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  1. Remove aarch64-sve-vector-bits-min compile flag from SVE 2 stage bot (detail)

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  1. [libc] Raise denormal exception if the libc defines __FE_DENORM. (detail)
  2. [SelectionDAG][RISCV] Add tests showing missed scalable-splat optimizations (detail)
  3. [X86] Add test case simplified from PR51175. NFC (detail)
  4. [NFC] Fix early line-break in doxygen comment (detail)
  5. [AArch64][AsmParser] NFC: when creating a token IsSuffix=false should be default (detail)
  6. sanitizer_common: add deadlock detection to the Mutex2 (detail)
  7. tsan: rename test Mutex to UserMutex (detail)
  8. tsan: ignore interceptors in few more places (detail)
  9. tsan: disable thread safety analysis in more functions (detail)
  10. tsan: switch to the new sanitizer_common mutex (detail)
  11. tsan: switch atexit mutex to the normal Mutex (detail)
  12. [AMDGPU] Add maximum NSA size limit ISA feature (detail)
  13. [gn build] Port 0118a649348b (detail)
  14. [AMDGPU] Fix running ResourceUsageAnalysis (detail)
  15. [ConstantFolding] Fold constrained arithmetic intrinsics (detail)
  16. [mlir][Linalg] Fix a missing copy when source of insert_slice is not inplace. (detail)
  17. [AArch64] Add worst case shuffle costs (detail)
  18. [libc++][doc] Update the LWG issues. (detail)
  19. [mlir] Async: special handling for parallel loops with zero iterations (detail)
  20. [clang-tidy] Improve "common type" diagnostic output in 'bugprone-easily-swappable-parameters' (detail)
  21. [MS] Preserve base register %esi around movs[bwl] (detail)
  22. [OpenMP] Fix CUDA plugin build after 3817ba13aea3. (detail)
  23. sanitizer_common: don't use [[no_unique_address]] (detail)
  24. tsan: fix SANITIZER_DEBUG build (detail)
  25. [OpenCL] Add cl_khr_integer_dot_product (detail)
  26. [hwasan] Fix uninitialized DisableOptimization (detail)
  27. Revert "[DSE] Transform memset + malloc --> calloc (PR25892)" (detail)
  28. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX9][NFC][DOC] Updated AMD GPU assembler syntax description. (detail)
  29. [SVE][IR] Fix Binary op matching in PatternMatch::m_VScale (detail)
  30. [mlir][Complex]: Add lowerings for AddOp and SubOp from Complex dialect to (detail)
  31. [OpenCL] Add NULL to standards prior to v2.0. (detail)
  32. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] Add test for `SpeculativelyExecuteBB()` with prof md (detail)
  33. [X86][AVX] lowerV2X128Shuffle - attempt to recognise broadcastf128 subvector load (detail)
  34. [libc] optimize bzero/memset for x86 (detail)
  35. [Analyzer][solver] Fix inconsistent equivalence class data (detail)
  36. Thread safety analysis: Mock getter for private mutexes can be undefined (detail)
  37. [OpenMPOpt] Move dedup runtime calls after init for target regions (detail)
  38. [llvm][sve] Lowering for VLS truncating stores (detail)
  39. [clangd] Improve performance of dex by 45-60% (detail)
  40. [clangd] Avoid range-loop init-list lifetime subtleties. (detail)
  41. [x86] add tests for add X, (cmov constants); NFC (detail)
  42. [x86] improve CMOV codegen by pushing add into operands (detail)
  43. [ORC] Work around AIX build compiler: Replace lambda; NFC (detail)
  44. Fix __hip_fabin visibility (detail)
  45. [llvm][sve] Silence unused variable warning in Release builds. NFC (detail)
  46. [HIP] Preserve ASAN bitcode library functions (detail)
  47. [lld/mac] Add missing REQUIRES line to new test (detail)
  48. [ARM] Remove getHWDivName (NFC) (detail)
  49. [libc++] Avoid triggering warnings for implicit conversion (detail)
  50. [clangd] Use CommandMangler in TestTU (detail)
  51. [clangd] Get rid of arg adjusters in CommandMangler (detail)
  52. [clangd] Canonicalize compile flags before applying edits (detail)
  53. [clangd] Adjust compile flags to contain only the requested file as input (detail)
  54. [lld/mac] Don't crash on absolute symbols in order files (detail)
  55. [llvm-symbolizer] Remove one-dash long options (detail)
  56. [mlir][linalg] Fix bug in contraction op vectorization with output perm (detail)
  57. [lld/mac] Let OutputSegment store its start address (detail)
  58. [JITLink][RISCV] Initial Support RISCV64 in JITLink (detail)
  59. [lld-macho] Reorganize + extend ICF test (detail)
  60. [lld-macho] ICF: Do more work in equalsConstant, less in equalsVariable (detail)
  61. [lld-macho][nfc] Fix test to reflect that symbol attributes don't matter within an archive (detail)
  62. [lld-macho][nfc] Add test for resolution of bitcode symbols (detail)
  63. [JITLink] Add riscv.cpp (detail)
  64. Revert "[clangd] Adjust compile flags to contain only the requested file as input" (detail)
  65. [X86] Fix a bug in TEST with immediate creation (detail)
  66. [libc] Add option to run specific tests (detail)
  67. [libcxx][ranges] Add `ranges::common_view`. (detail)
  68. [libcxx][nfc] Global `constexpr friend` -> `friend constexpr`. (detail)
  69. [RISCV] Avoid using x0,x0 vsetvli for vmv.x.s and vfmv.f.s unless we know the sew/lmul ratio is constant. (detail)
  70. [gn build] Port 0ad562b48bfd (detail)
  71. [gn build] Port e5d8b93e5a25 (detail)
  72. Revert "[clangd] Canonicalize compile flags before applying edits" (detail)
  73. [RISCV] Add a test showing an incorrect vsetvli insertion (detail)
  74. [libcxx][nfc] Cleanup libc++ specific tests. (detail)
  75. Update isl to isl-0.24-69-g54aac5ac (detail)
  76. [clang] -falign-loops= (detail)
  77. Revert D106562 "[clangd] Get rid of arg adjusters in CommandMangler" (detail)
  78. Revert "[clang] -falign-loops=" (detail)
  79. Revert "Update isl to isl-0.24-69-g54aac5ac" (detail)

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