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Success Build #246 (Apr 17, 2021 1:37:26 AM)

  1. [Windows Itanium][PS4] handle dllimport/export w.r.t vtables/rtti (details)
  2. [mlir] Canonicalize single-iteration ParallelOp (details)
  3. Require commas between double square bracket attributes. (details)
  4. [flang][driver] Remove `%flang-new` from the LIT configuration (details)
  5. Reland "[lldb] [Process] Watch for fork/vfork notifications" for FreeBSD (details)
  6. [libc++] Split __compressed_pair out of <memory> (details)
  7. [libc++] Split std::raw_storage_iterator out of <memory> (details)
  8. [libc++] Split the memory-related algorithms out of <memory> (details)
  9. [libc++] Split std::unique_ptr out of <memory> (details)
  10. [libc++] Split std::shared_ptr & friends out of <memory> (details)
  11. [libc++] Move pointer safety related utilities out of <memory> (details)
  12. Reland "[lldb] [Process] Watch for fork/vfork notifications" for NetBSD (details)
  13. Reland "[lldb] [Process] Watch for fork/vfork notifications" for Linux (details)
  14. [lldb] Require x86 for various NativePDB, Breakpad and Minidump tests (details)
  15. [gn build] fix bug in fb0b19c3de3b (details)
  16. [gn build] Port 21d6636d83b3 (details)
  17. [gn build] Port 4f9b2469f33f (details)
  18. [gn build] Port 7f1963dc8e23 (details)
  19. [gn build] Port 916fecb499c5 (details)
  20. [gn build] Port 9b0a3388eb36 (details)
  21. [gn build] Port be54341cd2ff (details)
  22. [AMDGPU] Set implicit arg attributes for indirect calls (details)
  23. [TTI] NFC: Change getCastInstrCost and getExtractWithExtendCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  24. [TTI] NFC: Change getGatherScatterOpCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  25. [TTI] NFC: Change getArithmeticReductionCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  26. [TTI] NFC: Change getMinMaxReductionCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  27. [TTI] NFC: Change getCmpSelInstrCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  28. [TTI] NFC: Change getMaskedMemoryOpCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  29. [TTI] NFC: Change get[Interleaved]MemoryOpCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  30. [lldb] Remote @debugserver_test from TestAppleSimulatorOSType (details)
  31. StackProtector: ensure protection does not interfere with tail call frame. (details)
  32. [lldb] Remove self-skipping code from lldb-server tests (details)
  33. [mlir][linalg] update tiling to support linalg index operations. (details)
  34. [lldb][AArch64] Only run MTE memory region test if we have MTE (details)
  35. [lld-macho] Add support for arm64_32 (details)
  36. [lld-macho] Add 32-bit compact unwind support (details)
  37. [lld-macho] Have toString() emit full path to archive files (details)
  38. [lld-macho] Make load relaxation work for arm64_32 (details)
  39. [analyzer] Replace StoreManager::CastRetrievedVal with SValBuilder::evalCast (details)
  40. [lldb/test] s/add_no_ack_remote_stream/do_handshake (details)
  41. [AsmParser][SystemZ][z/OS] Add in support to allow use of additional comment strings. (details)
  42. [libc++] [P0458] Add map::contains and set::contains for heterogenous lookup missed in a17b1aed. (details)
  43. [docs][scudo] Update Scudo documentation (details)
  44. [mlir] X86Vector: Add AVX Rsqrt (details)
  45. [clangd] Enable modules to contribute tweaks. (details)
  46. [clangd] Introduce ASTHooks to FeatureModules (details)
  47. [clangd] Propagate data in diagnostics (details)
  48. BPF: generate proper BTF for globals with WeakODRLinkage (details)
  49. [lld-macho] arm64_32 executables are always PIE (details)
  50. [analyzer] [NFC] Eliminate dispatchCast, evalCastFromNonLoc and evalCastFromLoc functions from SValBuilder (details)
  51. [OpenMP] Fix incompatible attributes in OpenMPIRBuilder test. (details)
  52. Fix the const overload of IgnoreExprNodes (details)
  53. [gn build] Port 8914902b01a3 (details)
  54. [gn build] Port bb6d96ced80f (details)
  55. [GlobalOpt] Revert valgrind hacks (details)
  56. [SystemZ][z/OS] Introduce dialect querying helper functions (details)
  57. Remove empty test case (details)
  58. [libc] Make FPBits a union. (details)
  59. Implement WG21 P2156R1/WG14 N2557 on duplicate attributes (details)
  60. [X86][SSE] combineSetCCMOVMSK - allow comparison with upper (known zero) bits in CMP(MOVMSK(PACKSS())) -> CMP(MOVMSK()) fold (details)
