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  1. [sanitizer] Add compress_stack_depot flag (detail)
  2. [sanitizer] Add delta compression stack depot (detail)
  3. [SLP]Fix reused extracts cost. (detail)
  4. [mlir][bufferization] fixed typo in to_memref doc (detail)
  5. profi - a flow-based profile inference algorithm: Part II (out of 3) (detail)
  6. [lld-macho] Remove old macho darwin lld (detail)
  7. [Bazel] Remove old MachO LLD from the Bazel build (detail)
  8. Simplify the libcxx std::string_view gdb pretty printer (detail)
  9. [asan] Remove confusing workaround (detail)
  10. [Bazel] Remove old macho lld port (detail)
  11. [sanitizer] Start background thread once (detail)
  12. [compiler-rt] Fix incorrect variable names used (detail)
  13. [NFC][sanitizer] Use more bytes of sanitizer_stack_store_test pointers (detail)
  14. Reapply "OpenMP: Start calling setTargetAttributes for generated kernels" (detail)
  15. [ELF] Hint -z nostart-stop-gc for __start_ undefined references (detail)
  16. [gn build] (manually) port 9e3552523ebd (no more old mach-o lld) (detail)
  17. profi - a flow-based profile inference algorithm: Part III (out of 3) (detail)
  18. [libc++][NFC] Update namespace comments in include/ (detail)
  19. xfail: reduction_implicit_map.cpp after reapply of Start calling setTargetAttributes (detail)
  20. [ASan] Fixed asan_mapping.h format. (detail)
  21. Revert "xfail: reduction_implicit_map.cpp after reapply of Start calling setTargetAttributes" (detail)
  22. [llvm] [Support] Add CURL HTTP Client. (detail)
  23. xfail: libomptarget reduction_implicit_map.cpp after reapply of Start calling setTargetAttributes (detail)
  24. [gn build] (manually) port e0b259f22c003ffe9 (detail)
  25. [NFC][sanitizer] Rename RssLimitExceeded -> IsRssLimitExceeded (detail)
  26. Restric xfail on openmp/libomptarget/test/mapping/reduction_implicit_map.cpp to amdgcn-amd-amdhsa (detail)
  27. [OPENMP]Fix error emission for dependent expressions in iterators for depend clauses. (detail)
  28. [funcattrs] Infer writeonly argument attribute (detail)
  29. [mlir][ods] fix defgen on empty files (detail)
  30. [OPENMP]Fix PR51327: Range based for loop not working if range's type is a template. (detail)
  31. [LTO] Specify triple to address unknown binary format assertion (detail)
  32. Implement division merging (detail)
  33. Update docs for mergeLocalIds (detail)
  34. Update mergeLocalIds docs (detail)
  35. Move division representation to a common function (detail)
  36. Address arjun's comments (detail)
  37. Update tests for mergeLocalIds (detail)
  38. Update docs (detail)
  39. Fix clang-format errors (detail)
  40. Fix asserts as suggested by Arjun (detail)
  41. Addressed more comments (detail)
  42. Address more comments. (detail)
  43. Fix doc comment for mergeLocalIds. (detail)
  44. Addressed comments (detail)
  45. Address bondhugula's comments (detail)
  46. [PowerPC] Fix load/store selection infrastructure when load/store intrinsics are used on P10. (detail)
  47. [OPENMP]Fix PR50733: unexpected final value of list-item in linear clause in loop construct. (detail)
  48. Revert changes that should have been sent as a patch (detail)
  49. [MLIR][FlatAffineConstraints] Remove duplicate divisions while merging local ids (detail)
  50. [clang-tidy] Allow disabling support for NOLINTBEGIN/NOLINTEND blocks. (detail)
  51. [TLI checker] Follow good practice with -COUNT directives (detail)
  52. libcxx pretty printers: remove non-lazy_string fallback (detail)
  53. [NFC][sanitizer] Reorder functions in cpp file (detail)
  54. [NFC][sanitizer] Remove SetSoftRssLimitExceededCallback (detail)
  55. [MLIR] Use a shared uniquer for affine maps and integer sets. (detail)
  56. AMDGPU: Sanitized functions require implicit arguments (detail)
  57. [ELF][PPC32] Make R_PPC32_PLTREL retain .got (detail)
  58. [analyzer]Skip unstable CSA tests failing on several platforms (detail)
  59. [clang-tidy][objc] Finds and fixes improper usages of XCTAssertEquals and XCTAssertNotEquals. (detail)
  60. [mlir][ods] update attr/type def format docs (detail)
  61. Include extra input contents on this test so we can see why lldb-arm-ubuntu buildbot is failing. (detail)
  62. [CostModel][AMDGPU] Fix instructions costs estimation for vector types. (detail)
  63. [Bazel] Add LLVM_ENABLE_CURL to Bazel llvm-config.h.cmake for e0b259f2 (detail)
  64. Run on test cases. (detail)
  65. [bazel] Update static analyzer unit test deps for clangTesting (detail)
  66. [clang][Darwin] Remove old lld implementation handling (detail)
  67. [Bazel] Set the right default for LLVM_WINDOWS_PREFER_FORWARD_SLASH on Windows (detail)
  68. Using make_unique instead of `new` (NFC) (detail)
  69. [CSSPGO] Turn on Profi by default (detail)
  70. [libc++][ranges] Implement [special.mem.concepts]. (detail)
  71. [gn build] (manually) port 9c4d194f44c4 (detail)
  72. [lsan] Deflake fork_and_leak test (detail)
  73. [gn build] (manually) port 9c4d194f44c4 better (detail)
  74. Simplify logic to identify dyld_sim in Simulator debugging on macos (detail)
  75. [gn build] Port 2d9efcfeec24 (detail)
  76. [gn build] Port aba8f320cc13 (detail)
  77. [llvm][Inline] Add FunctionSimplificationPipeline to module inliner pipeline (detail)
  78. [ASan] Changed intrisic implemenation to use PLT safe registers. (detail)
  79. [lldb] add fallback for LLDB_PYTHON_RELATIVE_PATH (detail)
  80. [clangd] Show parameters for construct. (detail)
  81. [Coroutines] Handle InvokeInst in SalvageDebugInfo (detail)
  82. [NFC] move GNUELFDumper::printEnum() into a common header for reuse. (detail)

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