronous tag faults (details)
  281. NFC: Change quotes from Unicode to ASCII (details)
  282. [AArch64][GlobalISel] More widenToNextPow2 changes, this time for arithmetic/bitwise ops. (details)
  283. [AArch64][AsmParser] NFC: Parser.getTok() -> getTok() (details)
  284. [flang][driver] Forward `-fopenmp`/`-fopenacc` to the host compiler (details)
  285. tsan: rename deadlock detector Mutex to UserMutex (details)
  286. sanitizer_common: remove BlockingMutex and RWMutex (details)
  287. tsan: store ThreadRegistry in Context by value (details)
  288. Follow-up to D105207, only salvage affine SCEVs to avoid a crash (details)
  289. bugprone-forwarding-reference-overload: support non-type template parameters (details)
  290. [Utils] Do not remove comments in llc test script (details)
  291. [AArch64][SVE] Fix incorrect mask type when lowering fixed type SVE gather/scatter (details)
  292. [MCA] Use LSU for the in-order pipeline (details)
  293. [AArch64][x86] add tests for add-with-overflow folds; NFC (details)
  294. [Orc][examples] Adopt ExecutorProcessControl API and re-enable LLJITWithRemoteDebugging (details)
  295. [DAGCombiner] don't try to partially reduce add-with-overflow ops (details)
  296. [lldb] Assert filecache and live memory match on debug under a setting (details)
  297. [libomptarget][amdgpu] Update printed plugin name (details)
  298. Set TargetCPUName for AIX to default to pwr7. (details)
  299. [ELF] Add two new tests showing broken .tbss alignment if first in PT_TLS (details)
  300. [ELF] Align the first section of a PT_TLS even if its type is SHT_NOBITS (details)
  301. [CodeGen] Remove getPseudoProbeAttribute and addPseudoProbeAttribute (NFC) (details)
  302. [DWARF5] Only fallback to manual index if no entry was found (details)
  303. [libc] rewrite aarch64 memcmp implementation (details)
  304. tsan: add another test for atomics (details)
  305. [PowerPC] Fix return type of XL compat CAS (details)
  306. Revert "[LoopFlatten] Fix missed LoopFlatten opportunity" (details)
  307. tsan: add intrusive doubly-linked list (details)
  308. [lld-macho] Support common symbols in bitcode (but differently from ld64) (details)
  309. [lld-macho][nfc] Simplify common-symbol-coalescing test (details)
  310. tsan: restore Initialize call in Java entry points (details)
  311. tsan: s/CHECK/DCHECK/ in tsan_interface_java.cpp (details)
  312. tsan: introduce LazyInitialize (details)
  313. [mlir][linalg] Format bufferization debug print outs (NFC). (details)
  314. Add an escape-hatch for conversion of funcs with blocking awaits to coroutines. (details)
  315. Handle subregs and superregs in callee-saved register mask (details)
  316. [OpenMP][Tools][Tests][NFC] Address flaky archer tests (details)
  317. [clang][patch][FPEnv] Make initialization of C++ globals strictfp aware (details)
  318. [DSE] Transform memset + malloc --> calloc (PR25892) (details)
  319. [clang][patch] Remove erroneous run line committed in D102343 (details)
  320. [lldb] Fix FunctionDecl::Create after D102343 (details)
  321. Replace LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN with C++11 [[noreturn]]. NFC (details)
  322. [Support] Remove LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN (details)
  323. [gn build] Manually add file (details)
  324. Support macro deprecation #pragma clang deprecated (details)
  325. Fixing broken docs build (details)
  326. Revert "[lldb] Assert filecache and live memory match on debug under a setting" (details)
  327. [AIX] Pass the -b option to linker on AIX (details)
  328. [libc++][NFC] Make private header generation CMake comment more consistent (details)
  329. [SLP][NFC]Add a test for split loads, NFC. (details)
  330. [lld-macho] Change personalities entry type to Ptr to avoid overflowing uint32 (details)
  331. Rorder mmt4d iteration domain (details)
  332. [clang] Fix typos in and regen ClangCommandLineReference.rst. (details)
  333. [clang] Fix a typo in the manual page: s/contraint/constraint. (details)
  334. Refactor AsyncToAsyncRuntime pass to boost understandability. (details)
  335. [GlobalISel] Add GPtrAdd and use it in some combines. (details)
  336. [MLIR][python] Export CAPI headers. (details)
  337. [InstSimplify] Don't assume parent function when simplifying llvm.vscale. (details)
  338. [OpenMP] libomp: Add new experimental barrier: two-level distributed barrier (details)