  61. Revert "[lld-macho] Add support for arm64_32" and other stacked diffs (details)
  62. [mlgo] Skip AOT-compiling a model if a header/object pair is provided (details)
  63. [debugserver] Fix unintialized member variable (details)
  64. [lldb] [gdb-remote server] Abstract away getting current process (details)
  65. [Clang][OpenMP][NVPTX] Fixed failure in openmp-offload-gpu.c if the system has CUDA (details)
  66. Remove a -O2 usage from a CSE specific test file (details)
  67. [debugserver] Use class member initialization for RNBContext (details)
  68. [libFuzzer] Fix MSan false positives with custom mutators. (details)
  69. [flang] Handle instantiation of procedure pointer components (details)
  70. [MemorySSA] Add test for PR49859. (details)
  71. [flang][OpenMP] Modify semantic check for nesting of `ordered` regions to include `close` nesting check. (details)
  72. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Mark G_CTPOP as legal for v16s8 and v8s8 (details)
  73. [RISCV] Rename RISCVISD::GREVI(W)/GORCI(W) to RISCVISD::GREV(W)/GORC(W). Don't require second operand to be a constant. (details)
  74. String Literal and Wide String Literal Encoding from the Preprocessor (details)
  75. [SCEV] Don't walk uses of phis without SCEV expression when forgetting (details)
  76. [lli] Honor the --entry-function flag in orc and orc-lazy modes. (details)
  77. [libFuzzer] Fix fuzzer-oom.test. (details)
  78. BPF: remove default .extern data section (details)
  79. [libc][Obvious] Fix nextafter* implementation. (details)
  80. [clang-tidy] Add check for implicit widening of multiplication result (details)
  81. [mlir] Convert async dialect passes from function passes to op agnostic passes (details)
  82. [lld-macho] rm old test directory for segments.s (details)
  83. [gn build] Port 46b8ea2fff90 (details)
  84. [gn build] Port 8ca366935b05 (details)
  85. Ship `llvm-cxxfilt` in the toolchain. (details)
  86. [RISCV] Make use of PatGprGpr and PatGpr in NFC (details)
  87. [RISCV] Add a generic PatGprImm class and use it to simplify patterns in NFC (details)
  88. Correct the tablegen for checking mutually exclusive stmt attrs (details)
  89. [AsmParser][SystemZ][z/OS] Add support to AsmLexer to accept HLASM style integers (details)
  90. [mlir][spirv] Only attach struct offset for required storage classes (details)
  91. Remove warning "suggest braces" for aggregate initialization of an empty class with an aggregate base class. (details)
  92. [AArch64][SVE] Always use overloaded methods instead of preprocessor macro. (details)
  93. [mlir][tosa] Add conv2d lowering to linalg.conv2d operator for FP (details)
  94. [Driver] Make the findVCToolChainViaEnvironment case-insensitive (details)
  95. [TableGen] Resolve concrete but not complete field access initializers (details)
  96. [mlir] Prevent operations with users from being hoisted (details)
  97. Title: [RISCV] Add missing part of instruction vmsge {u}. VX Review By: craig.topper  Differential Revision : (details)
  98. Title: [RISCV] Add missing part of instruction vmsge {u}. VX Review By: craig.topper  Differential Revision : (details)
  99. Title: [RISCV] Add missing part of instruction vmsge {u}. VX Review By: craig.topper  Differential Revision : (details)
  100. [flang] More precise enforcement of runtime constraint (details)
  101. [Sema] Move 'char-expression-as-unsigned < 0' into a separate diagnostic (details)
  102. Fix resolution-err.ll (details)
  103. [CSSPGO] Fix a test issue due to portablity of std::hash (details)
  104. [MLIR] PresburgerSet subtraction: add documentation and assertion saying we don't support divisions yet (details)
  105. [mlir] Fix return values of AMX tests (details)
  106. Revert "[GlobalOpt] Revert valgrind hacks" (details)
  107. [PowerPC] Use correct node to get a super register from a subreg (details)
  108. [libc++][docs] Add status docs for ranges. (details)
  109. [scudo] Make MTE inline asm compatible with GNU assembler (details)
  110. [RISCV] Implement COPY for Zvlsseg registers (details)
  111. [lldb] Pretend host architecture is arm64 on AS (details)
  112. fix whitespace type (details)
  113. Expose parseXInDimensionList() to the `DialectAsmParser` (details)
  114. [X86][AMX] Refactor for PostRA ldtilecfg pass. (details)
  115. [lldb] Build debugserver 2-way fat on AS (details)
