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  1. [zorg] Rename Linaro-maintained 2-stage bots (details / githubweb)
  2. Update compiler on hexagon-build-0x machines (details / githubweb)
  3. Add flang-x86_64-windows builder. (details / githubweb)
  4. [M68k] Add new worker suse-gary-m68k-cross for Linux 32-bit M68k (details / githubweb)
  5. [libc++] Remove build bots that are handled on BuildKite now (details / githubweb)
  6. [lldb] Actually let the matrix bot test something (details / githubweb)
  1. [analyzer] Refactor StoreSiteFinder and extract DefaultStoreHandler (details)
  2. [analyzer] Extract ControlDependencyHandler (details)
  3. [analyzer] Extract NilReceiverHandler (details)
  4. [analyzer] Extract ArrayIndexHandler (details)
  5. [analyzer] Extract InterestingLValueHandler (details)
  6. [analyzer] Extract InlinedFunctionCallHandler (details)
  7. [analyzer] Simplify the process of producing notes for stores (details)
  8. Fix Windows builders after 244601f4720d9cda6e81ea1908f3ce905a4bcb0e (details)
  9. [MCA][InstrBuilder] Check for the presence of flag VariadicOpsAreDefs. (details)
  10. [analyzer] Decouple NoteTag from its Factory (details)
  11. [X86] Schedule-model second (mask) output of GATHER instruction (details)
  12. [lldb] Fix libstdc++ 11's std::unique_ptr affecting LLDB testsuite (details)
  13. ABI breaking changes fixes. (details)
  14. [mlir] Add NegOp to complex dialect. (details)
  15. [mlir][MemRef] Make sure types match when folding dim(reshape) (details)
  16. [ORC] Port WrapperFunctionUtils and SimplePackedSerialization from ORC runtime. (details)
  17. [ORC] Make WrapperFunctionResult's ValuePtr member non-const. (details)
  18. Clearly specify that these are partially implemented features (details)
  19. [mlir] ODS: do not emit trailing const for static methods (details)
  20. [ORC] Fix missing function in unit test. (details)
  21. [ORC] Fix narrowing-in-initializer-list warnings. (details)
  22. [ORC] Fix missing std::move. (details)
  23. [ORC] Fix endianness in manual serialization to match WrapperFunctionUtils. (details)
  24. [LoopDeletion] Check for irreducible cycles when deleting loops. (details)
  25. [OPENMP]Fix PR50699: capture locals in combine directrives for aligned clause. (details)
  26. [gn build] Port 4eb9fe2e1a07 (details)
  27. [Polly][Isl] Replacing isl method `to_str()` with `stringFromIslObj()`. NFC. (details)
  28. [Matrix] Add tests for fast-math flags & matrix codegen. (details)
  29. [libc++] [test] Fix some GCC 11 errors/warnings in these tests. NFCI. (details)
  30. [mlir][linalg][python] Adapt the OpDSL to use scalars. (details)
  31. [mlir] separable registration of attribute and type interfaces (details)
  32. [mlir] Add SignOp to complex dialect. (details)
  33. [llvm-exegesis] Fix X86LbrCounter destructor to correctly unmap memory and not double-close fd (PR50620) (details)
  34. [ARM] Rejig some of the MVE gather/scatter lowering pass. NFC (details)
  35. [libc] Add a set of elementary operations (details)
  36. [mlir] Avoid GCC naming conflict. (details)
  37. [libcxx][atomic] Fix failure mapping in compare_exchange_{strong,weak}. (details)
  38. Revert "[libc] Add a set of elementary operations" (details)
  39. [flang] [openmp] Add Fortran specific semantic check 4 for OpenMP Allocate directive. (details)
  40. Work around MSVC compiler intricacies. (details)
  41. [mlir][linalg] Adapt yaml codegen to support scalar parameters. (details)
  42. [IROutliner] Adding DebugInfo handling for IR Outlined Functions (details)
  43. [ARM] Use rq gather/scatters for smaller v4 vectors (details)
  44. DirectoryWatcher: close a possible window of race on Windows (details)
  45. [ARM] Extend narrow values to allow using truncating scatters (details)
  46. Remove unnecessary triple from test (details)
  47. [NFC] Remove redundant variable (details)
  48. [NFC][OpaquePtr] Avoid calling getPointerElementType() (details)
  49. Revert "[ARM] Extend narrow values to allow using truncating scatters" (details)
  50. [lldb] Make the ClassTemplateDecl merging logic in TypeSystemClang respect template parameters (details)
  51. [NewPM] Remove SpeculateAroundPHIs pass (details)
  52. [compiler-rt][hwasan] Add GetShadowOffset function (details)
  53. [AMDGPU] Fix lds superalign test. NFC. (details)
  54. [X86] avoid assert with varargs, soft float, and no-implicit-float (details)
  55. Support: Remove F_{None,Text,Append} compatibility synonyms, NFC (details)
  56. [libc++] [P0619] Add _LIBCPP_ABI_NO_BINDER_BASES and remove binder typedefs in C++20. (details)
  57. [PowerPC] Fix spilling of paired VSX registers (details)
  58. [PowerPC] Moving defineXLCompatMacros() definition (details)
  59. [libcxx][iwyu] ensures we IWYU as prep for modules (details)
  60. [NFC] Update renamed option in comments (details)
  61. Remove redundant test that was causing intermittent build bot failures. (details)
  62. Support lowering of index-cast on vector types. (details)
  63. [NFC] Fix "unused variable" warning (details)
  64. [asan] Remove Asan, Ubsan support of RTEMS and Myriad (details)
  65. [InstSimplify] Treat invariant group insts as bitcasts for load operands (details)
  66. [gn build] Port 6478ef61b1a4 (details)
  67. Adding the rest of the C11 papers to the status page. (details)
  68. [MCA] Adding the CustomBehaviour class to llvm-mca (details)
  69. Revert "[MCA] Adding the CustomBehaviour class to llvm-mca" (details)
  70. [libc][NFC] Disable thrd_test as it is exhibiting flaky behavior on the bots. (details)
