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Build Log

Revision: 358206
  1. [x86] add tests for fneg IR with undef; NFC (detail)
    by spatel
  2. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Use fcsel instead of csel for G_SELECT on FPRs

    This saves us some unnecessary copies.

    If the inputs to a G_SELECT are floating point, we should use fcsel rather than

    Changes here are...

    - Teach selectCopy about s1-to-s1 copies across register banks.
    - AArch64RegisterBankInfo about G_SELECT in general.
    - Teach the instruction selector about the FCSEL instructions.

    Also add two tests:

    - select-select.mir to show that we get the expected FCSEL
    - regbank-select.mir (unfortunately named) to show the register banks on
    G_SELECT are properly preserved

    And update fast-isel-select.ll to show that we do the same thing as other
    instruction selectors in these cases. (detail)
    by paquette

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