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Build #4526 (Jan 11, 2022 8:47:22 PM)

  1. Add BOLT builder and worker configurations (details / githubweb)
  1. Fix crash in patchELFPHDRTable when no functions are modified. (details)
  2. Shorten instructions if possible. (details)
  3. Move debug-handling code into DWARFRewriter (NFC). (details)
  4. Add BinaryContext::getSectionForAddress() (details)
  5. Add movabs -> mov shortening optimization.  Add peephole optimization pass that does instruction shortening. (details)
  6. Loop detection for BOLT's CFG. (details)
  7. Simplification of loads from read-only data sections. (details)
  8. Factor out instruction printing and size computation. (details)
  9. Identical Code Folding (ICF) pass (details)
  10. Basic block clustering algorithm for minimizing branches. (details)
  11. CFG editing functions (details)
  12. Add printing support for indirect tail calls. (details)
  13. Fix for correct disassembling of conditional tail calls. (details)
  14. Add MCInst annotation mechanism to MCInstrAnalysis class. (details)
  15. More aggressive inlining pass (details)
  16. Refactoring. Mainly NFC. (details)
  17. More refactoring work. (details)
  18. Add additional info to BOLT graphviz CFG dumps. (details)
  19. Check if operands are immediates before trying shortening. (details)
  20. Compute ClusterEdges only when necessary. (details)
  21. Write padding for .eh_frame_hdr to a file. (details)
  22. Handling for indirect tail calls. (details)
  23. Emit remember_state CFI in the same code region as restore_state. (details)
  24. Add verbosity level and clean up stream usage. (details)
  25. Fix tail call conversion and test cases. (details)
  26. Inlining fixes/enhancements (details)
  27. BOLT: Make most command line options ZeroOrMore. (details)
  28. Make BinaryFunction::fixBranches() more flexible and support CFG updates. (details)
  29. Add dyno stats to BOLT. (details)
  30. Rewrite SCTC pass to do UCE and make it the last optimization pass. (details)
  31. BOLT: Add per pass dyno stats + factor out post pass printing. (details)
  32. Use BB.getNumNonPseudos() in more places. (details)
  33. BOLT: Remove double jumps peephole. (details)
  34. Fix switch table detection. Disassemble all instructions in non-simple functions. (details)
  35. Add cluster randomization layout algorithm. (details)
  36. BOLT: Clean up interface between BinaryFunction and BinaryBasicBlock. (details)
  37. Add experimental jump table support. (details)
  38. Add dyno stats for jump tables. (details)
  39. Fix issue with zero-size duplicate function symbols. (details)
  40. Add PLT dyno stats. (details)
  41. Do no collect dyno stats on functions with stale profile. (details)
  42. BOLT: Add feature to sort functions by dyno stats. (details)
  43. BOLT: Refactoring BinaryFunction interface. (details)
  44. BOLT: Add ud2 after indirect tailcalls. (details)
  45. Support for splitting jump tables. (details)
  46. BOLT: Remove restrictions on unreachable code elimination (details)
  47. Support for PIC-style jump tables. (details)
  48. New function discovery and support for multiple entries. (details)
  49. Fix EH for cold fragments that we fail to write. (details)
  50. Disable processing of functions with EVEX-encoded instructions (AVX-512). (details)
  51. Support DWARF expressions in CFI instructions (details)
  52. Fix DW_CFA_def_cfa CFI duping in output binary (details)
  53. Another EH fix for cold fragments of functions that we fail to write. (details)
  54. Generate .eh_frame_hdr based on contents of .eh_frame's. (details)
  55. Relocate old .eh_frame section next to the new one. (details)
  56. Detect default CFI frame instructions for the target (details)
  57. Add stats for "-optimize-bodyless-functions". (details)
  58. Fix clang warning about switch covering all enums (details)
  59. Remove pessimizing std::move (details)
  60. Avoid const_iterator on std::vector::emplace (details)
  61. Fix memory leak in DWARFRewriter (details)
  62. Fix undefined behavior in DebugInfo (details)
  63. Remove unused private var in CFIReaderWriter (NFC) (details)
  64. Add option to time passes (details)
  65. Fix typo in time passes (details)
  66. BOLT: Use profiling info to control branch simplification optimization. (details)
  67. Add a frame optimization pass (details)
  68. Relocations support for BOLT. (details)
  69. ICF improvements. (details)
  70. [ICF] Don't re-fold functions in non-relocation mode. (details)
  71. [BOLT] Fix debug info update for zero-length ranges. (details)
  72. [BOLT] Report stale functions' percentage wrt all profiled functions. (details)
  73. Cover RSP-indexed accesses in frame optimization (details)
  74. [BOLT] Support overwriting jump tables in-place. (details)
  75. Indirect call promotion optimization. (details)
  76. [BOLT] Update section names in output file. (details)
  77. [BOLT] Detect and prevent re-optimization attempts. (details)
  78. [BOLT] Reject sanitized binaries. (details)
  79. [BOLT] Skip disassembly of padding at function end. (details)
  80. [BOLT] Emit short tail calls in relocation mode. (details)
  81. [BOLT] Add support for *GOTPCRELX relocation type. (details)
  82. [BOLT] Move BOLT passes under Passes subdirectory (NFC). (details)
  83. [BOLT] Fix -jump-tables=basic in relocation mode. (details)
  84. [BOLT] Don't set code skew in relocations mode. (details)
  85. [BOLT] Strip 'repz' prefix from 'repz retq'. (details)
  86. Fix warnings when compiling with clang (NFC) (details)
  87. [BOLT] New CFI handling policy. (details)
  88. [BOLT] Detect and handle __builtin_unreachable(). (details)
  89. [BOLT] Detect unmarked data in text. (details)
  90. [BOLT] Update tests (details)
  91. [BOLT] Fix verbose output. (details)
  92. [BOLT] Fix gcc5 build. (details)
  93. Fix hfsort callgraph stats, add hfsort test. (details)
  94. [BOLT] Do not process empty functions. (details)
  95. [BOLT] Improve dynostats output. (details)
  96. [BOLT] Do not overwrite starting address in non-relocation mode. (details)
  97. [BOLT] Add option to print only specific functions. (details)
  98. [BOLT] Don't allow non-symbol targets in ICP (details)
  99. Change dynostats dynamic instruction count policy (details)
  100. [BOLT] Issue error in relocs mode if input is lacking relocations. (details)
  101. [BOLT] Organize options in categories for pretty printing (near NFC). (details)
  102. [BOLT] Fix debug info update for inlining. (details)
  103. [BOLT] Detect and reject binaries built for coverage. (details)
  104. [BOLT] Fix double jump peephole, remove useless conditional branches. (details)
  105. [BOLT] Fix branch count in removeDuplicateConditionalSuccessor(). (details)
  106. [BOLT] Relocation support for non-allocatable sections. (details)
  107. [BOLT] Enable SCTC by default. (details)
  108. [BOLT] Don't abort on processing binaries with .gdb_index section (details)
  109. [BOLT] Fix branch data for __builtin_unreachable(). (details)
  110. [BOLT] Update function address and size in relocation mode. (details)
  111. [BOLT] Update .gdb_index section. (details)
  112. [BOLT] Support adding new non-allocatable sections. (details)
  113. [BOLT] Add option to keep/generate .debug_aranges. (details)
  114. [BOLT] Add jump table support to ICP (details)
  115. [BOLT] Fix debug info for input with continuous range. (details)
  116. [BOLT] Add dataflow infrastructure (details)
  117. [BOLT] Rework debug info processing. (details)
  118. Don't add useless uncond branch to fallthroughs when running SCTC. (details)
  119. [BOLT] Optimize jump tables with hot entries (details)
  120. Add .bolt_info notes section containing BOLT revision and command line args. (details)
  121. [BOLT] Fix C++ ABI function alignment. (details)
  122. [BOLT] Fix no-assertions build. (details)
  123. Add option to generate function order file. (details)
  124. [BOLT] Emit sorted DWARF ranges and location lists. (details)
  125. [BOLT] Fix SCTC again. (details)
  126. [BOLT] Update addresses for DW_TAG_GNU_call_site and DW_TAG_label. (details)
  127. [BOLT] Fix SCTC again again. (details)
  128. HFSort/call graph refactoring (details)
  129. [BOLT] Do not assert on an empty location list. (details)
  130. [BOLT] More CG refactoring (details)
  131. [BOLT] Make hfsort+ deterministic and add test case (details)
