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Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-zorg.git)

  1. [NFC] Reformat sanitizer workers (detail)
  2. Reassign sanitizer builders/workers (detail)
  3. Less builds for sanitizer-buildbot{2,8} (detail)
  4. [sanitizer] Simplify clobbering (detail)
  5. [sanitizer] Cleanup after build (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [Clang][OpenMP] Monotonic does not apply to SIMD (detail)
  2. [ADT] Add StringRef consume_front_lower and consume_back_lower (detail)
  3. [lldb] Bumb Clang version requirement for to 11 (detail)
  4. [lld/mac] Add explicit "no unwind info" entries for functions without unwind info (detail)
  5. [lldb] Adjust Clang version requirements for tail_call_frames tests (detail)
  6. [SCEV] Retain AddExpr flags when subtracting a foldable constant. (detail)
  7. [mlir][memref] Add memref.copy operation (detail)
  8. [LLDB] Skip TestExitDuringExpression on aarch64/linux buildbot (detail)
  9. Add norm sub-target feature to table gen for ARC (detail)
  10. [lldb][NFC] Use SubsystemRAII in XcodeSDKModuleTests (detail)
  11. [AMDGPU][Libomptarget] Move allow_access_to_all_gpu_agents to rtl.cpp (detail)
  12. [mlir] Fix invalid handling of AllocOp symbolOperands by SimplifyAllocConst. (detail)
  13. [OpenMP] libomp: fix dynamic loop dispatcher (detail)
  14. [ConstantFold] Skip bitcast -> GEP transform for opaque pointers (detail)
  15. [ConstantFold] Delay fetching pointer element type (detail)
  16. [BitcodeReader] Validate Strtab before accessing. (detail)
  17. [Libomptarget] Introduce new globalization runtime calls (detail)
  18. [clang] Remove unused capture in closure (detail)
  19. [SLP][AArch64] Add SLP vectorizer tests for XOR and AND reductions. NFC (detail)
  20. [lldb][NFC] Remove an outdated comment in HostInfoBase (detail)
  21. [OpenMP] Simplify GPU memory globalization (detail)
  22. [SCEV] Reduce code to handle predicates in applyLoopGuards (NFC). (detail)
  23. [SimpleLoopUnswich] Fixa a bug on ComputeUnswitchedCost with partial unswitch (detail)
  24. [lldb] Remove more redundant SetStatus(eReturnStatusFailed) (detail)
  25. [AArch64LoadStoreOptimizer] Recommit: Generate more STPs by renaming registers earlier (detail)
  26. [OpaquePtr] Handle addrspacecasts in InstCombine (detail)
  27. [Libomptarget] Improve device runtime implementation for globalized variables. (detail)
  28. [OpenMP] Replace GPU globalization calls with shared memory in the middle-end (detail)
  29. [llvm-diff] Constify APIs so that there aren't conflicts (detail)
  30. [llvm-objcopy] Fix some namespace style issues (detail)
  31. [llvm] Fix lto tests that requires ld64 (detail)
  32. [OpenMP] Internalize functions in OpenMPOpt to improve IPO passes (detail)
  33. [NFC][OpenMP][Offloading] Unified the construction of mapping table entry (detail)
  34. [clang][c++20] Fix false warning for unused private fields when a class has only defaulted comparison operators. (detail)
  35. [libc++] Change forward_list::swap to use propagate_on_container_swap for noexcept specification (detail)
  36. AMDGPU: Move zeroed FP high bits optimization to patterns (detail)
  37. [gn build] manually port c747b7d1d9a2 (config.osx_sysroot) (detail)
  38. [libcxx][ranges] Add `ranges::iter_swap`. (detail)
  39. Improve the diagnostic of DiagnosticInfoResourceLimit (and warn-stack-size in particular) (detail)
  40. [AMDGPU] Use performOptimizedStructLayout for LDS sort (detail)
  41. [AIX][XCOFF] generate eh_info when vector registers are saved according to the traceback table. (detail)
  42. ThinLTO: Fix inline assembly references to static functions with CFI (detail)
  43. [gn build] Port 40d6d2c49dd1 (detail)
  44. AMDGPU: Fix high 16-bit optimization on gfx9 (detail)
  45. [MCA] [In-order pipeline] Fix for 0 latency instruction causing assertion to fail. (detail)
