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[Check_MacPro_Nodes] $ /bin/sh -xe /Users/Shared/Jenkins/tmp/
+ python -
WARNING: Executing a script that is loading libcrypto in an unsafe way. This will fail in a future version of macOS. Set the LIBRESSL_REDIRECT_STUB_ABORT=1 in the environment to force this into an error.
{u'_class': u'hudson.model.labels.LabelAtom',
 u'actions': [{}],
 u'busyExecutors': 2,
 u'clouds': [],
 u'description': None,
 u'idleExecutors': 0,
 u'loadStatistics': {u'_class': u'hudson.model.Label$1'},
 u'name': u'MacPro',
 u'nodes': [{u'_class': u'hudson.slaves.DumbSlave',
             u'nodeName': u'green-dragon-22'},
            {u'_class': u'hudson.slaves.DumbSlave',
             u'nodeName': u'green-dragon-20'}],
 u'offline': False,
 u'propertiesList': [],
 u'tiedJobs': [],
 u'totalExecutors': 2}
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Finished: SUCCESS