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  1. [mlgo] Add more workers (details / githubweb)
  1. AMDGPU: Optimize out implicit kernarg argument allocation if unused (details)
  2. AMDGPU: Assume all amdhsa kernarg passed implicit arguments by default (details)
  3. [BasicAA] Add atomic mem intrinsic tests. (details)
  4. AMDGPU: Enable fixed function ABI by default (details)
  5. Revert "[DwarfDebug] Support emitting function-local declaration for a lexical block" (details)
  6. OpenMP: Un-xfail tests that pass now (details)
  7. Attributor: Fix typo in function name (details)
  8. [NewPM] Fix MergeFunctions scheduling (details)
  9. [NewPM] Test more options in pipeline test (NFC) (details)
  10. [CodeGen] Use range-based for loops (NFC) (details)
  11. [llvm-c] Avoid deprecated APIs in tests (details)
  12. [XRay] fix more -Wformat warnings (details)
  13. Windows: support `DoLoadImage` (details)
  14. [flang] Fix folding of EXPONENT() intrinsic function (details)
  15. [InstSimplify] Add logic 'or' fold to -1 (details)
  16. [clang-format][NFC] Prefer pass by reference (details)
  17. [clang-format][NFC] Rename variable so no shadowing happens (details)
  18. [clang-format][NFC] Merge two calls of isOneOf (details)
  19. [clang-format][NFC] Reorder conditions (details)
  20. [clang-format][NFC] Use range based for (details)
  21. [clang-format][NFC] Move static variable in scope (details)
  22. [clang-format][NFC] Early return when nothing to do (details)
  23. [clang-format][NFC] Use range based for for fake l parens (details)
  24. [clang-format][NFC] Use member directly (details)
  25. [mlir] Add InlinerInterface to bufferization dialect (details)
  26. [MemoryLocation] Support missing atomic intrinsics in getForArg. (details)
  27. [PowerPC] Drop stdlib paths in freestanding tests (details)
  28. [flang] OPEN(RECL=) handling for sequential formatted I/O (details)
  29. [lldb] Fix a warning (details)
  30. [Support] Use final filename for Caching buffer identifier (details)
  31. [gn build] port f1585a4b47cc (details)
  32. Fix `-Wunused-variable` warning. NFC. (details)
  33. [llvm-jitlink] Allow -entry option to find hidden symbols. (details)
  34. [JITLink][ELF][x86-64] Use the right edge-naming function for debugging output. (details)
  35. [DAG] Create fptoui.sat from clamped fptosi (details)
  36. [JITLink][ELF][x86-64] Adjust addends for R_X86_64_PLT32 relocations. (details)
  37. [MemoryLocation] Use getForArgument in getForSource/getForDest. (NFC) (details)
  38. [X86][FP16] Replace vXi16 to vXf16 instead of v8f16 (details)
  39. Reland [DwarfDebug] Move emission of global vars, types and imports to endModule() (details)
  40. Reland [DwarfDebug] Support emitting function-local declaration for a lexical block (details)
  41. [VPlan] Separate ctors for VPWidenIntOrFpInduction. (NFC) (details)
  42. [libc++][ci] Disable generating debug information. (details)
  43. Microsoft's floating-point to_chars powered by Ryu and Ryu Printf (details)
  44. [gn build] (semiautomaticallly) port a8025e06fc0f (libc++ ryu) (details)
  45. Remove duplicate comment (details)
  46. Follow-up for D113741: fix DebugInfo/Generic/lexical_block_static.ll on MachO (details)
  47. [InstCombine] add tests for icmp with mul op with known bits; NFC (details)
  48. [InstSimplify] add/adjust tests for 'or' logic fold; NFC (details)
  49. [InstSimplify] fix logic fold of 'or' for vectors (details)
  50. [llvm] Use range-based for loops (NFC) (details)
  51. [libc++][doc] Update format implementation status. (details)
  52. [gn build] port a8025e06fc0f more (details)
  53. [libc++] Fix an include-guard comment. NFC. (details)
  54. [libc++] Add missing `#pragma GCC system_header` in a few headers. NFCI. (details)
