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  1. Lit is obtained from Git Monoroepo, rather than SVN (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [Attributor] Add an Attributor CGSCC pass and run it (detail)
  2. [X86] Add more scalar intrinsic instructions to isNonFoldablePartialRegisterLoad. (detail)
  3. [mlir][GPUToSPIRV] Modify the lowering of gpu.block_dim to be consistent with Vulkan SPEC (detail)
  4. [ELF][test] Use llvm-readelf -l instead of llvm-readobj -l for some memory region tests (detail)
  5. Support -fstack-clash-protection for x86 (detail)
  6. Revert "Support -fstack-clash-protection for x86" (detail)
  7. Support -fstack-clash-protection for x86 (detail)
  8. [AggressiveInstCombine] Add test with baseline CHECKs for aggressive inst combine for SELECT. (detail)
  9. [LoopExtractor] Convert LoopExtractor from LoopPass to ModulePass (detail)
  10. [X86] Recognise ROTLI/ROTRI rotations as faux shuffles (detail)
  11. Fix signed/unsigned warning. (detail)
  12. [lldb] [testsuite] TestGdbRemoteLibrariesSvr4Support: Fix symlinked builddir (detail)
  13. [LLDB] [doc] Update the current status of pkgsrc (NetBSD) building (detail)
  14. [LLDB] [doc] Remove note about libpanel(3) and NetBSD (detail)
  15. [lldb] [doc] Testing: Fix typos (detail)
  16. [lldb] [doc] Status: Debugserver (remote debugging) is OK now (detail)
  17. [VectorCombine] new IR transform pass for partial vector ops (detail)
  18. [gn build] Port a17f03bd939 (detail)
  19. [LLDB] [doc] Document NetBSD status and sort OSs alphabetically (detail)
  20. [lldb] [doc] Status: Linux: Update the paragraph (detail)
  21. [X86] Rename matchShuffleAsRotate - matchShuffleAsByteRotate. NFCI. (detail)
  22. [X86][SSE] Add more tests showing failure to lower shuffles as bit rotations (detail)
  23. [X86][XOP] Add XOP target to vXi16/vXi8 shuffle tests (detail)
  24. libclc: Move rsqrt implementation to a .cl file (detail)
  25. libclc/r600: Use target specific builtins to implement rsqrt and native_rsqrt (detail)
  26. [X86] Remove isel patterns that include a vselect/X86selects and a strict FP node. (detail)
  27. [X86] Use MVT::i32 for the type of a MOV32r0 created in X86DAGToDAGISel::Select. (detail)
  28. [X86] Add lowerShuffleAsBitRotate (PR44379) (detail)
  29. [X86] Add flag result VT to a MOV32r0 created in X86DAGToDAGISel::Select (detail)
  30. [X86] Use custom isel for (X86sbb_flag 0, 0) so we can use 32-bit SBB for i8/i16. (detail)
  31. [X86] combineConcatVectorOps - combine VROTLI/VROTRI ops (detail)
  32. AMDGPU: Fix SI_IF lowering when the save exec reg has terminator uses (detail)
  33. AMDGPU: Remove dead kill handling (detail)
  34. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Look through casts when legalizing vector indexing (detail)
  35. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Don't mis-select vector index on a constant (detail)
  36. GlobalISel: Fix narrowing of G_CTLZ/G_CTTZ (detail)
  37. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Split 64-bit G_CTPOP in RegBankSelect (detail)
  38. GlobalISel: Fix narrowScalar for G_{CTLZ|CTTZ}_ZERO_UNDEF (detail)
  39. [DebugInfo] Add a DWARFDataExtractor constructor that takes ArrayRef<uint8_t> (detail)
  40. [RISCV] Fix incorrect FP base CFI offset for variable argument functions (detail)
  41. [X86] Use MOVZX instead of MOVSX in f16_to_fp isel patterns. (detail)
  42. [X86] Autogenerate complete checks. NFC (detail)
  43. [clang][codegen] Fix another lifetime emission on alloca on non-default address space. (detail)
  44. Fix `-Wparentheses` warning. NFC. (detail)
  45. [X86] Make (insert_vector_elt (v8i16 zerovec), i16 %x, 0) generate the same code as (v8i16 (build_vector %x, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)). (detail)
  46. [Attributor][NFC] Use existing constant instead of magic one (detail)
  47. [Attributor][Tests][NFC] Add more range tests (detail)
  48. [X86] Autogenerate complete checks. NFC (detail)
  49. [Attributor][FIX] Call right base method in AAValueConstantRangeFloating (detail)
  50. [Attributor] Look through (some) casts in AAValueConstantRangeFloating (detail)
  51. [Attributor] Allow SelectInst in AAValueConstantRangeFloating (detail)
  52. [Attributor][FIX] Remove FIXME that seems outdated (detail)
  53. [Attributor] Allow PHI nodes in AAValueConstantRangeFloating (detail)
  54. [GlobalISel][CallLowering] Tighten constantexpr check for callee. (detail)
  55. [llvm-dwarfdump][Stats] Fix the License header (detail)
  56. [Attributor][Tests] Run the CGSCC versions on the range.ll test (detail)
  57. [Attributor] Simple casts preserve no-alias property (detail)
  58. [Attributor][FIX] Make check lines explicit (detail)
  59. [AMDGPU] Add a16 feature to gfx10 (detail)
  60. [lldb] Refactored to general virtual function test (detail)
  61. [lldb] [doc] Change sample commands prefix from > to $ (detail)
  62. [CSInfo] Use isCandidateForCallSiteEntry() when updating the CSInfo (detail)
  63. [SytemZ] Disable vector ABI when using option -march=arch[8|9|10] (detail)
  64. [LLDB] Fix GCC warnings about extra semicolons. NFC. (detail)
  65. [lldb] Fix+re-enable Assert StackFrame Recognizer on Linux (detail)
  66. [Doc] Proposal for vector predication (detail)
  67. [CSInfo] Fix the assertions regarding updating the CSInfo (detail)
  68. Fix handling of destructor names that name typedefs. (detail)
  69. [MLIR][Affine] NFC: Move AffineValueMap and MutableAffineMap (detail)
  70. [DSE] Add tests for MemorySSA based DSE. (detail)
  71. [AArch64][SVE] Add SVE2 intrinsics for widening DSP operations (detail)
  72. [clangd] Support renaming designated initializers (detail)
  73. [AArch64][SVE] SVE2 intrinsics for character match & histogram generation (detail)
  74. [lldb][NFC] Don't construct a ConstString twice in LibCxxVariant (detail)
  75. [lldb][NFC] Fix code style of LibcxxVariantIndexValidity (detail)
  76. [lldb][NFC] Don't call call formatv for no reason in LibCxxOptional (detail)
  77. [DSE] Add first version of MemorySSA-backed DSE (Bottom up walk). (detail)
  78. [lldb][NFC] Don't hide a bool in LibCxxOptional's OptionalFrontend::m_size (detail)
  79. Revert rGe82e17d4d4cac8b2df00094e80d5e1cb22795664 - [X86] Add lowerShuffleAsBitRotate (PR44379) (detail)
  80. [AArch64][SVE] SVE2 intrinsics for complex integer arithmetic (detail)
  81. [DSE,MSSA] Move more passing test cases from todo to simple.ll. (detail)
  82. [libc++] Protect <span> against min/max macro (detail)
  83. [gn build] make 'clang' target depend on libcxx/include on mac (detail)
  84. [OpenMP] Fix unused variable (detail)
  85. [libc++][span] Add failing tests for span::first and span::last (detail)
  86. Fix compiler warning when compiling without asserts [NFC] (detail)
  87. [llvm-readobj] - Change the error to warning when a section name is unknown. (detail)
  88. Fix an unused variable warning (detail)
  89. [SystemZ] Add implementation for the intrinsic llvm.read_register (detail)
  90. [DebugInfo][test] Replace pre-canned binary test (detail)
  91. [mlir] use unpacked memref descriptors at function boundaries (detail)
  92. [SelectionDAG] Optimize build_vector of truncates and shifts (detail)
  93. CWG2445: For function template partial ordering, take reversal of (detail)
  94. [AArch64] Make Read Write System Registers Read Only (detail)
  95. Remove redundant "std::move"s in return statements (detail)
  96. [NFC] Fix line endings (detail)
  97. [DebugInfo] Reject line tables of version > 5 (detail)
  98. [compiler-rt] Some clean up / refactoring in sanitizer_symbolizer_libcdep.cpp. (detail)
  99. Revert "Remove redundant "std::move"s in return statements" (detail)
  100. [DebugInfo][test] Fix(?) build bots due to incorrect type usage (detail)
  101. [DSE,MSSA] Adjust mda-with-dbg-values.ll to MSSA backed DSE. (detail)
  102. Revert "[OpenMP] Fix unused variable" (detail)
  103. [analyzer] StdLibraryFunctionsChecker refactor: remove macros (detail)
  104. Create a clang-tidy check to warn when -dealloc is implemented inside an ObjC class category. (detail)
  105. [gn build] Port 0151ddc2e83 (detail)
  106. [X86] Add lowerShuffleAsBitRotate (PR44379) (detail)
  107. [DebugInfo][test] Fix host endian test issue (detail)
  108. [AMDGPU] Split R600 and GCN subregs (detail)
  109. [mlir] subview op lowering for target memrefs with const offset (detail)
  110. unwind: rename `__personality_routine` to `_Unwind_Personality_Fn` (detail)
  111. [mlir] Delete unused header (detail)
  112. Revert "[InstCombine][DebugInfo] Fold constants wrapped in metadata" (detail)
  113. [X86] combineConcatVectorOps - combine VSHLI/VSRAI/VSRLI ops (detail)
  114. [mlir][EDSC] Almost NFC - Refactor and untangle EDSC dependencies (detail)
  115. [mlir] [LLVMIR] add all vector reduction intrinsics to LLVM IR dialect (detail)
  116. Silence compiler warning. NFC. (detail)
  117. [X86] combineConcatVectorOps - combine X86ISD::VPERMI ops (detail)
  118. [X86] combineConcatVectorOps - combine X86ISD::PACKSS ops (detail)
  119. AMDGPU: Move R600 test compatability hack (detail)
  120. [] Check for the right macro instead of inlining it (detail)
  121. Remove llgo per discussion on llvm-dev: (detail)
  122. [SystemZ]  Add a subtarget cache like some other targets already have. (detail)
  123. debugserver: Rely on mig architectures being specified externally (detail)
  124. [Sanitizers] Get link map on FreeBSD via documented API (detail)
  125. [LoopCacheAnalysis]: Add support for negative stride (detail)
  126. [MLIR] Allow non-binary operations to be commutative (detail)
  127. [MLIR][Standard] Add folding for indexCast(indexCast(x)) -> x (detail)
  128. [MLIR][Standard] Implement constant folding for IndexCast (detail)
  129. [MLIR] Fix lib/ExecutionEngine for BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on (detail)
