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  1. [mlir][ArmSVE] Add masked arithmetic operations (detail)
  2. [LV] Workaround PR49900 (a crash due to analyzing partially mutated IR) (detail)
  3. [MC] Untangle MCContext and MCObjectFileInfo (detail)
  4. [NFC][X86][CostModel] Add tests for byteswap intrinsic (detail)
  5. RISSCV: clang-format RISC-V AsmParser (NFC) (detail)
  6. [llvm-objcopy][ELF] --only-keep-debug: set offset/size of segments with no sections to zero (detail)
  7. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Update documentation comments for SinkCommonCodeFromPredecessors() after 1886aad (detail)
  8. [Clang] remove text extension from diag::err_drv_invalid_value_with_suggestion (detail)
  9. Make clangd CompletionModel not depend on directory layout. (detail)
  10. [lld-macho] Have --reproduce account for path rerooting (detail)
  11. [lld-macho] Preliminary support for ARM_RELOC_BR24 (detail)
  12. [hwasan] Fix missing synchronization in AllocThread. (detail)
  13. [libomptarget] Initial documentation on amdgpu offload (detail)
  14. [WebAssembly] Set alignment to 1 for SIMD memory intrinsics (detail)
  15. [libc++] NFC: Remove stray semicolon in from-scratch config files (detail)
  16. [libcxx] [ci] Add a Windows CI configuration for a statically linked libc++ (detail)

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