  132. [BOLT] Fix misc issues in relocation mode. (details)
  133. [BOLT] Add shrink wrapping pass (details)
  134. Split FrameAnalysis and improve LivenessAnalysis (details)
  135. [BOLT] Fix ELF inter-section references (details)
  136. [BOLT] Fix hfsort+ crash when no perf data is present. (details)
  137. [BOLT] Only print stats when requested (details)
  138. Fix dynostats for conditional tail calls (details)
  139. [BOLT] Fix hfsort+ caching mechanism (details)
  140. [BOLT] Expand BOLT report for basic block ordering (details)
  141. [BOLT] Fix SCTC execution count assertion (details)
  142. Normalize Clusters Twice (details)
  143. [BOLT] More HFSort+ refactoring (details)
  144. BinaryFunction.h: Clarify commet for getSize(), add getNumNonPseudos() (details)
  145. [BOLT] Bail frame analysis on PUSHes escaping vars (details)
  146. [BOLT] Make function reordering more robust with stale data. (details)
  147. [BOLT] Set local symbols in relocation mode to zero (details)
  148. [BOLT] Call Distance Metric (details)
  149. [BOLT] Fix shrink-wrapping bugs (details)
  150. [BOLT] Improved Jump-Distance Metric (details)
  151. [BOLT] Add cold symbols to the symbol table (details)
  152. get analysis information of functions (details)
  153. add: get function score to find hot functions refine the dumped csv format (details)
  154. Recognize AArch64 as a valid input (details)
  155. [BOLT] Improve Jump-Distance Metric -- Consider Function Execution Count (details)
  156. Reformat the register strings in the output so Stoke can parse without preprocessing. (details)
  157. [BOLT] Fix reading LSDA address for PIC code (details)
  158. [BOLT] Better match LTO functions profile. (details)
  159. [BOLT] Disable last basic block assertion. (details)
  160. [BOLT] Fix SCTC issue with hot-cold split (details)
  161. Fix profiling for functions with multiple entry points (details)
  162. [BOLT] Fix printing of dyno-stats (details)
  163. [BOLT] PLT optimization (details)
  164. [BOLT] Support PIC-style exception tables (details)
  165. [BOLT] Fix bug in SCTC (details)
  166. [BOLT] Ignore TLS relocations types (details)
  167. [BOLT] Introduce non-LBR mode (details)
  168. [BOLT] Fix frameopt=all for gcc (details)
  169. [BOLT] Fix issue with exception handlers splitting (details)
  170. [BOLT] Fix SCTC bug (details)
  171. [BOLT] Integrate perf2bolt into llvm-bolt (details)
  172. Fix SCTC bug when two pred/succ BB are in a loop. (details)
  173. [BOLT] Ignore Clang LTO artifact file symbol (details)
  174. [PERF2BOLT] Improve user messages about profiling stats (details)
  175. [PERF2BOLT] Fix aggregator wrt new output format of perf (details)
  176. fixing sizes (details)
  177. [PERF2BOLT] Check build-ids of binaries when aggregating (details)
  178. [BOLT] Write bolt info according to ELF spec (details)
  179. [BOLT] Fix bolt_info ELF note (details)
  180. [BOLT] Use 32 as the default max bytes for function alignment (details)
  181. [BOLT] Create symbol table entries under -hot-text if they did not exist (details)
  182. [BOLT] Change function order file format for linker script (details)
  183. [BOLT] Fix function order output option (details)
  184. updating cache metrics (details)
  185. [BOLT][Refactoring] Make CTC first class operand, etc. (details)
  186. [BOLT] Account for FDE functions when calculating max function size (details)
  187. [BOLT] Add ability to specify custom printers for annotations. (details)
  188. [BOLT][Refactoring] Get rid of TailCallTerminatedBlocks, etc. (details)
  189. using offsets for CG (details)
  190. [BOLT][Refactoring] Change landing pads handling (details)
  191. [BOLT] Add value profiling to BOLT (details)
  192. [BOLT] Refactor branch analysis code. (details)
  193. [BOLT][Refactoring] Move basic block reordering to BinaryPasses (details)
  194. [BOLT] Always call fixBranches in relocation mode. (details)
  195. [BOLT] Fix BOLT build (details)
  196. improving hfsort+ algorithm (details)
  197. [BOLT-AArch64] Support rewriting bzip2 (details)
  198. [BOLT-AArch64] Support reordering bzip2 no relocs (details)
  199. [BOLT-AArch64] Support relocation mode for bzip2 (details)
  200. [BOLT] Fix implementation for TSP solution (details)
  201. [BOLT-AArch64] Support reordering spec06 gcc relocs (details)
  202. [BOLT] Custom function alignment (details)
  203. [BOLT] Fix segfault in debug print (details)
  204. [BOLT] Fix N-1'th sctc bug. (details)
  205. [BOLT] Fix ASAN bugs (details)
  206. [BOLT] Add finer control of peephole pass. (details)
  207. [BOLT] Fix handling of RememberState CFI (details)
  208. speeding up caches for hfsort+ (details)
  209. [BOLT] Improve ICP for virtual method calls and jump tables using value profiling. (details)
  210. [RFC] [BOLT] Use iterators for MC branch/call analysis code. (details)
  211. [PERF2BOLT] Fix aggregator wrt traces with REP RET (details)
  212. [BOLT] Add timers for non-optimization related phases. (details)
  213. [BOLT] Fix icp-top-callsites option, remove icp-always-on. (details)
  214. [BOLT] Fix bug in shortening peephole. (details)
  215. [BOLT] Use getNumPrimeOperands in shortenInstruction. (details)
  216. Introduce pass to reduce jump tables footprint (details)
  217. a new i-cache metric (details)
  218. [BOLT] Fix ICP nested jump table handling and general stats. (details)
  219. [BOLT] Add REX prefix rebalancing pass (details)
  220. [BOLT] Options to facilitate debugging (details)
  221. [BOLT] Consistent DFS ordering for landing pads (details)
  222. [BOLT] Automatically detect and use relocations (details)
  223. [BOLT] Major overhaul of profiling in BOLT (details)
  224. debug (details)
  225. [BOLT] Fix debugging derp (details)
  226. [BOLT] Fix -simplify-rodata-loads wrt data chunks with relocs (details)
  227. [BOLT] Do not assign a LP to tail calls (details)
  228. [BOLT] a new block reordering algorithm (details)
  229. [BOLT-AArch64] Support SPEC17 programs and organize AArch64 tests (details)
  230. [BOLT] New profile format (details)
  231. [BOLT-AArch64] Support large test binary (details)
  232. [BOLT] Refactoring - add BinarySection class (details)
  233. [BOLT] Refactor relocation analysis code. (details)
  234. [BOLT] faster cache+ implementation (details)
  235. [BOLT] Do not assert on bad data (details)
  236. [BOLT] Handle multiple sections with the same name (details)
  237. [BOLT] Fix profile for multi-entry functions (details)
  238. Handle types CU list in updateGdbIndexSection (details)
  239. [BOLT] Fix lookup of non-allocatable sections in RewriteInstance (details)
  240. [BOLT] Fix branch info stats after SCTC (details)
  241. [BOLT] Reduce the usage of "Offset" annotation (details)
  242. [BOLT] Fix memory regression (details)
  243. [BOLT rebase] Rebase fixes on top of LLVM Feb2018 (details)
  244. [BOLT] Limited "support" for AVX-512 (details)
  245. [BOLT] Improved function profile matching (details)
  246. [BOLT] Fixes for new profile (details)
  247. Cache+ speed, reduce mallocs (details)
  248. [BOLT] Fix jump table placement for non-simple functions (details)
  249. [BOLT] Refactoring of section handling code (details)
  250. [BOLT/LSDA] Fix alignment (details)
  251. [BOLT] Fix ShrinkWrapping bugs and enable testing (details)
  252. [BOLT] Refactor global symbol handling code. (details)
  253. [BOLT] Disassemble all functions before building CFGs (details)
  254. [BOLTDIFF] Add a tool to audit performance differences (details)
  255. [BOLT] Fix remove-unused-stores in rebased bolt (details)
  256. [BOLT] Fix ORC to properly update symbols (details)
  257. [BOLT] Introduce MCPlus layer (details)
  258. [BOLT] Fix assertion when setting size of jump table symbol (details)
  259. [BOLT] Fix assertion when building test binary (details)
  260. removing compact-mode (details)
  261. [BOLT] improvements for CFG construction (details)
  262. [BOLT][Refactoring] Isolate changes to MC layer (details)
  263. [BOLT] Fix iterator issue (details)
  264. [BOLT] Fix relocation verification (details)
  265. [BOLT] Fix CFG in BinaryFunction::eraseInvalidBBs() (details)
  266. [BOLT] Use MCPlus::getNumPrimeOperands() (details)
  267. [BOLT] Improve annotations format and processing (details)
  268. [BOLT-AArch64] Fix AArch64 port - make it work with hhvm (details)
