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  1. [AArch64] Add CodeGen tests for vector reduction intrinsics. NFC (detail)
  2. [lldb][NFC] Remove some redundant semicolons on HostInfoMacOSX (detail)
  3. [lldb] Remove asserts in CommandReturnObject SetError and AppendError (detail)
  4. [ARMParallelDSP] Remove unnecessary wrapper function (NFC) (detail)
  5. [NFC][ARM] Fix update_llc_test_checks for armv7-apple-ios, autogenerate ifcvt5.ll/ifcvt6.ll (detail)
  6. [NFC][ARM] Fix update_llc_test_checks for thumbv7-apple-ios, autogenerate switch-minsize.ll (detail)
  7. [NFC][ARM] Fix update_llc_test_checks for aarch64-apple-ios/thumbv7s-apple-darwin, autogenerate a few tests (detail)
  8. [NFC][AArch64] Autogenerate a few more tests (detail)
  9. [NFC][ARM] Fix update_llc_test_checks for thumbv7-apple-darwin, autogenerate thumb2-ifcvt1.ll (detail)
  10. [AMDGPU] Remove unused multiclass MUBUF_Real_gfx10_with_name (detail)
  11. Handle interactions between reserved identifier and user-defined suffixes (detail)
  12. [NFC] Update arm_function_name.ll after 4de0c400317e5a92d57f2c76545061a9e7de22f8 (detail)
  13. [libc++] Remove ad-hoc modules tests that are now unnecessary (detail)
  14. [OpenMP] Improve ref count debug messages (detail)
  15. [OpenMP] Fix delete map type in ref count debug messages (detail)
  16. [DAGCombine] Check reassoc flags in aggressive fsub fusion (detail)
  17. [libc] add benchmarks for memcmp and bzero (detail)
  18. [OpenMP][AMDGCN] Apply fix for isnan, isinf and isfinite for amdgcn. (detail)
  19. [InstCombine] convert FP min/max with negated op to fabs (detail)
  20. [RISCV] Add explicit copy to V0 in the masked vmsge(u).vx intrinsic handling. (detail)
  21. [UpdateCCTestChecks][NFC] Permit other comments in (detail)
  22. [InstCombine] Eliminate casts to optimize ctlz operation (detail)
  23. [ARM] Limit v6m unrolling with multiple live outs (detail)
  24. [ValueTracking] look through bitcast of vector in computeKnownBits (detail)
  25. [clang-format] Add IfMacros option (detail)
  26. Update Bazel BUILD files up to be9a87fe9b (detail)
  27. [Demangle][Rust] Hide implementation details NFC (detail)
  28. [LAA] Make getPointersDiff() API compatible with opaque pointers (detail)
  29. [ConstantFold] Allow propagation of poison for and/or i1 (detail)
  30. [libcxx][views] Add drop_view. (detail)
  31. [gn build] Port 560170fa2de5 (detail)
  32. [MLIR][LLVM] Expose type translator from LLVM to MLIR Type (detail)
  33. Revert "[MLIR][LLVM] Expose type translator from LLVM to MLIR Type" (detail)
  34. [Attributor] Derive AAFunctionReachability attribute. (detail)
  35. Improve error handling in llvm-dwarfdump. (detail)
  36. clang-format llvm-dwarfdump.cpp (detail)
  37. [OpaquePtr] Mangle intrinsics with opaque pointers arguments (detail)
  38. ThinLTO: Fix inline assembly references to static functions with CFI (detail)
  39. [OpaquePtr] Support call instruction (detail)
  40. Fix flang build after D104167 (detail)
  41. [TextAPI] add symbol name prefixes to central location, NFC (detail)
  42. [OpaquePtr] Support invoke instruction (detail)
  43. [lld/mac] Don't crash on absolute symbols in unwind info generation (detail)
  44. [InstCombine] Use getFunctionType() (detail)
  45. [llvm-tapi-diff] Wrap empty string around StringLiteral NFC (detail)
  46. [compiler-rt][hwasan] Add InitState options to thread initialization (detail)
  47. Update test after (detail)
  48. [Constants] Handle addrspacecast with opaque pointer type (detail)
  49. Move dwarfdump-invalid.test into the tools/llvm-dwarfdump directory. (detail)
  50. Reland "[AArch64] handle -Wa,-march=" (detail)
  51. IR: Fix use-list-order round-tripping for call and invoke (detail)
  52. [docs][GISel]Added GISel documentation link (detail)
  53. [AMDGPU] Check for pointer operand while refining LDS align (detail)
  54. [IRSim] Adding basic implementation of llvm-sim. (detail)
  55. [NFC][ScalarEvolution] Fix SCEVNAryExpr::getType(). (detail)
  56. [ScalarEvolution] Clarify implementation of getPointerBase(). (detail)
  57. [Polly] Fix test after D104732. (detail)
  58. [flang] Tweak the conditions for the GCC 7/libstdc++ workaround (detail)
  59. [lld/mac] Delete incorrect FIXME (detail)
  60. [libc] Calculate ulp error after rounding MPFR result to the result type. (detail)
  61. [NFC][compiler-rt] Remove iOS xfail for unpoison-alternate-stack (detail)
  62. [lldb] Decouple ObjCLanguage from Symtab (detail)
  63. [NFC][AArch64] Autogenerate assembly checklines in arm64-instruction-mix-remarks.ll (detail)
  64. [PatternMatch] Make m_VScale compatible with opaque pointers (detail)
  65. Replace python3 with %python in ML inlining tests. (detail)
  66. [SjLj] Insert UnregisterFn before musttail call (detail)
  67. [libc++abi][AIX] Enable calculating addresses with DW_EH_PE_datarel (detail)
  68. [MCA][TimelineView] Fixed a bug that was causing instructions outside of the timeline-max-cycles to still be printed. (detail)
  69. mailmap: add mappings for myself (detail)
  70. Revert "[SjLj] Insert UnregisterFn before musttail call" (detail)
  71. [SjLj] Insert UnregisterFn before musttail call (detail)
  72. [CGP][RISCV] Teach CodeGenPrepare::optimizeSwitchInst to honor isSExtCheaperThanZExt. (detail)
  73. [llvm-diff] Explicitly check ConstantStructs for differences (detail)
  74. [LangRef] add note to warn-frame-size about ODR (detail)
  75. [NFC] [DwarfEHPrepare] Add additional stats for EH (detail)
  76. [Clang] Check for returns_nonnull when deciding to add allocation null checks (detail)
  77. [AIX] Emitting diagnostics error for profile options (detail)
  78. [LVI] Remove recursion from getValueForCondition (NFCI) (detail)
  79. Implement an scf.for range folding optimization pass. (detail)
  80. Revert "[AMDGPU] [IndirectCalls] Don't propagate attributes to address taken functions and their callees" (detail)
  81. [hwasan] Respect llvm.asan.globals. (detail)
  82. AST: Create __va_list in the std namespace even in C. (detail)
  83. Revert "ThinLTO: Fix inline assembly references to static functions with CFI" (detail)
  84. gn build: Build ubsan_minimal on Android. (detail)
  85. [docs][NewPM] Add some instructions on how to invoke opt (detail)
  86. [PowerPC] Add test to show passes in O3 pipeline. NFC. (detail)
  87. [HIP] Defer operator overloading errors (detail)
  88. [ValueTypes] Define MVTs for v3i64/v3f64 to complement v6i32/v6f32 (detail)
  89. [AMDGPU] Add 224-bit vector types and link 192-bit types to MVTs (detail)
  90. [lld-macho] add tests for ICF, plus cleanups (detail)

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