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  1. tsan: add pragma line to (details)
  2. [Attributor][NFC] Fix function name spelling (details)
  3. [OpenMP] Remove XFAIL and update check lines properly (details)
  4. [Attributor][NFCI] Expose `getAssumedUnderlyingObjects` API (details)
  5. [Attributor] Extend the AAValueSimplify compare simplification logic (details)
  6. [Attributor] Ensure to simplify operands in AAValueConstantRange (details)
  7. [Attributor] Gracefully handle interprocedural reachability queries (details)
  8. tsan: remove the stats subsystem (details)
  9. [lldb] Make WatchpointList iterable (details)
  10. [gn build] Port adb55d7c3265 (details)
  11. [RISCV] Add test cases to show an issue with our fcvt.wu isel patterns on RV64. (details)
  12. [NFC][profile] Move writeMMappedFile to ELF ifdef block (details)
  13. [PowerPC] Fallback to base's implementation of shouldExpandAtomicCmpXchgInIR and shouldExpandAtomicCmpXchgInIR (details)
  14. sanitizer_common: add new mutex (details)
  15. [Attributor] Use checkForAllUses instead of custom use tracking (details)
  16. [Attributor] Simplify to values in the genericValueTraversal (details)
  17. [Attributor] Use set vector instead of vector to prevent duplicates (details)

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