  116. [lldb] Disable because it's flaky (details)
  117. [Live Intervals] Factor-out unionBitMask. NFC. (details)
  118. [M68k] Put M68kInfo as the direct library dependency for AsmParser (details)
  119. [mlir][StandardToSPIRV] Add support for lowering math.powf to SPIR-V. (details)
  120. [Live Intervals] Teach Greedy RA to recognize special case live-through (details)
  121. [clangd] Add support for inline parameter hints (details)
  122. [gn build] Port cbc9c4ea90e1 (details)
  123. Revert "Title: [RISCV] Add missing part of instruction vmsge {u}. VX Review By: craig.topper  Differential Revision :" (details)
  124. [LLD] Implement /guard:[no]ehcont (details)
  125. [NFC] Fix unused warning. (details)
  126. [clang] Fix copy constructor of CompilerInvocation (details)
  127. [clang-tidy] Add new check 'bugprone-unhandled-exception-at-new'. (details)
  128. [GreedyRA ORE] Separate Folder Reloads and Zero Cost Folder Reloads (details)
  129. [gn build] Port 530456caf908 (details)
  130. [mlir] Change verification order to prevent null dereference (details)
  131. [NFC] Fix unused variable warning. (details)
  132. [clang-tidy] Add exception flag to bugprone-unhandled-exception-at-new test. (details)
  133. [i386] Modify the alignment of __m128/__m256/__m512 vector type according i386 abi. (details)
  134. [lldb] Silence GCC warnings about control reaching the end of non-void functions. NFC. (details)
  135. [AArch64] [COFF] Properly produce cross-section relative relocations (details)
  136. [ARM] [COFF] Properly produce cross-section relative relocations (details)
  137. [lit] Always quote arguments containing '[' on windows (details)
  138. [PowerPC] Fix incorrect subreg typo from 0148bf53f0a0 (details)
  139. [X86][SSE] combineSetCCMOVMSK - allow comparison with upper (known zero) bits in MOVMSK(SHUFFLE(X,u)) -> MOVMSK(X) fold (details)
  140. [X86] Regenerate PR32284.ll test case prefixes. NFC. (details)
  141. [X86] Fold cmpeq/ne(trunc(x),0) --> cmpeq/ne(x,0) (details)
  142. [InstCombine] tmp alloca bypass: ensure that the replacement dominates all alloca uses (details)
  143. [Passes] Enable the relative lookup table converter pass on aarch64 (details)
  144. SDAG: constant fold bf16 -> i16 casts (details)
  145. [lldb][AArch64] Simplify MTE memory region test (details)
  146. [clang] [AArch64] Fix Windows va_arg handling for larger structs (details)
  147. [ValueTracking] add unit test for isKnownNonZero(); NFC (details)
  148. [lit] Remove unnecessary testcases from lit-quoting.txt that fail on macOS (details)
  149. [AIX] Allow safe for 32bit P8 VSX pattern matching (details)
  150. [Test] Account for possibility to free memory in loop load PRE test (details)
  151. [ValueTracking] reduce code duplication; NFC (details)
  152. [AMDGPU] Mark scavenged SGPR as used (details)
  153. [OpenMP] Fix printing routine for OMP_TOOL_VERBOSE_INIT (details)
  154. [OpenCL][Docs] Update OpenCL 3.0 implementation status (details)
  155. [ValueTracking] match negative-stepping non-zero recurrence (details)
  156. [InstSimplify] improve efficiency for detecting non-zero value (details)
  157. CPUDispatch- allow out of line member definitions (details)
  158. [llvm-symbolizer] remove unused variable (details)
  159. [SCCP] Create SCCP Solver (details)
  160. [gn build] Port bbab9f986c6d (details)
  161. [mlir][StandardToSPIRV] Add support for lowering memref<?xi1> to SPIR-V (details)
  162. [AArch64][v8.5A] Add BTI to all function starts (details)
  163. [SLP] createOp - fix null dereference warning. NFCI. (details)
  164. [X86][SSE] canonicalizeShuffleWithBinOps - check for more combos of merge-able binary shuffles. (details)
  165. [AMDGPU] Rename "LDS lowering" pass name. (details)
  166. [Instcombine] Disable memcpy of alloca bypass for instruction sources (details)
  167. [X86] Add PR49028 test case (details)
  168. Add flag for showing skipped headers in -H / --show-includes output (details)
  169. clang-format: [JS] merge import lines. (details)
  170. review comments (details)
  171. [mlir][linalg] update fusion to support linalg index operations. (details)
  172. [arm][compiler-rt] add armv8m.main and arv8.1m.main targets (details)
  173. [SCCP] Follow up of rGbbab9f986c6d. NFC. (details)
  174. [libc++] Make chars_format a bitmask type. (details)
  175. [WebAssembly] Use standard intrinsics for f32x4 and f64x2 ops (details)