  55. [libc++] Adjust space-alignment in module.modulemap. NFC. (details)
  56. Fix `-Wunused-variable` warning. NFC. (details)
  57. Fix TOSA verifier to emit verbose errors (details)
  58. Test commit to check access. (details)
  59. [CMake] Installable find modules for terminfo and libffi (details)
  60. [lld-macho] Unreferenced weak dylib symbols shouldn't fetch archive symbols (details)
  61. [GlobalISel] Allow DBG_VALUE to use undefined vregs before LiveDebugValues. (details)
  62. [libc++] Remove space-alignment of trailing braces in module.modulemap. NFC. (details)
  63. [libc++][NFC] Disable clang-tidy checks (details)
  64. [PowerPC] Implement general back2back fusion (details)
  65. [Docs] Fix a link (details)
  66. [llvm] [Debuginfo] Debuginfod client library. (details)
  67. Revert "[llvm] [Debuginfo] Debuginfod client library." (details)
  68. [CSKY] Add compressed instruction mapping between 32-bit and 16-bit instruction (details)
  69. [clang-format] Adjust braced list detection (details)
  70. [mlir][linalg] Pad independent of application order (NFC). (details)
  71. [mlir][Vector] Support 0-D vectors in `ConstantMaskOp` (details)
  72. [llvm-c] Add header deprecations (details)
  73. [mlir][linalg][bufferize][NFC] Collect equivalent FuncOp BBArgs in PostAnalysisStep (details)
  74. [mlir] Add default implementations for methods in `TilingInterface`. (details)
  75. [WebAssembly] Implementation of intrinsic for ref.null and HeapType removal (details)
  76. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Remove buffer equivalence from bufferize (details)
  77. [analyzer] Ignore flex generated files (details)
  78. [mlir][linalg][bufferize][NFC] Utilize isWritable for FuncOps (details)
  79. [clang][DebugInfo] Allow function-local statics and types to be scoped within a lexical block (details)
  80. [VE] Support multiple architectures installation (details)
  81. [NFC][LICM] Update the comment in the scalar-promote.ll (details)
  82. [ARM] Add a vrinta.f16.f16 alias (details)
  83. [VE] Change to use R_VE_SREL32 (details)
  84. [ARM] Implement setjmp BTI placement for PACBTI-M (details)
  85. [VE] Support VE specific data directives in MC (details)
  86. [clang][docs][dataflow] Added an introduction to dataflow analysis (details)
  87. [LV] Pass compare predicate to getCmpSelInstrCost. (details)
  88. tsan: disable dlopen_static_tls.cpp test on powerpc64 (details)
  89. [Clang] Ignore CLANG_DEFAULT_LINKER for custom-linker toolchains (details)
  90. [mlir] Avoid needlessly converting LLVM named structs with compatible elements (details)
  91. [DSE] Add additional memset_chk tests. (details)
  92. [openmp][amdgpu] Disable tests requiring USM on amdgcn (details)
  93. [lldb] [Process/elf-core] Disable for FreeBSD vmcores (details)
  94. [lldb] Remove extern "C" from lldb-swig-lua interface (details)
  95. [lldb/lua] Add a file that should have been a part of a52af6d3 (details)
  96. [lldb/qemu] Add support for pty redirection (details)
  97. [MC] Add emitXCOFFSymbolLinkageWithVisibility to MCNullStreamer (details)
  98. [fir] Add fircg.ext_array_coor conversion (details)
  99. [Coroutines] Handle CallBrInst in SalvageDebugInfo (details)
  100. Use VersionTuple for parsing versions in Triple, fixing issues that caused the original change to be reverted. This makes it possible to distinguish between "16" and "16.0" after parsing, which previously was not possible. (details)
  101. [llvm-c] Avoid use of deprecated APIs in unit tests (details)
  102. [ARM][clang] Add back branch protection tests (details)
  103. [openmp] Enable tests on new devicertl on amdgpu (details)
  104. Revert "[Clang] Ignore CLANG_DEFAULT_LINKER for custom-linker toolchains" (details)
  105. [libc++] Work around a Clang bug in transform_view, and regression-test. (details)
