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Build Log

Revision: 343219
  1. [ARM] Remove non-existent cpu arm1176j-s and use mpcore for v6k

    The ARMTargetParser.def contains an entry for arm1176j-s which is the
    default for the ArmV6K architecture. This cpu does not exist, there are
    only arm1176jz-s and arm1176jzf-s and they are both architecture ArmV6KZ.
    The only CPUs that are actually ArmV6K are the mpcore, mpcore_nofpu and
    later revisions of the arm1136 family r1px (which we don't have a table
    entry for).

    This patch removes the arm1176j-s and makes mpcore the default for armv6k.

    Differential Revision:
    by psmith
  2. [ARM] Allow execute only code on Cortex-m23

    The NoMovt feature prevents the use of MOVW/MOVT
    instructions on Cortex-M23 for performance reasons.
    These instructions are required for execute only code
    so NoMovt should be disabled when that option is enabled.

    Differential Revision:

    by davidspickett
  3. Remove extra whitespace. NFC. (test commit)
    by davidspickett
  4. [ARM][v8.5A] Add speculation barriers SSBB and PSSBB

    This adds two new barrier instructions which can be used to restrict
    speculative execution of load instructions.

    Patch by Pablo Barrio!

    Differential revision:

    by olista01

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