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Build #5040 (Aug 16, 2022 1:23:59 AM)

  1. [sanitizer] Disable broken on aarch64 tests (details / githubweb)
  1. [bazel] Add missing dependency after 713f85d5952ab27d474aba2a960a893b7e7e438d (details)
  2. [gn build] port b1356504e63ae (c++17) (details)
  3. [gn build] port b1356504e63ae better (c++17) (details)
  4. [mlir][tblgen] Refact mlir-tblgen main into its own library (details)
  5. [llvm] Remove uses of deprecated `std::iterator` (details)
  6. [gn build] Try to fix build on linux after std=c++17 switch (details)
  7. [gn build] fix 547c551925c8f4dd (details)
  8. [PowerPC] fix stack size allocated for float point argument (details)
  9. [NFC] add test cases for D123366 (details)
  10. [libc++] Implement `operator<=>` for `unique_ptr` (details)
  11. [libc++] Remove `operator!=` from `type_info` in C++20 (details)
  12. [bazel] Port 1c5a50e32815a49a41d79ff529ca8611ee49c5c8 (details)
  13. Update the status of some more C DRs (details)
  14. [mlir, flang] Use has_value instead of hasValue (NFC) (details)
  15. Use value instead of getValue (NFC) (details)
  16. [RDF] Remove explicit template arguments from Print (details)
  17. [bolt] silence unused variables warnings (details)
  18. [RDF] Use default TargetOperandInfo if not given in constructor (details)
  19. clang: fix typo availbility (details)
  20. [bazel] Switch to C++17 (details)
  21. clang/cmake: Drop use of llvm-config for LLVM install discovery (details)
  22. lld/cmake: Drop use of llvm-config for LLVM install discovery (details)
  23. [Clang][OpenMP] Fix the issue that `llvm.lifetime.end` is emitted too early for variables captured in linear clause (details)
  24. [ADT] Fix signature of StringSet::insert (details)
  25. [clang-tidy] Fix g++ -DCMAKE_CXX_STANDARD=17 build (details)
  26. Revert "[lld-macho] Work around odr-use of const non-inline static data member to fix -O0 build after D128298" (details)
  27. Revert "[SampleProfileInference] Work around odr-use of const non-inline static data member to fix -O0 builds after D120508" (details)
  28. [lld] LLVM_FALLTHROUGH => [[fallthrough]]. NFC (details)
  29. [llvm] LLVM_NODISCARD => [[nodiscard]]. NFC (details)
  30. [mlir][tosa] Flip to prefixed form. (details)
  31. [clang][docs] use `Fixes` instead of `This fixes` in ReleaseNotes [NFC] (details)
  32. [MLIR] Add MlirValue to PybindAdapters (details)
  33. [LLDB][NFC] Reliability fixes to TCPSocket code (details)
  34. [llvm] Drop unnecessary const from return types (NFC) (details)
  35. [mlir] Remove redundaunt return statements (NFC) (details)
  36. [llvm] Fix comment typos (NFC) (details)
  37. [Target] Remove unused forward declarations (NFC) (details)
  38. Use llvm::is_contained (NFC) (details)
  39. [x86] Remove unused declaration processWaitCnt (NFC) (details)
  40. [llvm] Use range-based for loops (NFC) (details)
  41. Added warning about outdated feature into Kaleidoscope tutorial text (details)
  42. [demangler] Add getters for Qual/Vector/Pointer types (details)
  43. [mlir] Make use of C++17 language features (details)
  44. [libc++][test] Fix MSVC warnings C6054, C6001, C4242 in format_tests.h (details)
  45. [Polly] Generalize the pattern matching to the case of tensor contractions (details)
  46. [ARM] Regenerate vector_store.ll tests. NFC (details)
  47. [mlir] Flip to prefixed accessors (NFC) (details)
  48. [Polly] Suppress the LLVM-IR output for pattern matching tests, if there is no FileCheck-ing for it. (details)
  49. Revert "[RDF] Remove explicit template arguments from Print" (details)
  50. [clang-tidy] Fix a forwarding-reference-overload crash after the (details)
  51. [polly] Fixed a number of typos. NFC (details)
  52. [mlir] Flip to prefixed accessors (NFC) (details)
  53. [flang] Allow pure function references in expandable scalar (details)
  54. [X86] Add test case to recombine LEA from OR. (details)
  55. [clang][CodeGen] Factor out Swift ABI hooks (NFCI) (details)
  56. [ORC-RT] Drop __orc_rt::string_view now that we have c++17. (details)
  57. [JITLink] Fix some C++17 related fixmes. (details)
  58. [InstCombine] add tests for bitwise logic; NFC (details)
  59. [ConstFolding] fix overzealous assert when converting FP half (details)
  60. [mlir] Fix a warning (details)
  61. [libc++][NFC] Fix `the the` in comment in `__format/buffer.h` (details)
  62. [lldb] Dynamically generate enum names in lldbutil (details)
  63. [lldb] Fix formatting in python-reference.rst (details)
  64. [lldb] Hoist TraceOn check out of loop (NFC) (details)
  65. [ORC-RT] Remove a stray __orc_rt::string_view helper. (details)
  66. [ADT] Deprecate Optional::{hasValue,getValue} (NFC) (details)
  67. [mlir] Use value instead of getValue (details)
  68. Revert "[JITLink] Fix some C++17 related fixmes." (details)
  69. [flang][runtime] Catch & report attempts at recursive I/O (details)
  70. [InstSimplify] add test for over-shift of scalable vector; NFC (details)
  71. [InstSimplify] fold scalable vectors with over-shift splat constant to poison (details)
  72. [lldb] Use single-argument static_assert where applicable (NFC) (details)
  73. [ORC-RT] Fix missing #include <string_view>s. (details)
  74. [flang] Allow assignment to host association in BLOCK in PURE subprogram (details)
  75. [mlir][python] Address deprecation warning for hasValue (details)
  76. [mlir] fix `add_tablegen()` macro to allow installing mlir-pdll (details)
  77. [flang] Handle subnormals while folding SCALE, SET_EXPONENT, & FRACTION (details)
  78. [Support] move llvm::llvm_is_multithread to header, NFC (details)
  79. [RISCV] Support fe_getround and fe_raise_inexact in builtins (details)
  80. [gn build] (manually) port ace6e172bd2c (details)
  81. [M68k] Add MC support for link/unlk (details)
  82. [llvm-ar] Remove unused parameter. NFC (details)
  83. [LoongArch] Support for varargs (details)
  84. [BOLT] Upgrade to C++17 (details)
  85. [Transforms] Fix comment typos (NFC) (details)
  86. [clang-tidy] Use is_contained (NFC) (details)
  87. [llvm] Qualify auto (NFC) (details)
  88. [NFC][clang] Bring `and_present` and `if_present` casting functions to clang namespace (details)
  89. [CodeView] Add function to get size in bytes for TypeIndex/CVType. (details)
  90. [scudo] Try to fix standalone build on armv7 (details)
  91. [mailmap] Add entry for myself (details)
  92. [AArch64][SVE] NFC: Add tests for masked FP arith patterns (D130564) (details)
  93. [AArch64][SVE] Add patterns to select masked FP arith (details)
  94. [DAG] Ensure Legal BUILD_VECTOR elements types in shuffle->And combine (details)
  95. [ADT] Update Optional Deprecation with fix-it (details)
  96. [Orc][JITLink] Slab based memory allocator to reduce RPC calls (details)
  97. [llvm-objdump,ARM] Fix big-endian AArch32 disassembly. (details)
  98. ProcessTest.cpp - replace Optional::hasValue() with Optional::has_value() (details)
  99. [DAG] FoldConstantArithmetic - add initial support for undef elements in bitcasted binop constant folding (details)
  100. Remove C++17 #ifdefs around the implicit conversion between StringRef and string_view (details)
  101. [DAG] Emit table lookup from TargetLowering::expandCTTZ() (details)
  102. [lld/mac] Use C++17 nested namespace syntax in most places (details)
  103. Remove superfluous ; outside of a function (details)
  104. Wrap `llvm_unreachable` macro in do-while loop (details)
  105. [mlir] Remove redundant `inline` from D131323 (details)
  106. [lld/mac] Use C++17 structured bindings (details)
  107. [Support] Use std::shared_mutex when we're not on old MacOS (details)
  108. [ASTMatchers] Replace hand-coded copy of std::apply with the real C++17 function. NFCI (details)
  109. [X86] Add 32-bit test coverage to or-lea.ll (details)
  110. [clang-tidy] Fix a regression of readability-container-size-empty after the AST ElaboratedType change. (details)
  111. [libc++] Allow enabling assertions when back-deploying (details)
  112. [libc++] Add missing <stdbool.h> to the modulemap (details)
  113. [CMake] Check CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD and error if it's to old (details)
  114. [EarlyCSE][OpaquePointers]Replace assert with return for mask type check. (details)
  115. [EarlyCSE][ConstantFolding] add tests for atan/atan2; NFC (details)
  116. [libc++][NFC] Fix signature of main in test (details)