  176. [TTI] NFC: Change getCallInstrCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  177. [TTI] NFC: Change getCFInstrCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  178. [TTI] NFC: Change getShuffleCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  179. [TTI] NFC: Change getVectorInstrCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  180. [TTI] NFC: Change getFPOpCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  181. [TTI] NFC: Change getArithmeticInstrCost to return InstructionCost (details)
  182. [flang] Handle END= situations better in runtime input (details)
  183. [AMDGPU] Factor out SelectSAddrFI() (details)
  184. [ValueTracking] Add additional non-zero add recurrence test (NFC) (details)
  185. [ValueTracking] Don't require non-zero step for add nuw (details)
  186. Remove deprecated member functions (NFC) (details)
  187. [SLP]Added a tests for shuffled matched tree entries, NFC. (details)
  188. Refactor the architecture of mlir-reduce (details)
  189. [flang] Fix Boolean flag arguments (details)
  190. [NFC][libc++] Fixes a documentation typo. (details)
  191. [ValueTracking] Don't require strictly positive for mul nsw recurrence (details)
  192. [COFF] Simplify ICF associated comdat handling (details)
  193. clang-format: fix undefined behavior. (details)
  194. [WebAssembly] Codegen for f64x2.convert_low_i32x4_{s,u} (details)
  195. [libTooling] Add smart pointer support to the `access` Stencil (details)
  196. [libc++] Split up __memory/base.h into meaningful headers (details)
  197. [libc++] Move __memory/utilities.h to __memory/allocation_guard.h (details)
  198. [libc++] Move guards against std::auto_ptr outside of auto_ptr.h (details)
  199. [clang][FileManager] Support empty file name in getVirtualFileRef for serialized diagnostics (details)
  200. [flang] Correct the interpretation of BIND(C,NAME='') (details)
  201. [SROA][TBAA] Handle shift of regular TBAA nodes (details)
  202. [gn build] try to make py3-compatible (details)
  203. [gn build] Port e98060fa72cc (details)
  204. [gn build] Port f992cfba7173 (details)
  205. fix typo to cycle bots (details)
  206. [InstCombine] Conditionally emit nowrap flags when combining two adds (details)
  207. fix typo to cycle bots (details)
  208. [lldb] Move QThreadSuffixSupported and QListThreadsInStopReply into llgs (details)
  209. [lldb/test] Remove the "expect_captures" feature of lldb-server tests (details)
  210. [lldb] Only override target arch if it is compatible (details)
  211. Update AttrDef class to define default value for returnType and convertFromStorage (NFC) (details)
  212. Revert "Refactor the architecture of mlir-reduce" (details)
  213. Simplify BitVector code (details)
  214. [mlir] Use default lli JIT in Integration tests (details)
  215. [lldb-vscode] Reduce chattiness of progress events (details)
  216. [AST] Replace asserts with a condition (details)
  217. Make test runnable on read-only file systems. (details)
  218. [AST] Add introspection support for more base nodes (details)
  219. Refactor the architecture of mlir-reduce (details)
  220. [WebAssembly] Codegen for i64x2.extend_{low,high}_i32x4_{s,u} (details)
  221. [lldb] Add addressing_bits to KNOWN_HOST_INFO_KEYS and sort the list (details)
  222. Use PassPipelineCLParser in mlir-reduce (details)
  223. [mlir] Fix passArg of ViewOpGraphPass (details)
  224. [InferAttributes] Materialize all infered attributes for declaration (details)
  225. [NFC] Move a recently added utility into a location to enable reuse (details)
  226. [flang] Fix typo caught by clang build (details)
  227. Fix buildbots after 61a85da (details)
  228. NFC: Remove condition to simplify code (details)
  229. Revert "[InferAttributes] Materialize all infered attributes for declaration" (details)
  230. Revert "Fix buildbots after 61a85da" (details)
  231. [libcxx][nfc] Assign [ranges.primitives] in "RangesStatus." (details)
  232. [AST] Use IntrusiveRefCntPtr for Introspection LocationCall. (details)
  233. [AST][NFC] Remove temporary ASTTU file from Introspection generation. (details)
  234. [AST][Introspection] Fix args not being set. (details)
  235. [LLLDB] Adding additional check LibCppStdFunctionCallableInfo based on crash reports (details)
  236. Reapply "[InferAttributes] Materialize all infered attributes for declaration"" and follow on patches. (details)
  237. [Sema] Fold VLA types in compound literals to constant arrays. (details)
