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  1. [ObjC] Add a command line flag that disables recognition of objc_direct for testability (detail)
  2. [clang][clangd] Avoid inconsistent target creation (detail)
  3. [MLIR, test] Fix use of undef FileCheck var (detail)
  4. [CMake][Compiler-rt] Compute `LLVM_MAIN_SRC_DIR` assuming the monorepo (detail)
  5. [CMake][Compiler-rt] Make it possible to configure standalone compiler-rt without `LLVMConfig.cmake`. (detail)
  6. Move GCRelocateInst and GCResultInst to IntrinsicInst.h [nfc] (detail)
  7. [SystemZ][z/OS] correct rc and errno within nanosleep() (detail)
  8. [mlir][Linalg] Fix fusion on tensors operands / bbArg mismatch (detail)
  9. [X86][SSE] canonicalizeShuffleWithBinOps - add MOVSD/MOVSS handling. (detail)
  10. [AIX][TLS] Add support for TLS variables to XCOFF object writer (detail)
  11. [MLIR, test] Fix use of undef FileCheck var (detail)
  12. [test, GVN] Fix use of var defined in CHECK-NOT (detail)
  13. [index] Improve macro indexing support (detail)
  14. [Sanitizer] Adopt Python 3 for iOS simulator test scripts (detail)
  15. [lldb] Fix bug where memory read --outfile is not truncating the file (detail)
  16. [mlir][linalg] Add helpers for linalg.tiled_loop [nfc]. (detail)
  17. Pass -fcrash-diagnostics-dir along to LLVM (detail)
  18. [llvm-reduce] Remove unwanted module inline asm (detail)
  19. [libcxx] adds remaining callable concepts (detail)
  20. [lldb] Format Plugins/Language/ObjC/Cocoa.cpp (NFC) (detail)
  21. [AMDGPU] SIFoldOperands: use isUseMIInFoldList. NFC. (detail)
  22. [RISCV] Add helper function to share some of the code for isel of vector load/store intrinsics. (detail)
  23. [libcxx] [test] Use dedicated types for the invocable concept tests for multiple overloads (detail)
  24. [libcxx] Fix the type attribute for a couple templates (detail)
  25. [mlir][python] Add missing affine map compression test (detail)
  26. [SimplifyInst] Use correct type for GEPs with vector indices. (detail)
  27. [lldb] Fix else-after-return in AppleObjCRuntimeV2 (NFC) (detail)
  28. [GVN] Add missing ICF update (detail)
  29. [libcxx] [test] Allow C:\System Volume Information to be missing (detail)
  30. Fix f6ee97d8271e1dfd9b6572222fefe8f40433952e: (detail)
  31. Add a subclass of IntrinsicInst for llvm.assume [nfc] (detail)
  32. [lld-macho] Rename SubsectionMapping to SubsectionMap (detail)
  33. [lld-macho] clang-format cleanup (detail)
  34. More precisely type code used for gc.relocate assertions [nfc] (detail)
  35. [NewPM] Fix -Wunused-lambda-capture in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off builds after D91327 (detail)
  36. [PowerPC] Materialize 34-bit constants with pli directly (detail)
  37. [MLIR, test] Fix use of undef FileCheck var (detail)
  38. [lld-macho][nfc] Rename some tests (detail)
  39. [lld-macho][nfc] Remove HelpHidden from aliases to implemented flags (detail)
  40. [lld-macho] Fix & refactor symbol size calculations (detail)
  41. [mlir] Remove no-op array assignment in dictionaryAttrSort(). (detail)
  42. [libc++] Post-commit review on D99928. (detail)
  43. [libc++] Header inclusion tests. (detail)
  44. [Windows] Add test coverage for line endings when rewriting includes (detail)
  45. [clang-tidy] performance-* checks: Match AllowedTypes against qualified type names when they contain "::". (detail)
  46. Let clang atomic builtins fetch add/sub support floating point types (detail)
  47. [ASan][RISCV] Fix RISC-V memory mapping (detail)
  48. [lit testing] Fix test worker count (detail)
  49. [mlir] Hoist out getRequestedOpDefinitions helper (detail)
  50. Plumb AssumeInst through operand bundle apis [nfc] (detail)
  51. [NVPTX] Handle bitcast and ASC(101) when trying to avoid argument copy. (detail)
  52. [test, AArch64] Fix use of var defined in CHECK-NOT (detail)