  117. [X86] X86ISelDAGToDAG.cpp - use auto for all values derived from cast/dyn_cast (style). NFC. (details)
  118. [libc++][doc] Update `SpaceshipProjects` status to reflect in-flight reviews (details)
  119. [MLIR][Presburger] make sample test with integer lexmin use containsPointNoLocal (details)
  120. [LLD][COFF] Ignore DEBUG_S_XFGHASH_TYPE/VIRTUAL (details)
  121. Revert "XFAIL some PGO tests on AIX until the new linker becomes publicly available." (details)
  122. [Docs] Add HLSL ResourceType documentation (details)
  123. [EarlyCSE][ConstantFolding] move test files to dir of pass in RUN line; NFC (details)
  124. [llvm-dwarfutil] Remove unnecessarily dependency. (details)
  125. [DAG] Add initial SelectionDAG::canCreateUndefOrPoison support (details)
  126. [ADT] Add is_splat overload accepting initializer_list (details)
  127. [NFC][Flang][OpenMP] Refactor OpenMP.cpp::genOpenMPReduction (details)
  128. Recommit [RDF] Remove explicit template arguments from Print (details)
  129. [StandardInstrumentations] Handle case where block order changes (details)
  130. [X86] Add test coverage for sext/zext/bswap/bitreverse with freeze (details)
  131. [mlir][math] Rename math.abs -> math.absf (details)
  132. [mlir][math] Add `math.absi` op (details)
  133. [lld/mac] Use C++17 structured bindings in two more places (details)
  134. [nfc][openmp] clang-format system.cpp prior to D131401 (details)
  135. Update the C status page from the latest working draft (details)
  136. [lldb] Make Process and subclass constructors protected (details)
  137. [DAG] canCreateUndefOrPoison - add freeze(sext(x)) -> sext(freeze(x)) and freeze(zext(x)) -> zext(freeze(x)) support (details)
  138. [lld/win] Use C++17 nested namespace syntax in most places (details)
  139. [lld/win] Use C++17 structured bindings (details)
  140. [LLDB][NFC] Fix suspicious bitwise expression in PrintBTEntry() (details)
  141. Move openmp from -std=c++14 to -std=c++17 (details)
  142. Rename OPENMP_HAVE_STD_CPP14_FLAG to match c++17 (details)
  143. [clang] LLVM_FALLTHROUGH => [[fallthrough]]. NFC (details)
  144. [mlir][spirv] Refresh base definitions to latest spec (v1.6) (details)
  145. [ADT] Retire llvm::apply_tuple in favor of C++17 std::apply (details)
  146. [MLIR][Linalg] Remove `TiledLoops` from tiling options (details)
  147. [DAG] canCreateUndefOrPoison - add freeze(bswap(x)) -> bswap(freeze(x)) and freeze(bitreverse(x)) -> bitreverse(freeze(x)) support (details)
  148. [RISCV] Add ReadFStoreData as a SchedRead. (details)
  149. [flang] Add an explicit condition for the BITS=0 case in the MASKL and MASKR intrinsics. (details)
  150. [mlir][sparse][nfc] Use tensor.generate in sparse integration tests (details)
  151. [llvm-tblgen] Fix copy+paste typo in CodeGenSchedModels::collectLoadStoreQueueInfo (details)
  152. [mlir][doc] Cross link the dependent dialect section to the tablegen field definition (details)
  153. [libc++] Implement `operator==` for `filesystem::space_info` (details)
  154. [mlir][math] Fix pythong bindings after 00f7096d31cc7896ffd490e65104d264923f0df5 (details)
  155. [llvm-ranlib] Support more than one input file (details)
  156. [mlir][sparse] Add new concatente operator to sparse tensor (details)
  157. [X86] Add test coverage for ctpop/parity with freeze (details)
  158. [flang] Replace more pgmath with libm. (details)
  159. [lldb] Pass on Windows (details)
  160. [SROA] Try harder to find a vector promotion viable type when rewriting (details)
  161. [Symbolizer] Implement pc element in symbolizing filter. (details)
  162. [X86][ARM] Add tests for bitwise logic trees of shifts; NFC (details)
  163. [SimpleLoopUnswitch] Skip non-trivial unswitching of cold loops (details)
  164. [gn build] port 59bb9e37c6 (details)
  165. [lld/mac] Remove unusual "Fallthrough" comments (details)
  166. [llvm] LLVM_FALLTHROUGH => [[fallthrough]]. NFC (details)
  167. [mlir][spirv] Unify mixed scalar/vector primitive type resources (details)
  168. [lldb] LLVM_FALLTHROUGH => [[fallthrough]]. NFC (details)
  169. [libc] Website fixes (sidebar and mobile) (details)
  170. [Symbolizer] Fix symbolizer-filter-markup-pc.test on Windows (details)
  171. [lldb] Remove include/lldb/lldb-private.h (details)
  172. [compiler-rt] Use -std=c++17 for standalone build (details)
  173. [LinkerWrapper] Use C++17 structured bindings (details)
  174. [clang][deps] Stop sharing FileManager across module builds in scanner (details)
  175. [lldb] Prevent race condition when fetching /proc/cpuinfo (details)
  176. Add -misc-const-correctness to .clang-tidy (details)
  177. [MC] [Win64EH] Fix the calculation of the end of epilogs (details)
  178. [mlir][sparse] improve sparse attribute documentation (details)
  179. [DAGCombiner] Add some BE store forwarding tests; NFC (details)
  180. [mlir][vector] Fix warp distribution test (details)
  181. [libunwind][AIX] Save/restore errno before/after system calls dlopen/dlsym/dlclose (details)
  182. [ELF] Support --package-metadata (details)
  183. [RISCV] Add {{$}} to some CHECK lines in MC tests. (details)
  184. [flang][test] Don't require .exe suffix. (details)
  185. [llvm] Repair the modules build with C++17 (details)
  186. Implement better path matching in FileSpecList::FindCompatibleIndex(...). (details)
  187. Partially revert "[llvm] Repair the modules build with C++17" (details)
  188. [llvm-profgen] Fix perf script parsing issues (details)
  189. [flang] Don't compute pointer component procedure characteristics when not needed (details)
  190. [mlir][tosa] Updates tosa.equal to use the InferTensorType interface (details)
  191. [X86] Add 64bits test cases for D131358 (details)
  192. [NFC][asan] Clang-format a file (details)
  193. [Clang] Allow downgrading to a warning the diagnostic for setting a non fixed enum to a value outside the range of the enumeration values (details)
  194. [NFC][asan] Add LIKELY/UNLIKELY on hot memcpy paths (details)
  195. [CMake] Build lib/gwp_asan/tests with -std=c++17 (details)
  196. [mlir][tosa] Use arith::maxf/arith::minf in lowering from tosa (details)
  197. [PowerPC] mapping hardward loop intrinsics to powerpc pseudo (details)
  198. [AArch64] Fix and add A64FX scheduling resource/latency info (details)
  199. [Driver] Add -Xclang= as an alias for -Xclang (details)
  200. [NFC][asan] Fix Condition annotation after 30bbb73bb448 (details)
  201. [asan] Avoid few branches on memcpy hot path (details)
  202. [LLDB] Remove undefined behavior in (details)
  203. [lldb] Refactor Symbols::DownloadObjectAndSymbolFile (details)
  204. [mlir] LLVM_FALLTHROUGH => [[fallthrough]]. NFC (details)
  205. LLVM_FALLTHROUGH => [[fallthrough]]. NFC (details)
  206. [MachinePipeliner] Fix Phi generation failure for large stages (details)
  207. [NFC] fix warning (details)
  208. [Basic] Deprecate MapEntryOptionalStorage::{hasValue,getValue} (details)
  209. [llvm] Alternative attempt at fixing the modules build with C++17 (details)
  210. [asan] Faster version of QuickCheckForUnpoisonedRegion (details)
  211. [globalisel] Select register bank for DBG_VALUE (details)
  212. [llvm] Don't rely on C++17 deduction guide for array creation (details)
  213. [LoongArch] Add codegen support for bswap (details)
  214. [LoongArch] Implement branch analysis (details)
  215. [LoongArch] Add codegen support for not (details)
  216. [clang][clang-tools-extra] LLVM_NODISCARD => [[nodiscard]]. NFC (details)
  217. LLVM_NODISCARD => [[nodiscard]]. NFC (details)
  218. [clang][ASTImporter] Improve import of functions with auto return type. (details)
  219. [RelLookupTableConverter] Bail on invalid pointer size (x32) (details)
  220. [mlir][OpenMP] omp.parallel side effects (details)
  221. Fix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warning. NFC. (details)
  222. [DAG] canCreateUndefOrPoison - add freeze(ctpop(x)) -> ctpop(freeze(x)) and freeze(parity(x)) -> parity(freeze(x)) support (details)
  223. [cmake] Fix ms-compat version in WinMsvc.cmake (details)
  224. [clang-pseudo] Forest.h - don't inherit from std::iterator (details)
  225. [Support] TaskQueue.h - replace std::result_of_t with std::invoke_result_t (details)
  226. [ARM] Add a baseline elf-preemption test (details)
  227. [ARM] Add a baseline test for D131392 (details)
  228. [ARM] Emit local aliases (.Lfoo$local) for functions (details)
  229. [Thumb] Baseline test for incorrect relocation with -ffunction-sections (details)
