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  1. [llvm-ar][test] Test that --plugin is ignored (details)
  2. [llvm-ar] Enforce one-dash form for long options (details)
  3. [RISCV] Update recently ratified Zb{a,b,c,s} extensions to no longer be experimental (details)
  4. Revert "[JITLink][AArch64] Add support for splitting eh-frames on AArch64." (details)
  5. [ELF][test] Temporarily remove .relr.dyn test which is not working (details)
  6. [InstCombine] add tests for binop with phi operands; NFC (details)
  7. [mlir][vector] Add folding for extract + extract/insert_strided (details)
  8. Fold arith.cmpf when at least one operand is known to be NaN. (details)
  9. [ELF] Support discarding .relr.dyn (details)
  10. Remove NaN constant from arith.minf, arith.maxf expansion (details)
  11. [mlir] Finish removing Identifier from the C++ API (details)
  12. [InstSimplify] use knownbits to fold more udiv/urem (details)
  13. [RISCV] Remove stale references to experimental-b. NFC (details)
  14. Add an example of integration test invoking MLIR source with Memref from C (details)
  15. Apply clang-tidy fixes for bugprone-macro-parentheses in Interop.h (NFC) (details)
  16. [mlir] Fix a warning (details)
  17. Add split-file to the MLIR test dependencies (Fix bot) (details)
  18. [CODE OWNERS] Add wallace as code owner (details)
  19. [ELF][test] Improve discard-gnu-hash.s to check DT_HASH and DT_GNU_HASH (details)
  20. [ELF] Refactor how .gnu.hash and .hash are discarded (details)
  21. [clang-tidy] Improve modernize-redundant-void-arg to recognize macro uses (details)
  22. Add llc to the list of build dependencies to test MLIR (Fix buildbot) (details)
  23. [ELF] Change gnuHashTab/hashTab to unique_ptr. NFC (details)
  24. Revert "[libc++] Temporarily disable the in_out_result test on Fuchsia." (details)
  25. Omit "clang" from CHECK lines. (details)
  26. [clang][dataflow] Add transfer functions for initializers (details)
  27. Add support for return values in bugprone-stringview-nullptr (details)
  28. [Demangle] Add minimal support for D simple basic types (details)
  29. [Demangle] Add support for D symbols back referencing (details)
  30. [Demangle] Add support for D types back referencing (details)
  31. [Demangle] Pass Ret parameter from decodeNumber by reference (details)
  32. Filter string_view from the nullptr diagnosis of bugprone-string-constructor to prevent duplicate warnings with bugprone-stringview-nullptr (details)
  33. [mlir] Remove populateFuncOpTypeConversionPattern (details)
  34. clang support for Armv8.8/9.3 HBC (details)
  35. [mlir][tosa] Expand tosa.apply_scale lowering for vectors (details)
  36. [mlir][Interfaces] Add a extraSharedClassDeclaration field (details)
  37. [mlir] Refactor ShapedType into an interface (details)
  38. [tosa][mlir] Support dynamic batch dimension for ops where the batch dim is explicit (details)
  39. [libc] add working ARM entrypoints (details)
  40. [NFC][libcxxabi] Rename GlobalLock to GlobalMutex (details)
  41. [libcxxabi] Make InitByteGlobalMutex check GetThreadID instead of PlatformThreadID (details)
  42. [libcxxabi] Pulled guard byte code out of GuardObject (details)
  43. [libcxxabi] Re-organized inheritance structure to remove CRTP in cxa_guard (details)
  44. [libcxxabi] Added convenience classes to cxa_guard (details)
  45. [libc] fix strtold_test formatting on ARM (details)
  46. [mlir] Add a parsePassPipeline overload that returns a new pass manager (details)
  47. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Re-generate checks for a test. (details)
  48. [libc++] [ranges] Fix a missing auto(x) cast in ranges::data. (details)
  49. [libc++] [ranges] Finish ADL-proofing ranges::data. (details)
  50. GlobalISel: Add G_ASSERT_ALIGN hint instruction (details)
  51. IR: Make getRetAlign check callee function attributes (details)
  52. AMDGPU: Add base test for future optimization patch (details)
  53. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix assertions on legalize queries with huge align (details)
  54. RegScavenger: Remove used regs from scavenge candidates (details)
  55. GlobalISel: Always enable GISelKnownBits for InstructionSelect (details)
  56. [libc++][ranges] Implement `construct_at` and `destroy{,_at}`. (details)
  57. [flang] Fix handling of space between # and name in preprocessor stringification (details)
  58. [CostModel] Use cost of target trunc type when only it is the only use of a non-register sized load (details)
  59. [gn build] Port b9bc3c107c6c (details)
  60. [compiler-rt][darwin] check for strcmp to test interceptors instead of pthread_create (details)
  61. [AMDGPU] Fixed physreg asm constraint parsing (details)
  62. AMDGPU: Fix assert on function argument as loop condition (details)
  63. [Attributor] Use getAllocAlignment where possible [NFC] (details)
  64. [Attributor] Reuse object size evaluation code [NFC] (details)
  65. [Attributor] Generalize calloc handling in heap-to-stack for any init value [NFC] (details)
  66. [JITLink] Fix assert condition broken in 118e953b18ff0. (details)
  67. [NFC] Minimize noundef analysis when disabled (details)
  68. [bolt] Fix relative links in README (details)
  69. [flang] RESHAPE(PAD=) can be arbitrary array rank (details)
  70. [Attributor] Simplify how we handle required alignment during heap-to-stack [NFC] (details)

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