  130. [MLIR] Fix lib/Dialect/Linalg/EDSC for BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on (detail)
  131. [ValueLattice] Remove obsolete getConstantInt (NFC). (detail)
  132. [compiler-rt] Follow up fix for the refactoring in (detail)
  133. Continue removing llgo. (detail)
  134. fix some typos to cycle bots (detail)
  135. [clang] Add `forceReload` clangd extension to 'textDocument/didChange' (detail)
  136. Prefer __vector over vector keyword for altivec (detail)
  137. Add documentation on git bisecting across the MLIR merge (detail)
  138. Don't fail step out if remote server doesn't implement qMemoryRegionInfo (detail)
  139. [AIX][XCOFF] Support Mergeable2ByteCString and Mergeable4ByteCString (detail)
  140. [OPENMP50]Support for acquire clause. (detail)
  141. [InstCombine] add tests for abs with extra use of operand; NFC (detail)
  142. [InstCombine] fix use check when canonicalizing abs/nabs (detail)
  143. [mlir][VectorOps][EDSC] Add EDSC for VectorOps (detail)
  144. Do not define AcceptPIDFromInferior when it will not be used (detail)
  145. [Transforms] add phase ordering tests for min/max/abs; NFC (detail)
  146. Reland "[clangd][test] Disable a particular testcase in FindExplicitReferencesTest when LLVM_ENABLE_EXPENSIVE_CHECKS"" (detail)
  147. git bisect docs: try to make commit ascii art show up (detail)
  148. [DebugInfo] Support file-level include directories when generating DWARFv5 LineTable prologues. (detail)
  149. add GitBisecting to toctrees to try and placate the sphinx bot (detail)
  150. RegisterCoalescer: Add LaneMask to debug printing (detail)
  151. [AIX] Enable frame pointer for AIX and add related test suite (detail)
  152. git bisect docs: formatting tweaks (detail)
  153. [test] Disable the Passes/PluginsTest cases on windows with BUILD_SHARED_LIBS (detail)
  154. [mlir][Linalg] Add a roundtrip test for indexed_generic op with tensors. (detail)
  155. [OPENMP50]Add support for 'release' clause. (detail)
  156. [mlir][spirv] Use spv.entry_point_abi in GPU to SPIR-V conversions (detail)
  157. Revert "[lldb] Fix+re-enable Assert StackFrame Recognizer on Linux" (detail)
  158. [CallPromotionUtils] Add tryPromoteCall. (detail)
  159. [gn build] Port bb383ae6120 (detail)
  160. Remove lit feature object-emission (detail)
  161. [ubsan] Null-check and adjust TypeLoc before using it (detail)
  162. [EarlyCSE] avoid crashing when detecting min/max/abs patterns (PR41083) (detail)
  163. Revert "[Sanitizers] Get link map on FreeBSD via documented API" (detail)
  164. Revert "[] Check for the right macro instead of inlining it" (detail)
  165. [Sanitizers] Get link map on FreeBSD and NetBSD via documented API (detail)
  166. scudo: Instead of exporting a pointer to the allocator, export the allocator directly. NFCI. (detail)
  167. scudo: Table driven size classes for Android allocator. (detail)
  168. scudo: Add a dump of primary allocation sizes to malloc_info output. (detail)
  169. Fix you->your typo. (detail)
  170. [TestKernVerStrLCNOTE] Check the *right* architecture. (detail)
  171. [GlobalISel][CallLowering] Use stripPointerCasts(). (detail)
  172. DebugInfo: Avoid truncating addr_base to 32 bits (detail)
  173. [NFC] Refactor the tuple of symbol information with structure for llvm-objdump (detail)
  174. [libFuzzer] communicate through pipe to subprocess for MinimizeCrashInput (detail)
  175. [NFC][libFuzzer] Prefix TempPath with string showing the work it is doing. (detail)
  176. scudo: Fix Android build. (detail)
  177. [Polly] Update ISL to isl-0.22.1-87-gfee05a13. (detail)
  178. [Polly] Silence mixed signed/unsigned comparison warnings. NFC. (detail)
  179. Fix Sphinx failure on ReadabilityQualifiedAuto docs (detail)
  180. [llvm][TableGen] Define FieldInit::isConcrete overload (detail)
  181. Revert "[NFC][libFuzzer] Prefix TempPath with string showing the work it is doing." (detail)
  182. [Polly][Docs] Fix wrong claim about optimization levels. (detail)
  183. Only perform the login_session_has_gui_access on macOS (detail)
  184. Reland "[NFC][libFuzzer] Prefix TempPath with string showing the work it is doing." (detail)
  185. [asan] Disable qsort interceptor on Android. (detail)
  186. [CodingStandards] Clarify C++ Standard Library usage (detail)
  187. [ELF][RISCV] Add R_RISCV_IRELATIVE (detail)
  188. [NFC] Fix typo. (detail)
  189. [X86] Custom lower ISD::FP16_TO_FP and ISD::FP_TO_FP16 on f16c targets instead of using isel patterns. (detail)
  190. remove outdated comparison with other open-source c++ compilers (detail)
  191. [lldb][NFC] Refactor TypeSystemClang::GetTypeName (detail)
  192. [lldb][NFC] Remove several inefficient ConstString -> const char * -> StringRef conversions (detail)
  193. [clangd] Remove a FIXME which has been done, NFC. (detail)
  194. [clang-rename] Fix the missing template constructors. (detail)
  195. [clang-rename] Fix the failure rename test. (detail)
  196. [AMDGPU] Fix non-deterministic iteration order (detail)
  197. [lldb] Add test for C++ constructor calls from the expression evaluator (detail)
  198. [libcxx] Qualify make_move_iterator in vector::insert for input iterators (detail)
  199. [llvm-readobj][test] - Add a test for --elf-cg-profile option. (detail)
  200. [lldb] Add test for lldb_private::Stream's indentation functionality (detail)
  201. [libc++] span: Cleanup includes (detail)
  202. [DebugInfo] Teach LDV how to handle identical variable fragments (detail)
  203. [DebugInfo][NFC] Rename the class DbgValueLocation to DbgVariableValue (detail)
  204. [DebugInfo][NFC] Fixup the UserValue methods to use FragmentInfo (detail)
  205. [AArch64][SVE] Add SVE2 intrinsics for complex integer dot product (detail)
  206. [lldb] Add test for calling overloaded virtual functions (detail)
  207. [libcxx] span: Remove unneeded comparison (detail)
  208. [lldb/test] Add alternate symbol to StackFrame Recognizer (detail)
  209. [Mips] Add intrinsics for 4-byte and 8-byte MSA loads/stores. (detail)
  210. [libc++] span: Fix incorrect return type of span::subspan (detail)
  211. [compiler-rt] Restrict sanitizer_linux.cpp dlinfo(3) to FreeBSD (detail)
  212. [Debuginfo][NFC] Rename error handling functions using the same pattern. (detail)
  213. [clang-format] Improve handling of C# attributes (detail)
  214. [ARM][MVE] Fix a corner case of checking for MVE-I with -mfpu=none (detail)
  215. [X86][SSE] lowerShuffleAsBitRotate - lower to vXi8 shuffles to ROTL on pre-SSSE3 targets (detail)
  216. [lldb] Delete the SharingPtr class (detail)
  217. [lldb][NFC] Remove Stream::Indent(const char *) overload in favor of the StringRef version (detail)
  218. [lldb] Add test for multiple inheritance (detail)
  219. [mlir] Use the first location in the fused location for diagnostic handler (detail)
  220. [lldb][NFC] Remove ConstString -> const char * -> StringRef conversions when calling Stream::Indent (detail)
  221. [libc++][macOS CI] Ensure that the SDK version is not older than the deployment target (detail)
  222. [mlir] StdToLLVM: add a separate test for the new memref calling convention (detail)
  223. [lldb][NFC] Remove the CppVirtualMadness test (detail)
  224. [VectorCombine] remove unused debug counter; NFC (detail)
  225. [X86] combineConcatVectorOps - reuse IsSplat and remove duplicate code. NFC. (detail)
  226. [libc++] Disable a filesystem test that uses debug mode with the macOS system libc++ (detail)
  227. [NFC] [lldb] Remove unused declaration (detail)
  228. [MLIR][GPU] Disallow llvm tanh intrinsics when lowering to NVVM/ROCm. (detail)
  229. [clangd] Expose completion range in code completion results (C++ API) (detail)
  230. Revert "[DSE] Add first version of MemorySSA-backed DSE (Bottom up walk)." (detail)
  231. [RISCV] Optimize seteq/setne pattern expansions for better code size (detail)
  232. P1957R2: conversion from a pointer to bool is considered narrowing. (detail)
  233. CWG1423: don't permit implicit conversion of nullptr_t to bool. (detail)
  234. [mlir][ods] Added RankedIntElementsAttr class (detail)
  235. [OPENMP50]Add restrictions for memory order clauses in atomic directive. (detail)
  236. [Clang][Driver] After default -fintegrated-cc1, make llvm::report_fatal_error() generate preprocessed source + again. (detail)
  237. [ARM][MVE] Tail-Predication: recognise (again) active lanes IR pattern (detail)
  238. [SCCP] Remove forcedconstant, go to overdefined instead (detail)
  239. Fix SFINAE in JSON.h constructor. (detail)
  240. Use C++14-style return type deduction in LLVM. (detail)
  241. [SystemZ]  Bugfix in emitSelect() (detail)
  242. [ms] [llvm-ml] Add support for attempted register parsing (detail)
  243. [test][DebugInfo][NFC] Fix line endings (detail)
  244. [libc++] Make sure that vector copy-construction is disabled for non-copyable types (detail)
  245. [X86CmovConversion] Make heuristic for optimized cmov depth more conservative (PR44539) (detail)
  246. [SystemZ]  Fix new test case for expensive checks. (detail)
  247. Fix errors/warnings in scudo build. (detail)
  248. [InstCombine] Use replaceOperand() in more places (detail)
  249. [IRBuilder] Remove more unnecessary NoFolder methods (detail)
  250. [OPENMP50]Add support for relaxed clause in atomic directive. (detail)
  251. [Attributor][NFC] Improve debug message (detail)
  252. [Attributor][FIX] Remove duplicate, half-broken functionality (detail)
  253. [Attributor] Return uses do not free pointers (detail)
  254. [CodingStandards] Add link to "Picking the Right Data Structure" (detail)
  255. [Attributor][NFC] Improve documentation (detail)
  256. [DirectoryWatcher] Fix misuse of FSEvents API and data race (detail)
  257. [lldb][NFC] Remove support file searching from SourceFileCompleter (detail)
  258. [BPF] implement isTruncateFree and isZExtFree in BPFTargetLowering (detail)