  230. [ARM] Use getSymbolPreferLocal() in GetARMGVSymbol (details)
  231. [Sema] Merge variable template specializations (details)
  232. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX11][NFC] Split large tests (details)
  233. [openmp] Fix enumeration build issue for openmp library (details)
  234. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX11][NFC] Rename tests (details)
  235. [LoongArch] Support register-register-addressed GPR loads/stores (details)
  236. [mlir] Use C++17 structured bindings instead of std::tie where applicable. NFCI (details)
  237. [LoongArch] Add codegen support for ISD::ROTL and ISD::ROTR (details)
  238. Clang: fix AST representation of expanded template arguments. (details)
  239. [flang] Clarify CheckReductionDIM() (details)
  240. [X86] Regenerate statepoint-vreg.ll (details)
  241. [AIX][tests] XFAIL atan.ll test on AIX (details)
  242. [RISCV] Add target feature to force-enable atomics (details)
  243. [flang] Pass the pipeline config to the pass (details)
  244. [AMDGPU] Unify unreachable intrinsics (details)
  245. [mlir][spirv] Clean up SPIRVOps.cpp. NFC. (details)
  246. [flang] Ignore inaccessible components when extending types or constructing structures (details)
  247. [flang] Don't lose homonymous specific when copying generic (details)
  248. Extend ptr32 support to be applied on typedef (details)
  249. [flang] Don't inherit ELEMENTAL attribute from intrinsics for TBP bindings (details)
  250. [libc++][ranges] Sets ranges feature-test macro. (details)
  251. [DAG] SimplifyDemandedVectorElts - and/mul(x,y) - if a demanded element of y is known zero then we don't need to demand it in x (details)
  252. Change prototype merging error into a warning for builtins (details)
  253. [lld-macho][test] Rename dtrace test (NFC) (details)
  254. [DAG] Avoid hasOneUse() calls if the cheaper !AssumeSingleUse test has already failed. NFC. (details)
  255. [clang] fix deprecation (details)
  256. Fix -Wbitfield-constant-conversion on 1-bit signed bitfield (details)
  257. [DAGCombine][NFC] Precommit extract-subvec-combine sext tests (details)
  258. [flang] Don't check procedure pointer interface function result specification expressions (details)
  259. [flang][runtime] Support internal I/O to CHARACTER(KIND/=1) (details)
  260. [flang] Change names of specific procedures of generic interfaces in intrinsic modules (details)
  261. [AArch64] Regenerate arm64-fmax.ll test. NFC (details)
  262. [IndVars] Eliminate redundant type cast with different sizes (details)
  263. [LLVM] Use range based for loop, NFC (details)
  264. [flang] Intrinsic RANDOM_SEED calls with dynamically absent/present arguments (details)
  265. [llvm][ADT] Allow using structured bindings with `llvm::enumerate` (details)
  266. [PhaseOrdering][AArch64] add test for mul-with-overflow; NFC (details)
  267. [InstCombine] add helper function for extract of with-overflow-intrinsic; NFC (details)
  268. [flang] Fix build warning from newer compilers (details)
  269. [X86] Remove unnecessary _mm_undefined_pd() test from avx-intrinsics-fast-isel.ll (details)
  270. [RISCV] Pin a test to scalar lowering to preserve test intent [nfc] (details)
  271. [InstCombine] fold usub.with.overflow to icmp when there's no use of the math value (details)
  272. LiveDebugValues: Fix another crash related to unreachable blocks (details)
  273. [docs][AArch64] Label Features with Arm ARM Names (details)
  274. Move FormattersMatchCandidate flags to a struct. (details)
  275. [X86][ARM] Update tests for bitwise logic trees of shifts; NFC (details)
  276. [mlir][sparse] improve semi-ring doc (details)
  277. [mlir][spirv] Migrate to use specalized enum attributes (details)
  278. [MLIR] Support lowering n-D arith.index_cast to LLVM (details)
  279. [MLIR] Extend vector.gather to accept tensor as base (details)
  280. [mlir][spirv] Make MemRef memory space mapping pass more flexible (details)
  281. [RISCV] Refresh two autogened tests to avoid future whitespace diffs [nfc] (details)
  282. [mlir][spirv] Detach memory space mapping from type conversion (details)
  283. [mlir][spirv] Use functors for default memory space mappings (details)
  284. [mlir][sparse] update bibliography of sparse tensor dialect (details)
  285. [mlir][sparse] fix switch statement bug on two binary ops (details)
  286. [flang] Extend characterization & checking for procedure bindings (details)
  287. [Flang][OpenMP] Add support for integer multiplication reduction in worksharing-loop (details)
  288. [LLD][COFF] Identify /GL object files which are inside libraries (details)
  289. [mlir][LLVMIR] (NFC) Add convenience builders for ConstantOp (details)
  290. fix mlgo regalloc test model generation for tflite (details)
  291. [mlir] Cleanup DenseArrayAttrBase definition and expose raw API (details)
  292. [pseudo] Fix a suspicious usage of `sizeof(this)`. (details)
  293. The memory region tests have been consistently timing on the ASAN (details)
  294. [mlir] Fix build of toyc-ch6 (NFC) (details)
  295. [flang] Revert changes (NFC) (details)
  296. [AArch64][LoopVectorize] Introduce trip count minimal value threshold to ignore tail-folding. (details)
  297. [libc] Add a utility data structure named FixedVector. (details)
  298. [libc] Add __cxa_atexit support to the atexit function. (details)
  299. @skipIfAsan for the other long test in (details)
  300. [ARM] Do not use LOAD_STACK_GUARD with ROPI/RWPI (details)
  301. [RISCV] Split check lines for fpclamptosat_vec test (details)
  302. [libc][NFC] Fix a few compiler warnings. (details)
  303. [sanitizer] Use C++17 to build the symbolizer. (details)
  304. [AMDGPU] SIFixSGPRCopies refactoring (details)
  305. [libunwind] Use `_dl_find_object` if available (details)
  306. [llvm-profdata] Support JSON as as an output-only format (details)
  307. [libc++][NFC] Remove TEST_HAS_NO_SPACESHIP_OPERATOR (details)
  308. [lldb/crashlog] Fix interactive crashlog test (details)
  309. [libc++] Implement `operator<=>` for `type_index` (details)
  310. Fix modeline (details)
  311. [mlir][sparse] fix doc (details)
  312. [analyzer] Fix false positive in use-after-move checker (details)
  313. [clang] add APValue type check in `TryPrintAsStringLiteral` (details)
  314. [COFF] Change a llvm::StringSet<> to llvm::DenseSet<StringRef>. NFC (details)
  315. [X86][BF16] Make backend type bf16 to follow the psABI (details)
  316. [X86][BF16] Enable __bf16 for x86 targets. (details)
  317. [compiler-rt][BF16] Provide __truncsfbf2 only when __bf16 is available (details)
  318. [sanitizer] Let internal symbolizer to use posix_memalign (details)
  319. Revert "[compiler-rt][BF16] Provide __truncsfbf2 only when __bf16 is available" (details)
  320. Reland "[compiler-rt][BF16] Provide __truncsfbf2 only when __bf16 is available" (details)
  321. [MLIR] [Python] Fix `Value.owner` to handle BlockArgs (details)
  322. [MLIR] [Python] Fix the Windows build broken by d747a17 (details)
  323. [lldb/crashlog] Add '-t|--target' option to interactive mode (details)
  324. [lldb/crashlog] Surface error using SBCommandReturnObject argument (details)
  325. [lldb/crashlog] Update frame regex matcher (details)
  326. [lldb/crashlog] Remove 'process_path' parsing logic (details)
  327. [lldb/crashlog] Add `-s|--skip-status` option to interactive mode (details)
  328. [lldb/crashlog] Skip null image dsym fetching on interactive mode (details)
  329. [lldb/crashlog] Refactor the CrashLogParser logic (details)
  330. [ELF] De-template createBitcodeSymbol. NFC (details)
  331. Revert "Reland "[compiler-rt][BF16] Provide __truncsfbf2 only when __bf16 is available"" (details)
  332. [ELF] De-template BitcodeFile::parse. NFC (details)
  333. [ELF] Simplify llvm::enumerate with structured binding. NFC (details)
  334. Reland "[compiler-rt][BF16] Provide __truncsfbf2 only when __bf16 is available" (details)
  335. [libc] Add implementation of pthread_exit and thrd_exit. (details)
  336. [clang][transformer] Fix crash on replacement-less ASTEdit. (details)
  337. tsan: update Go rules to use -std=c++17 (details)
  338. [release] Use threaded compression with xz (details)
  339. [workflow] Run release tasks for me (tru) as well. (details)
  340. [Flang] Use find_program() to find clang-tblgen (details)
  341. [Attributor] Check for noalias call in AAInstanceInfo (details)
  342. [LLDB] Add multi value test for const static enum (details)