  106. [VP] getVPMemoryOpCost interface (details)
  107. [openmp] Run tests on both runtimes, independent of the default (details)
  108. [libomptarget] Add cmake variables to disable building the amdgpu or cuda plugins (details)
  109. [CodeGen] Use range-based for loops (NFC) (details)
  110. [AArch64][SVE] Fix ICE extracting fixedvec from scalable load (details)
  111. [openmp] Default to new rtl for amdgpu (details)
  112. ext-tsp basic block layout (details)
  113. [gn build] Port c68f71eb37c2 (details)
  114. Fix compilation of Google Test in C++20 mode (details)
  115. [OpenMP][FIX] Invalidate the SPMDCompatibilityTracker explicitly (details)
  116. [OpenMP] Make reduction functions SPMD compatible (details)
  117. [RISCV] Loosen some restrictions on lowering constant BUILD_VECTORs using vid.v. (details)
  118. Revert "[clang][DebugInfo] Allow function-local statics and types to be scoped within a lexical block" (details)
  119. Revert "Use VersionTuple for parsing versions in Triple, fixing issues that caused the original change to be reverted. This makes it possible to distinguish between "16" and "16.0" after parsing, which previously was not possible." (details)
  120. [analyzer][solver] Fix assertion on (NonLoc, Op, Loc) expressions (details)
  121. Introduce _BitInt, deprecate _ExtInt (details)
  122. [llvm] [Debuginfo] Debuginfod client library. (details)
  123. clang-format: [JS] test case for numeric separators. (details)
  124. [SystemZ] Improve codegen for memset. (details)
  125. Update the status of N2412 in C (we do not implement large parts of it) (details)
  126. [gn build] (manually) port 4a16fe1369f3ab (debuginfod) (details)
  127. Speculatively fix the LLDB build bots from 6c75ab5f66b403f7ca67e86aeed3a58abe10570b (details)
  128. [LV] Check VPValue operand instead of Cost::isUniformAfterVec (NFC). (details)
  129. [libc++][NFC] Fix release note indentation (details)
  130. [SLP]Fix compiler crash when calculating extract cost for undefs. (details)
  131. [libc++] Fix the return value of max_size() (details)
  132. Fix a failing test case after 6c75ab5f66b403f7ca67e86aeed3a58abe10570b (details)
  133. [coro async] Disable lifetime.start sinking for ABI::Async and ABI::Retcon (details)
  134. Fixing this test which failed due to different warnings (details)
  135. Revert "[llvm] [Debuginfo] Debuginfod client library." (details)
  136. Revert "[gn build] (manually) port 4a16fe1369f3ab (debuginfod)" (details)
  137. [clang][ARM] only check -mtp=cp15 for non-asm sources (details)
  138. [clang][ASTImporter] Update lookup table correctly at deduction guides. (details)
  139. [X86] LowerRotate - fix assertion. NFC. (details)
  140. [coro async] Don't use lifetime.start based alloca localization for ABI.Async/ABI.Retcon (details)
  141. [mlir] Add CtPop to  MathOps with lowering to LLVM (details)
  142. [OpenMPIRBuilder] Implicitly defined control blocks. NFC. (details)
  143. Bazel: add new llvm-c/Deprecated.h header (details)
  144. [mlir] Improve async parallel for tests + fix typos (details)
  145. [formatters] Add a deque formatter for libstdcpp and fix the libcxx one (details)
  146. [formatters] Add a pointer and reference tests for a list and forward_list formatters for libstdcpp and libcxx (details)
  147. [HIP] Fix -fgpu-rdc for Windows (details)
  148. [ASan] Added asan_shadow_defines.h, which contatins shadow offset for various platforms. (details)
  149. [llvm] [Debuginfo] Debuginfod client library. (details)
  150. [mlir][sparse] Code cleanup for SparseTensorConversion (details)
  151. [llvm][Hexagon] Generalize VLIWResourceModel, VLIWMachineScheduler, and ConvergingVLIWScheduler (details)
  152. [CUDA][SPIRV] Use OpenCLKernel CC for CUDA -> SPIRV (details)
