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  1. [TLI] prepareSREMEqFold(): use correct VT for the final VSELECT (PR51133) (details)
  2. [CodeGen] Remove isNON_TRUNCStore and isTRUNCStore (NFC) (details)
  3. thread_local support for AIX (details)
  4. [InstrRef][X86] Drop debug instruction numbers from x87 instructions (details)
  5. [PowerPC] Implement vector bool/pixel initialization under -faltivec-src-compat=xl (details)
  6. Revert "[OpenMP] Codegen aggregate for outlined function captures" (details)
  7. AArch64/GlobalISel: Cleanup unnecessary size checks in call lowering (details)
  8. [Clang][RISCV] Support half-precision floating point for RVV intrinsics. (details)
  9. tsan: remove duplicate arch switch in (details)
  10. [flang] Runtime API for data pointers (details)
  11. [Polly][Isl] Stop using isl::set::lex_le_set. NFC (details)
  12. GlobalISel: Preserve LLT when bitcasting loads and stores (details)
  13. [LICM] Create LoopNest Invariant Code Motion (LNICM) pass (details)
  14. [ARM] Remove PromotedBitwiseVT for NEON types (details)
  15. GlobalISel: Preserve memory types for implicit sret load/stores (details)
  16. [mlir][linalg] Fold TensorCast into PadTensorOp. (details)
  17. [X86] Fix case of IsAfterLegalize argument. NFC. (details)
  18. [ISD] Add disclaimer comments to AssertSext/Zext/Align opcodes about poison values (details)
  19. [NFC][PowerPC] Update builtins-ppc-altivec.c to be run under `-faltivec-src-compat=mixed` (details)
  20. [NewPM] Fix wrong perfect forwardings (details)
  21. [mlir][Linalg] Migrate 2D pooling ops from tc definition to yaml definition. (details)
  22. [SelectionDAG][RISCV] Use isSExtCheaperThanZExt to control whether sext or zext is used for constant folding any_extend. (details)
  1. Disable benchmark tests on iOS (details / githubweb)

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