  343. [Flang][OpenMP] Fix conversion of nested loops for SIMD directive (details)
  344. [RISCV] Add cost model for fp-mask cast op. (details)
  345. [DAG] Use DAG.getFreeze() to create freeze node. NFC. (details)
  346. Revert "Reland "[compiler-rt][BF16] Provide __truncsfbf2 only when __bf16 is available"" (details)
  347. [WebAssembly] Produce error when encountering unlowerable Wasm global accesses (details)
  348. [X86][NFCI] Remove target-specific branch optimisation that's handled in BranchFolding (details)
  349. Revert "[Flang] Use find_program() to find clang-tblgen" (details)
  350. [RISCV] Implement isUsedByReturnOnly TargetLowering hook in order to tailcall more libcalls (details)
  351. [clang-tidy] Support C++14 in bugprone-signal-handler. (details)
  352. [AArch64][SVE] Use SVE for VLS fcopysign for wide vectors (details)
  353. [LLDB][AArch64][NFC] Fix some clang-format annotations (details)
  354. [DAG] canCreateUndefOrPoison - add freeze(truncate(x)) -> truncate(freeze(x)) support (details)
  355. [clang][AArch64][SVE] Add unary +/- operators for SVE types (details)
  356. [clang][dataflow] Store DeclContext of block being analysed in Environment if available. (details)
  357. [mlir][shape] Update meet to handle all size & shape types (details)
  358. [DAG] visitFREEZE - generalize freeze(op()) -> op(freeze()) to any number of operands (details)
  359. Migrate llvm.experimental.patchpoint() to ptr. (details)
  360. [mlir] Generate C++ doc comments for interfaces (details)
  361. [AIX][tests] XFAIL for system-aix instead (details)
  362. [LLDB] Add basic floating point ops to IR interpreter (details)
  363. [mlir] Extract offsets-sizes-strides computation from `makeTiledShape(s)`. (details)
  364. [clang][dataflow] Analyze constructor bodies (details)
  365. [X86] Use DAG.getFreeze() to create freeze node. NFC. (details)
  366. [clang] Correct documentation for NEON and SVE operator support (details)
  367. Revert rGa772f775a2ba401e95a0bbe73deb6300f1dc12c0 "[clang-tidy] Support C++14 in bugprone-signal-handler." (details)
  368. [libc++] Make __libcpp_verbose_abort [[noreturn]] (details)
  369. [ConstantFolding] Eliminate atan and atan2 calls (details)
  370. PowerPC: Don't hoist float multiply + add to fused operation on SPE (details)
  371. [X86] (0 - SetCC) | C -> (zext (not SetCC)) * (C + 1) - 1 if we can get a LEA out of it. (details)
  372. [Libomptarget][CUDA] Check CUDA compatibilty correctly (details)
  373. [PowerPC] Don't use the S30 and S31 regs for the pic code (details)
  374. [libc++] Add missing includes of <cstddef> (details)
  375. [clang] SourceManager: fix at SourceManager::getFileIDLoaded for the case of invalid SLockEntry (details)
  376. [mlir] Fix win build by using has_value() instead of hasValue() for Optional. (details)
  377. [ms] [llvm-ml] Add support for the (many) optional SEGMENT parameters (details)
  378. Desist from passing function location to __msan_set_alloca_origin4. (details)
  379. Driver: Refactor and support per target dirs in baremetal (details)
  380. [Analysis] Remove unused CostModelAnalysis::getInstructionCost helper. NFCI. (details)
  381. [NFC] Restructured SimplifyIntrinsicsPass::getOrCreateFunction. (details)
  382. [mlir][LLVMIR] "Modernize" Insert/ExtractValueOp (details)
  383. [analyzer] [NFC] Add more test cases for equality tracking (details)
  384. [CostModel] Update RUN -passes=* to double quotes to appease update scripts on windows (details)
  385. [MCParser] Fix a warning (details)
  386. [NFC][libc++][test] Removes unneeded code. (details)
  387. [mlir][math] Added basic support for IPowI operation. (details)
  388. [MC] Avoid calling vector<FieldInfo> members before FieldInfo is defined (details)
  389. [AMDGPU] Fix prologue/epilogue markers in .debug_line table for trivial functions (details)
  390. [libc++] Fixes string_view comparison operators. (details)
  391. Add docs for function attributes hot/cold (details)
  392. [mlir][spirv] Turn various passes to plain OperationPass (details)
  393. [clang][dataflow] Don't crash when caller args are missing storage locations (details)
  394. [NFC][Clang] make AtomicConstraint::ParameterMapping const (details)
  395. [ms] [llvm-ml] Handle OPTION PROLOGUE/EPILOGUE:NONE (details)
  396. Default implicit function pointer conversions diagnostic to be an error (details)
  397. [Clang] Restrict non fixed enum to a value outside the range of the enumeration values warning to context requiring a constant expression (details)
  398. [libc] Support StringView equality tests (details)
  399. [libc] add int to string for extended bases (details)
  400. Revert "[AMDGPU] SIFixSGPRCopies refactoring" (details)
  401. [libc++] Implement `thread::id` comparators as free functions (details)
  402. [clang][deps] Always generate module paths (details)
  403. [EarlyCSE] allow flexibility in atan(-0.0) test (details)
  404. [mlir][ods] (NFC) split out erroring format tests (details)
  405. [clang] Require strict matches for defines for PCH in GCC style directories (details)
  406. [libc][NFC] clean int to string static templates (details)
  407. [InstCombine] Tighten up known library function signature tests (PR #56463) (details)
  408. [flang] Add semantics test for event_query subroutine (details)
  409. [lld/elf] Use C++17 nested namespace syntax in most places (details)
  410. [Attributor][FIX] Visit same instructions with different scopes (details)
  411. Revert "[clang][dataflow] Don't crash when caller args are missing storage locations" (details)
  412. Revert "[clang][dataflow] Analyze constructor bodies" (details)
  413. Revert "[clang][dataflow] Store DeclContext of block being analysed in Environment if available." (details)
  414. [libc++] Reorganize the documentation of extensions for integral types (details)
  415. [libc][NFC] add arrow operator to optional (details)
  416. [libc] move to combined integer converter (details)
  417. [LLDB][NFC] Reliability fixes for ObjectFileMachO.cpp (details)
  418. [LLDB][NFC] Clean up dead code (details)
  419. [clang][deps] NFC: Move dependency consumer into header file (details)
  420. Remove function name from sanitize-memory-track-origins binary. (details)
  421. [test][sanitizer] Fix getgrouplist test (details)
  422. [mlir][sparse][bf16] disable two bf16 tests (details)
  423. [test][sanitizer] Fix REQUIRES in few tests (details)
  424. [lldb/crashlog] Add `-V|--version` option (details)
  425. [test][sanitizer] Change exit code to debug llvm-avr-linux (details)
  426. [flang] Support DOT_PRODUCT in late inlining. (details)
  427. lldb: Disable unittests if llvm_gtest target does not exist (details)
  428. [test][sanitizer] Switch test to a different group (details)
  429. [test][sanitizer] Fix REQUIRES of the test (details)
  430. [lld-macho] Add support for objc_msgSend stubs (details)
  431. [MLIR] Fix build breakage due to 5c5af910fefbea943a11452b63e2424e5f823470 (details)
  432. [MLIR] Add missing check for unsupported affine dependence analysis (details)
  433. [LoongArch] Add codegen support for bitreverse (details)
  434. [MLIR][NFC] Refactor affine analysis helpers (details)
  435. [compiler-rt][BF16] Provide __truncdfbf2 and __truncsfbf2 only when __bf16 is available (details)
  436. [LoongArch] Add insn aliases `jr` and `ret` (details)
  437. [msan] Try to fix powerpc after D131205 (details)
  438. [clang-format] git-clang-format --staged should format the index (details)
  439. [LoongArch] Define the new-style reloc types (details)
  440. [RISCV] Add cost model for mask vector extend and truncate instruction. (details)
  441. [LoongArch] Override TargetLowering::isOffsetFoldingLegal() (details)
  442. [msan] Another try for powerpc fix after D131205 (details)
  443. [msan] Extract SetAllocaOrigin (details)
  444. [mlir][LLVMIR] Clean up the definitions of ReturnOp/CallOp (details)
  445. [CodeGen] Generate efficient assembly for freeze(poison) version of `mm*_cast*` intel intrinsics (details)
  446. [RISCV] Rename PROC_ALIAS to TUNE_ALIAS to reflect it's usage. NFC (details)
  447. [fir] Fix build (details)
  448. [XCOFF] ignore the cold attribute. (details)
  449. [RISCV][test] Precommitted test for optimization for vmerge and unmasked intrinsics. (details)
  450. [clang][transformer] Finish plumbing `Note` all the way to the output. (details)
  451. [JITLink][COFF][x86_64] Implement SECTION/SECREL relocation. (details)