  46. [OpenMP] Add new OpenMP globalization functions to library info (detail)
  47. [OpenMP] Enable HeapToStack conversion in OpenMPOpt for new RTL globalization calls (detail)
  48. AMDGPU: Add baseline test for instructions zeroing high bits (detail)
  49. [libc++] Enable `explicit` conversion operators, even in C++03 mode. (detail)
  50. AMDGPU: Try to eliminate clearing of high bits of 16-bit instructions (detail)
  51. [libc++] NFC: Add missing all.h to the modulemap (detail)
  52. [lldb] Add missing string include to lldb-server's main (detail)
  53. [ARM] Change some Gather/Scatter interface types to Instructions. NFC (detail)
  54. [Attributor] Add interface to emit remarks in Attributor (detail)
  55. [InstCombine][test] add tests for FP min/max with negated op; NFC (detail)
  56. [InstCombine][test] add tests for FP min/max with negated op; NFC (detail)
  57. [InstCombine] reduce code duplication for FP min/max with casts fold; NFC (detail)
  58. Improve clang -Wframe-larger-than= diagnostic (detail)
  59. Revert "[LLD] [COFF] Avoid doing repeated fuzzy symbol lookup for each iteration. NFC." (detail)
  60. [Attributor] Add an option to increase the max number of iterations (detail)
  61. [OpenMP][NFC] Add new optimizations to OpenMPOpt comment header (detail)
  62. [CodeGen] Don't create fake FunctionDecls when generating block/byref (detail)
  63. [compiler-rt][CMake] Drop flags that are set by default for Fuchsia (detail)
  64. [compiler-rt] Make use of undefined symbols configurable (detail)
  65. [libcxx][docs] updates the ranges status paper (detail)
  66. [CMake] Fix the option declaration (detail)
  67. [libcxx][doc] corrects LWG links in the One Ranges section (detail)
  68. [OpenMP] Remove OpenMP CUDA Target Parallel compiler flag (detail)
  69. Revert "ThinLTO: Fix inline assembly references to static functions with CFI" (detail)
  70. [OpaquePtr] Support changing load type in InstCombine (detail)
  71. Revert "[compiler-rt] Make use of undefined symbols configurable" (detail)
  72. [llvm-diff] Add support for diffing the callbr instruction (detail)
  73. [llvm-diff] Explicitly check ConstantArrays (detail)
  74. Make lit configs relocatable again after c747b7d1d9a (detail)
  75. [gn build] manually port c747b7d1d9a2 more (config.osx_sysroot) (detail)
  76. Revert "[cmake] [compiler-rt] Call llvm_setup_rpath() when adding shared libraries." (detail)
  77. [clang-format] Add new LambdaBodyIndentation option (detail)
  78. Introduce a Bazel build configuration (detail)
  79. Add regression test for maybeMangle issue (detail)
  80. [mlir][OpGen] Cache Identifiers for known attribute names in AbstractOperation. (detail)
  81. [mlir] Remove the Identifier ThreadLocalCache from MLIRContext (detail)
  82. [libc++] NFC: Remove unused c++98 Lit feature (detail)
  83. [OpenMP] Add thread limit environment variable support to plugins (detail)
  84. [clang] Add cc1 option for dumping layout for all complete types (detail)
  85. [mlir][sparse] add support for "simply dynamic" sparse tensor expressions (detail)
  86. [clangd] Dont index ObjCCategoryDecls for completion (detail)
  87. [OpenMP] Change remaining globalization from an analysis remark to missed (detail)
  88. [flang] [NFC] Repair build with GCC 7.3 (detail)
  89. [PowerPC][NFC] Clean up builtin sema checks (detail)
  90. [mlir] Fix build on gcc-5 after D104167 (detail)
  91. [compiler-rt] Make use of undefined symbols configurable (detail)
  92. [mlir][sparse] integration test for "simply dynamic" sparse output tensors (detail)
  93. gn build: Rebase clang-tblgen include path against root_build_dir instead of root_out_dir. (detail)
  94. [clang] unbreak Index/preamble-reparse-changed-module.m with LLVM_APPEND_VC_REV=NO after 7942ebdf01b3 (detail)

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