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  1. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Don't form truncstores in postlegalizer-lowering for s128. (details)
  2. Remove the DarwinLog functionality from debguserver (details)
  3. [mlir-tblgen] Fix failed matching when binds same operand of an op in different depth (details)
  4. [AArch64][SME] Add system registers and related instructions (details)
  5. [lldb] Remove unused variable. NFCI (details)
  6. [AArch64][SVE][InstCombine] last{a,b} of a splat vector (details)
  7. [hwasan] Use stack safety analysis. (details)
  8. [hwasan] [NFC] copy and disable ASAN tests to hwasan. (details)
  9. [PowerPC] Add lit.local.cfg in AtomicExpand tests (details)
  10. [NFC] run clang-format on hwasan use-after-scope tests. (details)
  11. [clang][deps] Normalize ignored filenames in minimizing file system (details)
  12. Revert "[hwasan] Use stack safety analysis." (details)
  13. [DSE] Transform memset + malloc --> calloc (PR25892) (details)
  14. [AMDGPU] Disable LDS lowering for GFX shaders (details)
  15. [clang][deps] Separate filesystem caches for minimized and original files (details)
  16. [clang][deps] Avoid minimizing PCH input files (details)
  17. [PowerPC][NFC] add more cases for lfiwzx/lfiwax (details)

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