  339. Revert "Revert "[clang][pp] adds '#pragma include_instead'"" (details)
  340. Revert "[AIX] Pass the -b option to linker on AIX" (details)
  341. Fixing an infinite loop problem in InstCombine (details)
  342. Fix runtime internal error with certain intrinsics that can take a scalar (details)
  343. [DWARF] Refactor test to remove relocations for DWO (details)
  344. [LLDB][GUI] Add Create Target form (details)
  345. [LLDB][GUI] Add Environment Variable Field (details)
  346. [mlir] Fix CMake option for enabling SPIR-V CPU runner (details)
  347. [mlir] NFC: split Math to SPIR-V conversion into their own files (details)
  348. [mlir] NFC: split MemRef to SPIR-V conversion into their own files (details)
  349. [GlobalISel] Use GMergeLikeOp to simplify a combine. NFC. (details)
  350. [lldb] Remove CPlusPlusLanguage from Mangled (details)
  351. [compiler-rt][hwasan] Check for SANITIZER_POSIX before including sanitizer_posix.h (details)
  352. [ELF] Add -Bsymbolic-non-weak-functions (details)
  353. [mlir][linalg] Fix pad tensor cast folding with changed type (details)
  354. [GWP-ASan] Add version header. (details)
  355. [ARM] Define a couple more ssub indexes. NFC (details)
  356. Fix unit test checks for the scalar cases of all/any intrinsics. I (details)
  357. Simplify testcase to use v instead of p (NFC) (details)
  358. [MLIR][Python] Use DEST_PREFIX when installing. (details)
  359. [mlir][tosa] Fix tosa.reshape failures due to implicit broadcasting (details)
  360. security: highlight phab accounts; recommend phab for nominations (details)
  361. [mlir] Set insertion point of vector constant to the top of the vectorized loop body (details)
  362. GlobalISel/AArch64: don't optimize away redundant branches at -O0 (details)
  363. [InstCombine] add tests for vector cmp-bitcast; NFC (details)
  364. Fix typo (details)
  365. Make testcase more robust against codegen changes (details)
  366. [OpenMP] Adding flags for disabling the following optimizations: Deglobalization SPMDization State machine rewrites Folding (details)
  367. [ARC] Add additional mov immediate instruction formats with a fix for u6 decoding (details)
  368. [compiler-rt] Fix COMPILER_RT_OS_DIR for Android (details)
  369. [GlobalISel] Refactor the unmerge artifact value finder code. (details)
  370. [AVR][clang] Pass '--start-group' and '--end-group' options to avr-ld (details)
  371. [RISCV][test] Add new tests for mul optimization in the zba extension with SH*ADD (details)
  372. Optimize mul in the zba extension with SH*ADD (details)
  373. [MLIR][python] Disable SONAME on extensions. (details)
  374. [ARC] Add norm/normh instructions with disassembly tests (details)
  375. [Bazel] Derive targets from file presence as in CMake build (details)
  376. [Bazel] Unconditionally define STDC LIMIT/CONSTANT/FORMAT (details)
  377. [Bazel] Make td_library usable as data (details)
  378. [source map] fix relative path breakpoints (details)
  379. [AIX] Include symbol alias in (details)
  380. tsan: Fix the improper argument type in tsan_ilist_test.cpp (details)
  381. [OpenCL] Add support of __opencl_c_3d_image_writes feature macro (details)
  382. [nfc][trace] use formatv instead of the old Printf (details)
  383. [yaml2obj] Enable support for parsing 64-bit XCOFF. (details)
  384. [PowerPC] Fix issue where hint was providing the incorrect regsiter class. (details)
  385. [OpenCL] Add support of __opencl_c_pipes feature macro. (details)
  386. Revert "[OpenCL] Add support of __opencl_c_pipes feature macro." (details)
  387. Fix scalar unit tests for all, any, maxloc, etc. that caused the ARM build (details)
  388. [OpenCL] opencl-c.h: add CL 3.0 non-generic address space atomics (details)
  389. Take OptimizationLevel class out of Pass Builder (details)
  390. [JITLink][ELF][x86-64] Include relocation name in missing relocation errors. (details)
  391. [AArch64][SME] Introduce feature for streaming mode (details)
  392. [flang] Fix `flang` (the bash wrapper script for the Flang driver) (details)
  393. [OpenCL] Add std flag aliases clc++1.0 and CLC++1.0 (details)
  394. Revert "[LLDB][GUI] Expand selected thread tree item by default" (details)
  395. [ARM] MVE SLP'd reduction tests. NFC (details)
  396. [ARM] Turn vecreduce_add(add(x, y)) into vecreduce(x) + vecreduce(y) (details)
