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  1. [dfsan] Update memset and dfsan_(set|add)_label with origin tracking (details)
  2. [libc] Add exhaustive test for sqrtf. (details)
  3. [libc] Add a standalone flavor of an equivalent of std::string_view. (details)
  4. [RISCV] Add vadd with mask and without mask builtin. (details)
  5. [WPD] Fix handling of pure virtual base class (details)
  6. [ThinLTO] Make cloneUsedGlobalVariables deterministic (details)
  7. Fix unstable SmallPtrSet iteration issues due to collectUsedGlobalVariables (details)
  8. collectUsedGlobalVariables: migrate SmallPtrSetImpl overload to SmallVecImpl overload after D97128 (details)
  9. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Correct function evaluation order in applyINS (details)
  10. [NFC] Make TrailingObjects non-copyable/non-movable (details)
  11. [mlir][Inliner] Keep the number of async pass managers constant (details)
  12. [mlir] ExecutionEngine needs special handling for COFF binaries (details)
  13. Revert "[Driver][Windows] Support per-target runtimes dir layout for profile instr generate" (details)
  14. [SimplifyCFG] Update passingValueIsAlwaysUndefined to check more attributes (details)
  15. [LoopNest] Use `getUniqueSuccessor()` instead when checking empty blocks (details)
  16. Add more historic DWARF vendor extensions (details)
  17. [Debug-Info][NFC] move emitDwarfUnitLength to MCStreamer class (details)
  18. [mlir][Inliner] Don't optimize callees in async mode if there is only one to optimize (details)
  19. [lld-macho] Use full input file name in invalid relocation error message (details)
  20. [lld-macho] Fix semantics & add tests for ARM64 GOT/TLV relocs (details)
  21. [lld-macho] Check for arch compatibility when loading ObjFiles and TBDs (details)
  22. [lld-macho] Better deduplication of personality pointers (details)
  23. Revert "Add more historic DWARF vendor extensions" (details)
  24. [XCOFF] add C_FILE symbol at index 0 of symbol table. (details)
  25. [AArch64][GlobalISel][PostSelectOpt] Constrain reg operands after mutating instructions. (details)
  26. [HIP] Fix managed variable linkage (details)

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