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  1. [ARM] Additional test for Min loop. NFC (details)
  2. [clang-format] [NFC] Fix spelling and grammatical errors in IncludeBlocks text (details)
  3. [clang-format] PR42434 Remove preprocessor and pragma lines from ObjectiveC guess (details)
  4. [clang-format] Add IndentPragma style to eliminate common clang-format off scenario (details)
  5. [clang-format] NFC Add release note for IndentPragmas (details)
  6. [lldb] Allow LLDB to automatically retry a failed expression with an imported std C++ module (details)
  7. [clang-tidy][NFC] Use moves instead of copies when constructing OptionsProviders. (details)
  8. [AMDGPU] Resolve issues when picking between ds_read/write and ds_read2/write2 (details)
  9. [dsymutil][DWARFLinker][NFC] Make interface of AddressMap more general. (details)
  10. [llvm-rc] Handle driveless absolute windows paths when loading external files (details)
  11. [ARM][RegAlloc] Add t2LoopEndDec (details)
  12. [clangd] NFC: Use SmallVector<T> where possible (details)
  13. [lldb] Fix that symbols.clang-modules-cache-path is never initialized (details)

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