  71. AArch64 Linux and elf-core PAC stack unwinder support (details)
  72. [OpenMP] Lazily assign root affinity (details)
  73. [OpenMP] Fix affinity determine capable algorithm on Linux (details)
  74. [OpenMP] Add GOMP 5.0 version symbols to API (details)
  75. Convert functions that were returning BreakpointOption * to BreakpointOption &. (details)
  76. [SampleFDO] Using common linkage for the discriminator flag variable (details)
  77. [mlir][sparse] allow all-dense annotated "sparse" tensor output (details)
  78. [OpaquePtr] Verify Opaque pointer in function parameter (details)
  79. [mlir][SCF] Remove empty else blocks of `scf.if` operations. (details)
  80. [docs] Exclude FlangOption and re-generate ClangCommandLineReference.rst (details)
  81. Missed a Windows use of ValidForThisThread in the changes for (details)
  82. [mlir][sparse] integration test for all-dense annotated "sparse" output (details)
  83. CMake: allow overriding CMAKE_CXX_VISIBILITY_PRESET (details)
  84. Don't depend on the "run" alias doing shell expanding. (details)
  85. [libc++] Promote GCC 11 to mandatory CI (details)
  86. [DFSan] Handle landingpad inst explicitly as zero shadow. (details)
  87. [NFC][sanitizer] Remove calls to __asan_get_current_fake_stack (details)
  88. [FuncSpec] Use std::pow instead of operator^ (details)
  89. X86: balance the frame prologue and epilogue on Win64 (details)
  90. [Debug-Info] guard DW_LANG_C_plus_plus_14 under strict dwarf (details)
  91. [Driver] Delete -fsanitize-coverage-blocklist= in favor of -fsanitize-coverage-ignorelist= (details)
  92. Revert "[SampleFDO] Using common linkage for the discriminator flag variable" (details)
  93. [flang] Add semantic check for the RANDOM_SEED intrinsic (details)
  94. [SampleFDO] Place the discriminator flag variable into the used list. (details)
  95. [LLDB] Fix buildbots breakage due to (details)
  96. [DFSan][NFC] Fix shadowing variable name. (details)
  97. [SLP] Incorrect handling of external scalar values (details)
  98. [SCEV] PtrToInt on non-integral pointers is allowed (details)
  99. [NFC][X86] lowerVECTOR_SHUFFLE(): drop FIXME about widening to i128 (YMM half) element type (details)
  100. [OpenMP] Remove unused variables from libomp code (details)
  101. [flang][driver] Add `-fdebug-dump-all` (details)
  102. [flang][nfc] Move `external-hello-world` to flang/examples (details)
  103. [ORC] Switch to WrapperFunction utility for calls to registration functions. (details)
  104. [FuncSpec] Statistics (details)
  105. [OpenMP][NFC] Add back suppression of warning (details)
  106. [AMDGPU] Use defvar in NFC. (details)
  107. [flang] Check there's no dependency on C++ libs (details)
  108. [AMDGPU] Set more flags on Real instructions (details)
  109. [yaml2obj] Fix bug when referencing items in SectionHeaderTable (details)
  110. [yaml2obj][obj2yaml] Support custom ELF section header string table name (details)
  111. [FuncSpec] Add test for a call site that will never be executed. NFC. (details)
  112. [flang] Add clang-tidy check for braces around if (details)
  113. [FuncSpec] Remove other passes in a test RUN line. NFC. (details)
  114. [flang] Fixup 7ddbf2633911a5c378ad6af01e250f6f252b9032 (details)
  115. [ARM] Extra tests for sign extended floating point compares. NFC (details)
  116. [ARM] Correct type of setcc results for FP vectors (details)
  117. [mlir] ODS: temporarily disbale external model in presence of extra class declarations (details)
  118. [ELF] Consider that NOLOAD sections should be placed in a PT_LOAD segment (details)
  119. [lld/mac] Put lld-only flags in "LLD-SPECIFIC:" --help section (details)
  120. [lld/mac] Add support for -no_data_in_code_info flag (details)
  121. Revert "[flang] Check there's no dependency on C++ libs" (details)
  122. [AMDGPU] Set mayLoad and mayStore on Real instructions (details)
  123. [lldb] vwprintw -> vw_printw in IOHandlerCursesGUI (details)
  124. [libc] Add a set of elementary operations (details)
  125. Revert "[libc] Add a set of elementary operations" (details)
  126. [AMDGPU] Set IsAtomicRet and IsAtomicNoRet on Real instructions (details)
  127. [flang] Check there's no dependency on C++ libs. NFC (details)
  128. [OpenMP] libomp: fixed implementation of OMP 5.1 inoutset task dependence type (details)
  129. [lldb] Require Clang 8 for gpubnames test (details)
  130. [SVE] Fix PromoteIntRes_TRUNCATE not to call getVectorNumElements (details)
  131. [libc] Add a set of elementary operations (details)
  132. [libcxx] Fix exception raised during downstream bare-metal libunwind tests (details)
  133. [AMDGPU] Set SALU, VALU and other instruction type flags on Real instructions (details)
  134. [llvm-symbolizer] improve test and fix doc example after recent --print-source-context-lines behaviour change (details)
  135. [X86][AVX] Regenerate pr15296.ll tests (details)
  136. [mlir] NFC - Drop newline form BlockArgument printing. (details)
  137. [MCA][InstrBuilder] Always check for implicit uses of resource units (PR50725). (details)
  138. [libc++] Undeprecate the std::allocator<void> specialization (details)
  139. [llvm][AArch64] Handle arrays of struct properly (from IR) (details)
  140. [AMDGPU] Set VOP3P flag on Real instructions (details)
  141. [obj2yaml] Address D104035 review comments (details)
  142. [SVE] Selection failure with scalable insertelements (details)
  143. [lld-macho] Downgrade version mismatch to warning (details)
  144. [libTooling][NFC] Refactor implemenation of Transformer Stencils to use standard OOP (details)