  452. [JITLink][COFF][x86_64] Stub SECREL relocation to external symbol. (details)
  453. [LLDB][RISCV] Add riscv register definition and read/write (details)
  454. [Clang] Update cxx_dr_status [NFC] (details)
  455. [LLDB][RISCV] Add riscv software breakpoint trap code (details)
  456. [ORC][COFF] Introduce COFFVCRuntimeBootstrapper. (details)
  457. [gn build] Port 7260cdd2e13a (details)
  458. [gn build] Port 7bece0f03bf6 (details)
  459. [ORC] Add missing std::move. (details)
  460. [clang][sema] Print more information about failed static assertions (details)
  461. [PowerPC] Change a double Log2 for localentry to integral Log2. NFC (details)
  462. [clangd][test] Fix error message in SerializationTest.BinaryConversions (details)
  463. [JITLink] Silence GCC warnings about parentheses around && and || operators (details)
  464. [test][asan] Disable symbolization (details)
  465. [clang] Try to fix builders (details)
  466. [libcxx] [test] Merge the experimental-lib-exports testcases into static-lib-exports (details)
  467. [clang] [HLSL] Fix GCC warnings about virtual methods that are hidden (details)
  468. [clang][dataflow] Store DeclContext of block being analysed in Environment if available. (details)
  469. [clang-tidy] Add cppcoreguidelines-avoid-const-or-ref-data-members check (details)
  470. [LLDB] Fix out-of-bounds memory access in EmulationStateArm (details)
  471. [gn build] Port 9ae5896d9673 (details)
  472. [mlir][sparse] Use the correct ABI on x86 and re-enable tests (details)
  473. [MemorySanitizer] Support memcpy.inline and memset.inline (details)
  474. [TypePromotion] Don't insert Truncate for a no-op ZExt (details)
  475. [TypePromotion] Don't delete Insns when iterating (details)
  476. [TypePromotion] Hoist out Promote Width calculation (details)
  477. [TypePromotion] Search from ZExt + PHI (details)
  478. [LLD] [MinGW] Implement the --exclude-symbols option (details)
  479. [LLD] [COFF] Add support for a new, mingw specific embedded directive -exclude-symbols: (details)
  480. [COFF] Emit embedded -exclude-symbols: directives for hidden visibility for MinGW (details)
  481. [bazel] Add WindowsDriver as a dep of OrcJIT (llvmorg-16-init-1433-g7260cdd2e13a) (details)
  482. [mlir] Fix calling the native mlir-pdll-tblgen (details)
  483. [RISCV] Re-enable JIT support (details)
  484. [MC] NFC. Avoid redundant copies when constructing StructFieldInfo (details)
  485. [RISCV] Peephole optimization to fold merge.vvm and unmasked intrinsics. (details)
  486. [mlir][sparse] Refine f695554a2a55 wording a bit and fix the double conversion I broke with aggressive copy&paste (details)
  487. [LLDB][ARM] Extend testing for vpush emulation (details)
  488. [CostModel][X86] Sync masked-intrinsic-cost.ll and masked-intrinsic-cost-inseltpoison.ll (details)
  489. [LLDB] Disable FP test for arm 32 bit (details)
  490. [pseudo] Fix a bug in checking the duplicated grammar rules. (details)
  491. [Builtins] Do not claim most libfuncs are readnone with trapping math. (details)
  492. Do not use the same identifier for a data member as a type; NFC (details)
  493. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX11][NFC] Consolidate VOP tests by encoding (details)
  494. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX11][NFC] Remove test duplicates (details)
  495. AMDGPU: mbcnt allow for non-zero src1 for known-bits (details)
  496. [pseudo] Use C++17 variant to simplify the DirectiveTree::Chunk class, NFC. (details)
  497. [TypePromotion] Update comment in testcase. RFC (details)
  498. [clang][dataflow] Analyze constructor bodies (details)
  499. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX11][NFC] Correct tests for 16-bit VOP2 opcodes which use v128 or higher VGPRs (details)
  500. [clang][dataflow] Don't crash when caller args are missing storage locations (details)
  501. [X86] lowerShuffleWithVPMOV - remove oneuse constraints on shuffle(trunc(x),undef) -> vpmov(x) lowering (details)
  502. [AArch64] Add bf16 select handling (details)
  503. [clang][AArch64][SVE] Clarify documentation for sizeof operator on SVE (details)
  504. [clang][AArch64][SVE] Change SVE_VECTOR_OPERATORS macro for VLA vectors (details)
  505. [libc] Change sinf/cosf range reduction to mod pi/32 to be shared with tanf. (details)
  506. [LLDB][RISCV] Fix risc-v target build (details)
  507. Remove redundant condition check, NFC (details)
  508. [Orc] Reorder operations in ExecutorSharedMemoryMapperService shutdown (details)
  509. [lldb][unittests] Add more test cases to CPlusPlusNameParser unit-tests (details)
  510. [analyzer] exploded-graph-rewriter: Fix python3 string encoding issues (details)
  511. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX11][NFC] Add tests for VOP1 and VOP2 16 bit opcodes (details)
  512. [ms] [llvm-ml] Add support for nested PROC/ENDP pairs (details)
  513. [DAGCombine] Check zext legality in zext-extract-extend combine (details)
  514. [clang][X86] Add RDPRU predefined macro tests for znver2/znver3 targets (details)
  515. [OpenMP][FIX] Ensure __kmpc_kernel_parallel is reachable (details)
  516. [AMDGPU] Autogenerate spill-vector-superclass. NFC (details)
  517. [X86] Add RDPRU instruction CPUID bit masks (details)
  518. [FPEnv][InstSimplify] 0.0 - -X ==> X (details)
  519. [MLIR] Fix hasNoInterveningEffect in the presence of ops from different affine scopes (details)
  520. [InstCombine] add tests for reassociative fadd with negated op; NFC (details)
  521. [InstCombine] fold reassociative fadd with negated operand (details)
  522. [FPEnv][InstSimplify] Fix formatting error. (details)
  523. [X86] vector-rotate-128/265.ll - add VLX + NOVLX check prefixes to reduce CHECK duplication (details)
  524. [lldb] Allow DataFileCache to be constructed with a different policy (details)
  525. [OpenMP] Allow data members in interop init/use/destroy clauses (details)
  526. [X86] lowerShuffleWithVPMOV - support direct lowering to VPMOV on VLX targets (details)
  527. [NFC][sanitizer] Add () into a few macros (details)
  528. [NFC][sanitizer] Use __builtin_extract_return_addr on all platforms (details)
  529. [Docs] Fix duplicate enum item name (details)
  530. [RISCV] Move isValidCPUName to RISCVTargetInfo. NFC (details)
  531. [clang-doc] Read docstrings for record members (details)
  532. [Support] Remove some #if __cplusplus > 201402L (details)
  533. [Support] Remove Log2 workaround for Android API level < 18 (details)
  534. Fix crash-on-valid with consteval temporary construction through list initialization (details)
  535. [clang][RISCV][test] Add test that shows incorrect ABI lowering (details)
  536. [NFC][lldb][trace] Fix formatting of tracing files (details)
  537. Compiler.h: remove unused LLVM_NODISCARD (details)
  538. [Matrix] Add tests dot product with varied strides (details)
  539. [libc++][NFC] Replace macros in vector (details)
  540. [analyzer] [NFC] Fix comments into more regular form. (details)
  541. [flang][openacc] Propagate correct location information from directive (details)
  542. [coro async] Mark async suspend function and its resume function pointer intrinsic as nomerge (details)
  543. [libc][Obvious] Fix thrd_join's first arg. (details)
  544. [libc++] Add a missing assertion in std::span's constructor (details)
  545. [lldb] Simplify TestExec's source code (details)
  546. [lldb] Simplify TestExec's source code (2/2) (details)
  547. [RISCV][SLP] Add some basic test coverage (details)
  548. [clang-tidy][docs] Fixed page title for abseil-no-internal-dependencies check documentation (details)
  549. [OpenMP][OMPT] Fix memory leak when using GCC compatibility code (details)
  550. [Clang] Tighten restrictions on enum out of range diagnostic (details)
  551. [RISCV] Add more ineg+setcc isel patterns to avoid creating neg+xori+slti(u). (details)
  552. [msan] Avoid unnecessary PC increment/decrement (details)
  553. [test][msan] Test origin description argument (details)
  554. [lldb] Silence a GCC warning about missing returns after a fully covered switch. NFC. (details)
  555. [llvm] Use hidden visibility when building for MinGW with Clang (details)
  556. [lldb] Tidy some regex in (NFC) (details)
  557. [Clang] Fix for Tighten restrictions on enum out of range diagnostic (details)
  558. [RISCV] Use SLTIU X, -1 for (setne X, -1). (details)
  559. [NFC] Format ilist_node_options.h to cycle bots (details)
  560. [gn build] Make it possible to do PGO-optimized builds (details)