  259. [lldb][test] Remove symlink for API tests. (detail)
  260. gn build: Make scudo cflags more consistent with the cmake build. (detail)
  261. [NFC] Fix unused var in release builds (detail)
  262. [mlir] Turn flags in ConvertStandardToLLVM into pass flags (detail)
  263. Fix SFINAE in CFG.cpp. (detail)
  264. Use std::foo_t rather than std::foo in clang. (detail)
  265. [llvm][TextAPI] add simulators to output (detail)
  266. [Hexagon] Fix ABI info for returning HVX vectors (detail)
  267. Restore "[WPD/LowerTypeTests] Delay lowering/removal of type tests until after ICP" (detail)
  268. [Polly] LLVM OpenMP Backend -- Fix "static chunked" scheduling. (detail)
  269. [lldb][NFC] Test SourceFileCompletion by completing the target line-table argument (detail)
  270. [AMDGPU] Remove AMDGPURegisterInfo (detail)
  271. [gn build] Port 453a8f3af78 (detail)
  272. [X86] Raise the latency for VectorImul from 4 to 5 in Skylake scheduler models (detail)
  273. [BasicAA] Make BasicAA a cfg pass. (detail)
  274. [mlir] [VectorOps] Implement vector.reduce operation (detail)
  275. [clang-tidy] Added check to disable bugprone-infinite-loop on known false condition (detail)
  276. [lldb][NFC] Test ModuleCompletion mode by completing the target modules load argument (detail)
  277. [gn] Paper over Py3 urllib2 incompatibility in gn/ (detail)
  278. [NFC] Refactor the tuple of symbol information with structure for llvm-objdump (detail)
  279. Allow retrieving source files relative to the compilation directory. (detail)
  280. [libc++] Unbreak test suite (CWG1423) (detail)
  281. [AMDGPU] Fix implicit operands for ENTER_WWM pseudo (detail)
  282. scudo: Fix various test failures, mostly on 32-bit. (detail)
  283. Update test for windows. (detail)
  284. [OPENMP50]Full handling of atomic_default_mem_order in requires (detail)
  285. [ORC] Add debug logging to JITDylib::addDependencies. (detail)
  286. [JITLink] Add an assertion that block removal leaves no dangling symbols. (detail)
  287. [ORC] Fix symbol dependence propagation algorithm in ObjectLinkingLayer. (detail)
  288. [NFC] Delete extra white space in a test case. (detail)
  289. [mlir][VectorOps] Adds canonicalization rewrite patterns for vector ShapeCastOp. (detail)
  290. [Attributor] Identify dead uses in PHIs (almost) based on dead edges (detail)
  291. [Attributor][NFC] Clarify the documentation a bit more (detail)
  292. [RISCV] Add support for save/restore of callee-saved registers via libcalls (detail)
  293. [DebugInfo] Call site entries cannot be generated for FrameSetup calls (detail)
  294. [Hexagon] Don't generate short vectors in ISD::SELECT in preprocessing (detail)
  295. [compiler-rt] FuzzedDataProvider: add ConsumeData and method. (detail)
  296. [mlir][AffineOps] Adds affine loop fusion transformation function to LoopFusionUtils. (detail)
  297. [xray][clang] Always add xray-skip-entry/exit and xray-ignore-loops attrs (detail)
  298. [ConstantFold][SVE] Fix constand fold for vector call. (detail)
  299. Change clang option -ffp-model=precise to select ffp-contract=on (detail)
  300. Revert "Change clang option -ffp-model=precise to select ffp-contract=on" (detail)
  301. [AMDGPU] Fixed subreg use in sdwa-scalar-ops.mir. NFC (detail)
  302. [Utils] Allow "on-the-fly" argument changes for update_test_check scripts (detail)
  303. [X86] Don't disable code in combineHorizontalPredicateResult just because we have avx512 (detail)
  304. Use C++14-style return type deduction in clang. (detail)
  305. [mlir] Start Shape dialect (detail)
  306. [NFC] Fix spelling (detail)
  307. [NFC] Fix warning: comparison of integers of different signs. (detail)
  308. [MachO] Pad section data to pointer size bytes (detail)
  309. AMDGPU: Don't create potentially dead rcp declarations (detail)
  310. AMDGPU: Directly use rcp intrinsic in idiv expansions (detail)
  311. AMDGPU: Fix crash on v3i15 kernel arguments (detail)
  312. AMDGPU: Add baseline tests for CGP div expansion (detail)
  313. [OpenMP] Switch default C++ standard to C++ 14 (detail)
  314. Use std::foo_t rather than std::foo in LLVM. (detail)
  315. [llvm-objcopy][WebAssembly] Add dump/add/remove-section support (detail)
  316. AMDGPU: Don't report 2-byte alignment as fast (detail)
  317. [lldb/Plugins] Move PlatformRemoteiOS into PlatformMacOSX (NFCI) (detail)
  318. Fix MSVC build with C++ EH enabled (detail)
  319. AMDGPU: Don't expand more special div cases in IR (detail)
  320. Rewrite default "could not attach" msg to point to hints (detail)
  321. Reverted the remainings of c1c9819ef91aab51b5a23fb3027adac5a2f551cc (detail)
  322. [lldb/Plugins] Rename OSPython plugin to OperatingSystemPython (NFC) (detail)
  323. Re-land "[MS] Overhaul how clang passes overaligned args on x86_32" (detail)
  324. [AMDGPU][GlobalISel] Refactor selectDS1Addr1Offset/selectDS64Bit4ByteAligned (detail)
  325. [test] Improve test/CodeGen/X86/linux-preemption.ll (detail)
  326. [compiler-rt] Compile __powitf2 under wasm (detail)
  327. [lld][WebAssembly] Fail if bitcode objects are pulled in after LTO (detail)
  328. Removed declared but non-existent createMaterializeVectorsPass() (NFC) (detail)
  329. Reland "[Support] make report_fatal_error `abort` instead of `exit`" (detail)
  330. Fix two more test cases for (detail)
  331. Temporarily XFAIL these two tests. (detail)
  332. [OpenMP][Offloading] Added support for multiple streams so that multiple kernels can be executed concurrently (detail)
  333. AMDGPU: Use conditions directly in division expansion (detail)
  334. [TestConstVariable] Clean-up XFAIL lists. (detail)
  335. Revert "Reland "[Support] make report_fatal_error `abort` instead of `exit`"" (detail)
  336. [CMake] Delete llvm_add_go_executable and a reference to TARGET llvm-go (detail)
  337. [lldb] Remove skipIfFreeBSD from TestCompletion (detail)
  338. [X86][LegalizeTypes] Add SoftPromoteHalf support STRICT_FP_EXTEND and STRICT_FP_ROUND (detail)
  339. [DebugInfo] Fix reading addresses in DWARFDebugAddr. (detail)
  340. [DebugInfo] Do not dump header field for pre-DWARFv5 address tables. (detail)
  341. [DebugInfo] Use "an address table" in diagnostic messages of DWARFDebugAddr. (detail)
  342. [DebugInfo] Refine error messages in DWARFDebugAddr. (detail)
  343. [DebugInfo] Simplify DWARFDebugAddr. (detail)
  344. [DebugInfo] Add support for DWARF64 into DWARFDebugAddr. (detail)
  345. [X86] Correct the predicate on some patterns for 128 and 256 EVEX versions of VCVTPS2PH. (detail)
  346. [X86] Remove unnecessary hasSideEffects = 0, mayLoad = 1 from an instruction with a pattern. NFC (detail)
  347. [X86] Add test case for SoftPromoteHalf of STRICT_FP_EXTEND/STRICT_FP_ROUND. (detail)
  348. [lldb][NFC] Remove eCustomCompletion mode (detail)
  349. [VE] Bit operator isel (detail)
  350. [MLIR] Support memrefs with complex element types. (detail)
  351. [lldb][NFC] Move all completer subclasses into source file (detail)
  352. SelectionDAG: Fix bug in ClusterNeighboringLoads (detail)
  353. AMDGPU: llvm.amdgcn.writelane is a source of divergence (detail)
  354. [yaml2obj][test] - Simplify the test: yaml2obj/ELF/call-graph-profile-section.yaml (detail)
  355. [lldb] Move implementation of GetDisplayName to TypeSystem class (detail)
  356. [APFloat] Fix FP remainder operation (detail)
  357. [mlir] Revise naming of MLIROptMain and MLIRMlirOptLib (detail)
  358. [lldb][NFC] Move common_completions mapping out of CommandCompletions header. (detail)
  359. [lldb][NFC] Remove GetConstTypeName and GetConstQualifiedTypeName from CompilerType (detail)
  360. [CodeGenPrepare] Add more store splitting tests for PR44877. (detail)
  361. Remove static registration for dialects, and the "alwayslink" hack for passes (detail)
  362. [DebugInfo] Enable the debug entry values feature by default (detail)
  363. [NFC?][SCEV][LoopVectorize] Add datalayout to the X86/float-induction-x86.ll test (detail)
  364. [CodeGen] Fix the computation of the alignment of split stores. (detail)
  365. Revert "[SCCP] Remove forcedconstant, go to overdefined instead" (detail)
  366. [clang] Add -fignore-exceptions (detail)
  367. [lldb] Pass a valid SourceLocation to Sema::RequireCompleteType in ASTResultSynthesizer (detail)
  368. [llvm-objcopy] Fix pipeline syntax (detail)
  369. [ARM] MVE vector reduce add tests. NFC (detail)
  370. [llvm-objdump] Add column headers for relocation printing (detail)
  371. Revert "[DebugInfo] Enable the debug entry values feature by default" (detail)
  372. [DebugInfo][test][NFC] Remove case numbers (detail)
  373. [AMDGPU] Add one more pass to LLVMInitializeAMDGPUTarget (detail)
  374. [ConstantFolding] Fold calls to FP remainder function (detail)
  375. [DebugInfo] Prevent explosion of debug intrinsics during jump threading (detail)
  376. [LLDB] Fix GCC warnings about extra semicolons. NFC. (detail)
  377. [NFC][AggressiveInstCombine] Remove redundant std::max. (detail)
  378. Revert "[DebugInfo] Prevent explosion of debug intrinsics during jump threading" (detail)
  379. [lldb/DWARF] Use DWARFDebugInfoEntry * in ElaboratingDIEIterator (detail)
  380. [analyzer]StreamChecker refactoring (NFC). (detail)
  381. [TargetLowering] Add NegatibleCost enum for isNegatibleForFree return codes (detail)
  382. [AggressiveInstCombine] Add support for select instruction. (detail)
  383. [unittests] Fix TargetLibraryInfoTest.ValidProto (detail)
  384. Fix MLIR build when the NVPTX target isn't configured (detail)
  385. Reapply "[DebugInfo] Prevent explosion of debug intrinsics during jump threading" (detail)
  386. [mlir][spirv] Introduce spv.func (detail)
  387. [AggressiveInstCombine] Add support for ICmp instr that feeds a select intsr's condition operand. (detail)
  388. Revert "[AggressiveInstCombine] Add support for ICmp instr that feeds a select intsr's condition operand." (detail)