  145. [FuncSpec] Fixed prefix typo in test function-specialization-noexec.ll. NFC. (details)
  146. [InstSimplify] propagate poison through FP ops (details)
  147. [NFC][libomptarget] Reduce the dependency on libelf (details)
  148. Reapply "[MCA] Adding the CustomBehaviour class to llvm-mca". (details)
  149. [gn build] Port ef16c8eaa5cd (details)
  150. [ValueTracking] add tests for propagatesPoison with FP ops; NFC (details)
  151. Revert "Revert "[libcxx][module-map] creates submodules for private headers"" (details)
  152. [M68k][GloballSel] Adding initial GlobalISel infrastructure (details)
  153. [llvm-objcopy] Make ihex writer similar to binary writer (details)
  154. [index] Fix performance regression with indexing macros (details)
  155. [flang] Correct the subscripts used for arguments to character intrinsics (details)
  156. RISCVFixupKinds.h: Don’t duplicate function or class name at the beginning of the comment && fix some comments (details)
  157. [ValueTracking] add FP intrinsics to test for propagatesPoison; NFC (details)
  158. [mlir][sparse] support new kind of scalar in sparse linalg generic op (details)
  159. [CSSPGO] Report zero-count probe in profile instead of dangling probes. (details)
  160. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Copy LC_LINKER_OPTIMIZATION_HINT (details)
  161. [lld-macho][nfc] Put back shouldOmitFromOutput() asserts (details)
  162. [lld-macho] Handle multiple LC_LINKER_OPTIONs (details)
  163. [lld-macho] Put DATA_IN_CODE immediately after FUNCTION_STARTS (details)
  164. [flang] Don't crash on some bogus expressions (details)
  165. [NFC][ScalarEvolution] Refactor createNodeForSelectOrPHI (details)
  166. Fix verifier crashing on some invalid IR (details)
  167. Use early exist and simplify a condition in Block SuccessorRange (NFC) (details)
  168. [MCA] Anchoring the vtable of CustomBehaviour (details)
  169. [flang] Fix crashes on calls to non-procedures (details)
  170. Add hook for dialect specializing processing blocks post inlining calls (details)
  171. [MLIR] Fix affine parallelize pass. (details)
  172. [MLIR] Make store to load fwd condition less conservative (details)
  173. [ASTMatchers] Fix bug in `hasUnaryOperand` (details)
  174. Add sparse matrix multiplication integration test (details)
  175. [libTooling] Change `access` stencil to recognize use of `operator*`. (details)
  176. [OpenMP] Add Two-level Distributed Barrier (details)
  177. [flang] Cope with errors with array constructors (details)
  178. [flang][driver] Add missing `! REQUIRES` LIT directive (details)
  179. [flang] Fold MAXVAL & MINVAL (details)
  180. [scudo] Ensure proper allocator alignment in TSD test (details)
  181. [flang] Use a "double-double" accumulator in SUM (details)
  182. Move the definition of LLVM_SUPPORT_XCODE_SIGNPOSTS into llvm-config.h (details)
  183. Use `-cfg-func-name` value as filter for `-view-cfg`, etc. (details)
  184. [flang] Implement runtime for IALL & IANY (details)
  185. [gn build] (manually) port f9aba9a5afe (details)
  186. [mlir] Make Type::print and Type::dump const (details)
  187. [RISCV][test] Add new tests of SH*ADD in the zba extension (details)
  188. [flang] Fix ARM/POWER test failure (folding20.f90) (details)
  189. Decouple registring passes from specifying argument/description (details)
  190. Migrate MLIR test passes to the new registration API (details)
  191. [clang] NRVO: Improvements and handling of more cases. (details)
  192. [AMDGPU] Fixed constexpr expansion to handle multiple uses (details)
  193. [clang] use correct builtin type for defaulted comparison analyzer (details)
  194. Improve error message on pass registration failures to include the faulty pass name (details)
  195. [mlir-lsp-server][Docs] Tweak the documentation for the visual studio code extension (details)
  196. [flang] Complain about more cases of calls to insufficiently defined procedures (details)
  197. Relax language comparison when matching up C++ forward decls with definitions (details)
  198. [mlir-lsp-server] Add an explicit blurb on where to send code contributions. (details)
  199. [mlir-vscode] Add a link to at the top of the vscode extension doc (details)
  200. Remove obsolete call to AsyncSignalSafeLazyInitiFakeStack. (details)
  201. [mlir] Fixed dynamic operand storage on big-endian machines. (details)
  202. [lld][MachO] Sort symbols in parallel in -map (details)
  203. Improve error reporting on pass registration collision (NFC) (details)
  204. [ORC] Switch from uint8_t to char buffers for TargetProcessControl::runWrapper. (details)
  205. [mlir] Move `memref.dim` canonicalization using `InferShapedTypeOpInterface` to a separate pass. (details)
  206. Avoid unnecessary AArch64 DSB in __clear_cache in some situations. (details)
  207. [clangd] Use command line adjusters for inserting compile flags (details)
  208. [clangd] Fix feature modules to drop diagnostics (details)
  209. Update @llvm.powi to handle different int sizes for the exponent (details)
  210. [lldb] Skip variant/optional libc++ tests for Clang 5/6 (details)
  211. [mlir] ODS: emit interface traits outside of the interface class (details)
  212. [analyzer] Make checker silencing work for non-pathsensitive bug reports (details)
  213. [Format] Fix incorrect pointer/reference detection (details)
  214. [VPlan] Support PHIs as LastInst when inserting scalars in ::get(). (details)
  215. [Demangle] Support Rust v0 mangling scheme in llvm::demangle (details)
