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Build Log

  1. [jenkins] Enable AMDGPU target in the code coverage bot (details / githubweb)
  2. [libc] Temporarily make the release builder a passthrough. (details / githubweb)
  3. [libc] Enable steps back on the release builder. (details / githubweb)
  4. [NFC] cosmetic change to remove unnecessary whitespace (details / githubweb)
  5. [CSKY] Add CSKY buildbot to enable monitoring CSKY related commits (details / githubweb)
  6. Updated requirements. (details / githubweb)
  7. [BOLT] Update BOLT_{CLANG,LLD}_EXE for bolt-x86_64-ubuntu-shared (details / githubweb)
  8. Removed abandoned clang-x64-ninja-win7 builder and windows7-buildbot worker. (details / githubweb)
  9. [CSKY] Fix the missing comma in extra_cmake_args config (details / githubweb)
  10. [CSKY] Remove `'collapseRequests': False` because it's impossible to build for every commit (details / githubweb)
  11. [CSKY] Add cmake build config parameters to not checkout clang_tools_extra, compiler_rt and lld (details / githubweb)
  12. Bumped twisted to 22.4.0. (details / githubweb)
  1. [ADT] Add edit_distance_insensitive to StringRef (details)
  2. [Scalar] Remove isValidSingle (NFC) (details)
  1. [Fortran] Don't add -Werror=date-time for flang (details / githubweb)

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