  389. [libcxx] Don't assume cwd name in std::filesystem tests (detail)
  390. [AggressiveInstCombine] Add test with baseline CHECKs for aggressive inst combine for ICmp instruction. (detail)
  391. [Concepts] Do not check constraints if not all template arguments have been deduced (detail)
  392. [MLIR][CUDA] Fix build file for mlir-cuda-runner (detail)
  393. Fix unused function warning (PR44808) (detail)
  394. [mlir] StdToLLVM: Add error when the sourceMemRef of a subview is not a llvm type. (detail)
  395. [mlir] Linalg fusion: ignore indexed_generic producers (detail)
  396. Recommit "[DSE] Add first version of MemorySSA-backed DSE (Bottom up walk)." (detail)
  397. [Concepts] Add missing TPA commit to requires expression parsing (detail)
  398. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Widen non-power-of-2 load results (detail)
  399. Re-reapply: Recover debug intrinsics when killing duplicated/empty blocks (detail)
  400. [DebugInfo] Print version in error message in decimal (detail)
  401. [DebugInfo] Add check for zero debug line opcode_base (detail)
  402. [DebugInfo] Add checks for v2 directory and file name table terminators (detail)
  403. [MC][AVR] Fix AVR test following 740bc366 (detail)
  404. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Split 96-bit load/store select tests out (detail)
  405. [PowerPC] Add support for intrinsics llvm.ppc.dcbfl and llvm.ppc.dcbflp (detail)
  406. [PowerPC] Add support for intrinsic llvm.ppc.eieio (detail)
  407. [libc++] span: Guard against overflow in span::subspan (detail)
  408. [PowerPC] Add options for PPC to enable/disable using non-volatile CR (detail)
  409. Revert "Revert "Change clang option -ffp-model=precise to select ffp-contract=on"" (detail)
  410. [AArch64][SVE] Add addsub carry long instrinsics (detail)
  411. [libc++][Apple] Use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW instead of CLOCK_UPTIME_RAW for steady_clock (detail)
  412. Title: [TSAN] Parameterize the hard-coded threshold of deflake in tsan test (detail)
  413. [clang-tidy] No misc-definitions-in-headers warning on C++14 variable templates. (detail)
  414. Add missing newlines at EOF; NFC (detail)
  415. [X86] combineFneg - generalize FMA negations with isNegatibleForFree/getNegatedExpression (detail)
  416. [llvm-objdump] Print file format in lowercase to match GNU output. (detail)
  417. [ELF] Respect output section alignment for AT> (non-null lmaRegion) (detail)
  418. [ELF] Start a new PT_LOAD if LMA region is different (detail)
  419. [ELF] Support INSERT [AFTER|BEFORE] for orphan sections (detail)
  420. Fix compilation of Any.h header. (detail)
  421. Fix SFINAE in llvm::bit_cast. (detail)
  422. [VectorCombine] add tests for extract-binop; NFC (detail)
  423. clang: Guess at some platform FTZ/DAZ default settings (detail)
  424. Compute ORE, BPI, BFI in Loop passes. (detail)
  425. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Properly implement widening for TB(N)Z (detail)
  426. Fix `-Wunused-variable` warning. NFC. (detail)
  427. [runtimes] Add umbrella targets for runtimes (detail)
  428. [mlir] Allow constructing a ValueRange from an ArrayRef<BlockArgument> (detail)
  429. [NFC] Remove extra headers included in Loop Unroll and LoopUnrollAndJam files (detail)
  430. [ARM] Extra vecreduce add with accumulate tests. NFC (detail)
  431. Recommit "[SCCP] Remove forcedconstant, go to overdefined instead" (detail)
  432. [ARCMT][NFC] Reduce #include dependencies (detail)
  433. Fix fp-model flag test failure on linux (detail)
  434. [ConstantFold][SVE] Fix constant fold for FoldReinterpretLoadFromConstPtr. (detail)
  435. Completely ignore strict FP model and denormal-fp-math interaction (detail)
  436. [llvm-exegesis] Exploring X86::OperandType::OPERAND_COND_CODE (detail)
  437. [gn build] Port 6030fe01f4e (detail)
  438. [mlir][EDSC][Linalg] Compose linalg_matmul and vector.contract (detail)
  439. [KnownBits] Introduce anyext instead of passing a flag into zext (detail)
  440. [AddressSanitizer] Ensure only AllocaInst is passed to dbg.declare (detail)
  441. [lldb/TypeSystemClang] Supply trivial TypeSourceInfo to NonTypeTemplateParmDecl::Create (detail)
  442. [lldb/StringPrinter] Avoid reading garbage in uninitialized strings (detail)
  443. [lldb/LibCxx] Have ExtractLibcxxStringInfo return an Optional result, NFC (detail)
  444. [lldb/Plugins] Move SymbolFileDWARFDebugMap into SymbolFileDWARF (NFCI) (detail)
  445. [mlir][Linalg] Refactor in preparation for automatic Linalg "named" ops. (detail)
  446. Revert "[IRGen] Emit lifetime intrinsics around temporary aggregate argument allocas" (detail)
  447. [llvm-exegesis] CombinationGenerator: don't store function_ref (detail)
  448. [LoopExtractor] Fix legacy pass dependencies (detail)
  449. [OpenMP] update strings output of [NFC] (detail)
  450. [README] Add note on using cmake to perform the build (detail)
  451. [docs] Minor updates to DeveloperPolicy due to svn to git (detail)
  452. [TBLGEN] Fix subreg value overflow in DAGISelMatcher (detail)
  453. Fix type-dependency of bitfields in templates (detail)
  454. [MLIR] Fix wrong header for mlir-cuda-runner (detail)
  455. [mlir] support creating memref descriptors from static shape with non-zero offset (detail)
  456. [lldb/Plugins] Move DynamicLoaderMacOS into DynamicLoaderMacOSXDYLD (NFCI) (detail)
  457. [mlir][Linalg] Fix build warnings (detail)
  458. [Clang] When -ftime-trace is used, clean CompilerInstance::OutputFiles before exiting cc_main() (detail)
  459. [Clang] Limit -fintegrated-cc1 to only one TU (detail)
  460. [CMake][Fuchsia] Enable in-process cc1 (detail)
  461. [MBP] Partial tail duplication into hot predecessors (detail)
  462. [GWP-ASan] Update alignment on Android. (detail)
  463. [libomptarget][nfc] Change enum values to match those in cuda/rtl (detail)
  464. Changed omp_get_max_threads() implementation to more closely match spec description. (detail)
  465. [Attributor] Use assumed information to determine side-effects (detail)
  466. [Attributor] Ignore uses if a value is simplified (detail)
  467. [Attributor] Use fine-grained liveness in all helpers (detail)
  468. Fix a reentrance bug with deserializing ObjC type parameters. (detail)
  469. [OpenMP][IRBuilder] Perform finalization (incl. outlining) late (detail)
  470. [Fuzzer] Rename ExecuteCommandWithPopen to ExecuteCommandNon-Fushsia target will keep using popen/pclose implementation. OnFuchsia, Two-args version of `ExecuteCommand` is a simple wrapper of theone-arg version. (Hopefully) Fix D73329 build on Fuchsia. (detail)
  471. [GWP-ASan] [NFC] Change enum from ANDROID->BIONIC. (detail)
  472. Replace std::foo with std::foo_t in LLVM. (detail)
  473. PPC: Prepare tests for switch of default denormal-fp-math (detail)
  474. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix mapping G_ICMP with constrained result (detail)
  475. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select G_CTLZ_ZERO_UNDEF (detail)
  476. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select G_CTTZ_ZERO_UNDEF (detail)
  477. Revert "[OpenMP][IRBuilder] Perform finalization (incl. outlining) late" (detail)
  478. Revert "[X86][SSE] lowerShuffleAsBitRotate - lower to vXi8 shuffles to ROTL on pre-SSSE3 targets" (detail)
  479. [AsmPrinter][ELF] Emit local alias for ExternalLinkage dso_local GlobalAlias (detail)
  480. [MLIR][Affine] Add affine.parallel op (detail)
  481. Fix ReST syntax on link to "Bisecting LLVM code" page (detail)
  482. Fix regression due to by adding option ffp-contract=off to RUN line (detail)
  483. [AMDGPU][GlobalISel] Handle 64byte EltSIze in getRegSplitParts (detail)
  484. [Statepoint] Remove redundant clear of call target on register (detail)
  485. Reapply "[OpenMP][IRBuilder] Perform finalization (incl. outlining) late" (detail)
  486. [BPF] explicit warning of not supporting dynamic stack allocation (detail)
  487. [X86] Add test RUN lines to show cases where we use 512-bit vcmppd/ps with garbage upper bits for 128/256-bit strict_fsetcc (detail)
  488. Revert "Replace std::foo with std::foo_t in LLVM." (detail)
  489. Explicitly state the output file. (detail)
  490. [ELF][test] Change -o %t to -o /dev/null if the output is not needed (detail)
  491. [OpenMP][FIX] Collect blocks to be outlined after finalization (detail)
  492. [mlir][ODS][NFC] Mark OpaqueType as a buildable type. (detail)
  493. [mlir][DeclarativeParser] Move operand type resolution into a functor to (detail)
  494. [lldb] Make utility py2and3 compatible (detail)
  495. [NFC][mlir] Adding some helpful EDSC intrinsics (detail)
  496. [mlir] Add elementAttr to TypedArrayAttrBase. (detail)
  497. [DebugInfo] Fix dumping CIE ID in .eh_frame sections. (detail)
  498. Don't call memcpy(p, 0, 0). (detail)
  499. [clangd] Query constructors in the index during rename. (detail)
  500. [lldb] Clean up ProcessGDBRemote::DidLaunchOrAttach (detail)
  501. [LLD][ELF][ARM] Do not substitute BL/BLX for non STT_FUNC symbols. (detail)
  502. [NFC][llvm-exegesis] Docs/help: opcode-index=-1 means measure everything (detail)
  503. [ARM] Extra vmovn tests to show BE differences. NFC (detail)
  504. [ARM] Fix ReconstructShuffle for bigendian (detail)
  505. Fix unneeded semi column (detail)
  506. [AArch64][SVE] Add mul/mla/mls lane & dup intrinsics (detail)
  507. [AArch64] Fix BTI landing pad generation. (detail)
  508. [clang] stop baremetal driver to append .a to lib (detail)
  509. Fix the mac buildbot failure. (detail)
  510. Re-revert: Recover debug intrinsics when killing duplicated/empty blocks (detail)
  511. [clangd] Print the Spelled RefKind. (detail)
  512. [debuginfo-tests] Fix Dexter process creation failure on Windows (detail)
  513. [analyzer] StdLibraryFunctionsChecker: Use platform dependent EOF and UCharMax (detail)