  216. [InterleaveAccess] Copy fast math flags when adjusting binary operators in interleave access pass (details)
  217. [clang][AST] Set correct DeclContext in ASTImporter lookup table for template params. (details)
  218. [RISCV][VP] Lower FP VP ISD nodes to RVV instructions (details)
  219. [FuncSpec] Don't specialise functions with attribute NoDuplicate. (details)
  220. [mlir] separable registration of operation interfaces (details)
  221. [libcxx] Fix a case of -Wundef warnings regarding _POSIX_TIMERS (details)
  222. [llvm-dlltool] [test] Test both short and long forms of options. NFC. (details)
  223. [llvm-dlltool] [test] Remove superfluous --coff-exports option to llvm-readobj. NFC. (details)
  224. [llvm-dlltool] [test] Add a testcase for all machine option types. NFC. (details)
  225. [llvm-dlltool] Imply the target arch from a tool triple prefix (details)
  226. [LLD] [COFF] Remove a stray duplicate comment. NFC. (details)
  227. [ELF] Restore arm-branch.s test (details)
  228. [NFC] test commit, fix namespace ending comment. (details)
  229. [flang] preserve symbol in DescriptorInquiry (details)
  230. [InstCombine] Fix miscompile on GEP+load to icmp fold (PR45210) (details)
  231. [hwasan] Do not use short granule tags as poison tags. (details)
  232. [hwasan] Improve report for addresses within regions. (details)
  233. [mlir] Enable delayed registration of attribute/operation/type interfaces (details)
  234. [lldb] Set return object failed status even if error string is empty (details)
  235. [lldb] Remove redundant calls to set eReturnStatusFailed (details)
  236. [mlir] define a customized DEBUG_TYPE in InterfaceSupport.h (details)
  237. [X86] Add test showing binary differences with -x86-pad-for-align. (details)
  238. [libc] Generate one benchmark per implementation (details)
  239. [X86] Check using default in test added in 0bd5bbb31e0345ae. (details)
  240. [mlir][linalg] Purge linalg.indexed_generic. (details)
  241. [X86] combineSelect - refactor MIN/MAX detection code to make it easier to add additional select(setcc,x,y) folds. NFCI. (details)
  242. [mlir] Split things dependent on LLVM_DEBUG into a .cpp file (details)
  243. [FuncSpec] Precommit test: don't specialise funcs with NoDuplicate instrs. NFC. (details)
  244. [lldb] Remove redundant calls to set eReturnStatusFailed (details)
  245. [mlir] Remove linalg.indexed_generic forward decl. (details)
  246. [DebugInfo] Prevent non-determinism when updating DIArgList users of a value (details)
  247. [Sema] Fix for PR50741 (details)
  248. Revert "[DebugInfo] Prevent non-determinism when updating DIArgList users of a value" (details)
  249. [llvm] fix typo in comment (details)
  250. [FPEnv][InstSimplify] Precommit tests for D103169. (details)
  251. [clangd] Explicitly fail if the file passed to --check is not valid. (details)
  252. [lld-macho] Avoid force-loading the same archive twice (details)
  253. Reapply "[DebugInfo] Prevent non-determinism when updating DIArgList users of a value" (details)
  254. RISCV: adjust handling of relocation emission for RISCV (details)
  255. Revert "Remove obsolete call to AsyncSignalSafeLazyInitiFakeStack." (details)
  256. [compiler-rt][hwasan]: undefine new/delete operators with alignment on Android. (details)
  257. [InstCombine][x86] add tests for complex vector shift value tracking; NFC (details)
  258. [InstSimplify] add tests for computeKnownBits of shift-with-bitcast op; NFC (details)
  259. fix an -Wunused-variable warning in release built, NFC (details)
  260. test: clean up some of the RISCV tests (NFC) (details)
  261. [libcxx][iwyu] 🎨 adds more headers to IWYU (details)
  262. [libcxx][module-map] 🎨 updates module map to account for ranges headers (details)
  263. [mlir][sparse] Add Matricized Tensor Times Khatri-Rao Product (MTTKRP) integration test (details)
  264. [clang] Fix a race condition in the build of clangInterpreter (details)
  265. [lld-macho] Implement ICF (details)
  266. [gn build] Port f27e4548fc42 (details)
  267. [AIX] Remove --as-needed passing into aix linker (details)
  268. [NFC] LoopVectorizationCostModel::getMaximizedVFForTarget(): clarify debug msg (details)
  269. [X86] AMD Zen 3: don't confuse shift and shuffle, NFC (details)
  270. [llvm-symbolizer][docs] Update example for --verbose in the guide (details)
  271. [lld-macho] Rework mergeFlag to behave closer to what ld64 does. (details)
  272. [lld][WebAssembly] Add new `--import-undefined` option (details)
  273. [MCA] [RegisterFile] Allow for skipping Defs with RegID of 0 (rather than assert(RegID) like we do before this patch). (details)
  274. [LoopUnroll] Fold all exits based on known trip count/multiple (details)
  275. [lldb-vscode] only report long running progress events (details)
  276. Revert "[NFC] Remove checking pointee type for byval/preallocated type" (details)
  277. [AArch64][GISel] and+or+shl => bfi (details)
  278. [GISel] Eliminate redundant bitmasking (details)
  279. [libc++] Make sure std::allocator<void> is always trivial (details)
  280. RISCV: clean up target expression handling (details)
  281. [ScalarEvolution] Fix pointer/int type handling converting select/phi to min/max. (details)
  282. [DFSan] Cleanup code for platforms other than Linux x86_64. (details)
  283. [PartiallyInlineLibCalls] Disable sqrt expansion for strictfp. (details)
  284. [InstrProfiling] Make __profd_ unconditionally private for ELF (details)
  285. Revert "[DFSan] Cleanup code for platforms other than Linux x86_64." (details)
  286. [Attributor] Derive AACallEdges attribute (details)