  153. Revert "[ASan] Added asan_shadow_defines.h, which contatins shadow offset for various platforms." (details)
  154. Reland "[gn build] (manually) port 4a16fe1369f3ab (debuginfod)" (details)
  155. [gn build] Port cc3bb8558018 (details)
  156. Enable pdbpagesize to allow support for PDB file sizes > 4GB (details)
  157. [lldb] Remove some trivial scoped timers (details)
  158. [mlir][tosa] Resubmit add tosa.conv2d as tosa.fully_connected canonicalization (details)
  159. Fix incorrect fallthrough in e4eb6216c2e (details)
  160. Revert "ext-tsp basic block layout" (details)
  161. [gn build] Port 3678326d2839 (details)
  162. [lldb/plugins] Add arm64(e) support to ScriptedProcess (details)
  163. [OpenMP][libomptarget] amdgpu plugin adds runpath for dependencies (details)
  164. Tweak diagnostic text from e4eb6216c2e (details)
  165. [tsan] Move tsan/rtl build rules into tsan/rtl/CMakeLists.txt (details)
  166. [mlir][linalg][bufferize][NFC] Clean up BufferizationState (details)
  167. [PowerPC][NFC] add cases for D114062 (details)
  168. [RISCV] Add scheduling resources for Vector pseudo instructions. (details)
  169. [NFC][MachineInstr] Rename some vars to conform to coding style (details)
  170. [Support] [Debuginfod] Move HTTPClient to Debuginfod library. (details)
  171. [mlir][tosa] Add tosa.depthwise_conv2d as tosa.mul canonicalization (details)
  172. [Demangle] Add support for D special identifiers (details)
  173. [Demangle] Add support for D function-local parent symbols (details)
  174. [lldb/test] Fix InvalidScriptedThread windows test failure (details)
  175. [MachineVerifier] Make TiedOpsRewritten computable in MIRParser (details)
  176. [ELF] Do not report undefined weak references in shared libraries (details)
  177. [ORC] Pad section start to account for alignment offset in MachO GDB JIT plugin. (details)
  178. [NFC][MachineInstr] Pass-by-value DebugLoc in CreateMachineInstr (details)
  179. [X86] Fix fentry handling in X86IndirectBranchTracking.cpp (details)
  180. [mlir][sparse] Requiring emitCInterface parameter to be explicit (details)
  181. [mlir][OpenMP] Added lowering (details)
  182. [gn build] Port d9941f74549a (details)
  183. [MLIR] Simplify division extraction unit testing. (details)
  184. [NFC][sanitizer] Fix typo in comment (details)
  185. [NFC][lsan] Refactor LockThreadRegistry/LockAllocator calls (details)
  186. CycleInfo: Introduce cycles as a generalization of loops (details)
  187. [NFC][sanitizer] Non-copyable ScopedBlockSignals (details)
  188. [gn build] Port 0fe61ecc2cef (details)
  189. Revert "Microsoft's floating-point to_chars powered by Ryu and Ryu Printf" (details)
  190. [gn build] Port ae53d02f557c (details)
  191. [sanitizer] Fix CompressStackStore VPrint message (details)
  192. [sanitizer] Don't lock for StackStore::Allocated() (details)
  193. [Analyzer] SValBuilder: Simlify a SymExpr to the absolute simplest form (details)
  194. [IR] Remove unbounded as possible value for vscale_range minimum (details)
  195. [AMDGPU] Remove redundant mayLoad = 0, mayStore = 0. NFC. (details)
  196. [llvm][X86] Add x86 triple to fentry test (details)
  197. [ARM] Implement PAC return address signing mechanism for PACBTI-M (details)
  198. [lldb] Fix windows path guessing for root paths (details)
  199. [VP] Propagate align parameter attr on VP load/store to ISel (details)
  200. [IR] Split vscale_range interface (details)
  201. [X86] Add test where block placement separates call from RV marker. (details)
  202. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Bufferize Operation* instead of FuncOp (details)
  203. [SelectionDAG] Use UnknownSize for VP memory ops (details)
  204. [mlir][linalg][bufferize] Fix forward declaration (details)
  1. [mlgo] Add more workers (details)

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