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  1. [InstCombine] add test for limitation of knownbits with overshift; NFC (details)
  2. [InstCombine] add more tests for binop with phi operands; NFC (details)
  3. [AMDGPU] Pre-commit test for D116469. NFC (details)
  4. [AMDGPU] Correct the known bits calculation for MUL_I24. (details)
  5. [Docs] Use anonymous reference (NFC) (details)
  6. [RISCV] Honor the VT when converting float point register names to register class for inline assembly. (details)
  7. [RISCV] Add basic support for matching shuffles to (details)
  8. [X86][AVX] lowerShuffleAsLanePermuteAndShuffle - don't split repeated mask patterns (details)
  9. [MLIR] Introduce generic visitors. (details)
  10. [libc++] [NFC] Remove a hard tab from __config. (details)
  11. [libc] Implement correctly rounded log2f based on RLIBM library. (details)
  12. [libc++] [test] ASSERT_WITH_LIBRARY_INTERNAL_ALLOCATIONS is not supported on AIX. (details)
  13. [InstCombine] add tests for icmp with exact shift; NFC (details)
  14. [InstCombine] remove unnecessary use check on X >>exact == 0 fold (details)
  15. [libc++] Fix __simple_view concept in std::ranges (details)
  16. [X86] Fix -Wunused-lambda-capture (details)
  17. Apply clang-tidy fixes for performance-unnecessary-value-param in MLIRGen.cpp (NFC) (details)
  18. Apply clang-tidy fixes for performance-for-range-copy in PadOpInterchange.cpp (NFC) (details)
  19. Apply clang-tidy fixes for readability-identifier-naming in MathOps.cpp (NFC) (details)
  20. Apply clang-tidy fixes for readability-container-size-empty in SCF.cpp (NFC) (details)
  21. [libc++][NFC] Remove clang-diagnostic-c++98-compat-extra-semi warnings in experimental/simd (details)
  22. [CPU-Dispatch] Make sure Dispatch names get updated if previously mangled (details)
  23. [flang] Allow pointers to non-sequence types in sequence types (details)
  24. Add new tests that check the icmp-ashr baseline. (details)
  25. Recommit "[LV] Inline CreateSplatIV call for scalar VFs." (details)
  26. [flang] "CFI" types for Fortran REAL and COMPLEX kinds 2, 3, 10, 16 (details)
  27. [OpenMP] Fix problems with the declare variant append_args clause (details)
  28. [JumpThreading] Change asserts for WantInteger into actual checks (details)
  29. [InstrProf][NFC] Do not assume size of counter type (details)
  30. [jitlink] add R_RISCV_BRANCH to jitlink (details)
  31. [libcxx][test] Properly qualify uses of std::size_t (details)
  32. [libc++] Add missing `<cstddef>` include in span test (details)
  33. [BasicAliasAnalysis] Remove isMallocOrCallocLikeFn (details)
  34. [libc++] Rename __i to __current_ in move_iterator. NFC. (details)
  35. [libc++] s/_LIBCPP_INLINE_VISIBILITY/_LIBCPP_HIDE_FROM_ABI/g in move_iterator.h. NFC. (details)
  36. [libc++] Further small cleanups of move_iterator.h. NFC. (details)
  37. [clang-format] Fix CompactNamespaces corner case when AllowShortLambdasOnASingleLine/BraceWrapping.BeforeLambdaBody are set (details)
  38. [libc++] [test] Add a test for proper _Uglification of template parameter names. (details)
  39. [SelectionDAGBuilder] Remove unneeded vector bitcast from visitTargetIntrinsic. (details)
  40. [clang-format] Fix short functions being considered as inline inside an indented namespace. (details)
  41. Fold ashr-exact into a icmp-ugt. (details)
  42. Document several clang-supported builtins (details)
  43. [lld-macho] Simplify DeduplicatedCStringSection::finalizeContents. NFC (details)
  44. [mlir] Remove getNumberOfExecutions from RegionBranchOpInterface (details)
  45. Fix NDEBUG unused-variable warning after 05f6e93938b73d8335f72e852f5686521cca2390. (details)
  46. [NFC][msan] Reorder branches in complex if (details)
  47. [LoopInterchange] Enable interchange with multiple inner loop indvars (details)
  48. [libc] move strdup out of requiring SCUDO (details)
  49. Comment parsing: Simplify Lexer::skipLineStartingDecorations (NFC) (details)
  50. Comment parsing: Don't recognize commands in single-line double quotation (details)
  51. [NFC][SCEV] Introduce `getCastExpr()` QoL helper (details)
  52. [BOLT][DWARF] Fix high pc patching (details)
  53. [flang] Legacy extension: non-character formats (details)
  54. [LLDB] Skip on AArch64/Linux (details)
  55. [NFC][msan] Add byvals tests with known issues (details)
  56. Revert "[BasicAliasAnalysis] Remove isMallocOrCallocLikeFn" (details)
  57. [flang] Signal runtime error on WRITE after ENDFILE (details)
  58. [scudo] Make Scudo compile for C++20 (details)
  59. [SROA] Bail out on PHIs in catchswitch BBs (details)
  60. Regenerate some autogenerated test files ahead of modifying them. (details)
  61. Skip exception cleanups when the innermost scope is EHTerminateScope. (details)
  62. [clang-format] Add experimental option to remove LLVM braces (details)
  63. [flang] Don't blank-fill remaining lines in internal output (details)
  64. [NFC] Add additional tests for icmp predicate. (details)
  65. [flang] Accept ENTRY names in generic interfaces (details)
  66. clang/AMDGPU: Don't set implicit arg attribute to default size (details)
  67. [Hexagon] Fix optimize address mode pass only handle BaseImmOffset mode (details)
  68. [BOLT][CMAKE] Use IN_LIST check (details)
  69. [BOLT][NFC] Remove redundant dependent template type (details)
  70. Revert "Skip exception cleanups when the innermost scope is EHTerminateScope." (details)
  71. [lldb] Fix platform selection on Apple Silicon (details)
  72. [flasg] Debug folding of substring references (details)
  73. [lldb] Only promote -Wignored-attributes to an error (details)
  74. [mlir][sparse] parameterize MTTKRP kernel (details)
  75. [lldb/doc] Rephrase tutorial paragraph (NFC) (details)
  76. Teach llvm-jitlink to support archives in inputs files and -load_hidden (details)
  77. [NFC][msan] Don't setOrigin for byval pointer (details)

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