  287. [NFC][SimpleLoopUnswitch] unswitchTrivialBranch(): add debug output explaining unswitching failure (details)
  288. [lldb-vscode] remove failed test (details)
  289. [trace][intel-pt] Create basic SB API (details)
  290. [lld][WebAssembly] Fix crash calling weakly undefined function in PIC code (details)
  291. [clang][AST] Make `getLocalOrImportedSubmoduleID` work with const `Module*`. NFC. (details)
  292. [FIX][Attributor] Fix broken build due to missing virtual deconstructors. (details)
  293. Frontend: Respect -fno-temp-file when creating a PCH (details)
  294. [M68k][NFC] Fix indentation in (details)
  295. [Coroutine] Properly deal with byval and noalias parameters (details)
  296. Bring our handling of -Wframe-larger-than more in line with GCC. (details)
  297. [WebAssembly] Rename event to tag (details)
  298. [AMDGPU] Remove duplicate setOperationAction for v4i16/v4f16 (NFC) (details)
  299. [objdump][ARM] Fix evaluating the target address of a Thumb BLX(i) (details)
  300. [InstCombine][NFC] Added tests for mul with zext/sext operands (details)
  301. [RISCV] Don't enable Interleaved Access Vectorization (details)
  302. [dfsan] Replace dfs$ prefix with .dfsan suffix (details)
  303. [Attributor][NFC] AAReachability is currently stateless, don't invalidate it (details)
  304. [Attributor][NFC] Precommit a set of test cases for load simplification (details)
  305. [Attributor][NFC] Add test from PR49606 (details)
  306. [OpenMP][NFC] Expose AAExecutionDomain and rename its getter (details)
  307. [Attributor] Make sure Heap2Stack works properly on a GPU target (details)
  308. [Attributor] Introduce a helper do deal with constant type mismatches (details)
  309. [Attributor] Use a centralized value simplification interface (details)
  310. [Attributor] Allow to skip the initial update for a new AA (details)
  311. [Attributor][FIX] Arguments of unknown functions can be undef (details)
  312. Revert D103717 "[InstrProfiling] Make __profd_ unconditionally private for ELF" (details)
  313. [polly][GPGPU] Fixup related to overloading exponent type in llvm.powi (details)
  314. [InstCombine] Fold (sext bool X) * (sext bool X) to zext (and X, X) (details)
  315. [libc] Add few macro definitions to make it easy to accommodate Windows. (details)
  316. Revert "[InstCombine] Fold (sext bool X) * (sext bool X) to zext (and X, X)" (details)
  317. [Demangle][Rust] Parse dot suffix (details)
  318. [libc][Obvious] Add the new header file PlatformDefs.h to the fputil  target. (details)
  319. [Attributor] Don't print the call-graph in a hard-coded file. (details)
  320. [Polly][Isl] Refactoring IslAstInfo::getBuild() and IslAstInfo::IslAstUserPayload::Build to use isl++. NFC (details)
  321. [mlir][linalg] Fix PadTensorOp constructor (details)
  322. [NFC] Assert non-zero factor before division (details)
  323. [llvm][Inliner] Add an optional PriorityInlineOrder (details)
  324. [flang] Rewrite test for CPU_TIME (details)
  325. [Test] Add XFAIL unit test for PR50765 (details)
  326. [InstCombine] Fold (sext bool X) * (sext bool X) to zext (and X, X) (details)
  327. [AMDGPU] Update generated checks. NFC. (details)
  328. [Attributor] Fix UB behavior on uninitalized bool variables. (details)
  329. [MLIR] Introduce scf.execute_region op (details)
  330. [LoopDeletion] Break backedge if we can prove that the loop is exited on 1st iteration (try 3) (details)
  331. Revert D104028 "[llvm][Inliner] Add an optional PriorityInlineOrder" (details)
  332. [ORC] Add support for dumping objects to the C API. (details)
  333. [clang] Exclude function pointers on DefaultedComparisonAnalyzer (details)
  334. [ORC] Use uint8_t rather than char for RPC wrapper-function calls. (details)
  335. [ORC][C-bindings] Re-order object transform function arguments. (details)
  336. [libclang] Fix error handler in translateSourceLocation. (details)
  337. [analyzer] Handle NTTP invocation in CallContext.getCalleeDecl() (details)
  338. [DAG] SelectionDAG::computeKnownBits - use APInt::insertBits to merge subvector knownbits. NFCI. (details)
  339. [mlir] Add notes about using external interface application. (details)
  340. [clang] Implement P2266 Simpler implicit move (details)
  341. [HWASan] Run LAM tests with -hwasan-generate-tags-with-calls. (details)
  342. RISCV: simplify a test case for RISCV (NFCI) (details)
  343. Fix build failure on 32 bit Arm (details)
  344. [NFC][libomptarget] Fixed -DLLVM_ENABLE_RUNTIMES="openmp" build. (details)
  345. [NFC][libomptarget] Build elf_common with PIC. (details)
  346. [AArch64] Add TableGen patterns to generate uaddlv (details)
  347. Rename option -icf MODE to --icf=MODE (details)
  348. [lld/mac] Support -data_in_code_info, -function_starts flags (details)
  349. [lldb-vscode] attempt to fix flakiness (details)
  350. [flang] Runtime implementation for default derived type formatted I/O (details)
  351. [compiler-rt][hwasan] Move Thread::Init into hwasan_linux.cpp (details)
  352. [hwasan] Clarify report for allocation-tail-overwritten. (details)
  353. [OpenMP] Update FAQ for enabling cuda offloading (details)
  354. Delay initialization of OptBisect (details)
  355. XFAIL a testcase on Hexagon (missing-abstract-variable.ll) (details)
  356. Revert "Delay initialization of OptBisect" (details)
  357. [DFSan] Cleanup code for platforms other than Linux x86_64. (details)
  358. [CSSPGO] Fix an invalid hash table reference issue in the CS preinliner. (details)
  359. [AMDGPU] [CodeGen] Fold negate llvm.amdgcn.class into test mask (details)