  53. [libc++] NFCI: Fix test pinning down RTTI implementation on Apple platforms (detail)
  54. Use AssumeInst in a few more places [nfc] (detail)
  55. Replace calls to IntrinsicInst::Create with CallInst::Create [nfc] (detail)
  56. Thread safety analysis: Don't warn about managed locks on join points (detail)
  57. [mlir][tosa] Add tosa.table lowering to linalg.generic (detail)
  58. [docs] Update documentation for bugprone-misplaced-widening-cast (detail)
  59. [SplitEdge] Update SplitCriticalEdge to return a nullptr only when the edge is not critical (detail)
  60. [MLIR] [Python] Add capsule methods for pybind11 to PyOperation (detail)
  61. [MachineValueTypes] Add blank lines between floating point vectors with different element types. NFC (detail)
  62. [lld-macho] Symbol::value should always be uint64_t (detail)
  63. [OpenMP] Define omp_is_initial_device() variants in omp.h (detail)
  64. [RISCV] Don't custom type legalize fixed vector to scalar integer bitcasts if the fixed vector type isn't legal. (detail)
  65. [flang] Improve constant folding for type parameter inquiries (detail)
  66. [docs] Fix doxygen comments wrongly attached to the llvm namespace (detail)
  67. [RISCV] Add an assertion to the ReplaceNodeResults handling of bitcasts to make sure the VT is always a scalar integer. (detail)
  68. [HIP] Change to code object v4 (detail)
  69. Minor fix for test hip-code-object-version.hip (detail)
  70. [shape] Add min and max ops (detail)
  71. Add missing CHECK lines in test (detail)
  72. [NewPM] Set verify-cfg-preserved=1 by default for debug builds (detail)
  73. Removed redundant code. (detail)
  74. [dsymutil] Don't emit .debug_pubnames and .debug_pubtypes (detail)
  75. [dsymutil] Don't keep old abbreviations (detail)
  76. [dsymutil] Stop emulating dsymutil-classic CIE caching behavior (detail)
  77. [mlir,shape] Add max/min folder for simple case (detail)
  78. Revert "[InstCombine] Fold `((X - Y) - Z)` to `X - (Y + Z)` (PR49858)" (detail)
  79. [libcxx] fixes `common_reference` requirement for `swappable_with` (detail)
  80. Revert "[NFC][Clang] Speculative fix for builtins-ppc-quadword-noi128.c" (detail)
  81. [SCEV] Fix false-positive recognition of simple recurrences. PR49856 (detail)
  82. [X86] Initialize TargetOptions::StackProtectorGuardOffset member to its default value (detail)
  83. [Orc][examples] Add lit ToolSubst for LLJITWithRemoteDebugging example (detail)
  84. [PowerPC] Fix use check of swap-reduction (detail)
  85. [CGCall] Annotate `this` argument with alignment (detail)
  86. [Coroutines, test] Fix use of var defined in CHECK-NOT (detail)
  87. [clang, test] Fix use of undef FileCheck var (detail)
  88. [PowerPC, test] Fix use of undef FileCheck var (detail)
  89. [NFC][InstCombine] Add sub-of-sub tests with constant expressions (detail)
  90. [InstCombine] Restrict "C-(X+C2) --> (C-C2)-X" fold to immediate constants (detail)
  91. Reland [InstCombine] Fold `((X - Y) - Z)` to `X - (Y + Z)` (PR49858) (detail)
  92. [Orc][examples] Add missing FileCheck for lit test and polish output (detail)
  93. [OpenCL] Add as_size/ptrdiff/intptr/uintptr_t operators (detail)
  94. [clang][Syntax] Handle invalid source range in expandedTokens. (detail)
  95. [CMake] try creating symlink first on windows (detail)
  96. Fix crash when an invalid URI is parsed and error handling is attempted (detail)
  97. [X86] Add BZHI test case for PR48768 (detail)
  98. [analyzer] Fix body farm for Obj-C++ properties (detail)
  99. [Statepoint Lowering] Allow other than N byte sized types in deopt bundle (detail)
  100. [-Wcompletion-handler] Don't recognize init methods as conventional (detail)
  101. [X86] Improve optimizeCompareInstr for signed comparisons after BZHI instructions (detail)
  102. [analyzer][NFC] Add tests for extents (detail)
  103. [clang] Speedup line offset mapping computation (detail)