  514. [PowerPC] Exploit VSX rounding instrs for rint (detail)
  515. Rework go bindings so that validation works fine (detail)
  516. Fix integration of pass plugins with llvm dylib (detail)
  517. [lldb] Fix lldb-dotest (detail)
  518. Add '#include <functional>` to PassManager.h. (detail)
  519. [lldb] Replace assertTrue(a == b, "msg") with assertEquals(a, b, "msg") in the test suite (detail)
  520. [clangd] Expose Code Completion score to the client (detail)
  521. [debuginfo-tests][Dexter] Fix some Windows-unfriendly Dexter behaviours (detail)
  522. [gn build] Fix sync script on renames like "Foo.cpp" -> "LLVMFoo.cpp" (detail)
  523. [X86][SSE] Add i686-SSE2 bswap vector tests (detail)
  524. Move FIXME to start of comment so visual studio actually tags it. NFC. (detail)
  525. [lldb] Introduce "RegInfoBasedABI" (detail)
  526. attempt to fix check-clang on windows after c49866ac (detail)
  527. [PowerPC][NFC] Small cleanup to restore CR field code in PPCFrameLowering. (detail)
  528. [llvm][lldb] Update links to ABI for the Arm Architecture. [NFC] (detail)
  529. [VectorCombine] add more extract-binop tests; NFC (detail)
  530. [OPENMP]Fix the test, NFC. (detail)
  531. [VectorCombine] adjust tests for extract-binop; NFC (detail)
  532. [MLIR][GPU] Implement initial mapping from loop.parallel to gpu.launch. (detail)
  533. [OPENMP50]Fix handling of clauses in parallel master taskloop directive. (detail)
  534. [ARM] Fix infinite loop when lowering STRICT_FP_EXTEND (detail)
  535. Stop emitting a breakpoint for each location in a breakpoint when responding to breakpoint commands. (detail)
  536. [lldb-vscode] Ensure that target matches the executable file (detail)
  537. [ELF] Fix a null pointer dereference when --emit-relocs and --strip-debug are used together (detail)
  538. [OPENMP50]Add cancellation support in taskloop-based directives. (detail)
  539. Add REQUIRES: x86 so this won't be run if x86 is not available. (detail)
  540. [OPENMP][DOCS]Update status of support constructs, NFC. (detail)
  541. Fix buildbots by disabling this new test until I can fix it. (detail)
  542. [openmp][cmake] passing option argument correctly (detail)
  543. AMDGPU: Use v_perm_b32 to implement bswap (detail)
  544. [MemorySSA] Don't verify MemorySSA unless VerifyMemorySSA enabled (detail)
  545. Fix lldb-vscode logging and enable logging for all lldb-vscode tests. (detail)
  546. Revert "Revert "Reland "[Support] make report_fatal_error `abort` instead of `exit`""" (detail)
  547. Revert "Revert "Revert "Reland "[Support] make report_fatal_error `abort` instead of `exit`"""" (detail)
  548. Revert "Revert "Reland "[Support] make report_fatal_error `abort` instead of `exit`""" (detail)
  549. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add missing tests for cmpxchg selection (detail)
  550. [OPENMP50]Add support for hint clause in atomic directive. (detail)
  551. Remove clang::ast_type_traits namespace in favor of clang (detail)
  552. Add a DWARF transformer class that converts DWARF to GSYM. (detail)
  553. [gn build] Port 19602b71949 (detail)
  554. [libc][NFC] clang-format (detail)
  555. [mlir][spirv] Add ConvertGpuLaunchFuncToVulkanCallsPass (detail)
  556. Clean up hexagon builder after object-emission removal (detail)
  557. Fix buildbots by not using "and" and "not". (detail)
  558. [libc] Add Convenience syscall Template Function (detail)
  559. Fix buildbots that create shared libraries from GSYM library by adding a dependency on LLVMDebugInfoDWARF. (detail)
  560. [clang-tidy] Fix performance-noexcept-move-constructor-fix test on non-English locale (detail)
  561. Revert "Recommit "[SCCP] Remove forcedconstant, go to overdefined instead"" (detail)
  562. Fix MSVC buildbots after ast_type_traits namespace removal (detail)
  563. [OPENMP50][DOCS]Update list of supported constructs, NFC. (detail)
  564. [OPENMP50][DOCS]Claim iterators and add reference to array shaping (detail)
  565. [NVPTX, LSV] Move the LSV optimization pass to later when the graph is cleaner (detail)
  566. Fix crash in InfinteLoopCheck (detail)
  567. GlobalISel: Don't use LLT references (detail)
  568. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Make G_TRUNC legal (detail)
  569. Fix handling of --version in lit (detail)
  570. [clang][Analysis] CallGraph: store the actual call `Expr*` in the CallGraphNode::CallRecord (detail)
  571. [clang-tidy] misc-no-recursion: a new check (detail)
  572. [OPENMP][DOCS]Fix misprint, NFC. (detail)
  573. [gn build] Port 49bffa5f8b7 (detail)
  574. Fix lit version test (detail)
  575. Remove unnecessary typedef that GCC doesn't like (detail)
  576. [llvm][TextAPI/MachO] Extend TBD_V4 unittest to verify writing (detail)
  577. [llvm][TextAPI/MachO] Extract common code into unittest helper (NFC) (detail)
  578. [scudo][standalone] Workaround for full regions on Android (detail)
  579. Document third option to python synthetic type summary (detail)
  580. Small reformat to avoid tripping up possible formatting. (detail)
  581. [GWP-ASan] Silence gcc error (detail)
  582. [clang-format] Add new option BeforeLambdaBody in Allman style. (detail)
  583. [WebAssembly] Add cbrt function signatures (detail)
  584. [AsmPrinter] De-capitalize Emit{Function,BasicBlock]* and Emit{Start,End}OfAsmFile (detail)
  585. [X86] Don't widen 128/256-bit strict compares with vXi1 result to 512-bits on KNL. (detail)
  586. [AsmPrinter] De-capitalize some AsmPrinter::Emit* functions (detail)
  587. [clang] Fix bad line ending (DOS instead of Unix) inside the release notes. (detail)
  588. [build] Fix shared lib builds. (detail)
  589. [VectorCombine] try to form vector binop to eliminate an extract element (detail)
  590. [Local] Do not move around dbg.declares during replaceDbgDeclare (detail)
  591. Add dbgs() output to help track down missing DW_AT_location bugs, NFC (detail)
  592. Revert "Revert "Revert "Change clang option -ffp-model=precise to select ffp-contract=on""" (detail)
  593. [mlir] [VectorOps] Initial framework for progressively lowering vector.contract (detail)
  594. Add a test for debugserver handling threads suspended from within a program. (detail)
  595. [AArch64][NFC] Update test checks. (detail)
  596. Reland D74436 "Change clang option -ffp-model=precise to select ffp-contract=on" (detail)
  597. [WebAssembly] Make stack pointer args inhibit tail calls (detail)
  598. [AsmPrinter] De-capitalize all AsmPrinter::Emit* but EmitInstruction (detail)
  599. [mlir][DeclarativeParser] Add support for formatting enum attributes in the string form. (detail)
  600. Reinstate llvm-go to test the go bindings. (detail)
  601. Remove unused lambda argument. (detail)
  602. [X86] Fix the bug that _mm_mask_cvtsepi64_epi32 generates result without (detail)
  603. [dsymutil] Fix double relocation of DW_AT_call_return_pc (detail)
  604. [ELF][AArch64] Rename pacPlt to zPacPlt and forceBti to zForceIbt after D71327. NFC (detail)
  605. [DependenceAnalysis] Dependecies for loads marked with "ivnariant.load" should not be shared with general accesses(PR42151). (detail)
  606. [lldb/Plugins] Have one initializer per ABI plugin (detail)
  607. [lldb/Test] Partially revert assertTrue change (detail)
  608. [AsmPrinter][MCStreamer] De-capitalize EmitInstruction and EmitCFI* (detail)
  609. [lldb] Add a test for launch failure and its error message (detail)
  610. [NFC][clang-tidy] Move recently newly-added tests into checkers/ subdir (detail)
  611. [NFC][ARM] Convert some pointers to references. (detail)
  612. [VecotrCombine] Fix unused variable for assertion disabled builds (detail)
  613. [VE] Support for PIC (global data and calls) (detail)
  614. [lldb] Remove accidentally checked-in debugging code (detail)
  615. [mlir] Fix argument attribute attribute reassignment in ConvertStandardToLLVM (detail)
  616. [lldb/dotest] Remove the "exclusive test subdir" concept (detail)
  617. Do not build the CUBIN conversion pass when NVPTX Backend isn't configured (detail)
  618. [doc] Clarify responsibility for fixing experimental target problems (detail)
  619. [OpenMP] Lower taskwait using OpenMP IR Builder (detail)
  620. [lldb/DWARF] Don't hold a unique SymbolFileDWARFDwo in a DWARFUnit (detail)
  621. [DebugInfo] Error if unsupported address size detected in line table (detail)
  622. [llvm-ar] Simplify Windows comparePaths NFCI (detail)
  623. [OpenMP] Lower taskyield using OpenMP IR Builder (detail)
  624. llvm/cmake/config.guess: add support for riscv32 and  riscv64 (detail)
  625. [X86][SSE] lowerShuffleAsBitRotate - lower to vXi8 shuffles to ROTL on pre-SSSE3 targets (detail)
  626. [lldb] Print result when expect_expr unexpectedly succeeds (detail)
  627. [clang][DeclPrinter] Implement visitors for {TemplateType,NonTypeTemplate}Parms (detail)
  628. [clang][Index] Introduce a TemplateParm SymbolKind (detail)
  629. [libc++] span: Fix incorrect static asserts (detail)
  630. [test][DebugInfo] Fix signed/unsigned comparison problem in test (detail)
  631. [Driver][RISCV] Add RedHat Linux RISC-V triple (detail)
  632. [clang-tools-extra] fix the check for if '-latomic' is necessary (detail)
  633. [AArch64] Add BIT/BIF support. (detail)
  634. Reenable "Always import constants" after compile time fixes (detail)
  635. [clangd] Add tracer to the rename workflow, NFC (detail)
  636. Move tests to clang (detail)
  637. [clangd] Update the CompletionItemKind. (detail)
  638. Revert "[clang-tools-extra] fix the check for if '-latomic' is necessary" (detail)
  639. [libc++] Remove unnecessary typenames from std/numerics/c.math/abs.pass.cpp (detail)
  640. Fix line endings produced by (detail)
  641. [ADT] Support BitVector as a key in DenseSet/Map (detail)
  642. [clang-scan-deps] Switch to using a ThreadPool (detail)