  360. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Ignore LBR records after interrupt transition (details)
  361. [RISCV] Teach vsetvli insertion to remember when predecessors have same AVL and SEW/LMUL ratio if their VTYPEs otherwise mismatch. (details)
  362. [clang-tidy] performance-unnecessary-copy-initialization: Directly examine the initializing var's initializer. (details)
  363. [libc++] [P1518R2] Better CTAD behavior for containers with allocators. (details)
  364. [flang][OpenMP] Add semantic checks for occurrence of nested Barrier regions (details)
  365. [lld-macho] Handle non-extern symbols marked as private extern (details)
  366. [lld-macho] Have path-related functions return std::string, not StringRef (details)
  367. [NFC][compiler-rt][hwasan] Move hwasanThreadList().CreateCurrentThread() into InitThreads (details)
  368. [Clang][Codegen] Add GNU function attribute 'no_profile' and lower it to noprofile (details)
  369. [GCOVProfiling] don't profile Fn's w/ noprofile attribute (details)
  370. [mlir] Add support to SourceMgrDiagnosticHandler for filtering FileLineColLocs (details)
  371. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Fix an issue in findDisjointRanges (details)
  372. [LoopUnroll] Simplify optimization remarks (details)
  373. Partial rollback: Disable MLIR verifier parallelism. (details)
  374. Whitespace fixes for (details)
  375. [flang] Fix clang build (struct/class mismatch warning) (details)
  376. [CSSPGO] Undoing the concept of dangling pseudo probe (details)
  377. [OpenMP] Make bug49334.cpp more reproducible (details)
  378. AMDGPU: Fix assert on m0_lo16/m0_hi16 (details)
  379. Re-Revert "DirectoryWatcher: add an implementation for Windows" (details)
  380. AMDGPU: Fix infinite loop in DAG combine with fneg + fma (details)
  381. [profile][test] Delete profraw directory so that tests are immune to format version upgrade (details)
  382. [flang] Recode a switch() to dodge a sketchy warning (details)
  383. [InstrProfiling][ELF] Make __profd_ private if the function does not use value profiling (details)
  384. Revert "[lld-macho] Avoid force-loading the same archive twice" (details)
  385. [InstCombine] Don't transform code if DoTransform is false (details)
  386. [libfuzzer] Disable failing DFSan-related tests (details)
  387. [ORC][examples] Fix file name in comment. (details)
  388. [ORC][C-bindings] Add access to LLJIT IRTransformLayer, ThreadSafeModule utils. (details)
  389. [llvm][Inliner] Add an optional PriorityInlineOrder (details)
  390. Revert "[lld-macho] Have path-related functions return std::string, not StringRef" (details)
  391. [re-land][lld-macho] Avoid force-loading the same archive twice (details)
  392. [mlir][linalg] Lower subtensor(pad_tensor) to pad_tensor(subtensor) (details)
  393. [ORC][examples] Add missing library dependence (details)
  394. [RISCV][test] Add new tests for add-mul optimization in the zba extension with SH*ADD (details)
  395. [RISCV] Optimize add-mul in the zba extension with SH*ADD (details)
  396. [LoopUnroll] Push runtime unrolling decision up into tryToUnrollLoop() (details)
  397. [mlir] Add EmitC dialect (details)
  398. [clang][FPEnv] Clang floatng point model ffp-model=precise enables ffp-contract=on (details)
  399. [clang-cl] Don't expand /permissive- to /ZC:strictStrings yet (details)
  400. [libcxx] Move all algorithms into their own headers (details)
  401. [gn build] Port 134723edd5bf (details)
  402. Revert "[clang][FPEnv] Clang floatng point model ffp-model=precise enables ffp-contract=on" (details)
  403. [ARM][NFC] Tidy up subtarget frame pointer routines (details)
  404. Allow building for release with EXPENSIVE_CHECKS (details)
  405. Revert "Re-Revert "DirectoryWatcher: add an implementation for Windows"" (details)
  406. [InstCombine][test] add tests for select-of-bit-manip; NFC (details)
  407. [amdgpu] Improve the from f32 to i64. (details)
  408. [MIRPrinter] Add machine metadata support. (details)
  409. [lld/mac] Give __DATA,__thread_ptrs type S_THREAD_LOCAL_VARIABLE_POINTERS (details)
  410. [lld/mac] Make sure __thread_ptrs is in front of __thread_bss (details)
  411. [gn build] (manually) port b9c05aff205b (MIRTests) (details)
  412. Simplify some typedef struct (details)
  413. [NFC] AMD Zen 3: fix typo in a comment (details)
  414. [RISCV] Prevent formation of shXadd(.uw) and add.uw if it prevents the use of addi. (details)
  415. [llvm-profdata] Delete unneeded empty output filename check (details)
  416. [LLD] [MinGW] Print errors/warnings in lld-link with a "ld.lld" prefix (details)
  417. [LLD] [COFF] Avoid doing repeated fuzzy symbol lookup for each iteration. NFC. (details)
  418. [profile] Don't publish VMO if there are no counters (details)
  419. [llvm-profdata] Make diagnostics consistent with the (no capitalization, no period) style (details)
  420. [profile] Fix variable name (details)
  421. [test] Fix nocompress.test (details)
  422. [Flang][test] Fix Windows buildbot. (details)
  423. [llvm-cov gcov] Change case to match the prevailing style && replace getString with readString (details)
  424. [llvm-cov gcov] Support GCC 12 format (details)
  425. [InstSimplify] icmp poison, X -> poison (details)
  426. [SimplifyCFG] HoistThenElseCodeToIf(): don't hoist if either block has it's address taken (details)
  427. [SimplifyCFG] FoldTwoEntryPHINode(): don't fold if either block has it's address taken (details)
  428. [UpdateTestUtils] Print test filename when complaining about conflicting prefix (details)