  269. [merge-fdata] Rewrite merge-fdata to use YAML format (details)
  270. [BOLT][Cleanup] Remove branch history (details)
  271. [BOLT] Support for non-LBR profile in YAML (details)
  272. [BOLT] Report when operating in relocation mode (details)
  273. [BOLT] Fix tests (details)
  274. [BOLT] Restore macro-fusion optimization (details)
  275. [BOLT-AArch64] Fix BOLT build on AArch64 (details)
  276. [PERF2BOLT] Add support for non-LBR aggregation (details)
  277. [BOLT] improving cache metrics (details)
  278. [BOLT-AArch64] Fix -icf, -use-old-text and -update-debug-sections (details)
  279. [BOLT] Fix crash while writing new profile (details)
  280. [BOLT] Getting open-source ready (details)
  281. [BOLT] Align basic blocks based on execution count (details)
  282. [BOLT] Static data reordering pass. (details)
  283. adjusting cache stats for non-simple functions (details)
  284. [BOLT] Fix dyno-stats for PLT calls (details)
  285. [BOLT] Add option to ignore function hash in profile (details)
  286. [BOLT] Properly handle non-standard function refs (details)
  287. [BOLT] Add option to print functions with bad layout (details)
  288. [PERF2BOLT] Improve file matching (details)
  289. [BOLT][NFC] Move ICF pass into a separate file (details)
  290. [BOLT-AArch64] Detect linker stubs and address them (details)
  291. [BOLT] Initial support for memcpy() inlininig (details)
  292. [BOLT] merging cold basic blocks to reduce #jumps (details)
  293. [BOLT] Hash anonymous symbol names (details)
  294. [Bolt] Reduce verbosity while reporting hash collisions (details)
  295. [Bolt][NFC] Change capitalization s/BOLT/Bolt/g (details)
  296. Revert "[Bolt][NFC] Change capitalization s/BOLT/Bolt/g" (details)
  297. [BOLT] Update llvm.patch (details)
  298. [BOLT] Add a user friendly error reporting message (details)
  299. [BOLT] Fix support for PIC jump tables (details)
  300. [merge-fdata] Support legacy/non-YAML profile format (details)
  301. [BOLT] Add initial bolt-only test infra (details)
  302. [BOLT] Fix call to evaluateX86MemOperands (details)
  303. Disable -split-eh in non-relocation mode (details)
  304. [BOLT][PR] In some cases DB could be nullptr (details)
  305. [X86] Support a subset of internal calls (details)
  306. [BOLT] Allow jump tables with 2 entries (details)
  307. [LLVM] Accept `S` in augmentation strings in CIE (details)
  308. [BOLT] Reject processing of PIE binaries (details)
  309. [BOLT] Fix no-assertions build (details)
  310. [DebugInfo] Change default value of FDEPointerEncoding (details)
  311. [BOLT] Fix diagnostics printing in data aggregator (details)
  312. [LongJumpPass] X86 enablement. First attempt. (details)
  313. Revert "[LongJumpPass] X86 enablement. First attempt." (details)
  314. -- Adding Veneer elimination pass and Veneer count to dyno stats. (details)
  315. Avoid removing BBs referenced by JTs (details)
  316. Fix assembly after adding entry points (details)
  317. [perf2bolt] Accept `-` as a valid misprediction symbol (details)
  318. [BOLT] Fix llvm-dwarfdump issues (details)
  319. [BOLT-AArch64] Create cold symbols on demand (details)
  320. [perf2bolt] Fix perf build-id matching (details)
  321. [perf2bolt] Enforce file matching in perf2bolt (details)
  322. Add initial function injection support (details)
  323. [BOLT] Add parser for pre-aggregated perf data (details)
  324. [BOLT] further speeding up cache+ (details)
  325. [BOLT] Add R_X86_64_PC64 relocation support (details)
  326. [BOLT][NFC] Minor code refactoring (details)
  327. [BOLT] Fix TBSS-related issue (details)
  328. [BOLT] Fix range checks (details)
  329. [BOLT] Add support for IFUNC (details)
  330. Retpoline Insertion Pass (details)
  331. [BOLT] Detect and handle fixed indirect branches (details)
  332. retpoline insertion : further updates. (details)
  333. [BOLT] Fix pseudo calculation in BinaryBasicBlock (details)
  334. [perf2bolt] Use mmap events for PID collection (details)
  335. [perf2bolt] Support profiling of PIEs and .so's (details)
  336. [BOLT] Update allocatable relocation sections (details)
  337. [BOLT] Fix shrink-wrapping CFI update (details)
  338. [BOLT] Add update-build-id option, on by default (details)
  339. [BOLT] Add mattr options to AArch64 target (details)
  340. [BOLT] Reduce AArch64 target feature flags (details)
  341. [BOLT][DWARF] Fix line info for empty CU DIEs (details)
  342. [BOLT] Fix profile after ICP (details)
  343. [BOLT] Change ForceRelocation behavior (details)
  344. [perf2bolt] Fix processing of binaries with names over 15 chars long (details)
  345. [BOLT] Merge jump table profile data (details)
  346. [BOLT] turning on the compact aligner by default (details)
  347. [BOLT] Fix another issue with profile after ICP (details)
  348. [BOLT] Ignore symbols from non-allocatable sections (details)
  349. [BOLT] Keep .text section in file when using old text (details)
  350. [BOLT] Change stub-insertion pass for AArch64 (details)
  351. [BOLT] Support relocations without symbols (details)
  352. [BOLT] fix build with gcc-4.8.5 (details)
  353. [BOLT] Capitalize i (details)
  354. [BOLT][PR] Fix compiler warnings in BinaryContext and RegAnalysis (details)
  355. Fix bug in analyzeRelocation for GOT entries (details)
  356. [perf2bolt] Pre-aggregate LBR samples (details)
  357. [BOLT] Update local symbol count in symbol table (details)
  358. [BOLT] Workaround for Clang de-virtualization bug (details)
  359. [BOLT] Add branch priority policy for blocks with 2 successors (details)
  360. [BOLT] Add method for better function size estimation (details)
  361. [BOLT] Add thresholds for function splitting (details)
  362. [perf2bolt] Better tracking of process forking (details)
  363. [perf2bolt] Optimize memory usage in perf2bolt (details)
  364. [perf2bolt] Add support for generating autofdo input (details)
  365. [BOLT] For non-simple functions always update jump tables in-place (details)
  366. [BOLT] New inliner implementation (details)
  367. [BOLT-HEATMAP] Initial heat map implementation (details)
  368. Do not assert on addresses read from processIndirectBranch (details)
  369. [NFC][BOLT] Move ExecutableFileMemoryManager into its own file (details)
  370. [BOLT] Refactor allocatable sections rewrite part (details)
  371. [BOLT] Fix -hot-functions-at-end option (details)
  372. [BOLT][NFC] Fix compilation warnings (details)
  373. [BOLT] Fix debug line info emission (details)
  374. [BOLT] Place hot text mover functions into a separate section (details)
  375. [BOLT] Use local binding for cold fragment symbols (details)
  376. [BOLT] Fix section lookup while deleting symbols (details)
  377. [BOLT] Allocate enough space past __hot_end for huge pages (details)
  378. [BOLT] Do not write jump table section headers (details)
  379. [BOLT][DWARF] Dedup .debug_abbrev section patches (details)
  380. [BOLT] Move BinaryFunctions into a BinaryContext and more (details)
  381. [BOLT] Detect internal references into a middle of instruction (details)
  382. [DWARF][BOLT] Convert DW_AT_(low|high)_pc to DW_AT_ranges only if necessary (details)
  383. [PERF2BOLT] Print a better message if lacks LBR (details)
  384. [BOLT][NFC] Indentation fix (details)
  385. [BOLT] Add interface to extract values from static addresses (details)
  386. [BOLT] Sort basic block successors for printing (details)
  387. [BOLT] Include <numeric> for std::iota (details)
  388. [BOLT] Handle R_X86_64_converted_reloc_bit (details)
  389. [BOLT] Reduce warnings for non-simple functions (details)
  390. [BOLT] Abort processing if the profile has no valid data (details)
  391. [BOLT] Add another section to the list of hot text movers (details)
  392. [BOLT] Fix adjustFunctionBoundaries w.r.t. entry points (details)
  393. [BOLT] Fix an issue with std:errc (details)
  394. [BOLT] Basic support for split functions (details)
  395. [BOLT] Process CFIs for functions with FDE size mismatch (details)
  396. [BOLT] Fix non-determinism in shrink wrapping (details)
  397. [cmake] Only build enabled targets (details)
  398. Fix casting issues on macOS (details)
  399. [BOLT] Update symbols for secondary entry points (details)
  400. [BOLT] Minimize BOLT's diff with LLVM by removing trivial changes (NFC) (details)
  401. [BOLT] Automatically enable -hot-text (details)
  402. [perf2bolt] Fix print report for pre-aggregated profile (details)