  643. [Support] On Windows, ensure hardware_concurrency() extends to all CPU sockets and all NUMA groups (detail)
  644. Revert "Reland D74436 "Change clang option -ffp-model=precise to select ffp-contract=on"" (detail)
  645. add type_traits include as required for std::integral_constant (detail)
  646. Reverting D73027 [DependenceAnalysis] Dependecies for loads marked with "ivnariant.load" should not be shared with general accesses(PR42151). (detail)
  647. [Driver] Rename AddGoldPlugin to addLTOOptions. NFC (detail)
  648. Fix compilation breakage introduced by 8404aeb56a73ab24f9b295111de3b37a37f0b841. (detail)
  649. [libc++] Remove cycle between <type_traits> and <cstddef> (detail)
  650. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Handle G_BSWAP (detail)
  651. AMDGPU: Add baseline tests for 16-bit bswap (detail)
  652. [X86] Fix copy/paste mistake in comment. NFC (detail)
  653. AMDGPU: Improve i16/v2i16 bswap (detail)
  654. [libc++] Add missing include for is_same in test (detail)
  655. [lldb/Plugin] s/LLDB_PLUGIN/LLDB_PLUGIN_DEFINE/ (NFC) (detail)
  656. TTI: Fix vectorization cost for bswap (detail)
  657. [APInt] Add some basic APInt::byteSwap unit tests (detail)
  658. Warn about zero-parameter K&R definitions in -Wstrict-prototypes (detail)
  659. Fix tests after previous commit (detail)
  660. [Hexagon] v67+ HVX register pairs should support either direction (detail)
  661. [GlobalISel] LegalizationArtifactCombiner: Fix a bug in tryCombineMerges (detail)
  662. GlobalISel: Lower s64->s16 G_FPTRUNC (detail)
  663. [LoopRotate] Get and update MSSA only if available in legacy pass manager. (detail)
  664. [X86] Add AVX512 support to the fast isel code for Intrinsic::convert_from_fp16/convert_to_fp16. (detail)
  665. [X86] Use ZERO_EXTEND instead of SIGN_EXTEND in the fast isel handling of convert_from_fp16. (detail)
  666. AMDGPU: Add option to expand 64-bit integer division in IR (detail)
  667. [x86] regenerate complete test checks for sqrt{est}; NFC (detail)
  668. [x86] remove stray test assertions; NFC (detail)
  669. AMDGPU: Add option to disable CGP division expansion (detail)
  670. [docs] Add note on using cmake to perform the build (detail)
  671. [AMDGPU] Always enable XNACK feature when support is explicitly requested (detail)
  672. [windows] Add /Gw to compiler flags (detail)
  673. fix some comment typos to cycle bots (detail)
  674. [AsmPrinter] Use the McASMInfo to determine if we need descriptors. (detail)
  675. [scudo][standalone] Allow setting release to OS (detail)
  676. [mlir] Add MemRef filter to affine data copy optimization (detail)
  677. [Hexagon] Add an explicit makeArrayRef to pacify gcc 5.5 (detail)
  678. [llvm-exegesis] Rename range based for loop variable in a unit test so its different than the container being iterated over. NFC (detail)
  679. [compiler-rt] Use the correct minimum version flag for simulators on Apple (detail)
  680. [compiler-rt] Add `DARWIN_osx_MIN_VER_FLAG` variable to match the other Apple platforms. (detail)
  681. [compiler-rt] Provide a lit config variable that defines the minimum deployment OS version flag appropriate for the configured OS. (detail)
  682. [compiler-rt] Disable building LibFuzzer for WatchOS and the corresponding simulator. (detail)
  683. [compiler-rt] Make various Apple lit substitutions work correctly for other Apple platforms. (detail)
  684. [NFC][llvm-exegesis] CombinationGenerator::performGeneration(): pull put state increment into lambda (detail)
  685. [lldb/Editline] Fix mistake in HistoryOperation mapping (detail)
  686. [OpenMP][Part 2] Use reusable OpenMP context/traits handling (detail)
  687. [lli] Add a '-dlopen <library-path>' option to lli. (detail)
  688. Don't call computeHostNumPhysicalCores when LLVM_ENABLE_THREADS is off (detail)
  689. [Attributor][FIX] Validate the type for AAValueConstantRange as needed (detail)
  690. [FIX] Add missing InGroup to warning introduced as part of D71830 (detail)
  691. Fix -Wstring-compare warnings in new OpenMP code (detail)
  692. [WebAssembly] Add section names for some DWARF5 sections (detail)
  693. [TBLGEN] Allow to override RC weight (detail)
  694. GlobalISel: Remove unused function argument (detail)
  695. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Improve 16-bit bswap (detail)
  696. AMDGPU: Use generated checks for memcpy expansion (detail)
  697. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix G_EXTRACT of 96-bit results (detail)
  698. Fix 01b02a73de78 to use correct macro spelling and fix unit tests. (detail)
  699. AMDGPU: Don't preserve analyses with div64 IR expansion (detail)
  700. [Attributor] Derive memory location attributes (argmemonly, ...) (detail)
  701. [RISCV] Correct the CallPreservedMask for the function call in an interrupt handler (detail)
  702. Remove 'process launch failed:' message prefix in Target::Launch (detail)
  703. [gn build] Make build locally deterministic (detail)
  704. [MC] De-capitalize some MCStreamer::Emit* functions (detail)
  705. [MC] De-capitalize another set of MCStreamer::Emit* functions (detail)
  706. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix missing impdef of scc on boolean bit ops (detail)
  707. [llvm-ranlib][test] Fix rwx- after a4f3847f3d5742cfab7acdc614e7ca54643e0c85 (detail)
  708. [Attributor][FIX] Do not RAUW void values (detail)
  709. [Attributor][FIX] Carefully strip casts in AANoAlias (detail)
  710. [Attributor][NFC] Add check lines for tests (detail)
  711. [Attributor][FIX] Restrict cross-SCC call deletion (detail)
  712. [Attributor][FIX] Collapse `undef` to a proper value (detail)
  713. [Attributor] Manifest simplified (return) values properly (detail)
  714. [Attributor][FIX] Ensure abstract attributes are existing before manifest (detail)
  715. [MC][ELF] Make linked-to symbol name part of ELFSectionKey (detail)
  716. [MC] Add MCSection::NonUniqueID and delete one MCContext::getELFSection overload (detail)
  717. [AsmPrinter] Omit unique ID for __patchable_function_entries sections (detail)
  718. [AArch64][FPenv] Update chain of int to fp conversion (detail)
  719. [AsmPrinter][XRay] Omit unique ID for xray_instr_map and xray_fn_idx (detail)
  720. [AsmPrinter] Omit unique ID for .stack_sizes (detail)
  721. [Attributor] Fix -Wunused-variable for -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off builds after b4352e43d86e (detail)
  722. [OpenMP][NFCI] Use the libFrontend DefaultKind in Clang (detail)
  723. [OpenMP][NFC] Update OpenMPSupport table (detail)
  724. NFC: add indexing operator for ArrayAttr (detail)
  725. [MCStreamer] De-capitalize EmitValue EmitIntValue{,InHex} (detail)
  726. [OpenMP][OMPIRBuilder] Add Directives (master and critical) to OMPBuilder. (detail)
  727. [FIX] Repair clang-tidy check after D72304 (detail)
  728. [FIX] Remove warnings and UB after 1228d42ddab8 (detail)
  729. [FIX] Order macros after D72304 (detail)
  730. [NFC] Revert unnecessary parts of b91c267380 (detail)
  731. [Attributor] Collect memory accesses with their respective kind and location (detail)
  732. [Debuginfo][NFC] Create common error handlers for DWARFContext. (detail)
  733. Fix standalone build interaction with compiler extension (detail)
  734. [cxx_status] New papers from Prague 2020 WG21 meeting. (detail)
  735. PR44890: Inherit explicitly-specified template arguments into base class (detail)
  736. [Debuginfo][NFC] Remove usages of WithColor::error and WithColor::warning. (detail)
  737. [gn build] unbreak win build by removing flags that only work with a sysroot (detail)
  738. [AArch64] Fixup kill flags on BSL generation (detail)
  739. [APInt] Add some procedural APInt::byteSwap unit tests (detail)
  740. [APInt] byteSwap - simplify sub 64-bits cases to match general implementation. NFCI. (detail)
  741. [AArch64][FIX] Correct register live range during pseudo expansion. (detail)
  742. [APInt] byteSwap - handle any whole byte bitwidth greater than 16-bits (detail)
  743. Fix boolean/bitwise operator precedence warnings. NFCI. (detail)
  744. [Support] In tests, fix warning: variable ‘Threads’ set but not used (detail)
  745. [obj2yaml] - Fix a -Wsign-compare warning gived by GCC 9.2 (detail)
  746. Fix gcc9.2 -Winit-list-lifetime warning. NFCI. (detail)
  747. [MC] De-capitalize MCStreamer::Emit{Bundle,Addrsig}* etc (detail)
  748. Recommit "[SCCP] Remove forcedconstant, go to overdefined instead" (detail)
  749. [X86] Move combineIncDecVector logic from Select to PreprocessISelDAG. (detail)
  750. [X86] Add test showing failure to combine shuffle to bit rotation (detail)
  751. [ValueLattice] Make mark* functions public, return if value changed. (detail)
  752. [X86] combineX86ShuffleChain - add support for combining to X86ISD::ROTLI (detail)
  753. [X86] Fix typo in comment. NFC (detail)
  754. [X86] Merge two switches together to simplify some code. NFC (detail)
  755. [ValueLattice] Update markConstantRange to return false equal ranges. (detail)
  756. [X86][AsmPrinter] PrintSymbolOperand: prefer to lower ELF MO_GlobalAddress to .Lfoo$local (detail)
  757. [X86][AVX512] Split AVX512F and AVX512BW shuffle combining tests (detail)
  758. Fix Wdocumentation unknown parameter warnings. NFCI. (detail)
  759. [X86] Add test cases showing failure to simplify target shuffles to bit shifts (detail)
  760. [libc++] Add utility to generate and display libc++'s header dependency (detail)
  761. [libc++] Move abs and div into stdlib.h to fix header cycle. (detail)
  762. [FIX] Remove pointer in attribute to eliminate leaks (see D71830) (detail)
  763. [NFC] Move ValidTextRanges out of DwarfTransformer and into GsymCreator and unify address is not in GSYM errors so all strings match. (detail)
  764. Restore functionality of --sysroot on FreeBSD after b18cb9c47 (detail)
  765. [Attributor][FIX] Use pointer not reference as it can be null (detail)