  397. tsan: fix latent race size bug in test (details)
  398. tsan: optimize test-only barrier (details)
  399. [clang] SIGSEGV at DeduceTemplateArgumentsByTypeMatch (details)
  400. [mlir][spirv] Fix crash in convert-gpu-to-spirv pass with memrefs with affine maps (details)
  401. tsan: introduce New/Alloc/Free helpers (details)
  402. [mlir][affine-loop-fusion] Fix a bug that AffineIfOp prevents fusion of the other loops (details)
  403. [lldb] Correct format of qMemTags type field (details)
  404. [lldb][AArch64] Mark mismatched tags in tag read output (details)
  405. tsan: Support constructor arguments via New (details)
  406. tsan: fix another latent race size bug in test (details)
  407. [lldb] [DWARF-5] Be lazier about loading .dwo files (details)
  408. [OMPIRBuilder] add minimalist reduction support (details)
  409. [SLP]Fix a crash in gathered loads analysis. (details)
  410. [clangd] Enable relative configs in check mode (details)
  411. [SLP]Do not consider deleted instruction as external users. (details)
  412. [SLP]Fix an assertion for the size of user nodes. (details)
  413. Revert "[lldb] [DWARF-5] Be lazier about loading .dwo files" (details)
  414. [hwasan] Detect use after scope within function. (details)
  415. [clangd] Make use of diagnostic tags for some clang diags (details)
  416. [X86][AVX] Add test case for PR51281 (details)
  417. [clangd] Unify compiler invocation creation (details)
  418. [clangd] Record remote index usage (details)
  419. [libc++] Handle arrays in std::destroy_at (details)
  420. [libomptarget][amdcgn] Add build dependency for opt (details)
  421. [ARM] Attempt to distribute reductions (details)
  422. [libc++][NFC] Fix copy-paste error in the transform_view tests (details)
  423. [AMDGPU][OpenMP] Support linking of math libraries (details)
  424. [clang][patch][FPEnv] Fix syntax errors in pragma float_control test (details)
  425. [OpenMP][NFC] libomp: silence warnings on unused variables. (details)
  426. [mlir][Vector] Add vector to outerproduct lowering for the [reduction, parallel] case. (details)
  427. [PowerPC] Emit error for Altivec vector initializations when -faltivec-src-compat=gcc is specified (details)
  428. [NFC] clang-format OptimizationLevel.h (details)
  429. [OpenMP][AMDGCN] Initial math headers support (details)
  430. Fix test that was never run. (details)
  431. [SVE] Add folds for sign and zero extends of vscale (details)
  432. [OpenCL] Add support of __opencl_c_pipes feature macro. (details)
  433. Add triples to try to fix a test (details)
  434. [X86] Add some initial tests for frozen constant folds (details)
  435. [Bazel] Typo fix (details)
  436. [OpenMP][Offloading] Remove task wait in nowait interfaces (details)
  437. [AIX] Pass the -b option to linker on AIX (with fix to build break) (details)
  438. [Transforms] Remove HasValueForBlock (NFC) (details)
  439. XFAIL a test on ppc64 (details)
  440. [mlir] Fully qualify MemoryEffects (details)
  441. [flang] Move External IO tests to use GTest (details)
  442. [clang-tidy] Fix cppcoreguidelines-init-variables by removing the enum (details)
  443. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove special case lowering for non-pow-2 stores (details)
  444. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix tests using illegal copies to physregs (details)
  445. XFAIL ppc => powerpc (details)
  446. GlobalISel: Have load lowering handle some unaligned accesses (details)
  447. Reland "[LV] Use lookThroughAnd with logical reductions" (details)
  448. [SLP]Improve splats vectorization. (details)
  449. GlobalISel: Have lowerLoad scalarize unaligned vectors (details)
  450. [libc][NFC] Add dummy errno target to satisfy mixed mode builds. (details)
  451. Trim failing test (details)
  452. [libcxx][ranges] Add `std::ranges::single_view`. (details)
  453. [nfc] improve a simple call (details)
  454. [gn build] Port 481ad59b9fa4 (details)
  455. [OpenMP] Fixing llvm-omp-device-info compilation with runtimes (details)
  456. [lldb] Always codesign binaries on macOS (details)
  457. [mlir][sparse] template the memory resident coordinate scheme storage (details)
  458. SelectionDAGDumper.cpp - printrWithDepthHelper - remove dead code. NFCI. (details)
  459. SelectionDAGDumper.cpp - remove nested if-else return chain. NFCI. (details)