  561. [mlir][tosa] Updates tosa.logical_not to use the SameOperandsAndResultType trait (details)
  562. [mlgo][nfc] regalloc test model generator: prep for TFLite (details)
  563. [clang] SIGSEGV fix at clang::ASTContext::getRawCommentForDeclNoCacheImpl (details)
  564. [lldb] Fix output for unconditionally decorated tests (details)
  565. [libc] move int conversion out of base template (details)
  566. [mlir] Change the syntax of dense arrays (details)
  567. [mlir] Switch segment size attributes to DenseI32ArrayAttr (details)
  568. [LLDB][NFC] Fix the style issue in TCPSocket (details)
  569. [lldb] Remove uses of six module (NFC) (details)
  570. [lldb] Remove unused "import unittest2" statements (details)
  571. [LegalizeTypes][NFC] Use getConstantOperandAPInt instead of cast constant getAPInt (details)
  572. [libcxx] [test] Fix max_size.pass.cpp for PowerPC targets (details)
  573. [MSAN] remove unused debugging statements (NFC) (details)
  574. [AST] [Modules] Introduce Decl::getNonTransparentDeclContext to handle exported friends (details)
  575. Disable tests in stand-alone builds (details)
  576. [LLDB][NFC] Reliability fixes for ObjectFileMachO.cpp (part 2) (details)
  577. [LoongArch] Return null SDValue by default in LowerOperation. NFC (details)
  578. [LLDB][NFC] Reliability fixes for IOHandlerCursesGUI (details)
  579. [PowerPC] omit location attribute for TLS variable on AIX (details)
  580. [Coroutines] Maintain the position of final suspend (details)
  581. [MCDwarf] Use emplace to avoid move assignment. NFC (details)
  582. [PowerPC] Add XXEVAL TD pattern (details)
  583. [libc] Add implemementations of thread specific data related API. (details)
  584. [lldb/crashlog] Adapt raw text crashlog exception to json format (details)
  585. [lldb/test] Fix interactive crashlog test failure (NFC) (details)
  586. [lldb/crashlog] Improve exception reporting for interactive mode (details)
  587. [lldb/Symbol] Fix null-deref in TypeList::Dump (details)
  588. [MCDwarf][test] Improve debug-prefix-map.s (details)
  589. [LoongArch] Add codegen support for ISD::CTPOP, ISD::CTTZ and ISD::CTLZ (details)
  590. [LegalizeTypes][NFC] Use dyn_cast instead of isa and cast (details)
  591. [LegalizeTypes][NFC] Use getConstantOperandVal instead of cast constant getvalue (details)
  592. [PowerPC] Fix test case changed by "Add XXEVAL TD pattern" [NFC] (details)
  593. [mlir][EmitC] Remove the type from the OpaqueAttr (details)
  594. [SCEV] Prove condition invariance via context (details)
  595. [NFC] Split test to reduce time to run. (details)
  596. [clang-tidy] Support C++14 in bugprone-signal-handler. (details)
  597. [doc] Remove release notes from the main branch for changes that were backported to 15.x (details)
  598. Revert "[mlir] Switch segment size attributes to DenseI32ArrayAttr" (details)
  599. [mlir][emitc][nfc] Clean up tests (details)
  600. [mlir][bufferize] Fix missing copy when bufferizing loops (details)
  601. [lldb] [gdb-remote] Remove unimplemented ProcessIDIsValid() (NFC) (details)
  602. [mlir][Linalg] Let FuseIntoContainingOp return success when nothing is fused. (details)
  603. [DAGCombine] Hoist shifts out of a logic operations tree. (details)
  604. [DAG] Add TODO to remove creation of INSERT_SUBVECTOR nodes from SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits (details)
  605. Handle explicitly defaulted consteval special members. (details)
  606. [libc++][test] Mark `test_comparisons.h` helpers as nodiscard (details)
  607. [flang][OpenMP] Lowering support for default clause (details)
  608. Revert "[flang][OpenMP] Lowering support for default clause" (details)
  609. [flang][OpenMP] Lowering support for default clause (details)
  610. [pseudo] Eliminate an ambiguity for the empty member declaration. (details)
  611. [pseudo] Apply the function-declarator to member functions. (details)
  612. [gn build] port 74384c7fcec7 (details)
  613. [llvm][CMake] Move `split-file` from tools to utils (details)
  614. Missing climits header file in MemRefUtils.h (details)
  615. [lld/mac] Add missing `_eq` suffix on two (internal) option names (details)
  616. [gn build] port 3e119c0efdde (split-file move to utils/) (details)
  617. [clang][SVE] Undefine preprocessor macro defined in (details)
  618. [clangd] Fix an inlay-hint crash on a broken designator. (details)
  619. [bazel] Port 3e119c0efdde7bc3e0f8875f784e31d74ac0ca89 (details)
  620. [mlir][linalg][transform] Support matching of attributes (and their values) (details)
  621. [ADT] Replace STLForwardCompat.h's C++17 equivalents (details)
  622. [libc] Implement tanf function correctly rounded for all rounding modes. (details)
  623. [NFC] Introduce llvm::to_vector_of to allow creation of SmallVector<T> from range of items convertible to type T (details)
  624. [libc] Add missing header and Windows entrypoints for tanf. (details)
  625. SPIRV: Fix compilation in NDEBUG. (details)
  626. [Sema] Always perform ADL when searching for transormed operators in C++20 (details)
  627. [lld-macho] Ensure cached objects are affected by `-object_path_lto` (details)
  628. [mlir][transform] failure propagation mode in sequence (details)
  629. [CostModel] Add bfloat and fp128 reduction tests (details)
  630. [MSAN] Separate id ptr from constant string for variable names used in track origins. (details)
  631. [mlir] fix crossed transform dialect patches (details)
  632. [clang] fix frontend crash when evaluating type trait (details)
  633. [mlir][math] Fix lowering of AbsIOp (details)
  634. [clang][dataflow] Encode options using llvm::Optional (details)
  635. Update license on's ConvertUTF code. (details)
  636. [SampleProfile] Fix non-determinism in promoteMergeNotInlinedContextSamples() (details)
  637. [lldb] Skip target variable tests on Darwin because of chained fixups (details)
  638. [libc] Pack memory functions in the integration test libc.a files. (details)
  639. [llvm-reduce] Add delta pass to run IR passes (details)
  640. [llvm-reduce] Try harder to not create invalid aliases (details)
  641. [libunwind] Remove __ANDROID_API__ < 18 workaround (details)
  642. [clangd][unittests][IncludeCleaner] Don't call findReferencedFiles() if the result is not used (details)
  643. [mlir][shape] Add dim op (details)
  644. [Inlining] Introduce the function attribute "inline-max-stacksize" (details)
  645. [llvm] Fix assertion when stat fails in remove_directories (details)
  646. [mlir][sparse] enable integral abs recognition (details)
  647. [clang-doc] Fix assert on startup (details)
  648. [clang-doc] Always emit the TagType for RecordInfo (details)
  649. [MLIR] Add utility function to create values for all dimensions of a tensor value (details)
  650. [bazel] Remove --config=rbe (details)
  651. [bazel] Use lld in --config=generic_clang (details)
  652. [libc] add sprintf size comparison (details)
  653. [ADT] Remove STLForwardCompat.h's C++17 equivalents (details)
  654. [ADT] Mark variable inline to avoid ODR violations in Sequence.h (details)
  655. [MSAN] add flag to suppress storage of stack variable names with -sanitize-memory-track-origins (details)
  656. [flang] Pass SemanticsContext to the LoweringBridge (details)
  657. [lld/mac] Stop accepting arbitrary suffixes on --(no-)warn-dylib-install-name (details)
  658. [mlir] Flip Tensor dialect and ViewLike (NFC) (details)
  659. [SPIRV] support capabilities and extensions (details)
  660. [BOLT] Use Optional::emplace to avoid move assignment. NFC (details)
  661. [MCDwarf] Respect -fdebug-prefix-map= for generated assembly debug info (DWARF v5) (details)
  662. [mlir] Add AllOfType and ConfinedType constraints (details)
  663. X86: Don't fold TEST into ADD ...@GOTTPOFF/GOTNTPOFF/INDNTPOFF (details)
  664. [DebugInfo] Don't join DW_AT_comp_dir and directories[0] for DWARF v5 line tables (details)
  665. [libunwind][AIX] Implement _Unwind_FindEnclosingFunction() using traceback table on AIX (details)
  666. [trace][intel pt] Fix per-psb packet decoding (details)
  667. [analyzer] Fix a crash on copy elided initialized lambda captures (details)
  668. [MLIR][TOSA] Remove ReluN operator from TOSA dialect (details)
  669. Update hwasan test to fix failure on older Android API versions. (details)
  670. [mlir][python] Add python bindings for DenseArrayAttr (details)
  671. (Reland) [mlir] Switch segment size attributes to DenseI32ArrayAttr (details)
