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  1. [msan] Enabled noundef checks on bots (details / githubweb)
  1. [MLIR][NFC] Move presburger functionality from FlatAffineConstraints to IntegerPolyhedron (details)
  2. [Hexagon] Consider direction hint forming dealloc_return duplex (details)
  3. [Hexagon] Duplex error: wrong branch hint (details)
  4. [cmake] Add read-me for the common CMake utils (details)
  5. [CMake] Factor out config prefix finding logic (details)
  6. [Hexagon] Fix release build break after 547658567353d (details)
  7. [ASan][Darwin] Avoid crash during ASan initialization (details)
  8. [Hexagon] Extract condition into function, NFC (details)
  9. Update DWARF fission extension attributes (details)
  10. [LLDB] Fix setting of success in Socket::Close() (details)
  11. [lld] Deprecate using llvm-config to detect llvm installation (details)
  12. [Hexagon] Use map from HexagonDepArch instead of local one, NFC (details)
  13. Revert "[Inline] Attempt to delete any discardable if unused functions" (details)
  14. [NFCI] `ScalarEvolution::getRangeRef()`: collapse `SCEVMinMaxExpr` handling (details)
  15. [MLIR] Add IntegerPolyhedron::getUniverse (details)
  16. [lldb] Use lit_config.note to print module cache message (details)
  17. [MemoryBuiltin] Cleanup stale todo comments [NFC] (details)
  18. [Clang][CFG] check children statements of asm goto (details)
  19. [-fms-extensions] Make some exception specification warnings/errors compatible with what cl.exe does (details)
  20. [Hexagon] Reconize M2_mnaci in HexagonBitTracker (details)
  21. Initialize output parameters (details)
  22. Initialize HighlightingsBuilder::Resolver (details)
  23. Initialize fields of TypeRecord subclasses (details)
  24. Initialize ExtAddrMode::Scale (details)
  25. Initialize output parameter (details)
  26. [RISCV] Materializing constants with 'rori' (details)
  27. Make separate config variable for `LLVM_LIBRARY_DIRS` (details)
  28. [lldb] Remove lldbconfig module (details)
  29. [formatters] Improve documentation (details)
  30. [CMake][WinMsvc] Fix user passed compiler/linker flags (details)
  31. [llvm] Use `GNUInstallDirs` to support custom installation dirs (details)
  32. [Darwin] Apply workaround to make symbolication in iOS simulators work (details)
  33. Don't pass uninitialized QueryKind (details)
  34. [Darwin][Sanitizer] Lower Python requirement for iOS simulator testing (details)
  35. [llvm] Remove redundant member initialization (NFC) (details)
  36. [libc++] Disable coverage with sanitize-coverage=0 (details)
  37. Avoid creating a ThreadPool in MlirOptMain when `--mlir-disable-threading` option is set (details)
  38. [MLIR] Fix compilation with LLVM_ENABLE_THREADS=OFF (details)
  39. [gn build] (manually) port feeff8a37c35 (details)
  40. Revert "Avoid creating a ThreadPool in MlirOptMain when `--mlir-disable-threading` option is set" (details)
  41. Avoid creating a ThreadPool in MlirOptMain when `--mlir-disable-threading` option is set (details)
  42. [NFC] Test commit. (details)
  43. [RISCV] Set getMinVectorRegisterBitWidth to 16 if enable fixed length vector code gen for RVV (details)
  44. [llvm] Remove unused forward declarations (NFC) (details)
  45. [RISCV] Add a command line option to control the LMUL used by TTI's getRegisterBitWidth. (details)
  46. Add first draft of the discourse migration guide. (details)
  47. [clang-format][NFC] Fix a bug in getPreviousToken() in the parser (details)
  48. [Target] use range-based for loops (NFC) (details)
  1. [msan] Enabled noundef checks on bots (details)

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