  238. [llvm-objdump] Switch command-line parsing from llvm::cl to OptTable (details)
  239. [hwasan] Fix lock contention on thread creation. (details)
  240. [llvm-objdump] try to fix hexagon and riscv tests after 1035123ac50db (details)
  241. [llvm-objdump] try to fix hexagon tests more after 51aa61e74bdb (details)
  242. [llvm-objdump] try to fix section-filter.test in full builds after 51aa61e74bdb (details)
  243. Revert "Simplify BitVector code" (details)
  244. [DWARF] Fix crash for DWARFDie::dump. (details)
  245. [lldb] Simplify output for skipped categories in (details)
  246. [gn build] Port b7459a10dad1 (details)
  247. fix comment typos to cycle bots (details)
  248. [libcxx][NFC] adjusts formatting rules (details)
  249. Change add_mlir_doc CMake macro to take the tablegen command as last argument to allow extra flags (details)
  250. [AMDGPU] Disable forceful inline of non-kernel functions which use LDS. (details)
  251. Fix Interface doc generation after recent change to add_mlir_doc() API (details)
  252. [Test] Propagate nofree attribute from function to calls (details)
  253. Fix the build of `mlir-doc` (again) (details)
  254. [scudo] Restore zxtest compatibility (details)
  255. [RISCV][Clang] Add vmv and vfmv series intrinsic functions. (details)
  256. [RISCV] Add a PatFrag to shorten repeated (XLenVT (VLOp GPR:$vl)) in V extension patterns. (details)
  257. [NewGVN] Add phi-of-ops operands if no real PHI is created. (details)
  258. Revert "[SCEV] Don't walk uses of phis without SCEV expression when forgetting" (details)
  259. Reland "[lit] Handle plain negations directly in the internal shell" (details)
  260. [clang] [test] Share patterns in CodeGen/ms_abi_aarch64.c between cases. NFC. (details)
  261. [AArch64] Fix windows vararg functions with floats in the fixed args (details)
  262. Add convenient composed tsan constants (details)
  263. Mark armv6m compat with armv7em; match armv7em being compat with armv6m (details)
  264. [clang][deps] NFC: Improve documentation (details)
  265. [NFC][LoopVectorize] Remove unnecessary VF.isScalable asserts (details)
  266. [flang] Update the regression tests to use the new driver when enabled (details)
  267. NFC put the armv6m entry with the other Cortex-M entries (details)
  268. [AArch64] Use type-legalization cost for code size memop cost. (details)
  269. [AA] Updates for D95543. (details)
  270. [RISCV] Pre-commit vector shuffle test cases (details)
  271. [SVE][LoopVectorize] Fix crash in InnerLoopVectorizer::widenPHIInstruction (details)
  272. [DAGCombiner] Fold step_vector with add/mul/shl (details)
  273. add test case for ignoring -flto=auto and -flto=jobserver (details)
  274. [lldb] Fix incorrect test data in FileSpecTest.IsRelative (details)
  275. [VPlan] Add VPRecipeBase::mayHaveSideEffects. (details)
  276. Fix bug in .eh_frame/.debug_frame PC offset calculation for DW_EH_PE_pcrel (details)
  277. [clangd] Only allow remote index to be enabled from user config. (details)
  278. [AArch64][NEON] Match (or (and -a b) (and (a+1) b)) => bit select (details)
  279. [X86] combineCMP - fold cmpEQ/NE(TRUNC(X),0) -> cmpEQ/NE(X,0) (details)
  280. [AMDGPU] Fix large return values with amdgpu_gfx (details)
  281. [TableGen] [docs] Correct a reference in the TableGen Overview document (details)
  282. [yaml2obj/obj2yaml/llvm-readobj] Support printing and parsing AVR-specific e_flags (details)
  283. [NFC] Remove the -instcombine flag from strict-fadd.ll (details)
  284. Fix potential infinite loop with malformed attribute syntax (details)
  285. [InstCombine] update RUN lines in assume test; NFC (details)
  286. [Clang][Docs] Claim the atomic compare (details)
  287. [DebugInfo] Replace debug uses in replaceUsesOutsideBlock (details)
  288. [libcxx][NFC] removes BreakBeforeConceptDeclarations from .clang-format (details)
  289. Revert "[DebugInfo] Replace debug uses in replaceUsesOutsideBlock" (details)
  290. [LSR] Fix for pre-indexed generated constant offset (details)
  291. [libc] Add index operator[] to StringView (details)
  292. [flang] Add list input test to GTest suite (details)
  293. [PowerPC] Add ROP Protection Instructions for PowerPC (details)
  294. [Driver] Enable kernel address and memory sanitizers on FreeBSD (details)
  295. [asan] Add an offset for the kernel address sanitizer on FreeBSD (details)
  296. [NewPM] Cleanup IR printing instrumentation (details)
