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  1. [LowerMatrixIntrinsics] Call getRegisterClassForType before getNumberOfRegisters. (details)
  2. [MemoryBuiltin] Add an API for checking if an unused allocation can be removed [NFC] (details)
  3. [NFC][regalloc] Pull out some AllocationOrder/CostPerUseLimit eviction logic (details)
  4. [libc] Add linux aarch64 syscall implementation. (details)
  5. Add coverage of GlobalsModRef's indirect global case (details)
  6. [CodeCompletion] Complete designators for fields in anonymous structs/unions (details)
  7. docs: update some bug tracker references (NFC) (details)
  8. Emit the C++ dialect in -gmodules .pcm files. (details)
  9. [libcxx][test] Make LIBCPP_STATIC_ASSERT usable at namespace scope (details)
  10. [Diagnostics] Don't drop a statically set NoWarningAsError flag during option processing (details)
  11. [Tooling] When transferring compile commands between files, always use '--' (details)
  12. [clang][OpenMP5.1] Initial parsing/sema for 'indirect' clause (details)
  13. Add a `qualified` directive to the Op, Attribute, and Type declarative assembly format (details)
  14. [AST] Don't consider 'ExportDecl' when calculating DeclContext 'Encloses' (details)
  15. [SelectionDAG] Add additional documentation to FP_TO_S/UINT_SAT to justify D116870. NFC (details)
  16. [AST] lookup in parent DeclContext for transparent DeclContext (details)
  17. Delete a stale comment (details)
  18. Partial revert of 82fb4f4 (details)
  19. [RISCV] Use vmv.s.x to build one element splat vector. (details)
  20. [TargetLowering] precommit refactor from D115688 NFC (details)
  21. git-clang-format HEAD~ (details)
  22. [RISCV] Use shift for zero extension when Zbb and Zbp are not enabled (details)
  23. [M68k][test][NFC] Reorder the tests for MxBTST_MI and MxBTST_MR (details)
  24. [RISCV] Add precommit test for select vl op that equal to ~0. (details)
  25. [RISCV] Select vl op to X0 when it is equal to ~0. (details)
  26. [RISCV] Block with 0 immediate in Isel (details)
  27. [lld-macho][test] Add missing coverage for archive/dylib resolution after D115092 (details)
  28. [lld-macho] Change some global pointers to unique_ptr (details)
  29. [ELF] Move OffsetGetter before some static functions. NFC (details)
  30. allow llvm-reduce, if asked, to run its set of passes more than once, taking longer to finish but also potentially resulting in a smaller reduced file. (details)
  31. [NFC][XCOFF][llvm-readobj] replace binaries with YAMLs (only tests for Symbols). (details)
  32. [libc++][ranges] Implement `uninitialized_copy{,_n}` and `uninitialized_move{,_n}`. (details)

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