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Revision: 343219
  1. [llvm-mca] Remove redundant namespace prefixes. NFC

    We are already "using" namespace llvm in all the files modified by this change.
    by adibiagio
  2. [X86][Btver2] Fix BSF/BSR schedule

    Double throughput to account for 2 pipes + fix BSF's latency/uop counts

    Match AMD Fam16h SOG + llvm-exegesis tests (detail)
    by rksimon
  3. Revert r343308: [LoopInterchange] Turn into a loop pass. (detail)
    by fhahn
  4. [LoopInterchange] Turn into a loop pass.

    This patch turns LoopInterchange into a loop pass. It now only
    considers top-level loops and tries to move the innermost loop to the
    optimal position within the loop nest. By only looking at top-level
    loops, we might miss a few opportunities the function pass would get
    (e.g. if we have a loop nest of 3 loops, in the function pass
    we might process loops at level 1 and 2 and move the inner most loop to
    level 1, and then we process loops at levels 0, 1, 2 and interchange
    again, because we now have a different inner loop). But I think it would
    be better to handle such cases by picking the best inner loop from the
    start and avoid re-visiting the same loops again.

    The biggest advantage of it being a function pass is that it interacts
    nicely with the other loop passes. Without this patch, there are some
    performance regressions on AArch64 with loop interchanging enabled,
    where no loops were interchanged, but we missed out on some other loop

    It also removes the SimplifyCFG run. We are just changing branches, so
    the CFG should not be more complicated, besides the additional 'unique'
    preheaders this pass might create.

    Reviewers: chandlerc, efriedma, mcrosier, javed.absar, xbolva00

    Reviewed By: xbolva00

    Differential Revision:
    by fhahn
  5. [llvm-mca] Teach how to track zero registers in class RegisterFile.

    This change is in preparation for a future work on improving support for
    optimizable register moves.  We already know if a write is from a zero-idiom, so
    we can propagate that bit of information to the PRF.  We use an APInt mask to
    identify registers that are set to zero.
    by adibiagio
Revision: 343219
  1. [ARM] Prevent DSP and SIM32 being set for v6m

    My previous change (rL340911) set the two features for architectures
    >= 6, which wrongly includes v6m. Now set to >= 6 and not Cortex-M.

    Differential Revision:
    by sam_parker
  2. [ClangFormat] 'try' of function-try-block doesn't obey BraceWrapping

    It should respond to AfterFunction, not AfterControlStatement.

    Fixes PR39067
    by owenpan
  3. [ARM] Alter test to account for change to armv6k default CPU

    Review D52594 will change the default in llvm for armv6k from the
    non-existent cpu arm1176jf-s to mpcore. The tests in arm-cortex-cpus.c
    need to be updated to account for this change.

    Differential Revision:
    by psmith
Revision: 343219
  1. [docs] Fix links in Clangd documentation

    Add missing `_` after each `external link <>`_, as
    required by the reStructuredText specification. (detail)
    by omtcyfz

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