  104. [Clang] Extend test coverage for -f[no-]finite-loops options. (detail)
  105. [X86] Add AND/OR/XOR signed-comparison overflow test cases for PR48768 (detail)
  106. [mlir] Add "mask" operand to vector.transfer_read/write. (detail)
  107. [InstCombine] add tests for not-of-min/max; NFC (detail)
  108. [InstCombine] move abs transform to helper function; NFC (detail)
  109. [clang] Check AuxTarget exists when creating target in CompilerInstance (detail)
  110. [flang][driver] Add support for `-cpp/-nocpp` (detail)
  111. [AMDGPU] SIFoldOperands: don't dump extra '\n' after MachineInstr. NFC. (detail)
  112. [flang][driver] Fix `-fdebug-dump-provenance` (detail)
  113. [SLP]Avoid multiple attempts to vectorize CmpInsts. (detail)
  114. [X86] Improve optimizeCompareInstr for signed comparisons after AND/OR/XOR instructions (detail)
  115. Revert "[clang] Speedup line offset mapping computation" (detail)
  116. [NPM] Fix typo inisLTOPreLink for loop rotate (detail)
  117. [AMDGPU] Update SGPRSpillVGPRCSR name. NFC (detail)
  118. [WebAssembly] Improve error messages regarding missing indirect function table. NFC (detail)
  119. [SVE] Remove checks for warnings in scalable-vector tests. (detail)
  120. [mlir,shape] Update min/max op description (detail)
  121. [SystemZ][z/OS][TableGen] TableGen files should be text (detail)
  122. [mlir] Export python-related .cmake files (detail)
  123. [X86][AVX] Add HADD lane crossing test (detail)
  124. [CSSPGO] Fix incorrect probe distribution factor computation in top-down inliner (detail)
  125. [lld-macho][nfc] Add test for ARM64 stubs (detail)
  126. [lld-macho] Sibling N_SO symbols must have the empty string (detail)
  127. [libcxx] adds remaining callable concepts (detail)
  128. [libcxx] adds __cpp_lib_concepts feature-test macro (detail)
  129. [InstCombine] avoid infinite loop from partial undef vectors (detail)
  130. [libc++] Update contributor documentation. (detail)
  131. [InstCombine] foldAddWithConstant(): don't deal with non-immediate constants (detail)
  132. Avoid testing for libc++ internal macros after D99834 (detail)
  133. [mlir][sparse] support integral types i32,i16,i8 for *numerical* values (detail)
  134. [LoopIdiomRecognize] Minor cleanups to the FFS idiom matching. NFC (detail)
  135. [SelectionDAG] Teach SelectionDAG::FoldConstantArithmetic to handle SPLAT_VECTOR (detail)
  136. [HIP] Fix rocm-detect.hip test path (detail)
  137. [RISCV] Support vslide1up/down intrinsics for SEW=64 on RV32. (detail)
  138. [lldb][Editline] Fix crash when navigating through empty command history. (detail)
  139. [lld-macho][nfc] Minor refactoring + clang-tidy fixes (detail)
  140. Correct the tablegen logic for MutualExclusions attribute checking. (detail)
  141. [Windows] Remove global OF_None flag for Windows in ToolOutputFiles (detail)
  142. Revert "[AsmPrinter] Delete dead takeDeletedSymbsForFunction()" (detail)
  143. [AArch64] Materialize FP constant in code for large code model (detail)
  144. [BasicAA] Extend test coverage for GEP modulo logic. (detail)
  145. [RISCV] Replace 'return ReplaceNode' with 'ReplaceNode; return;' NFC (detail)
  146. Remove .gitignore entries not relevant in the monorepo. (detail)
  147. [mlir] Fixed alignment attribute of alloc constant folding. (detail)
  148. [clang] Move int <-> float scalar conversion to a separate function (detail)
  149. Fix missing generate capture expression for novariants condition. (detail)
  150. [lld-macho] Make time-trace* options more permissive. (detail)
  151. [Driver][test] Test intended target only (detail)
  152. [libc++abi] Adjust XFAIL for misaligned exception header on ARM (detail)
  153. [RISCV] Add a special case to lowerSELECT for select of 2 constants with a SETLT condition. (detail)
  154. [LLDB] Clarifying the documentation for variable formatting wrt to qualifiers and adding a test that demonstrates this (detail)