  460. [InstCombine] getMaskedTypeForICmpPair - remove dead code. NFCI. (details)
  461. [libc++] Improve LIBCXX_ENABLE_INCOMPLETE_FEATURES. (details)
  462. [compiler-rt][hwasan] Remove __sanitizer allocation functions from hwasan interface (details)
  463. [compiler-rt][Fuchsia] Support HWASan on Fuchsia (details)
  464. [InstCombine] add more tests for vector-cmp bitcast; NFC (details)
  465. [InstCombine] add more tests for vector cmp-bitcast; NFC (details)
  466. [OpenCL] Replace test for pipe struct to test it with fixed triple (details)
  467. [ARM] Distribute reductions based on ascending load offset (details)
  468. [InstrProfiling] Make CountersPtr in __profd_ relative (details)
  469. [clang][cache] Update Fuchsia-stage2.cmake to create hwasan multilibs (details)
  470. Explain the symbols of basic block clusters with an example in the header comments. (details)
  471. [doc]Added examples for generic opcodes (details)
  472. [PowerPC] Fix byte ordering of ld/st with length on BE (details)
  473. [z/OS]Remove overriding default attribute aligned value (details)
  474. [lldb] Fix remote macOS debugging on Apple Silicon (details)
  475. [mlir][sparse] move comments from cpp files into dialect doc (details)
  476. [AMDGPU] Autogenerate checks in kernel-args.ll (details)
  477. [profile] Fix profile merging with binary IDs (details)
  478. [polly] Fix up regression test config with current features. (details)
  479. Revert "[OpenMP][AMDGCN] Initial math headers support" (details)
  480. [lldb] [DWARF-5] Be lazier about loading .dwo files (details)
  481. [LoopStrengthReduction] Fix pointer extend asserts (details)
  482. Revert "[hwasan] Detect use after scope within function." (details)
  483. Revert "[profile] Fix profile merging with binary IDs" (details)
  484. [builtins] Try to ensure single copy of emulated TLS state (details)
  485. [libomptarget][nfc] Only set cuda-path for nvptx tests (details)
  486. [mlir][spirv] Fix storing bool with proper storage capabilities (details)
  487. [mlir][spirv] Fix loading bool with proper storage capabilities (details)
  488. [mlir][spirv] Add support for i8 serialization (details)
  489. [libcxx][docs] Take locks on the last three views. (details)
  490. [flang] Produce proper "preprocessor output" for -E option (details)
  491. [sanitizer] Remove cpplint (details)
  492. [libc] Move FPExceptMatcher out of TestHelpers.h (details)
  493. [vscode-mlir] Update package.json in preparation for publishing (details)
  494. [mlir-vscode] Create a proper output channel for the MLIRContext (details)
  495. [profile] Fix profile merging with binary IDs (details)
  496. [vscode-mlir] Fix the package repo url. (details)
  497. [sanitizer] Remove cpplint annotations (details)
  498. [libc] Add trigonometric and exponential functions to the windows config. (details)
  499. Revert "[lldb] [DWARF-5] Be lazier about loading .dwo files" (details)
  500. Revert "[profile] Fix profile merging with binary IDs" (details)
  501. [profile] Fix profile merging with binary IDs (details)
  502. Revert "[clang][cache] Update Fuchsia-stage2.cmake to create hwasan multilibs" (details)
  503. [NFC][sanitizer] clang-format few files (details)
  504. tsan: always setup sigaction signal handler (details)
  505. tsan: remove "expected" races (details)
  506. sanitizers: build tests with -g (details)
  507. tsan: introduce Tid and StackID typedefs (details)
  508. tsan: prevent insertion of memset into BenignRaceImpl (details)
  509. [profile][test] Delete --path-equivalence=/tmp,%S (details)
  510. [lldb] [DWARF-5] Be lazier about loading .dwo files (details)
  511. [Clang][AArch64] Inline assembly support for the ACLE type 'data512_t' (details)
  512. [AArch64] Add a Machine Value Type for 8 consecutive registers (details)
  513. [AArch64] Legalize MVT::i64x8 in DAG isel lowering (details)
  514. [MLIR] NFC Clean up doc comments on memref replacement utility (details)
  1. Revert "Remove aarch64-sve-vector-bits-min compile flag from SVE 2 stage bot" (details)
  2. Update config for aosp-O3-polly-before-vectorizer-unprofitable (details)
  3. [sanitizer] Run two builds at the time (details)
  4. [NFC][sanitizer] Remove misleading comment (details)
  5. [sanitizer] Move cpplint to the end of the build (details)
  6. [sanitizers] Don't run cpplint (details)

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