  403. [BOLT] Fix profile reading in non-reloc mode (details)
  404. [BOLT] Fix symboltable update bug (details)
  405. [BOLT] Strip debug sections by default (details)
  406. [BOLT][NFC] Move DynoStats out of BinaryFunction (details)
  407. [BOLT] Limit jump table size by containing object (details)
  408. [perf2bot] Pass `-f` flag to perf (details)
  409. [BOLT] Move JumpTable management to BinaryContext (details)
  410. [BOLT] Improve ICP activation policy and hot jt processing (details)
  411. Parse statically defined tracepoint markers from .note.stapsdt section (details)
  412. Preserve nops that are SDT markers in binaries and disable SDT conflicting optimizations (details)
  413. [BOLT] Add an option to specialize memcpy() for 1 byte copy (details)
  414. [BOLT] Refactor handling of interproc refs (details)
  415. [BOLT] Better verification of jump tables (details)
  416. [BOLT][NFC] Fix white space (details)
  417. Minor-fix: remove duplicate definition of SPT optimization timer (details)
  418. [BOLT] Use regex matching for function names passed on command line (details)
  419. Update SDT locations after bolt reordering (details)
  420. Support data collection in bolted binaries (details)
  421. Compile Bolt using std 14. (details)
  422. [BOLT] Better handling of address references (details)
  423. [perf2bolt] Option to use event PC with LBR stack (details)
  424. Use singleton instances for SPT (stack pointer tracking) in FrameAnalysis. (details)
  425. [BOLT] Delay populating jump tables (details)
  426. [BOLT] Check instruction boundaries while populating jump tables (details)
  427. Parallelize ICF Pass (details)
  428. [BOLT] Add option to print profile bias stats (details)
  429. [BOLT] Ignore empty funcs in relocation mode (details)
  430. [BOLT] Initial experimental instrumentation pass (details)
  431. [BOLT] Force non-relocation mode for heatmap generation (details)
  432. [BOLT] Ignore false function references (details)
  433. [BOLT] Introduce strict relocation mode (details)
  434. [BOLT] Fix out-of-bounds entry points (details)
  435. [BOLT] Prioritize Jump Table ICP target by frequency and indice count (details)
  436. run SPT in parallel, and split annotation allocator (details)
  437. Clean SPTMap in frame anaylsis in parallel (details)
  438. Run cleanAnnotations within frame analysis in parallel (details)
  439. Create a general interface to implement parallel tasks easily and apply it to run EliminateUnreachableBlocks in parallel. (details)
  440. [BOLT] Restrict creation of jump tables (details)
  441. [BOLT] Support duplicating jump tables (details)
  442. Run reorder blocks in parallel (details)
  443. run aligner pass in parallel (details)
  444. run finalize functions in parallel (details)
  445. Run buildCFG in disassembly in parallel (details)
  446. Run shrink wrapping in parallel (details)
  447. [BOLT] Fix issue printing CTCs without annotations (details)
  448. [BOLT][PR] Target compilation based on LLVM CMake configuration (details)
  449. Lock-based parallelization for updateDebugInfo (details)
  450. Run findSubprograms in preprocessDebugInfo in parallel (details)
  451. [BOLT][NFC] Fix white space (details)
  452. [BOLT] Fix processing PLT without relocs (details)
  453. [BOLT] Add code padding verification (details)
  454. Run hfsort+ in parallel (details)
  455. Fix race condition in buildCFG (details)
  456. [perf2bolt] Enforce strict mode for perf2bolt (details)
  457. [BOLT] Add option to verify instruction encoder/decoder (details)
  458. Rewrite ICF using parallel utilities (details)
  459. Rewrite frame analysis using parallel utilities (details)
  460. Add test for parallel mode (details)
  461. Rename option (details)
  462. [BOLT] Support instrumentation via runtime library (details)
  463. [BOLT] Encode instrumentation tables in file (details)
  464. [BOLT] Fix misleading output (details)
  465. [BOLT] Tighter control of jump table detection (details)
  466. [BOLT] Fix aggregator w.r.t. split functions (details)
  467. [BOLT] Support section (details)
  468. [BOLT] Fix perf2bolt race in BAT mode (details)
  469. [BOLT] Efficient edge profiling in instrumented mode (details)
  470. [BOLT] Ignore LBR from kernel interrupts (details)
  471. [BOLT] Filter perf samples by PID (details)
  472. [BOLT][non-reloc] Change function splitting in non-relocation mode (details)
  473. [BOLT] Better check for compiler de-virtualization bug (details)
  474. [BOLT] Reword message for macro-op fusion optimization (details)
  475. [BOLT] Fix build for Mac (details)
  476. [llvm-bolt] Bugfix jemalloc sized deallocation segfault (details)
  477. [BOLT] Do not emit BAT for non-simple in nonreloc (details)
  478. [BOLT] Improve object discovery runtime (details)
  479. [BOLT] Add missing CMake test dependencies (details)
  480. [BOLT] Fix merge-fdata and heatmap in BAT (details)
  481. [BOLT] Fix non-determinism while reading debug info (details)
  482. [BOLT] Fix stale functions when using BAT (details)
  483. [BOLT] Ignore __builtin_unreachable destination (details)
  484. [BOLT][Docs] Instructions for linking with jemalloc/tcmalloc (details)
  485. [AArch64] Recognize one extra br idiom (details)
  486. [BOLT][llvm] Reduce memory used by MCInst (details)
  487. [BOLT] Fix section offsets after debug stripping (details)
  488. [BOLT] Use NameResolver class for local symbols (details)
  489. [BOLT] Create OffsetTranslationTable for basic blocks (details)
  490. [BOLT] Update SDTs based on translation tables (details)
  491. [BOLT] Free memory for CFG after emission (details)
  492. [BOLT] Free more memory in BinaryFunction::releaseCFG() (details)
  493. [BOLT] Fix jump table analysis for non-simple functions (details)
  494. speeding up ext-tsp (details)
  495. [BOLT][NFC] Refactor data section emission code (details)
  496. [BOLT] Add BinarySection::flushPendingRelocations() (details)
  497. [BOLT] Refactor data PC relocations in BinaryContext (details)
  498. [BOLT] Refactor markAmbiguousRelocations() (details)
  499. [BOLT][NFC] Refactor BinaryFunction::addEntryPoint() (details)
  500. [BOLT] Proper support for -trap-avx512 option (details)
  501. [BOLT] Fix shrink wrapping empty BB issue (details)
  502. [PERF2BOLT/BOLT] Improve support for .so (details)
  503. [BOLT] Fix invalid abbrev error when reading debug_info section with readelf (details)
  504. [BOLT] Separate DebugRangesSectionsWriter into Ranges and ARanges (details)
  505. [BOLT] Remove test for impossible debug ranges condition (details)
  506. [perf2bolt] Ignore mmap events unrelated to execution (details)
  507. [BOLT] Make .debug_loc update deterministic (details)
  508. [BOLT] Fix non-determinism in ICP with threads (details)
  509. [BOLT] Support full instrumentation (details)
  510. [perf2bolt] Better mmap event matching (details)
  511. [BOLT] Make .debug_loc update deterministic (details)
  512. [BOLT] Fix symbol table entries for secondary entries (details)
  513. [BOLT] Fix build of the runtime on OSX (details)
  514. [BOLT] Improve handling of secondary function entry points (details)
  515. [BOLT] Get rid of Names in BinaryData (details)
  516. [BOLT] Do no report error on mismatched instruction encoding (details)
  517. [BOLT] Move postProcessEntryPoints after disassembly (details)
  518. [BOLT] Move createBinaryContext to BinaryContext (details)
  519. [BOLT] Replace list of Names with Symbols for BinaryFunction (details)
  520. [BOLT] Fix symbol table issue with ICF (details)
  521. [BOLT] Fix issue with strict and builtin_unreachable (details)
  522. [BOLT] Fix section names under `-generate-link-sections` (details)
  523. [BOLT] Remove BinaryContext::getFunctionData (details)
  524. [BOLT] Make the methods isText/isData more robust (details)
  525. [BOLT] Decoder cache friendly alignment wrt Intel JCC Erratum (details)
  526. [BOLT] Move peepholes pass after sctc (details)
  527. [BOLT] Add initial bits for parsing MachO files (details)
  528. [BOLT] Add missing std::move (details)
  529. [BOLT] Factor out NameResolver from RewriteInstance (details)
  530. [BOLT] Get rid of BinarySection::IsLocal (details)
  531. [BOLT] Emit long nops by default (details)
  532. [BOLT] Disassemble functions from a MachO binary (details)
  533. [BOLT] Add first bits to build CFG (details)