  672. [sanitizer] Add dn_comp interceptor (details)
  673. [OpenMP] Fix segmentation fault when data field is used in is_device_pt (details)
  674. [mlir][ods] Support string literals in `custom` directives (details)
  675. [mlir][ods] OpFormat: ensure that regions don't follow `attr-dict` (details)
  676. [RISCV][NFC] Use nested namespace definations. (details)
  677. [mlir] Use has_value instead of hasValue (NFC) (details)
  678. [mlir] Deprecate OptionalParseResult::{hasValue,getValue} (details)
  679. [mlir][ods] Rename Confined and AllAttrConstraintsOf (details)
  680. [mlir] Remove colon from empty dense array syntax (details)
  681. [mlir][python] add a todo to replace throw in dense array iterator (details)
  682. [DAGCombine] Replace std::monostate equivalent in DAGCombiner.cpp (details)
  683. [clang-format] Distinguish logical and after bracket from reference (details)
  684. [Orc] Properly deallocate mapped memory in MapperJITLinkMemoryManager (details)
  685. [ORC_RT][COFF] Initial platform support for COFF/x86_64. (details)
  686. Revert "[Orc] Properly deallocate mapped memory in MapperJITLinkMemoryManager" (details)
  687. [ORC] Specify the typename. (details)
  688. [openmp] Remove __ANDROID_API__ < 19 workaround (details)
  689. [ORC] Silence copy elision warning. (details)
  690. [RISCV] isImpliedByDomCondition returns an Optional<bool> not a bool. (details)
  691. (Reland) [fastalloc] Support allocating specific register class in fastalloc (details)
  692. [libcxx][hwasan] Add basic HWAddress support (details)
  693. [test][asan] Remove -fsanitize-address-use-after-scope (details)
  694. [test][sanitizer] Fix REQUIRES in the test (details)
  695. [lldb][ARC] Fix -Wtautological-bitwise-compare warning (details)
  696. Reapply [Orc] Properly deallocate mapped memory in MapperJITLinkMemoryManager (details)
  697. [Driver] Use addOptInFlag. NFC (details)
  698. [test][sanitizer] Disable netdb tests on Android (details)
  699. [Support] computeHostNumPhysicalCores: use sched_getaffinity for all non-Android Linux with no custom implementation (details)
  700. [libc++] Simplify __config a bit more and add underscores to attributes (details)
  701. [Instcombine] Add some value tracking tests for cases where the conditional branch feeding a phi gives us known bits of the value based off the branch condition (details)
  702. [RISCV] Fold (sub constant, (setcc x, y, eq/neq)) -> (add constant - 1, (setcc x, y, neq/eq)) (details)
  703. [Driver] Support linking to compiler-rt for target AVR (details)
  704. [gn build] port 7260cdd2e13a3 more (details)
  705. [Instcombine] known-phi-br.ll - fix test bounds for positive tests (details)
  706. [AVR] Remove debug location of spill/reload instructions (details)
  707. [InstCombine] add tests for or-xor-or; NFC (details)
  708. [InstCombine] move comments closer to relevant code; NFC (details)
  709. [Instcombine] Add (simplified) pointless loop unroll / vectorization test for Issue #37628 (details)
  710. [InstCombine] reduce or-xor-or patterns (details)
  711. Update the implementation status of some C11 features (details)
  712. [InstCombine] add tests for or-xor; NFC (details)
  713. [InstCombine] fix "X|(X^Y)" pattern-matching for commuted variants (details)
  714. [CostModel][X86] Add cost kinds test coverage for fp arithmetic operators (details)
  715. [CostModel][X86] Add cost kinds test coverage for fp comparisons (details)
  716. [CostModel] Rename vselect-cost.ll to select.ll (details)
  717. [mlir][shape] Rename dim.dim to dim.index (NFC) (details)
  718. [OpenMP] Fix use after scope after D129608 (details)
  719. Revert "[AArch64][GlobalISel] Recognise some CCMPri" (details)
  720. [CostModel][X86] Add cost kinds test coverage for select operators (details)
  721. [unittest] Update HostTest::isSupportedArchAndOS (details)
  722. [flang][openacc] Handle array section and derived-type components operands (details)
  723. [ADT] Implement Optional::transform (details)
  724. Use Optional::transform instead of Optional::map (NFC) (details)
  725. [MC] Leverage constexpr `std::array` in `SubtargetFeature.h` (details)
  726. [OpenMP] Fix another after scope after D129608 (details)
  727. __has_trivial_copy should map to __is_trivially_copyable (details)
  728. [llvm] Qualify auto in range-based for loops (NFC) (details)
  729. [clangd] Drop unnecessary const from return types (NFC) (details)
  730. Ensure newlines at the end of files (NFC) (details)
  731. Remove unused forward declarations (NFC) (details)
  732. Use llvm::erase_if (NFC) (details)
  733. Use llvm::erase_value (NFC) (details)
  734. [X86] Add test coverage for add/sub/mul with freeze (details)
  735. [DAG] canCreateUndefOrPoison - add freeze(add/sub/mul(x,y)) -> add/sub/mul(freeze(x),y,z) support (details)
  736. [AArch64] Fix signed integer overflow in CSINC case (details)
  737. [libc++] Add a bunch of missing _LIBCPP_HIDE_FROM_ABI (details)
  738. [libc++] Implement `operator<=>` for `thread::id` (details)
  739. [llvm-readobj] Remove unused member variable. NFC (details)
  740. fix some bad logic that was removing all successor phi nodes, not just (details)
  741. [llvm] Update FileSystem test that failed spuriously (details)
  742. [X86][FP16] Promote FP16->[U]INT to FP16->FP32->[U]INT (details)
  743. [Triple] Add llvm::Triple::isRISCV{32,64} (details)
  744. [NFC] Combine test cases of verifier (details)
  745. [libc++] Granularize the rest of type_traits (details)
  746. [libc++] Implement P2417R2 (A more constexpr bitset) (details)
  747. [gn build] Port 7ae66e5e9593 (details)
  748. [Orc] Use IntervalMap to store free memory regions in MapperJITLinkMemoryManager (details)
  749. [Polly] Remove the test case that depends on InstCombine and DeLICM. (details)
  750. [ORC_RT][COFF] Fix cross compilation with mingw headers (details)
  751. [libc++][test] Disables clang-tidy test for GCC. (details)
  752. [libc++] Uses operator<=> in string. (details)
  753. [X86] Add test coverage for and/or/xor with freeze (details)
  754. [DAG] canCreateUndefOrPoison - add freeze(and/or/xor(x,y)) -> and/or/xor(freeze(x),y) support (details)
  755. [X86] Add test coverage for shl with freeze (details)
  756. [X86] freeze-binary.ll - tweak freeze_mul_nsw test to avoid mul by pow-2 (details)
  757. [X86] Add test coverage for shl nsw with freeze (details)
  758. [clang][doc] Removes an extra space. (details)
  759. [DAG] canCreateUndefOrPoison - add freeze(shl(x,y)) -> shl(freeze(x),y) support (details)
  760. [X86] Add test coverage for lshr/ashr with freeze (details)
  761. [libc++][test] fix C4267 warning in bitset.members\to_ulong.pass.cpp (details)
  762. [X86] combineVectorShiftImm - fold (shl (add X, X), C) -> (shl X, (C + 1)) (details)
  763. [LV] Add tests for vectorizing select of minimum idx idiom. (details)
  764. [clang] adds unary type transformations as compiler built-ins (details)
  765. [libcxx][NFC] utilises compiler builtins for unary transform type-traits (details)
  766. [JITLink] Add eh-frame CFI inspector, fix crash on malformed FDEs. (details)
  767. [M68k] Fix MSVC llvm::Optional<> deprecation warnings (details)
  768. [gn build] Port 1cf81274f425 (details)
  769. [Sema] Fix a warning (details)
  770. [JITLink] Fix some missing std::moves. (details)
  771. [Support] Drop unnecessary const from a return type (NFC) (details)
  772. [Transforms] Qualify auto in range-based for loops (NFC) (details)
  773. [mlir] Remove redundant member initialization (NFC) (details)
  774. [flang] Remove redundant string initialization (NFC) (details)
  775. Revert "[clang] adds unary type transformations as compiler built-ins" (details)
  776. InstCombine: use poison instead of undef as placeholder in insertvalue [NFC] (details)
  777. [Sema] Avoid isNullPointerConstant invocation (details)
  778. [Hexagon] Make some loops in HexagonExpandCondsets.cpp range-based, NFC (details)
  779. [Hexagon] Distribute disjoint intervals at the end of expand-condsets (details)
  780. [c++] implements DR692, DR1395 and tentatively DR1432, about partial ordering of variadic template partial specialization or function template (details)
  781. [Support] Fix no-stat build. NFC (details)
  782. [libc++][spaceship] Implement std::variant::operator<=> (details)
  783. Use llvm::all_of (NFC) (details)
  784. [clangd] Use llvm::any_of (NFC) (details)
  785. Use llvm::none_of (NFC) (details)
