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  1. [ObjC][ARC] Use the addresses of the ARC runtime functions instead of (details)
  2. [ObjC][ARC] Use the addresses of the ARC runtime functions instead of (details)
  3. [libc++][NFC] Rename _EnableIf to __enable_if_t for consistency (details)
  4. [ConstantHoisting] Support opaque pointers (details)
  5. Move delinearization logic out of SCEV [NFC] (details)
  6. [libc++] Revert OpenBSD-related changes to the documentation (details)
  7. [MemorySSA] Support metadata (details)
  8. [AIX] Check for typedef properly when getting preferred type align (details)
  9. [SROA] Support opaque pointers (details)
  10. [Polly] Compile fix after Delinearization move. (details)
  11. [Canonicalize] Don't call isBeforeInBlock in OperationFolder::tryToFold. (details)
  12. [LAA] Remove unused OrigPtr from replaceSymbolicStrideSCEV (NFC). (details)
  13. [lldb] Make sure there's a value for the key before dereferencing. (details)
  14. [openmp] Re-enable test from D109057, now with windows path aware regex (details)
  15. Log to the right stream in DwarfTransformer::handleDie(). (details)
  16. [runtimes] Set more paths when building runtimes standalone (details)
  17. [runtimes] Allow overriding where CMake installs RUNTIME type libraries (DLLs) (details)
  18. [Delinerization] Require by offset to be zero. (details)
  19. [openmp] 41c73671d0, this time with staged patch applied (details)
  20. [NFC] Add extra test for D106331 (details)
  21. [RISCV] Disable use of i128 shift libcalls on RV32. (details)
  22. Port the cost model printer to New PM (details)
  23. [AArch64] Rewrite floatdp_1source.ll test. NFC (details)
  24. [CodeExtractor] Creating exit stubs based off original order branch instructions. (details)
  25. [SCEV] Simplify findExistingSCEVInCache interface [NFC] (details)

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