  766. [FIX] Do not copy an llvm::function_ref if it has to be reused (detail)
  767. [mlir][Parser][NFC] Remove several usages of getEncodedSourceLocation (detail)
  768. [mlir] Allow adding extra class declarations to interfaces. (detail)
  769. [llvm-readobj] - Refactor the code that dumps relocations. (detail)
  770. [IRBuilder] Virtualize IRBuilder (detail)
  771. [IRBuilder] Try to fix warnings (detail)
  772. [Sema] Adds the pointer-to-int-cast diagnostic (detail)
  773. [InstCombine] Add multiuse tests for cttz transform; NFC (detail)
  774. [InstCombine] Create new log2 intrinsic; NFCI (detail)
  775. [x86] form broadcast of scalar memop even with >1 use (detail)
  776. [VectorCombine] fix cost calc for extract-cmp (detail)
  777. Revert "[IRBuilder] Virtualize IRBuilder" (detail)
  778. [X86] combineX86ShuffleChain - add support for combining 512-bit shuffles to bit shifts (detail)
  779. [X86] combineX86ShuffleChain - add support for combining 512-bit shuffles to PALIGNR (detail)
  780. [IRBuilder] Fix unnecessary IRBuilder copies; NFC (detail)
  781. [IRBuilder] Prefer InsertPointGuard over full copy; NFC (detail)
  782. [ms] [llvm-ml] Add a draft MASM parser (detail)
  783. [gn build] Port ee2c0f76d74 (detail)
  784. Updated with list of papers and issues adopted in Prague (detail)
  785. Update last-mod date for libcxx status page (detail)
  786. [Sema] Fix pointer-to-int-cast for MSVC build bot (detail)
  787. [X86] Split X86ISD::CMP into an integer and FP opcode. (detail)
  788. [X86] Separate floating point handling out of EmitCmp and emitFlagsForSetcc. (detail)
  789. [SCCP] Re-generate check lines using --function-signature. (NFC) (detail)
  790. [IR] Change maybeSetDSOLocal to isImplicitDSOLocal (detail)
  791. [objc_direct] Small updates to help with adoption. (detail)
  792. [X86] Add more avx512 instrutions to llvm-mca resource tests (detail)
  793. [X86] Increase latency of port5 masked compares and kshift/kadd/kunpck instructions in SKX scheduler model (detail)
  794. [OpenCL][CUDA][HIP][SYCL] Add norecurse (detail)
  795. [Powerpc] set instruction count as lsr first priority of lsr. (detail)
  796. [gn build] use -Xclang form for fdebug-comp-dir for now (detail)
  797. [CUDA][HIP][OpenMP] Emit deferred diagnostics by a post-parsing AST travese (detail)
  798. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Move lambdas to normal function (detail)
  799. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add some missing tests for non-power-of-2 cases (detail)
  800. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix non-power-of-2 G_SITOFP/G_UITOFP (detail)
  801. [X86] Remove unnecessary check for null SDValue. NFC (detail)
  802. [CUDA][HIP][OpenMP] Add lib/Sema/UsedDeclVisitor.h after D70172 (detail)
  803. [X86] Disable load folding for X86ISD::ADD with 128 as an immediate. (detail)
  804. [mlir] Address post commit feedback of D73590 for (detail)
  805. Fix `-Wpedantic` warning. NFC. (detail)
  806. [NFC][PowerPC] Add a new test case scalar-equal.ll (detail)
  807. [PowerPC] Add the missing InstrAliasing for 64-bit rotate instructions (detail)
  808. [MC] Delete two unused MCCodePadder functions missed by D71106 (detail)
  809. [NFC][PowerPC] Update the test case scalar-equal.ll (detail)
  810. [lldb] Fix some tests failing with gmodules after change to stdlib.h (detail)
  811. clang analyzer: Fix the webpage rendering (detail)
  812. [X86] New test to check rev16 patterns, prep step for D74032. NFC. (detail)
  813. [NFCI][DebugInfo]: Corrected a Typo. (detail)
  814. [lldb] [nfc] Simplify user_id_t -> size_t (detail)
  815. [TableGen] Don't elide bitconverts in PatFrag fragments. (detail)
  816. [AArch64] Fix small typos in the target description. NFC. (detail)
  817. [AArch64][SVE] Add SVE index intrinsic (detail)
  818. [lldb/lldb-server] Add target.xml support for qXfer request. (detail)
  819. [LLDB] Add DynamicLoaderWasmDYLD plugin for WebAssembly debugging (detail)
  820. [ARM] MVE vector reduce MLA tests. NFC. (detail)
  821. [lldb] Add @skipIfXmlSupportMissing to (detail)
  822. [LLDB] Fix GCC warnings about extra semicolons. NFC. (detail)
  823. [CMake] Explicitly specify paths to libc++abi in CrossWinToARMLinux.cmake (detail)
  824. [lldb] Delete register info definitions in the x86_64 ABI classes (detail)
  825. Revert "[CMake] Explicitly specify paths to libc++abi in CrossWinToARMLinux.cmake" (detail)
  826. [lldb/DWARF] Re-enable basic dwp support (detail)
  827. [lldb] Fix build error from 07355c1c08b (detail)
  828. [ASTImporter] Added visibility check for scoped enums. (detail)
  829. [ADT] Use inherited ctors to forward to base. NFCI. (detail)
  830. [AMDGPU] Fix some tests that did not specify -mcpu (detail)
  831. GlobalISel: Add matcher for G_LSHR (detail)
  832. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Handle sbfe/ubfe intrinsic (detail)
  833. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select v2s32->v2s16 G_TRUNC (detail)
  834. [libc++] Add availability markup for std::to_chars on Apple platforms (detail)
  835. Strength reduce vectors into arrays. NFCI. (detail)
  836. [wasm] Unbreak after 5fc5c7db38672c8962879b6fdce68393181c5e08. NFCI. (detail)
  837. [DAGCombine] Combine pattern for REV16 (detail)
  838. [mlir] Linalg: Extend promotion to non f32 buffers. (detail)
  839. [AArch64] Implement passing SVE vectors by ref for AAPCS. (detail)
  840. [CMake] Fix setting result of libatomic check for MSVC (detail)
  841. Separate DIERef vs. user_id_t: m_function_scope_qualified_name_map (detail)
  842. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Run the localizer pass (detail)
  843. [ARM] Add initial support for Custom Datapath Extension (CDE) (detail)
  844. [clang][Index] Visit the default parameter arguements in libindex. (detail)
  845. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select llvm.amdgcn.s.buffer.load (detail)
  846. GlobalISel: Add combine to narrow G_LSHR (detail)
  847. [SelectionDAG] Expose the "getValidShiftAmount" helpers available. NFCI. (detail)
  848. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Skip DAG hack passes on selected functions (detail)
  849. Reland "[clang-tools-extra] fix the check for if '-latomic' is necessary"" (detail)
  850. Hide implementation details. NFC> (detail)
  851. Revert "[libc++] Move abs and div into stdlib.h to fix header cycle." (detail)
  852. [lldb] Fix Windows bot. (detail)
  853. [lldb/CMake] Auto-generate the Initialize and Terminate calls for plugin (detail)
  854. GlobalISel: Extend shift narrowing to G_SHL (detail)
  855. [IRBuilder] Avoid passing IRBuilder by value; NFC (detail)
  856. [IRBuilder] Delete copy constructor (detail)
  857. GlobalISel: Fix missing const (detail)
  858. [ARM,MVE] Add vector-scalar intrinsics (detail)
  859. Add LazyCallGraph API to add function to RefSCC (detail)
  860. [Polly] Fix build after IRBuilder changes (detail)
  861. Reapply "[IRBuilder] Virtualize IRBuilder" (detail)
  862. [FPEnv][ARM] Don't call mutateStrictFPToFP when lowering (detail)
  863. [lldb/Plugin] Fix plugin definition for ProcessWindows (detail)
  864. [Coroutines][1/6] New pass manager: coro-early (detail)
  865. GlobalISel: Extend narrowing to G_ASHR (detail)
  866. [CMake] CheckAtomic.cmake: catch false positives in RISC-V (detail)
  867. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Custom lower 32-bit G_UDIV/G_UREM (detail)
  868. [lldb/Plugin] Remove PLUGIN from Process POSIX & Linux (detail)
  869. Fix modules build after (IRBuilder virtualization change) (detail)
  870. GlobalISel: Allow running localizer earlier (detail)
  871. Revert "Add LazyCallGraph API to add function to RefSCC" (detail)
  872. [X86] Move '0-x == y --> x+y == 0' and similar combines to EmitCmp. (detail)
  873. [X86] Change how the alignment for the stack object is created in LowerFLT_ROUNDS_. (detail)
  874. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Allow arbitrary global values (detail)
  875. [gn build] (manually) merge e9849d519 (detail)
  876. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Custom lower 32-bit G_SDIV/G_SREM (detail)
  877. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix RegBankSelect for G_SHUFFLE_VECTOR (detail)
  878. Revert "[lldb/CMake] Auto-generate the Initialize and Terminate calls for plugin" (detail)
  879. [X86] Add missing isel pattern for BLCFILL producing flags. (detail)
  880. [lldb/Plugin] Update ProcessWindows plugin for revert (detail)
  881. [mlir] Fix multiple titles (detail)
  882. [Polly] Run polly-update-format after commit 55cfb1. NFC. (detail)
  883. Re-land "Add LazyCallGraph API to add function to RefSCC" (detail)
  884. [LiveDebugValues] Visit open var locs just once in transferRegisterDef, NFC (detail)
  885. [dsymutil] Explicitly link against libatomic when necessary (detail)
  886. Re-land "[lldb/CMake] Auto-generate the Initialize and Terminate calls for plugin" (detail)
  887. CGBuiltin: Remove uses of deprecated CreateCall overloads (detail)
  888. Coroutines: avoid use of deprecated CreateLoad and CreateCall methods (detail)
  889. LowerMatrixIntrinsics: Avoid use of deprecated CreateCall methods (detail)
  890. [TBLGEN] Inhibit generation of unneeded psets (detail)
  891. [HotColdSplit] Mark entire function cold when entry block is cold (detail)
  892. [lldb/Plugin] Fix some issues on Windows (detail)
  893. [lldb/Plugin] Unconditionally build Darwin-Kernel (detail)
  894. [X86] Add one use check to '0-x == y --> x+y == 0' in EmitCmp. (detail)
  895. [XCore][NFC] Remove trailing space (detail)
  896. [NFC] Remove trailing space (detail)
  897. Revert "[lldb/CMake] Auto-generate the Initialize and Terminate calls for plugin" (detail)
  898. [lldb/Plugins] Rename lldbPluginDisassemblerLLVM (NFC) (detail)