  155. [InstCombine] add test for min/max intrinsic with not ops; NFC (detail)
  156. [InstCombine] fold not ops around min/max intrinsics (detail)
  157. [BasicAA] Add another GEP modulo test with shl with odd op. (detail)
  158. [AMDGPU] Split GCNRegBankReassign (detail)
  159. [AMDGPU] Update gfx90a memory model support (detail)
  160. Disable use of SCC bit from asm (detail)
  161. [lld-macho] Parallelize __LINKEDIT generation (detail)
  162. [RISCV] Use multiclass inheritance to simplify some of NFCI (detail)
  163. [LoopInterchange] Fix transformation bugs in loop interchange (detail)
  164. [NFC][AMDGPU] Correct indentation in AMDGPUUsage.rst (detail)
  165. Revert "[LoopInterchange] Fix transformation bugs in loop interchange" (detail)
  166. [PowerPC] fixup killed flags for ri + addi to ri transformation (detail)
  167. [AMDGPU] Add some exhaustive ds read/write alignment tests (detail)
  168. [AMDGPU] Only use ds_read/write_b128 for alignment >= 16 (detail)
  169. [RISCV] DAG nodes and pseudo instructions for CSR access (detail)
  170. [Driver] Drop $DEFAULT_TRIPLE-$name as a fallback program name (detail)
  171. [docs] Document our norms around reverts (detail)
  172. Include `llvm-config` and `not` in AppleClang toolchains. (detail)
  173. Change the default value for `preloadDialectsInContext` for MlirOptMain (detail)
  174. [CSSPGO] Move pseudo probes to the beginning of a block to unblock SelectionDAG combine. (detail)
  175. [Constant] ConstantStruct/Array should not lower poison to undef (detail)
  176. [Constant] Remove unused variable (detail)
  177. [NFC][RISCV] Add test for scalable offset under large stack size. (detail)
  178. [RISCV] Add scalable offset under very large stack size. (detail)
  179. [Debug-Info] Use inlined strings in .dwinfo section by default for DBX. (detail)
  180. [GreedyRA ORE] Compute ORE stats if extra analysis is enabled (detail)
  181. [GreedyRA ORE] Extract stats in RAGreedyStats struct. NFC. (detail)
  182. [GreedyRA ORE] Extract computeNumberOfSplillsReloads to use in different places. NFC. (detail)
  183. [AsmParser] Recognize more escaped characters between single quotes (detail)
  184. [clang] Speedup line offset mapping computation (detail)
  185. [mlir] add support for index type in vectors. (detail)
  186. [AMDGPU, test] Fix use of undef FileCheck var (detail)
  187. Reorg firmware corefile tests; add test for OS plugin loading (detail)
  188. [OpenCL] Fix mipmap read_image return types (detail)
  189. [RISCV] Support OR/XOR/AND reductions on vector masks (detail)
  190. [LV] Add a logical and/or select cost test. NFC (detail)
  191. [LV] Logical and/or select costs (detail)
  192. [flang][driver] Add debug options not requiring semantic checks (detail)
  193. [GreedyRA ORE] Add function level spill/reloads stats (detail)
  194. [OpenCL][Docs] Fix typo in section label (detail)
  195. [flang][nfc] Rename some test files (detail)
  196. [NVPTX] Fix compiler warning in NDEBUG build [NFC] (detail)
  197. [lldb] [client] Support for multiprocess extension (detail)
  198. [NFC][X86][CostModel] Add some load/store tests w/ non-power-of-two elt cnt vectors (detail)
  199. [DebugInfo] Prevent invalid debug info being produced during LoopStrengthReduce (detail)
  200. [AMDGPU] SIFoldOperands: refactor tryFoldCndMask with early-outs. NFC. (detail)
  201. [mlir][spirv] Timely fail type conversion (detail)
  202. [mlir][spirv] Add control for non-32-bit scalar type emulation (detail)
  203. [CodeGen][AArch64] Fix isel crash for truncating FP stores (detail)
  204. [TableGen] Add support for the 'assert' statement in multiclasses (detail)
  205. [TableGen] Make behavior of list slice suffix consistent across all values (detail)
  206. [InstCombine] add icmp with no-wrap add tests; NFC (detail)

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