  297. [LoopUnrollAndJam] Avoid repeated instructions for UAJ analysis (details)
  298. [libc++] Remove test suite workarounds on Apple with old Clangs (details)
  299. [libc++] NFC: Use ASSERT_SAME_TYPE consistently in string.h and wchar.h tests (details)
  300. [clang][patch] Modify diagnostic level from err to warn: anyx86_interrupt_regsave (details)
  301. [mlir][sparse] remove restriction on vectorization of index type (details)
  302. [OpenMP] Added codegen for masked directive (details)
  303. [RISCV] Share RVInstIShift and RVInstIShiftW instruction format classes with the B extension. (details)
  304. [flang][OpenMP] Remove `OmpEndLoopDirective` handles from code. (details)
  305. [Hexagon] Avoid infinite loops in type legalization when lowering SETCC (details)
  306. [mlir] Add support for adding attribute+type traits/interfaces to tablegen defs (details)
  307. [mlir] Add helpers to set lbs, ubs, steps for linalg.tiled_loop. (details)
  308. [AMDGPU] Move LDS lowering related utility functions to a separate utils file. (details)
  309. [mlir] Expose `updateBoundsForCyclicDistribution` in Linalg/Utils.h. (details)
  310. [mlir] Add verification for `linalg.tiled_loop` op. (details)
  311. [gn build] Port 82787eb2285d (details)
  312. [clang-format] Option for empty lines after an access modifier. (details)
  313. [AMDGPU] Add new EmitDstSel field to VOPPofile. NFC. (details)
  314. [VPlan] Replace a few unnecessary includes with forward decls. (details)
  315. [clang] [AArch64] Fix handling of HFAs passed to Windows variadic functions (details)
  316. [mlir][AsmPrinter] Fix multi-threaded segfault by using explicit null stream per thread (details)
  317. [libcxx][NFC] removes IndentRequires from .clang-format (details)
  318. [AMDGPU] Factor out predicate FmaakFmamkF32Insts (details)
  319. [TableGen] Reduce the number of map lookups in TypeSetByHwMode::getOrCreate. NFCI (details)
  320. [scudo][standalone] Fuchsia related fixes (details)
  321. [AST] Add a print method to Introspection LocationCall (details)
  322. [AST][Introspection] Add a check to detect if introspection is supported. (details)
  323. [LLDB] Use path relative to binary for finding .dwo files. (details)
  324. [mlir][scf] NFC - Add a getIterOpOperands helper to scf::ForOp (details)
  325. [clang][AArch64] Correctly align HFA arguments when passed on the stack (details)
  326. [InferAttrs] Do not mark first argument of str(n)cat as writeonly. (details)
  327. [mlir][vector][avx] add AVX dot product to X86Vector dialect with lowering (details)
  328. [AST] Fix location call storage with common last-invocation (details)
  329. [OpenMP5][DOCS] Update status of masked construct and correct the color (details)
  330. NFC: Add missing matcher for test method (details)
  331. [lldb] Raise a CrashLogParseException when failing to parse JSON crashlog (details)
  332. [sanitizer] Simplify GetTls with dl_iterate_phdr on Linux and use it on musl/FreeBSD (details)
  333. [OpenMP] Add info for device table changes (details)
  334. NFC: Add a simple test for introspection call formatting (details)
  335. s/setGenerator/addGenerator/ in the JIT docs. NFC (details)
  336. [mlir][NFC] Add a using directive for llvm::SetVector (details)
  337. [mlir] Add support for walking locations similarly to Operations (details)
  338. [dfsan] Add test for origin tracking stack traces (details)
  339. Add support for numpy arrays to memref conversions. (details)
  340. [NFC][NewPM] Remove some AnalysisManager invalidate methods (details)
  341. [libcxx] adds `std::indirectly_readable_traits` to <iterator> (details)
  342. Implemented [[clang::musttail]] attribute for guaranteed tail calls. (details)
  343. Revert "[LLDB] Use path relative to binary for finding .dwo files." (details)
  344. [dfsan] Remove hard-coded constant in release_shadow_space.c (details)
  345. [LangRef] clarify the semantics of nocapture (details)
  346. [LangRef] fix unexepcted unindent errror (details)
  347. Add triple to fix test failure. (details)
  348. [lld-macho] LTO: Unset VisibleToRegularObj where possible (details)
  349. [lld-macho] Re-root absolute input file paths if -syslibroot is specified (details)
  350. [lld-macho] Add support for arm64_32 (details)
  351. [lld-macho] Add 32-bit compact unwind support (details)
  352. [lld-macho] Make load relaxation work for arm64_32 (details)
  353. [lld-macho] Don't use arrays as template parameters (details)