  899. [lldb/Plugins] Remove PLUGIN from libraries that aren't really plugins. (detail)
  900. [X86] Use isScalarFPTypeInSSEReg to simplify code in LowerSELECT. NFC (detail)
  901. [lldb/Plugins] Initialize all ABI plugins by their plugin name (detail)
  902. [lldb/Plugins] Rename initializers to match their plugin name. (detail)
  903. [Coroutines][2/6] New pass manager: coro-split (detail)
  904. [Coroutines][3/6] New pass manager: coro-elide (detail)
  905. Revert new pass manager coro-split and coro-elide (detail)
  906. Revert "[lldb/lldb-server] Add target.xml support for qXfer request." (detail)
  907. [lldb/Plugins] Conditionally build OperatingSystemPython. (detail)
  908. [lldb/Plugins] Add missing initialize/terminate calls (detail)
  909. Revert new files from new pass manager coro-split/coro-elide (detail)
  910. [analyzer] VforkChecker: allow execve after vfork. (detail)
  911. [analyzer] Teach scan-build how to rebuild index.html without analyzing. (detail)
  912. [X86] Move avx512 code that forces zeros to the false side of vselects above a check for legal types. (detail)
  913. Revert "[analyzer] Teach scan-build how to rebuild index.html without analyzing." (detail)
  914. [lldb] Replace empty ctor en dtor bodies with =default (NFC) (detail)
  915. [lldb] Update header guards to be consistent and compliant with LLVM (NFC) (detail)
  916. [Debuginfo][NFC] add comments for WithColor routines. (detail)
  917. [ASTImporter] Prevent the ASTImporter from creating multiple main FileIDs. (detail)
  918. [lldb] Replace #pragma once with header guard (detail)
  919. [InstCombine] Precommit umul.with.overflow sign check test. (detail)
  920. [Support] Check for atomics64 when deciding if '-latomic'  is needed (detail)
  921. [lldb][NFC] Make all CompilerDeclContext parameters references instead of pointers (detail)
  922. [lldb][NFC] Document TypeSystemClang (detail)
  923. [InstCombine] Simplify a umul overflow check to a != 0 && b != 0. (detail)
  924. [InstCombin] Avoid nested Create calls, to guarantee order. (detail)
  925. [lldb] Refactor and test TypeSystemClang::GetEnumerationIntegerType (detail)
  926. [LLD][ELF][AArch64] Change the semantics of -z pac-plt. (detail)
  927. [lldb][NFC] Modernize documentation in lldb-private-types.h (detail)
  928. [lldb] Remove the mutable specifier from DataExtractor's member (detail)
  929. [lldb][NFC] Documention that OptionDefinition::completion_type contains enum values (detail)
  930. [ARM,MVE] Add intrinsics for abs, neg and not operations. (detail)
  931. [ARM,MVE] Add intrinsics for int <-> float conversion. (detail)
  932. [ARM,MVE] Add intrinsics for FP rounding operations. (detail)
  933. [ARM,MVE] Add the vrev16q, vrev32q, vrev64q family. (detail)
  934. [ARM,MVE] Add intrinsics vclzq and vclsq. (detail)
  935. [ARM] Allow `ARMVectorRegCast` to match bitconverts too. (NFC) (detail)
  936. [ARM,MVE] Add the vmovlbq,vmovltq intrinsic family. (detail)
  937. [ARM,MVE] Add the vmovnbq,vmovntq intrinsic family. (detail)
  938. [lldb] Remove DataExtractor::GetPointer (detail)
  939. [lldb] Fix compilation of SymbolFilePDBTests.cpp after FindTypes API change (detail)
  940. [OpenCL] Add Arm dot product builtin functions (detail)
  941. [lldb/DWARF] Support the debug_str_offsets section in dwp files (detail)
  942. [lldb] Don't model std::atomic as a transparent data structure in the data formatter (detail)
  943. [ARM,CDE] Cosmetic changes, additonal driver tests (detail)
  944. Support -fuse-ld=lld for riscv (detail)
  945. [lldb][NFC] Fix compilation of SymbolFilePDBTests.cpp after FindNamespace API change (detail)
  946. [AArch64][SVE] Add remaining SVE2 intrinsics for widening DSP operations (detail)
  947. [lldb] Don't call CopyForBreakpoint from a Breakpoint's constructor (detail)
  948. [lldb] Make shared_from_this-related code safer (detail)
  949. [lldb][NFC] Remove unused parameter (detail)
  950. [CSInfo][TailDuplicator] Delete the call site info when removing dead MBBs (detail)
  951. Fix riscv/lld test interaction (detail)
  952. [llvm-readobj] - Report a warning when an unexpected DT_SYMENT tag value is met. (detail)
  953. [CGP] Add uaddo test with math used, SPARC/AArch64 variants. (detail)
  954. [lldb][test] Remove expected failure decorator from test_copy_from_dummy_target (TestScriptedResolver) (detail)
  955. [lldb] Fix another instance where we pass a nullptr as TypeSourceInfo to NonTypeTemplateParmDecl::Create (detail)
  956. llvm: Use quotes around MSVC_DIA_SDK_DIR CMake variable (detail)
  957. Use SETNE directly rather than SUB/SETNE 0 for stack guard check (detail)
  958. [IR] Set name when inserting 'llvm::Value*' (detail)
  959. [llvm-exegesis] Improve error reporting in Assembler.cpp (detail)
  960. Move DFA tables into the read-only data segmant. (detail)
  961. Reland "[DebugInfo] Enable the debug entry values feature by default" (detail)
  962. [libc++] Remove XFAILs for macOS 10.15, which were fixed in later dot releases (detail)
  963. [libTooling] Add option for `buildAST` to report diagnostics. (detail)
  964. [lldb] Merge RangeArray and RangeVector (detail)
  965. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Adjust branch target when lowering loop intrinsic (detail)
  966. [Assembler] Emit summary index flags (detail)
  967. Reland D74436 "Change clang option -ffp-model=precise to select ffp-contract=on"" (detail)
  968. [AArch64] Add Cortex-A34 Support for clang and llvm (detail)
  969. [mlir] NFC: Rename LLVMOpLowering::lowering to LLVMOpLowering::typeConverter (detail)
  970. [VE] TLS codegen (detail)
  971. Prevent gcc from issuing a warning upon coffnamecpy (detail)
  972. Revert "Reland "[DebugInfo] Enable the debug entry values feature by default"" (detail)
  973. [libc++] Add ABI list for 9.0 release (detail)
  974. Add OffsetIsScalable to getMemOperandWithOffset (detail)
  975. [RISCV] Implement mayBeEmittedAsTailCall for tail call optimization (detail)
  976. Drop a constexpr in favor of const, MSVC complains. (detail)
  977. Use getLocation() in "too few/too many arguments" diagnostic (detail)
  978. [mlir] Add short readme.txt to docs directory (detail)
  979. Hopefully fixing a failing build bot. (detail)
  980. Cover cases like (b && c && b) in the redundant expression check. (detail)
  981. [InstCombine] Add more tests for icmp+and+ashr; NFC (detail)
  982. [InstCombine] Relax preconditions for ashr+and+icmp fold (PR44754) (detail)
  983. [PowerPC][NFC] Add defines to help creating the SpillSlot arrays. (detail)
  984. [InstCombine] Fix multi-use handling in cttz transform (detail)
  985. [InstCombine] Fix worklist management when simplifying demanded bits (detail)
  986. [BuildLibCalls] Accept IRBuilderBase; NFC (detail)
  987. [LoopUtils] Accept IRBuilderBase; NFC (detail)
  988. [SimplifyLibCalls] Accept IRBuilderBase; NFC (detail)
  989. [VectorUtils] Accept IRBuilderBase; NFC (detail)
  990. [lldb] [nfc] Separate DIERef vs. user_id_t: GetForwardDeclClangTypeToDie() (detail)
  991. [SLPVectorizer] Do not assume extracelement idx is a ConstantInt. (detail)
  992. [ARM,MVE] Add vbrsrq intrinsics family (detail)
  993. Revert "[llvm-exegesis] Improve error reporting in Assembler.cpp" (detail)
  994. [scudo][standalone] Shift some data from dynamic to static (detail)
  995. [TBLGEN] Emit register pressure set enum (detail)
  996. [gn build] (manually) port fc69967a4b9 (detail)
  997. [lldb/Plugin] Unconditionally initialize DynamicLoaderDarwinKernel (detail)
  998. CodeGen: Move undef_tied_input declaration (detail)
  999. [AMDGPU] Use generated RegisterPressureSets enum (detail)
  1000. [NFC] Silence compiler warning [-Wmissing-braces]. (detail)
  1001. Add Query API for llvm.assume holding attributes (detail)
  1002. [gn build] Port c9e93c84f61 (detail)
  1003. [JumpThreading] Skip unconditional PredBB when threading jumps through two basic blocks (detail)
  1004. [X86] Add a helper function to pull some repeated code out of combineGatherScatter. NFC (detail)
  1005. Improve comments after 8404aeb56a73ab24f9b295111de3b37a37f0b841. (detail)
  1006. [lldb/Plugin] Generate LLDB_PLUGIN_DECLARE with CMake (detail)
  1007. [mlir] Add a TypeRange class that functions similar to ValueRange. (detail)
  1008. Revert "[CUDA][HIP][OpenMP] Emit deferred diagnostics by a post-parsing AST travese" (detail)
  1009. Revert "[CUDA][HIP][OpenMP] Add lib/Sema/UsedDeclVisitor.h after D70172" (detail)
  1010. [TargetLowering] Add SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits 'all elements' helper wrapper. NFC. (detail)
  1011. Revert "Support -fuse-ld=lld for riscv" (detail)
  1012. [libunwind] Fix memory leak in handling of DW_CFA_remember_state and DW_CFA_restore_state (detail)
  1013. [libc++] Fix overly complicated test of std::span's extent (detail)
  1014. [Hexagon] clang driver should consider --sysroot option (detail)
  1015. Fix PR#44620 'readability-redundant-string-cstr quick-fix causes invalid code' (detail)
  1016. Remove "ELF Only" from -f*-sections help text (detail)
  1017. [clang][XCOFF] Indicate that XCOFF does not support COMDATs (detail)
  1018. [mlir] NFC: rename LLVMOpLowering to ConvertToLLVMPattern (detail)
  1019. [mlir][Linalg] Allow specifiying zero-rank shaped type operands to linalg.generic ops. (detail)
  1020. [lldb/Plugin] Reject WASM and Hexagon in DynamicLoaderStatic (detail)
  1021. [TestGlobalVariables] `target var` without a process doesn't work on arm64e. (detail)
  1022. [TestGlobalVariables] Remove a reference to a stale rdar. (detail)
  1023. [TestTargetCommand] `target var` without a process doesn't work on arm64e. (detail)
  1024. [TestTargetCommand] Remove another reference to a stale rdar. (detail)

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  1. [PowerPC] Force ffp-contract=off (detail)

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