  534. [BOLT] Enable reversing the order of basic blocks (details)
  535. [BOLT][llvm] Update llvm.patch (details)
  536. [BOLT] Add missing override (details)
  537. [BOLT] Delete ExecutableFileMemoryManager::registerNoteSection() (details)
  538. [BOLT][NFC] Remove unused BinarySection member functions (details)
  539. [BOLT][NFC] Minor refactoring of RewriteInstance (details)
  540. [BOLT] Fix shrink wrapping to check pops (details)
  541. [BOLT][NFC] Factor out relocation processing (details)
  542. [BOLT] Fix begin decrementing (details)
  543. [BOLT][NFC] Get rid of BestFit parameter (details)
  544. [BOLT] Remove allow-section-relocations option (details)
  545. [BOLT] Mark functions containing data as non-simple (details)
  546. [BOLT] Uniquify names of local symbols (details)
  547. [BOLT] Refactor emission of original .eh_frame (details)
  548. [BOLT] Refactor ELF parts of instrumentation code (details)
  549. [BOLT] Refactor code and data emission code (details)
  550. [BOLT] Refactor section prefixes (details)
  551. [BOLT] Refactor ELF symbol table rewriting code (details)
  552. [BOLT][DWARF] Add support for base address in DWARF location lists (details)
  553. [BOLT] Verify exceptions action table equivalence in ICF (details)
  554. [BOLT] Fix ICF non-determinism in non-relocation mode (details)
  555. [BOLT] Speedup ICF by better function hashing (details)
  556. [BOLT] Further speedup ICF (details)
  557. [BOLT-X86] Fix instrumentation issue with indirect calls (details)
  558. [BOLT] Speedup RTDyld external symbol resolution (details)
  559. [BOLT] Fix .eh_frame update with ICF in non-relocation mode (details)
  560. [BOLT] Emit ICF symbols for large functions (details)
  561. [BOLT] Option to control .text alignment (details)
  562. [BOLT] Do not emit old .eh_frame in relocation mode (details)
  563. [BOLT] Option to fail if invalid profile detected (details)
  564. [BOLT] Speedup PLT processing (details)
  565. [BOLT][NFC] Change wording while reporting functions stats (details)
  566. [BOLT] Change symbol handling for secondary function entries (details)
  567. [BOLT][BFC] Refactor code for adding secondary function entries (details)
  568. [BOLT] Cover PIC jump table reference in non-strict mode (details)
  569. [BOLT] Fix dyno stats after ICF in non-reloc mode (details)
  570. [BOLT] Introduce isIgnored() function attribute (details)
  571. [BOLT] Introduce lite processing mode without relocations (details)
  572. Check runtime lib format within archiver (details)
  573. [BOLT] Ignore kernel interrupts by default (details)
  574. [BOLT] Change .debug_line emission for non-simple functions (details)
  575. [BOLT] Add option to tag version (details)
  576. [BOLT] Remove StringRef from IndirectCallProfile (details)
  577. [BOLT] Refactor profile-handling code (details)
  578. Remove const call to take_front (details)
  579. Use shuffle instead of random_shuffle (details)
  580. Emit functions on MachO (details)
  581. Refactor runtime library (details)
  582. Adding automatic huge page support (details)
  583. [BOLT] Update section index for symbols from unemitted functions (details)
  584. Generate heatmap for linux kernel (details)
  585. Provide a redundant declaration of KernelBaseAddr (details)
  586. Link functions on MachO (details)
  587. Be more flexible when locating runtime libs (details)
  588. [BOLT] Support for lite mode with relocations (details)
  589. [BOLT] Disable trapping on AVX-512 by default (details)
  590. [BOLT] Support -hot-text in lite mode (details)
  591. [BOLT] Fix memory error (details)
  592. [BOLT] Properly register symbols at secondary entry points (details)
  593. [BOLT] Fixes for scanExternalRefs() (details)
  594. [BOLT] Create entry points for internal refs from external code (details)
  595. [BOLT] Ignore functions that failed validation (details)
  596. [BOLT] Allow to overwrite -use-old-text option (details)
  597. [BOLT] Fix getNewValueForSymbol() (details)
  598. [BOLT] Add '-force-patch' to forcefully patch old entries (details)
  599. [BOLT] Ignore duplicate relocations (details)
  600. [perf2bolt] Relax rules for aggregation in strict mode (details)
  601. [BOLT] Add static binary support (details)
  602. [BOLT] Do not emit duplicate org symbols (details)
  603. Update X86/pre-aggregated-perf.test (details)
  604. [TESTS] Re-add issue20/issue26 tests (details)
  605. [BOLT] Skip R_X86_64_PLT32 relocation verification (details)
  606. [Bolt] Improve coding style for runtime lib related code (details)
  607. Support for CDF distribution of heatmap buckets (details)
  608. [BOLT] Ignore addresses from non-allocatable sections (details)
  609. Report stale sample count and percentage (details)
  610. [BOLT] Add the FeatureMiner pass to extract Calder's features. (details)
  611. [BOLT] Fix fix-branches in presence of JRCXZ and friends (details)
  612. Revert "[BOLT] Add the FeatureMiner pass to extract Calder's features." (details)
  613. [BOLT] Allow to specify -reorder-functions option multiple times (details)
  614. Extracted sequence insertion function into helper function (details)
  615. Handle intra-function call in instrumentOneTarget (details)
  616. [BOLT] Fix hot_end symbol update with user function order (details)
  617. [BOLT] Fix stack alignment for runtime lib (details)
  618. Added execution count threshold option (details)
  619. [perf2bolt] Fix for SKL bug workaround (details)
  620. Linux kernel marker to update special sections (details)
  621. Print when we are operating in lite mode (details)
  622. Add first bits to support emitting more than 255 sections on MachO (details)
  623. [perf2bolt] Issue error when writing YAML for BOLTed input (details)
  624. Fix BAT cold-to-hot mappings (details)
  625. Bugfix for splitting critical edges in shrink wrapping (details)
  626. [BOLT] Do no map sections with zero address (details)
  627. [BOLT] Eliminate "shallow" function lookup (details)
  628. [BOLT][Linux] Initial support for special Linux Kernel sections (details)
  629. Set InputFileOffset for MachO sections (details)
  630. postProcessEntryPoints: return after setIgnored and setSimple are set (details)
  631. Read the entry point address on MachO (details)
  632. [BOLT] Fix sign issue when validating X86 relocations (details)
  633. Add -check-overlapping-elements option (details)
  634. Precompute symbol section indices on MachO (details)
  635. [BOLT] Refactor relocations class impl per arch, NFC (details)
  636. Add ToolPath field to MachORewriteInstance (details)
  637. [BOLT] Refactor PatchEntries pass (details)
  638. [BOLT] Disable PatchEntries in non-relocation mode on ELF (details)
  639. Add support for emitting code into a new segment on MachO (details)
  640. [BOLT] Change label name for cold fragments (details)
  641. Fix handling of _end symbol on MachO (details)
  642. [BOLT] Emit symbol size for functions (details)
  643. Add first bits to support emitting instrumented code on MachO (details)
  644. [BOLT] Fix debug line info in lite relocation mode (details)
  645. [BOLT] Refactor reading of debug line info (details)
  646. [BOLT] In shrinkwrap, do not split prefix/instr (details)
  647. Add first bits to cross-compile the runtime for OSX (details)
  648. [BOLT][DWARF] Streamline processing of DWARF unit DIEs (details)
  649. Inject a hook into the entry point on MachO (details)
  650. [BOLT] Ignore __hot_start, __hot_end from input (details)
  651. [BOLT] Enable lite mode by default with relocations (details)
  652. [BOLT] Fix PatchEntries pass (details)
  653. Add pass number to dot dump filename (details)
  654. [BOLT] Always keep dynamic symbols defined (details)
  655. [BOLT] Fix no-asserts build (details)
  656. [DOCS] Add instrumentation instructions to README (details)
  657. [BOLT] Please sanitizers (details)
  658. [BOLT] Remove threaded EliminateUnreachableBlock version (details)
  659. [BOLT] Fix C++ exceptions for shared objects (details)
  660. [BOLT][PR] Handle TLS relocations on AArch64 (details)
  661. Extract BinaryContext::registerFragment (details)
  662. processInterproceduralReferences: record references to cold fragments as entry points (details)
  663. Conservatively handle jump tables in split functions (details)
  664. Lost in rebase: call registerFragment with a reference to TargetBF (details)
  665. Improve cold fragment name matching (details)