  429. [NFC][AArch64][ARM][Thumb][Hexagon] Autogenerate some tests (details)
  430. [InstCombine] avoid infinite loops with select folds of constant expressions (details)
  431. [flang] Implement constant folding for the NOT intrinsic (details)
  432. [libcxx] Implement P0883R2 ("Fixing Atomic Initialization") (details)
  433. [InstCombine] fold ctpop-of-select with 1 or more constant arms (details)
  434. [DSE] Remove stores in the same loop iteration (details)
  435. [lldb] [Process/elf-core] Fix reading NetBSD/i386 core dumps (details)
  436. Fix -Wunused-variable and -Wunused-but-set-variable in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off build. NFC (details)
  437. [lld-link] Fix -Wunused-but-set-variable in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off build. NFC (details)
  438. [mlir] Fix -Wunused-but-set-variable in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off build. NFC (details)
  439. [LoopUnroll] Use smallest exact trip count from any exit (details)
  440. Add a corefile style option to process save-core; skinny corefiles (details)
  441. [TypePromotion] Prune Intrinsic includes. NFC (details)
  442. Try to unbreak the windows CI (details)
  443. [GCOVProfiling][test] Ensure that 'opt' drops any files in a temp directory (details)
  444. [ELF][test] Add missing tests for --no-export-dynamic & --no-warn-backrefs (details)
  445. [ELF] Delete --no-cref which does not exist in GNU ld (details)
  446. [lld-macho] Have inputOrder default to less than INT_MAX (details)
  447. [IVDescriptors] Fix comment that getUnsafeAlgebraInst has been renamed to getExactFPMathInst (details)
  448. [NFC][ScalarEvolution] Clean up ExitLimit constructors. (details)
  449. [lld/mac] Test zerofill sections after __thread_bss (details)
  450. [InstCombine] Use poison constant to represent the result of unreachable instrs (details)
  451. [lld/mac] Make a variable more local; no behavior change (details)
  452. [clang] NFC: adjust indentation of statements with more than one lines (details)
  453. [LoopDeletion] Handle Phis with similar inputs from different blocks (details)
  454. [yaml2obj] Add support for writing the long symbol name. (details)
  455. [clangd] Type hints for C++14 return type deduction (details)
  456. [Test] Add some tests showing room for optimization exploiting undef and UB (details)
  457. [AMDGPU][Libomptarget] Remove redundant functions (details)
  458. [AMDGPU] Replace non-kernel function uses of LDS globals by pointers. (details)
  459. [gn build] Port 80fd5fa5269c (details)
  460. [mlir][Linalg] Introduce a BufferizationAliasInfo (6/n) (details)
  461. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Drop unused variable definition. (details)
  462. [AMDGPU] Add Optimize VGPR LiveRange Pass. (details)
  463. [gn build] Port 208332de8abf (details)
  464. [mlir][linalg] Support low padding in subtensor(pad_tensor) lowering (details)
  465. [FuncSpec] Don't specialise functions with NoDuplicate instructions. (details)
  466. [InstCombine] Fold icmp (select c,const,arg), null if icmp arg, null can be simplified (details)
  467. [Mem2Reg] Regenerate test checks (NFC) (details)
  468. [Mem2Reg] Use poison for unreachable cases (details)
  469. [mlir][NFC] Remove Standard dialect dependency on MemRef dialect (details)
  470. [Mem2Reg] Regenerate test checks (NFC) (details)
  471. [AMDGPU] Fix linking with shared libraries (details)
  472. [lldb] Assert that CommandResultObject error messages are not empty (details)
  473. [VP][NFCI] Address various clang-tidy warnings (details)
  474. [mlir][Linalg] Silence warnings in Release builds. NFC. (details)
  475. [NFC] Wrap entire assert-only block in LLVM_DEBUG (details)
  476. [mlir][ODS] Fix copy ctor for generate Pass classes (details)
  477. [LoopIdiom] Add test case that involves adds with flags and zero exts. (details)
  478. [lldb][NFC] Remove redundant deleted constructors in HostInfoBase subclasses (details)
  479. [Sema][SVE] Properly match builtin ID when using aux target (details)
  480. [AArch64][SVE] Wire up vscale_range attribute to SVE min/max vector queries (details)
  481. [NFC] Fix typo (details)
  482. [ARM] Transform a fixed-point to floating-point conversion into a VCVT_fix (details)
  483. [clang-cl] Implement /external:I, /external:env, and EXTERNAL_INCLUDE support (PR36003) (details)
  484. [NFC][libomptarget] Remove redundant libelf dependency for elf_common. (details)
  485. [FuncSpec] Add minsize test. NFC. (details)
  486. [AArch64][SVE] Add missing target require to test (details)
  487. [mlir] Remove "getNumPayloadInductionVariables". (details)
  488. AMDGPU: Add missing tests for v_fma_mixlo (details)
  489. [InstCombine] fold ctlz/cttz-of-select with 1 or more constant arms (details)
  490. [mlir][NFC] Move SubTensorOp and SubTensorInsertOp to TensorDialect (details)
  491. [omp] Fix build without ITT after D103121 changes (details)
  492. Try to fix clang/test/Driver/cl-include.c failure (details)
  493. [OpenCL] Add support of __opencl_c_images feature macro (details)
  494. [SLP][AArch64] Add SLP vectorizer regression test. NFC (details)
  495. [InstCombine] move bitmanipulation-of-select folds (details)
  496. [libc++] Remove unused variable (details)
  497. [HIP] Add support functions for C++ polymorphic types (details)
  498. RegisterCoalescer: Fix iterating through use operands. (details)
  499. [lldb] Enable Rust v0 symbol demangling (details)
  500. [OpaquePtr] Return opaque pointer from opaque pointer GEP (details)
  501. Revert "[mlir][NFC] Move SubTensorOp and SubTensorInsertOp to TensorDialect" (details)