  786. [X86][RISCV] Pre-commit tests for D130862. NFC (details)
  787. [ADT] Deprecate Optional::map (details)
  788. [DebugInfo] -fdebug-prefix-map: handle '#line "file"' for asm source (details)
  789. [ADT] Make SmallSet::insert(const T &) return const_iterator (details)
  790. [flang] Install runtime libs with the toolchain (details)
  791. [NFC][trace][intel pt] add simple documentation line (details)
  792. [AArch64] Tests for non-temporal loads. (details)
  793. [LLDB] Remove __future__ imports from tests (details)
  794. [LLDB] Remove __future__ imports from examples (details)
  795. Make demangler independent of LLVM again (details)
  796. [mlir][bufferize] Fix bug in AllocTensorElimination (details)
  797. [DAG] canCreateUndefOrPoison - add freeze(assertsext/zext(x,bt)) -> assertsext/zext(freeze(x),vt) support (details)
  798. [DAGCombine] Combine signext_inreg of extract-extend (details)
  799. [DAG] canCreateUndefOrPoison - add freeze(sign_extend_inreg(x,vt)) -> sign_extend_inreg(freeze(x),vt) support (details)
  800. Revert "[SCEV] Use context to strengthen flags of BinOps" (details)
  801. [IR] Change access rights of PredIterator members (details)
  802. [AVR] Support unaligned store (details)
  803. [AVR] Use @earlyclobber instead of register scavenging (details)
  804. [AVR] Only push and clear R1 in interrupts when necessary (details)
  805. Revert "(Reland) [fastalloc] Support allocating specific register class in fastalloc" (details)
  806. Silence MSVC codecvt deprecation warnings (details)
  807. [mlir][linalg][python] Add named constructor for MatchOp (details)
  808. [DAG] Ensure more Legal BUILD_VECTOR elements types in shuffle->And combine (details)
  809. [NFC][SmallVector] Use std::conditional_t instead of std::conditional (details)
  810. [X86] Fold insert_vector_elt(undef, elt, 0) --> scalar_to_vector(elt) (details)
  811. [flang][openacc][NFC] Add test with allocatable and pointer arrays (details)
  812. [llvm-objdump] Start on -chained_fixups for llvm-otool (details)
  813. [libc++][test] Fix conversion signed/unsigned in test/support/MoveOnly.h (details)
  814. [X86] Freeze shl(x,1) -> add(x,x) vector fold (PR50468) (details)
  815. [llvm] [cmake] Move LLVM_INSTALL_PACKAGE_DIR top-level to fix llvm-config (details)
  816. [InstSimplify] sle on i1 also encodes implication (details)
  817. [RISCV] Enable isTruncateFree in SDAG for i64->i32 on rv64. (details)
  818. DynamicMemRefType: iteration and access by indices (details)
  819. [clang] fix missing initialization of original number of expansions (details)
  820. [CMake] Update FindGPRC to use add_llvm_library (details)
  821. [mlir] Revisit `LinalgLoopDistributionOptions`. (details)
  822. [flang] Handle mixed types in DOT_PRODUCT simplification. (details)
  823. [flang][docs] Add lowering design doc for polymorphic entities (details)
  824. [lldb][debugserver] Revert "Use llvm::all_of (NFC)" for debugserver (details)
  825. [mlir][nvpu] Prevent F32ToTF32 pattern to generate illegal IR (details)
  826. [llvm] Include utils/unittest before projects and runtimes (details)
  827. [InstCombine] known-phi-br.ll - add multiuse of compare results to avoid predicate inverse and add negative tests (details)
  828. [InstCombine] add tests for compare of sub-with-overflow; NFC (details)
  829. [InstCombine] reduce sub-with-overflow ==/!= 0 (details)
  830. [ORC][COFF] Introduce DLLImportDefinitionGenerator. (details)
  831. [OpenMP][libomptarget] Fix run region async condition (details)
  832. [LLDB][NFC] Reliability Fixes for FormatEntity (details)
  833. [mlir] Simplify is_splat use in MatchAllPred. NFC. (details)
  834. [mlir][dataflow] Remove Abstract{Sparse,Dense}Lattice::isAtFixpoint() and an ineffective optimization to simplify public API (details)
  835. [mlir][dataflow] Remove the unused AnalysisState::defaultInitialize(). (details)
  836. [ExecutionEngine] Fix warnings (details)
  837. [PowerPC][NFC] Add additional vector_shuffle tests involving scalar_to_vector. (details)
  838. Removing an unused function; NFC (details)
  839. [test][clang] Opaquify pragma-init_seg.cpp (details)
  840. antiagainst's fix (details)
  841. [lldb] Fix warning: comparison of integers of different signs (details)
  842. Revert "antiagainst's fix" (details)
  843. [mlir][math] Added constant folding for IPowI operation. (details)
  844. [MSAN] clean up style from D131728 (details)
  845. [mlir][python] Fix build on windows (details)
  846. [mlir][math] Added algebraic simplification for IPowI operation. (details)
  847. [SLP][NFC]Replace multiple isa calls with single one where possible, (details)
  848. [mlir] Make sure that aggregate shared libraries define all of their symbols. (details)
  849. [mlir] Minor fixes after removing types from attributes (details)
  850. [mlir][transforms] Add topological sort analysis (details)
  851. [SimplifyCFG] teach simplifycfg not to introduce ptrtoint for NI pointers (details)
  852. [clang][diagnostics] Don't warn about unreachable code in constexpr if (details)
  853. [clang][dataflow] Add an option for context-sensitive depth (details)
  854. [SLP][NFC]Add a test for delaying of insertelements vectorization, NFC. (details)
  855. [libc] enable s(n)printf without fullbuild (details)
  856. chained-fixups.yaml: force little-endian output (details)
  857. [test][libc++][hwasan] Handle hwaddress_sanitizer (details)
  858. [slp] adjust debug output to include final computed cost (details)
  859. [gn build] Add ubsan libraries (details)
  860. [mlir][complex] Mark all supported operation illegal explicitly for complex to libm (details)
  861. [test-release] Add option to build BOLT (details)
  862. [NFC][llvm-reduce] Use new pass manager for printing ThinLTO bitcode (details)
  863. [LegacyPM] Remove ThinLTO bitcode writer legacy pass (details)
  864. this pass calls simplifyCFG on individual basic blocks; we want this (details)
  865. [mlir][spirv] Add a test covering load/store with memory operands (details)
  866. [InstCombine] Adjust snprintf folding of constant strings (PR #56598) (details)
  867. [AArch64] Fix signed integer overflow in CSINC case (details)
  868. [gn build] Make ubsan_init_standalone_preinit.cpp syncable (details)
  869. [RISCV][LV] Add test coverage for upcoming dependence distance handling change (details)
  870. [gn build] Try to unbreak mac after f56e486fdc1d (details)
  871. [mlir][tosa] Fix clamp float lowering (details)
  872. [libc] add guard for file pieces of printf (details)
  873. fix comment typo to cycle bots (details)
  874. [gn build] Port 2f1fa6242a1f (details)
  875. [mlgo] Add ability to create feature-gated development features in regalloc advisor (details)
  876. [libc++] Implement `operator<=>` for `error_category` (details)
  877. [libc++] Implement `operator<=>` for `error_{code,condition}` (details)
  878. [test][llvm-reduce] Fix simplify-cfg.ll (details)
  879. Enable -Wctad-maybe-unsupported in LLVM build (details)
  880. [MLIR][SPIRV] Add intel joint matrix ops (details)
  881. Revert "[Driver] Support linking to compiler-rt for target AVR" (details)
  882. [EHStreamer] Omit @LPStart when function has no landing pads (details)
  883. [lldb] Flush the global thread pool in Debugger::Terminate (details)
  884. [lldb] Fetching symbols in the background with dsymForUUID (details)
  885. flang: Fix flang build with -Wctad-maybe-unsupported (details)
  886. [Driver] Support linking to compiler-rt for target AVR (details)
  887. [JITLink] Introduce ELF/i386 backend support for JITLink. (details)
  888. [gn build] Port 5f300397c6ae (details)
  889. Revert "[JITLink] Introduce ELF/i386 backend support for JITLink." (details)
  890. Re-apply "[JITLink] Introduce ELF/i386 backend " with correct authorship. (details)
  891. [SelectionDAG][NFC] Fix return type when used isConstantIntBuildVectorOrConstantInt (details)
  892. [clang-format] Fix aligning of java-style declarations (details)
  893. [ExecutionEngine] Fix a warning (details)
  894. [BOLT][NFC] Extend debug logging in analyzeJumpTable (details)
  895. Don't lower log1p(x) to log(1 + x). (details)
  896. [NFC] Add unittest for inline functions in modules (details)
  897. [LoongArch] Encode LoongArch specific ELF e_flags to binary by LoongArchTargetStreamer (details)
  1. [sanitizer] Disable broken on aarch64 tests (details)

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