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  1. Makefile.rules: Delete GCC 4.6 workaround (detail)
  2. Fix openmp CMake build on non-Linux AArch64 systems. (detail)
  3. [NFC] [TargetRegisterInfo] add one use check to lookThruCopyLike. (detail)
  4. Makefile.rules: Make HOST_OS/OS simply expanded variable to avoid excess uname -s invocations (detail)
  5. [JITLink][ELF] Skip DWARF sections in ELF objects. (detail)
  6. [InstCombine] more tests for D94861 (NFC) (detail)
  7. [PowerPC] [NFC] Add AIX triple to some regression tests (detail)
  8. [Legalizer] Promote result type in expanding FP_TO_XINT (detail)
  9. [test] Autogen a loop vectorizer test to make future changes visible (detail)
  10. [test] pre commit a couple more tests for vectorizing multiple exit loops (detail)
  11. [JITLink][ELF] New ELF skip-debug-sections test requires asserts. (detail)
  12. [PowerPC] support register pressure reduction in machine combiner. (detail)
  13. [clang-format] Add StatementAttributeLikeMacros option (detail)

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