  502. [flang] Fold more reduction intrinsic function calls (details)
  503. Revert "[LoopDeletion] Handle Phis with similar inputs from different blocks" (details)
  504. Remove ML inlining model artifacts. (details)
  505. [lldb] Skip TestLimitDebugInfo for Clang<7 (details)
  506. [lldb] Add support for escaping zsh arguments (details)
  507. Revert "[lldb-vscode] attempt to fix flakiness" (details)
  508. Split a test for ease of auto update (details)
  509. [OpaquePtr] Support opaque constant expression GEP (details)
  510. [InstCombine] Remove unnecessary addres space check (NFC) (details)
  511. [RISCV] Add isel patterns to match vmacc/vmadd/vnmsub/vnmsac from add/sub and mul. (details)
  512. [Clang][Codegen] rename no_profile fn attr no_profile_instrument_function (details)
  513. [SystemZ]  Fix some typos in comments. (details)
  514. [llvm-profdata] Allow omission of -o for --text output (details)
  515. [InstCombine] Extract bitcast -> gep transform (details)
  516. [InstCombine] Don't try converting opaque pointer bitcast to GEP (details)
  517. [SLP]Improve vectorization of PHI instructions. (details)
  518. [LoopUnroll] Don't modify TripCount/TripMultiple in computeUnrollCount() (NFCI) (details)
  519. Revert "[InstCombine] Extract bitcast -> gep transform" (details)
  520. [libcxx][ranges] Add `indirectly_movable` and `indirectly_movable_storable`. (details)
  521. [llvm-reduce] Don't delete arguments of intrinsics (details)
  522. [SYCL][NFC] Ensure SYCL kernel for unique-stable-name is unqualified. (details)
  523. [RISCV] Remove extra character from a comment. NFC (details)
  524. [mlir][vector] Support distributing transfer op with permutation map (details)
  525. Add polynomial approximation for trigonometric sine and cosine functions (details)
  526. [InstCombine] Add test for bitcast of unsized pointer (NFC) (details)
  527. Reapply [InstCombine] Extract bitcast -> gep transform (details)
  528. Create install targets for scan-build-py. (details)
  529. Reapply [InstCombine] Don't try converting opaque pointer bitcast to GEP (details)
  530. [libc++] NFC: Fix outdated comment about secrets.env (details)
  531. Revert "[SYCL][NFC] Ensure SYCL kernel for unique-stable-name is unqualified." (details)
  532. [SLP][NFC]Rename functions in the tests, NFC. (details)
  533. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Fix tests to use FileCheck instead of grep (details)
  534. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Add basic test for debuginfo preservation of `ret` tail merging (details)
  535. [UpdateCCTestChecks] Fix --replace-value-regex across RUN lines (details)
  536. [DAGCombine] reassoc flag shouldn't enable contract (details)
  537. [AArch64][X86] Allow 64-bit label differences lower to IMAGE_REL_*_REL32 (details)
  538. [ARM] Make sure we don't transform unaligned store to stm on Thumb1. (details)
  539. [SampleFDO] Make FSDiscriminator flag part of function parameters (details)
  540. [DFSan][NFC] Refactor Origin Address Alignment code. (details)
  541. [IR] convert warn-stack-size from module flag to fn attr (details)
  542. Clarify the "env" launch configuration setting. (details)
  543. [mlir][tosa] Enable tosa.div for TosaMakeBroadcastable (details)
  544. [ScalarEvolution] Ensure backedge-taken counts are not pointers. (details)
  545. [NFC] Add getUnderlyingObjects test (details)
  546. Rename MachineMemOperand::getOrdering -> getSuccessOrdering. (details)
  547. [lldb-vscode] only report long running progress events (details)
  548. [lldb-vscode] Add simple DAP logs dump to investigate flakiness in tests (details)
  549. Revert "[lldb-vscode] only report long running progress events" (details)
  550. [mlir][linalg] Fusion of PadTensorOp (details)
  551. Retry of [lldb-vscode] only report long running progress events (details)
  552. [WebAssembly] Make tag attribute's encoding uint8 (details)
  553. [LoopDeletion] Require loop to have a predecessor when executing 1st iteration symbolically (details)
  554. Re-land "[LoopDeletion] Handle Phis with similar inputs from different blocks" (details)
  555. [llvm-objcopy] Delete empty namespace. NFC (details)
  556. [mlir][linalg] Adapt FillOp to use a scalar operand. (details)
  557. [llvm-objcopy] Internalize some symbols (details)
  558. [NewPM] Print passes with params when using "opt -print-passes" (details)
  559. [GlobalISel] Add scalable property to LLT types. (details)
  560. [Utils][vim] Add missing highlights for fast-math flags (details)
  561. [mlir][NFC] Move SubTensorOp and SubTensorInsertOp to TensorDialect (details)
  562. [clang][Analyzer] Track null stream argument in alpha.unix.Stream . (details)
  563. [ConstantFolding] Separate conditions in GEP evaluation (NFC) (details)
  564. [Clang][OpenMP] Monotonic does not apply to SIMD (details)
  565. [ADT] Add StringRef consume_front_lower and consume_back_lower (details)
  566. [lldb] Bumb Clang version requirement for to 11 (details)
  567. [lld/mac] Add explicit "no unwind info" entries for functions without unwind info (details)
  1. [zorg] Rename Linaro-maintained 2-stage bots (details)
  2. Update compiler on hexagon-build-0x machines (details)
  3. Add flang-x86_64-windows builder. (details)
  4. [M68k] Add new worker suse-gary-m68k-cross for Linux 32-bit M68k (details)
  5. [libc++] Remove build bots that are handled on BuildKite now (details)
  6. [lldb] Actually let the matrix bot test something (details)

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