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  1. [Clang][CodeGen][RISCV] Add hard float ABI tests with empty struct (details)
  2. [Clang][CodeGen][RISCV] Fix hard float ABI test cases with empty struct (details)
  3. [Clang][CodeGen][RISCV] Fix hard float ABI for struct with empty struct and complex (details)
  4. [mlir] properly support min/max in affine parallelization (details)
  5. [mlir] Add an option to control the number of loops in affine parallelizer (details)
  6. [DSE][NFC] Need to be carefull mixing signed and unsigned types (details)
  7. [JITLink][ELF] Route objects to their matching linker backends based on header info (details)
  8. [Orc] Two small fixes in TPCDynamicLibrarySearchGenerator (details)

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