  354. [gn build] Port 3bc88eb3924f (details)
  355. [Polly] Fix PM invalidate usage after D100519 (details)
  356. [LangRef] formatting (details)
  357. [LICM][NFC] Fix typo (details)
  358. [MLGO] Fix use of AM.invalidate post D100519 (details)
  359. [AMDGPU] Refactor ds_read/ds_write related select code for better readability. (details)
  360. [libcxx] adds `cpp17-.*iterator` concepts for iterator_traits (details)
  361. Don't refer to allocation map entry after deallocating it (details)
  362. Fix tile-and-pad when padding doesn't span all dimension (details)
  363. [RISCV] Don't emit save-restore call if function is a interrupt handler (details)
  364. [AMDGPU][OpenMP] Add amdgpu-arch tool to list AMD GPUs installed (details)
  365. [Polly][Ast] Partial refactoring of IslAst and IslAstInfo to use isl++. NFC. (details)
  366. [libcxx] Make the GDB pretty printer test less strict (details)
  367. [Aarch64] handle "o" inline asm memory constraints (details)
  368. [libc] Add slice/take/drop methods to ArrayRef (details)
  369. [libc] Fix typo (details)
  370. [mlir][linalg] Add support for WAW fusion on tensors. (details)
  371. [clang-format] Inconsistent behavior regarding line break before access modifier (details)
  372. [LLD][ELF][AVR] Propagate ELF flags to the linked image (details)
  373. [mlir][Python][Linalg] Add support for captures in body builder. (details)
  374. [docs] Add vector predication call (details)
  375. [lld] Fix test crashing when AVR target is missing (details)
  376. Revert "[AMDGPU][OpenMP] Add amdgpu-arch tool to list AMD GPUs installed" (details)
  377. [CostModel][X86] Add fully aligned load/store tests (details)
  378. [RISCV] Rerun stack test through (details)
  379. [ARM] Combine sub 0, csinc X, Y, CC -> csinv -X, Y, CC (details)
  380. [NFC][AArch64][SVE] Move select-sve.ll tests to sve-select.ll (details)
  381. [SimplifyCFG] Regenerate CHECK lines and add test for PR49982. (details)
  382. [llvm-objcopy] clang-format a line (details)
  383. [MLIR][Shape] Expose `getShapeVec` and add support for extent tensors (details)
  384. Restore lit feature object-emission. Omit DebugInfo/Generic on XCore. (details)
  385. [SystemZ][z/OS][Windows] Add new functions that set Text/Binary mode for Stdin and Stdout based on OpenFlags (details)
  386. [X86][CostModel] Fix cost model for non-power-of-two vector load/stores (details)
  387. [ValueTracking] don't recursively compute known bits using multiple llvm.assumes (details)
  388. [OpenMP] Add omp_target_is_accessible() to header files (details)
  389. [MLIR] Fix `isValidIndex` (details)
  390. [docs] Add Pointer Authentication call info (details)
  391. [OPENMP]Fix PR49115: Incorrect results for scan directive. (details)
  392. [PhaseOrdering] add test to track PR49785; NFC (details)
  393. [mlir][python] Add simple debugging and printing helpers (details)
  394. [libc++] Fix LWG 2874: Constructor shared_ptr::shared_ptr(Y*) should be constrained. (details)
  395. [mlir][ArmSVE] Cleanup dialect registration (details)
  396. [TableGen] Allow mnemonics aliases with uppercase (details)
  397. [SystemZ][z/OS] Add IsText Argument to GetFile and GetFileOrSTDIN (details)
  398. [PhaseOrdering] add test for loop-invariant fdiv; NFC (details)
  399. [Driver] Allow both lib64 and lib in rocm-detect test. (details)
  400. [OpenMP IRBuilder, MLIR] Add support for OpenMP do schedule dynamic (details)
  401. [mlir][vector] Move transferOp on tensor opt to folder/canonicalization (details)
  402. [ARM] Prevent phi-node-elimination from generating copy above t2WhileLoopStartLR (details)
  403. [Support] Don't include <algorithm> in MathExtras.h (details)
  404. [Support] Don't include <algorithm> in Hashing.h (details)
  405. Revert "[Support] Don't include <algorithm> in Hashing.h" (details)
  406. [ADT] Don't include <algorithm> in iterator.h (details)
  407. [sanitizer] Mark g_use_dlpi_tls_data as unused (details)
  408. [RISCV][Clang] Drop the assembly tests for RVV intrinsics. (details)
  409. Ignore assume like calls by default in hasAddressTaken() (details)
  410. [RISCV][Clang] Add RVV miscellaneous intrinsic functions. (details)
  411. Verify the LLVMContext that an Attribute belongs to. (details)
  412. [mlir][scf] Add scf.for + tensor.cast canonicalization pattern (details)
  413. [fuzzer] Print reloaded file paths (details)
  414. [AMDGPU] Refactor VOP3P Profile and AsmParser, NFC (details)