  666. [BOLT] Disable DynoStats printing after SCTC (details)
  667. Minimize X86/shrinkwrapping-critedge test case (details)
  668. [BOLT] Debug logging in analyzeJumpTable (details)
  669. [BOLT] Add invalid offset for a JT entry pointing to a fragment (details)
  670. [BOLT] Support jump tables in split fragments with entries pointing back to parent functions (details)
  671. a new version of hfsort+ (details)
  672. [BOLT] Fix data race while running split functions pass (details)
  673. Link the instrumentation runtime on OSX (details)
  674. [BOLT] Handle insertion of updated CFI at the first basic block (details)
  675. Refactor syscall wrappers for OSX (details)
  676. Inject instrumentation's global dtor on MachO (details)
  677. [BOLT] Fix shrinkwrapping bug when changing frame alignment (details)
  678. [TEST] Remove dependency on debug output (details)
  679. [BOLT] Add threshold options for lite mode (details)
  680. [PERF2BOLT] Relax segment matching requirements (details)
  681. [BOLT] Fix missing newlines in debug prints (details)
  682. [BOLT] Fix operator new signature (details)
  683. [BOLT] Enable intToStr for MacOS (details)
  684. an updated version of ExtTSP (details)
  685. [BOLT] Add support for __literal16 section on MachO (details)
  686. [BOLT] Add support for dumping counters on MacOS (details)
  687. [BOLT] Add support for dumping profile on MacOS (details)
  688. [BOLT] Add support for reading profile on Mach-O (details)
  689. Rebase: Merge BOLT codebase in monorepo (details)
  690. [BOLT] Update license headers (details)
  691. Update DW_AT_stmt_list for .debug_types (details)
  692. Fix license for a few remaining files (details)
  693. Fix up test for Update DW_AT_stmt_list for .debug_types (details)
  694. [BOLT][PR] readDynamicRelocations: Skip NONE relocations (details)
  695. [BOLT] Ignore TBSS section at layout time (details)
  696. [BOLT][PR] Instrumentation: Introduce -no-counters-clear and -wait-forks options (details)
  697. [BOLT] Fix false references to zero-sized objects (details)
  698. [BOLT] Fix instrumentation bug in duplicated JTs (details)
  699. [BOLT] Do not assert on jump table heuristic failure (details)
  700. Rebase: [cherry-pick] [BOLT] Add option to skip writing an output file (details)
  701. [BOLT] Refactor SectionPatchers map to a Patcher in BinarySection (details)
  702. [BOLT] Remove cantFail in getAddressRanges calls (details)
  703. [BOLT] Fix value invalidation bug in runtimelib (details)
  704. Rebase: [BOLT][NFC] Expand auto types (details)
  705. [BOLT][NFC] Use const reference for MCInstrDesc (details)
  706. [BOLT][NFC] Remove RewriteInstance::EHFrame (details)
  707. [BOLT] Remove -dump-eh-frame option (details)
  708. [BOLT][NFC] Remove CFIReaderWriter::fdes() (details)
  709. [perf2bolt] Further relax segment matching (details)
  710. Rebase: [BOLT][NFC] Remove unneeded includes with include-what-you-use (details)
  711. Rebase: [BOLT][NFC] Avoid binutils in tests (details)
  712. [BOLT][NFC] Avoid unnecessary copies with push_back (details)
  713. [PR] Fix bb reordering optimization (details)
  714. [PR] Fix tests build with -no-pie option (details)
  715. [PR] Add missing includes (details)
  716. [BOLT][NFC] Follow LLVM variable initialization style (details)
  717. [BOLT][NFC] Address warning about ProgramPoint implicit copy constructor (details)
  718. [BOLT][NFC] Change interface for searching relocations (details)
  719. [BOLT] Preserve original jump table relocations (details)
  720. [BOLT][NFC][TEST] Added llvm-dwarfdump and llvm-mc to BOLT_TEST_DEPS (details)
  721. Rebase: [BOLT] DebugFission Support (details)
  722. [PR] Introduce loop inversion pass (details)
  723. [PR] Instrumentation: Emit paddings to preserve data alignment (details)
  724. [BOLT][NFC] Disable ProcessAllSections in RuntimeDyld (details)
  725. [BOLT] Resolve JumpTable namespace issue in pseudo probe decoder migration (details)
  726. [BOLT][TEST] Fix test case to conform to analyzePICJumpTable pattern matching (details)
  727. [BOLT][NFC] Fix debug info printouts for inlined functions (details)
  728. [BOLT] Hugify: check for THP support via sysfs (details)
  729. [BOLT] Change how DF DWO logging is handled (details)
  730. [BOLT][CSSPGO] Pseudo probe decoding (details)
  731. [BOLT][NFC] Suppress addList override warning (details)
  732. [BOLT] Fix rodata load simplification pass (details)
  733. [PR] Instrumentation: Disable signals on mutex lock (details)
  734. [PR] Patch allocatable relocations for AArch64 (details)
  735. Rebase: [BOLT][DebugFission] Fix reading support for DWP (details)
  736. [PR][BOLT] Print revision in perf2bolt and bolt-diff modes" (details)
  737. [BOLT] Fix undefined symbol warnings/errors (details)
  738. Throw an error in instrument for dynamic libs (details)
  739. [BOLT][TESTS] Fix ICF test case (details)
  740. [BOLT] Handle R_X86_64_64 in flushPendingRelocations (details)
  741. [BOLT][NFC] Use MCPlusBuilder::isPseudo (details)
  742. [BOLT][CSSPGO] Relate decoded pseudo probe basic blocks (details)
  743. [BOLT][NFC] Readability improvements in X86,Aarch64 MCPlusBuilder (details)
  744. [BOLT][NFC] Refactor handlePCRelOperand (details)
  745. [BOLT][NFC] Always process runtime relocations (details)
  746. [BOLT][NFC] Delete MoveRelocations entirely (details)
  747. [BOLT][NFC] Un-inline adding external references out of disassemble loop (details)
  748. [BOLT][NFC] Un-inline indirect branch handling out of disassemble loop (details)
  749. [BOLT][NFC] Un-inline checking AArch64 linker veneers out of disassemble loop (details)
  750. [BOLT][TESTS] Remove dynamic relocations from YAML tests (details)
  751. [BOLT][DWARF] Fix writing out dwo with DWP as input (details)
  752. [BOLT] Read all dynamic relocations and refactor code (details)
  753. [BOLT][NFC] Resolved all clang-12 warnings for bolt (details)
  754. [BOLT] Add support for .plt.sec and refactor PLT-reading code (details)
  755. [BOLT] Dump dynamic execution per instruction opcode (details)
  756. [BOLT] Tail duplication analysis pass (details)
  757. [BOLT][CSSPGO] Encode pseudo probe section to binary (details)
  758. [BOLT][CSSPGO] Handle indirect call promotion in Pseudo Probe Integration (details)
  759. RewriteInstance: account .stab and .stabstr as debug sections (details)
  760. [BOLT] Tail Duplication active pass (details)
  761. [BOLT] Update build instructions in README (details)
  762. [BOLT] Support PLT sections with variable entry sizes (details)
  763. [BOLT][NFC] Unify isTailCall interface across X86 and AArch64 (details)
  764. [PR] Instrumentation: Generate and use _start and _fini trampolines (details)
  765. [PR] Instrumentation: Add readlink and getdents support (details)
  766. [PR] Instrumentation: Add support for opening libs based on links /proc/self/map_files (details)
  767. [PR] Instrumentation: Initial support for static executables (details)
  768. [PR] Instrumentation: Fix runtime handlers for PIE files (details)
  769. [PR] README: remove note about experimental status of instrumentation (details)
  770. [PR] Instrumentation: Introduce instrumentation-binpath argument (details)
  771. [PR] Instrumentation: Fix start and fini trampoline pointers (details)
  772. [PR] Instrumentation: Avoid generating GOT table in instrumentation library (details)
  773. [PR] Tests: add instrumentation tests for PIE exec & shared libs (details)
  774. Rebase: [BOLT] DWP output support (details)
  775. Fix NFC tests (details)
  776. [PR] Fix AARCH64 ADR* relocations (details)
  777. [BOLT][NFC][PR] Removed unused singletonSet (details)
  778. [PR] Fdata: Escape whitespaces in symbol names (details)
  779. [BOLT] Added Constant and Copy Propagation to tail duplicated blocks (details)
  780. [PR] Print relocations warning if failed to process (details)
  781. [PR] AArch64: Fix ADR instruction handling (details)
  782. [BOLT] Optimize the three way branch (details)
  783. [BOLT] Refactor to use new APIs for getting offset of attribute (details)
  784. [PR] ReorderAlgorithm.cpp: Fix iterator types (details)
  785. [PR] LIT: add checking if maxIndividualTestTime is availabe on the platform (details)
  786. [PR] Instrumentation: use TryLock for SimpleHashTable getter (details)
  787. [BOLT] Fix binary corruption in non-reloc mode (details)
