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  1. Add BOLTBuilder: BOLT custom builder (details / githubweb)
  1. [ORC][JITLink] Merge JITLink AllocActionCall and ORC WrapperFunctionCall. (details)
  2. [ORC] Add missing header from 089acf25223. (details)
  3. [ORC-RT] Add debug logging macros. (details)
  4. [ORC-RT] Add missing headers from 1d82e19f37d. (details)
  5. Fix GDB printers test (details)
  6. [GlobalISel] Fix legality checks for G_UBFX combines (details)
  7. [GlobalISel] Use getPreferredShiftAmountTy in one more G_UBFX combine (details)
  8. [MLIR][NFC] Move PresburgerSet to Presburger/ directory (details)
  9. [SCEVExpander] Skip creating <u 0 check, which is always false. (details)
  10. Multiple fixes to affine loop tiling return status and checks (details)
  1. Add BOLTBuilder: BOLT custom builder (details)

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