  415. Revert "[Support] Don't include <algorithm> in MathExtras.h" (details)
  416. [DAG] SelectionDAG::isSplatValue - early out if binop is not splat. NFCI. (details)
  417. [TableGen] CodeGenDAGPatterns - (style) remove if-else chain when if block always returns. NFCI. (details)
  418. [libc][NFC] Add template tests for a bunch of math functions. (details)
  419. [AMDGPU] Remove dead dcode (NFC). (details)
  420. [TableGen] CodeGenMapTable - use for-range loop. NFCI. (details)
  421. [TableGen] CodeGenDAGPatterns - use const references on for-range loops to avoid unnecessary copies. NFCI. (details)
  422. Reland "[Support] Don't include <algorithm> in MathExtras.h" (details)
  423. [M68k] Fix empty builtin va_list kind (details)
  424. [LLDB] Re-land: Use path relative to binary for finding .dwo files. (details)
  425. Sanitizer built against glibc 2.34 doesn't work (details)
  426. Address D100645 comment (details)
  427. [CUDA, FDO] Filter out profiling options from GPU-side compilations. (details)
  428. [Builtins] Add memory allocation builtins (PR12543) (details)
  429. [nofree] Restrict semantics to memory visible to caller (details)
  430. [tblgen] Fold loop into assert to avoid unused variable warnings. NFCI. (details)
  431. DeclContext: Fix iterator category (details)
  432. [WebAssembly] Remove saturating fp-to-int target intrinsics (details)
  433. [ELF] Default to -z start-stop-gc with a glibc "__libc_" special case (details)
  434. [lldb] Add code and data address mask to Process (details)
  435. [AMDGPU] Enforce that gfx802/803/805 do not support XNACK (details)
  436. [TableGen] Predicate::operator== needs to compare the HwMode feature name in addition to the HwMode flag. (details)
  437. [AMDGPU] NFC, Comment in disassembler for dpp8 (details)
  438. [AMDGPU] Remove redundant field from DPP8 def (details)
  439. [TableGen] Fix -Wparentheses (details)
  440. [lld-macho] Initial groundwork for -bitcode_bundle (details)
  441. Simplify BitVector code (details)
  442. [lldb] Implement ABI::Fix{Code,Data}Address for AArch64 (details)
  443. [lldb] Set addressable bits from qHostInfo (details)
  444. [lld-macho] Add separator to error message (details)
  445. [sanitizer] GetTls: work around ppc64 with glibc<2.25(?) or GNU ld 2.30 (details)
  446. [lld] Canonicalize HAVE_LIBXAR (details)
  447. [libc] Extends the testing framework to support typed test (details)
  448. [funcattrs] Add the maximal set of implied attributes to definitions (details)
  449. [OpenMP] Allow affinity to re-detect for child processes (details)
  450. [libc] Add endianness support (details)
  451. [OpenMP] Implement GOMP task reductions (details)
  452. [libc] Fix wrongly deduced type (details)
  453. [gn build] (manually) port ca6751043d88 (details)
  454. [TableGen] Run GenerateVariants before ExpandHwModeBasedTypes. (details)
  455. [gn build] (manually) port ca6751043d88 better (details)
  456. [inferattrs] Don't infer lib func attributes for nobuiltin functions (details)
  457. Target::ReadMemory read from read-only binary file Section, not memory (details)
  458. [clang][NFC] Fix a potential assert failure (details)
  459. [PowerPC] Minor improvement for insert_vector_elt codegen (details)
  460. [ASTReader] Only mark module out of date if not already compiled (details)
  461. [TableGen] Replace two SmallDenseSets with SmallSets. (details)
  462. [ELF] Simplify R_386_TLS_GD computation. NFC (details)
  463. [libc][NFC] Add common template test class for sqrt, sqrtf and sqrtl. (details)
  464. [libc][NFC] Make conversion from FPBits to the float point type explicit. (details)
  465. [libc][NFC] Use explicit conversion in modfl_test. (details)
  466. [libc]NFC] Use explicit conversion on frexpl_test and logbl_test. (details)
  467. [libc][NFC] Use explicit conversion in aarch64 FEnv. (details)
  468. Normalize interaction with boolean attributes (details)
  469. [ELF] --wrap: don't clear sym->isUsedInRegularObj if real->isUsedInRegularObj; set wrap's initial binding to sym's (details)
  470. [Sanitizers] Undefined Behavior Sanitizer support for DragonFlyBSD (details)
  471. [Sanitizers] DragonFlyBSD adding support for builtins (details)
  472. [Sanitizers] Fix build (details)
  1. [Zorg] Add space between script and args (details)
  2. [Zorg] Change make to ninja instead for Clang RHEL buildbot (details)

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