  788. [BOLT] [NFC] Cleanup old code in mapCodeSections (details)
  789. [NFC] Fix warnings when building with clang (details)
  790. [BOLT] Fix warnings from LLVM DWARF reading library (details)
  791. [PR] Fix aarch64 TLS relocations handling (details)
  792. [PR] AArch64: Skip some of the relocations processing (details)
  793. [BOLT][DWARF][NFC] Refactor code (details)
  794. [BOLT][TEST] Remove dependence on host_cc and host_cxx (details)
  795. [PR] Add AARCH64_MOVW_UABS_G* relocations support (details)
  796. [BOLT][DWARF] Write new .debug_abbrev sections (details)
  797. [BOLT][DWARF][NFC] Use only skeleton/main CUs to update .debug_aranges (details)
  798. [BOLT][DWARF][NFC] Get rid of updateRangeBase() helper function (details)
  799. [BOLT][TEST] Split runtime tests into test/runtime folder (details)
  800. [BOLT][TEST] Import internal_call_instrument.s (details)
  801. Rebase: [PR] Fix build instructions (details)
  802. [BOLT][TEST] Imported small tests (details)
  803. [BOLT][DWARF] Fix abbrev offsets for type units (details)
  804. [BOLT][NFC] Remove redundant code (details)
  805. [BOLT][DWARF] Move line info emission into BOLT (details)
  806. [BOLT][DWARF] Deprecate usage of DWARFAbbreviationDeclaration::findAttribute() (details)
  807. [BOLT][TEST] Imported small tests, removed duplicate input (details)
  808. [BOLT][DWARF] Change line info emission for unmodified functions (details)
  809. [BOLT][DWARF] Properly emit of end-of-sequence entries for line tables (details)
  810. [BOLT] Do not process DWARF relocs (details)
  811. [BOLT][NFC] Use const pointers in PrintProgramStats (details)
  812. [PR] Update skipRelocationProcess (details)
  813. [PR] AArch64: Add TSTBR14 and CONDB19 relocations support (details)
  814. [BOLT][TEST] Imported small tests (details)
  815. [BOLT] link_fdata: accept symbols with slash in the name (details)
  816. [PR] Handle relocations in constant islands (details)
  817. [BOLT][TEST] Imported small tests (details)
  818. [BOLT][TEST] Imported small tests (details)
  819. [BOLT][TEST] Imported small tests (details)
  820. [BOLT][TEST] Imported small tests (details)
  821. [BOLT][TEST] Imported small tests (details)
  822. [BOLT][TEST] Imported small tests (details)
  823. [BOLT][TEST] Imported small tests (details)
  824. [BOLT] Allocate memory for constant islands on-demand (details)
  825. [BOLT] Fix build after auto rebase (details)
  826. [BOLT][DWARF] Use MCAsmLayout to update stmt_list values (details)
  827. [PR] Fix LongJmp pass (details)
  828. [PR][BOLT][TEST] Fix tests (details)
  829. [BOLT][DWARF] Refactor of Loc and LocLists writers (details)
  830. [PR] Fix constant islands handling (details)
  831. [PR] Instrumentation: Sync file on dump (details)
  832. [PR] Skip NONE static relocations (details)
  833. [PR] Disable instrumentation and hugify build for aarch64 (details)
  834. [BOLT][DWARF] Keep original line info for unmodified units (details)
  835. [PR] Fix warning (details)
  836. [PR] Introduce remove-symtab option (details)
  837. [BOLT] Add Dockerfile (details)
  838. [PR] bolt_rt: getBinaryPath() increase max file path (details)
  839. Rebase: [NFC] Refactor sources to be buildable in shared mode (details)
  840. [BOLT] Improve cmake configs for opensource (details)
  841. [BOLT][NFC] Do not pass BinaryContext alongside BinaryFunction (details)
  842. Rebase: [BOLT] AsmDump: dump function assembly and profile info (details)
  843. [PR][BOLT][Instrumentation] Optimize eflags load/store (details)
  844. [PR] Aarch64: Add ABS32/16 relocations support (details)
  845. [BOLT][DWARF] Fix rare problem while rewriting debug_abbrev after LTO (details)
  846. [BOLT][NFC] Remove references to internal tasks (details)
  847. [BOLT] TailDuplication: skip non-simple functions (details)
  848. [BOLT][TEST] Import small tests (details)
  849. [BOLT][TEST] Add instrumentation test using merge-fdata (details)
  850. [BOLT][TEST] Import small tests (details)
  851. [BOLT][TEST] Rename tests to follow standard naming scheme (details)
  852. [BOLT][TEST] Import jump-table-icp.test, update link_fdata script (details)
  853. [BOLT][NFC] AsmDump: disable printing of empty profile data (details)
  854. [BOLT][NFC] Remove unused function (details)
  855. [BOLT][TEST] Import small tests (details)
  856. [BOLT] Fix Windows build (details)
  857. [PR] instr: change assert to allow FD 0 return by __open() (details)
  858. [BOLT][TEST] Reduce vararg.test (details)
  859. [BOLT][TEST] Import small tests (details)
  860. [BOLT][TEST] Add llvm-boltdiff to build/test requirements (details)
  861. [BOLT] Fix tailcall-traps and basic-instr tests on ubuntu (details)
  862. Fix shared build (details)
  863. [BOLT][NFC] Change guard macros in headers (details)
  864. [BOLT][DWARF] Fix for Unsupported Debug section: debug_line.dwo warning (details)
  865. [PR] Fix ShrinkWrapping pop order (details)
  866. [BOLT][TEST] Fix runtime/X86/retpoline-synthetic.test (details)
  867. [BOLT][NFC] Use function names passed in -funcs-no-regex as-is (details)
  868. [BOLT] Import bughunter script (details)
  869. [BOLT] Fix crash when trying to resolve external symbols for runtime libs (details)
  870. [PR] Disable stack protection in runtime libraries (details)
  871. [BOLT] Tail Duplication: skip unreachable blocks (details)
  872. [BOLT] Tail Duplication: fix jump table check (details)
  873. [BOLT][NFC] Better diagnostics for unsupported relocation types (details)
  874. [BOLT][NFC] Remove misleading debug message (details)
  875. [BOLT] Tail duplication: disable const/copy propagation by default as a workaround (details)
  876. [BOLT][NFC] Remove unused MCPlusBuilder::createIndirectCall method (details)
  877. [BOLT][NFC] Remove unused MCPlusBuilder::isEnter (details)
  878. [BOLT][TESTS] Move debugTypesBug.s test into binary tests (details)
  879. [BOLT] Add pass to normalize CFG (details)
  880. [BOLT][DWARF] Force allocation of debug_line in RuntimeDyld (details)
  881. Add code owners file (details)
  882. [BOLT][DWARF] Fix for abbrev check in DWP case (details)
  883. [BOLT][NFC] Clear HFSort copyright/license (details)
  884. [BOLT] Use more ADT data structures for BinaryFunction (details)
  885. Disable Windows build (details)
  886. [BOLT] Refactor BinaryBasicBlock to use ADT (details)
  887. [BOLT] Split functions: support fragments with multiple parents (details)
  888. Add bolt target to cmake (details)
  889. [BOLT][NFC] Reformat with clang-format (details)
  890. Fix install-bolt_rt dependencies (details)
  891. [PR] Fix update-debug-sections for AArch64 (details)
  892. Fix frameopt crash when processing POPF (details)
  893. [BOLT] Move disassemble optimizations to optimization passes (details)
  894. [BOLT] Fix profile and tests for nop-removal pass (details)
  895. [BOLT][NFC] Remove unused function (details)
  896. [BOLT][NFC] Remove another unused function (details)
  897. [BOLT] Don't use ld.lld in tests (details)
  898. [BOLT][DOCS] Updated clang build instructions in (details)
  899. [BOLT][NFC] Clear HFSort copyright/license (details)
  900. [BOLT][NFC] Fix file-description comments (details)
  901. [][NFC] Fix license and file description (details)
  902. [BOLTCore] [NFC] Fix braces usages according to LLVM (details)
  903. Re-enable Windows build and fix issues (details)
  904. [BOLT][RFC] Use new LLVM license for ADRRelaxationPass (details)
  905. [PR][BOLT] Check for end iterator in LongJmp stub lookup (details)
  906. [BOLTRewrite][NFC] Fix braces usages (details)
  907. [BOLT][DOCS] Build doxygen documentation (details)
  908. [BOLT][NFC] Fix braces usage in Passes (details)
  909. [BOLT] Fix debug logging in IndirectCallPromotion (details)
  910. [BOLT][NFC] Fix braces usage in Target (details)
  911. [BOLT][NFC] Fix braces usage in Profile (details)
  912. [BOLT][NFC] Fix braces usage in the rest of the codebase (details)
  913. [PR][BOLT] Add aarch64 backend code owner (details)
  914. [BOLT][DOCS] Link to README instead of the github page in Doxygen (details)
  915. [BOLT] Rewrite of .debug_info section (details)
  916. [BOLT] removeAllSuccessors: handle multiple edges between basic blocks (details)
  917. [BOLT][DWARF] Change convertToRanges to not use indirect (details)
  918. [BOLT][DWARF] Handling more data formats for DW_AT_high_pc (details)
  919. [BOLT][NFC] Refactor if statements in RewriteInstance (details)
  920. [BOLT][NFC] Use uniform DEBUG_TYPE for MCPlus builders (details)
  921. [BOLT][DWARF] Fix race conditions for debug fission in non-deterministic mode (details)
  922. [BOLT][NFC] Refactor command line options in BinaryPassManager (details)
  923. [BOLT][DWARF] Fix size mismatch error with jemalloc (details)
  924. [BOLT] Remove ineligible macro-fusion patterns (details)
  925. [BOLT][NFC] Reuse X86BaseInfo interfaces for macrofusion checks (details)
  926. [BOLT][NFC] Refactor X86MCPlusBuilder (details)
  927. [BOLT][NFC] Refactor AArch64MCPlusBuilder (details)
  928. [BOLT][NFC] Format braced initializer lists (details)
  929. [InstSimplify] Add additional GEP tests with undef bases. (details)
  930. [SPIR-V] Remove unused variable (details)
  931. [SCEV] Add test for umin_seq with duplicate operands (details)
  932. [SCEV] `getSequentialMinMaxExpr()`: keep only the first instance of an operand (details)
  933. [mlir][linalg] Use cast instead of dyn_cast that's always dereferenced (details)
  934. [clang][lex] Keep references to `DirectoryLookup` objects up-to-date (details)
  935. [GlobalOpt] Regenerate test checks (NFC) (details)
  936. [gn build] (manually) port 8503c688d555 (details)
  937. [NFC][SCEV] Add more tests for umin_seq with redundant operands (details)
  938. [GlobalStatus] Look through non-constexpr casts (details)
  939. [ASan] Driver changes to always link-in asan_static library. (details)
  940. [libc++] Use TEST_HAS_NO_UNICODE instead of _LIBCPP_HAS_NO_UNICODE in the test suite (details)
  941. [compiler-rt] Silence warnings when building with MSVC (details)
  942. [NFC][SCEV] More tests with operand-wise redundant operands of umin of umin_seq (details)
  943. [SCEV] `getSequentialMinMaxExpr()`: look into `umin` when deduplicating operands (details)
  944. [X86] Tag existing shuffle test case as PR53124 (details)
  945. [mips] Use `push_back` to insert element at the end of a container. NFC (details)
  946. [mips][lld] Add test case to check symbol index reading on mips64el. NFC (details)
  947. [InstSimplify] Fold inbounds GEP to poison if base is undef. (details)
  948. [Nomination] Adding Intel representatives to security group (details)
  949. [DSE] Style improvements after 3cef3cf - remove redundant dyn_casts [NFC] (details)
  950. [X86] Apply clang-format to X86TargetLowering::isVectorShiftByScalarCheap (details)
  951. [GlobalsModRef] Apply indirect-global rule to all globals initialized from noalias calls (details)
  952. Mark arith.minf, arith.maxf as commutative. (details)
  953. [libc][NFC] Move sys/mman entrypoints to the default build configs. (details)
  954. [clang] Move `ApplyHeaderSearchOptions` from Frontend to Lex (details)
  955. [SPIR-V] Drop double quote from test pattern (details)
  956. [RISCV] Add DAG combine to fold (fp_to_int (ffloor X)) -> (fcvt X, rdn) (details)
  957. X86InstrInfo: Support immediates that are +1/-1 different in optimizeCompareInstr (details)
  958. [gn build] Port f77d115cc136 (details)
  959. [instsimplify] Add a comment and test for a highly confusing case (details)
  960. [clang-format] Fix SeparateDefinitionBlocks issues (details)
  961. [IRBuilder] Introduce folder using inst-simplify, use for Or fold. (details)
  962. Fix bazel build after 8503c688d555014b88849e933bf096035a351586. (details)
  963. [mlir][linalg] Improve pooling op iterator order consistency (details)
  964. [ELF] Add RelocationScanner. NFC (details)
  965. [MLIR][SCF] Simplify scf.if by swapping regions if condition is a not (details)
  966. [mlir][tosa] Relax tosa.apply_scale operations (details)
  967. [ShrinkWrap] check for PPC's non-callee-saved LR (details)
  968. [NFC][LazyCallGraph] Remove check in removeDeadFunction() if graph is empty (details)
  969. [libc++][libc++abi][libunwind] Dedup install path var definitions (details)
  970. [mlir][tosa] Allow optional TOSA decompositions to be populated separately (details)
  971. [SelectionDAG] treat X constrained labels as i for asm (details)
  972. [mlir] Fix a missing override warning (details)
  973. Fix clang-tidy bugprone-argument-comment that was mixed up (details)
  974. Apply clang-tidy fixes for readability-redundant-control-flow in OpenMPDialect.cpp (NFC) (details)
  975. [CodeGen] Treat ObjC `__unsafe_unretained` and class types as trivial (details)
  976. [llvm][test] rewrite callbr to use i rather than X constraint NFC (details)
  977. Fix bazel build after f77d115cc136585f39d30a78c741eb296f9e804d. (details)
  978. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Add some more tests for sinking into 'unreachable' block (details)
  979. [clang][CGStmt] emit i constraint rather than X for asm goto indirect dests (details)
  980. [gn build] (manually) port f77d115cc136 more (details)
  981. [HIP] Fix device malloc/free (details)
  982. [MLIR][LLVM] Add MemRead/MemWrite behavior to llvm store/load/addressof ops (details)
  983. [DSE] Generalize store null to calloc allocated memory [NFC-ish] (details)
  984. Accept string literal decay in conditional operator (details)
  985. [clang] number labels in asm goto strings after tied inputs (details)
  986. [DSE] Minor style improvements to calloc formation code [NFC] (details)
  987. [NFC][MLGO] Remove the word "inliner" in a generic error message. (details)
  988. [AIX] support xcoff for llvm-nm (details)
  989. [DSE] Seperate malloc+memset -> calloc transform from noop store dedection [NFC] (details)
  990. [InstCombine] Pull out a helper function to simplify upcoming patch [NFC] (details)
  991. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Regenerate baseline checks to include -NEXT (details)
  992. GlobalISel: Use cloneVirtualRegister in localizer (details)
  993. Revert D109159 : Revert "[amdgpu] Enable selection of `s_cselect_b64`." (details)
  994. [AIX] add the xcoff symbol size for the llvm-nm. (details)
  995. [mlir][Linalg] Pattern to fuse pad operation with elementwise operations. (details)
  996. [MCA] Switching from conservatively guessing which instructions are (details)
  997. [clang][#47272] Avoid suggesting deprecated version of a declaration over another in typo correction (details)
  998. [libc++] Introduce __debug_db_insert_c() (details)
  999. [libc++] Add Status page for P2321R2 (Zip) (details)
  1000. [libc++] Introduce __fits_in_sso() (details)
  1001. Add 'eager-checks' as a module parameter to MSAN. (details)
  1002. [NFC][llvm-libtool-darwin] Encapsulate the process of adding a new member in a class (details)
  1003. [llvm-libtool-darwin] Print a warning if object file names are repeated (details)
  1004. [sanitizer_common] Only use NT_GNU_BUILD_ID in sanitizer_linux_libcdep.cpp if supported (details)
  1005. [TSan][Darwin] Mark test UNSUPPORTED for iOS simulator (details)
  1006. [libc++] Temporarily disable the in_out_result test on Fuchsia. (details)
  1007. [TSan][Darwin] Enable Trace/TraceAlloc unit tests (details)
  1008. [MLIR][SCF] Canonicalize while statement whose cmp condition is recomputed in the after region (details)
  1009. [NFC] Fixup for comment (details)
  1010. [LLDB][NativePDB] Add support for inlined functions (details)
  1011. [NFC][MLGO] Use ASSERT_TRUE in TFUtilsTest, where appropriate. (details)
  1012. [clang][CodeGen][UBSan] VLA size checking for unsigned integer parameter (details)
  1013. [MLGO] Add support for multiple training traces per module (details)
  1014. [lld-macho] Rename LazySymbol to LazyArchive. NFC (details)
  1015. [libc++][test] Move iter_swap into iterator.cust.swap. NFC. (details)
  1016. ASTMatchers: Avoid using SmallVector::set_size() (details)
  1017. [MLIR][SCF] Remove unused arguments to whileop (details)
  1018. ADT: Avoid using SmallVector::set_size() in SmallString (details)
  1019. [lld-macho] Initialize separate time trace profiler for mapfile worker (details)
  1020. AST: Avoid using SmallVector::set_size() in UnresolvedSet (details)
  1021. Support: Avoid SmallVector::set_size() in Windows code (details)
  1022. Support: Avoid SmallVector::set_size() in Unix code (details)
  1023. Support: Extract sys::fs::readNativeFileToEOF() from MemoryBuffer (details)
  1024. [Coroutines] Enhance symmetric transfer for constant CmpInst (details)
  1. Add BOLT builder and worker configurations (details)

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